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Oct. 29, 1946.
E_ M, FARRls
Filed Feb. 7, 1945
Patented Oct. 29, $1946
Emil M. Farris, Wayne, Pa.
Application February 7, 1945, Serial No. 576,537
5 Claims.
(01. 250-71)
This invention relates to markers, and more
particularly to luminous markers which are espe
cially useful in the dark.
There are many applications of luminous
markers in dark places for indicating the loca
able, ?exible material depending upon the par
ticular use or application for my improved
marker, and the sheathing comprises a member
formed of any one, or more of a number of trans
parent, synthetic resins
presently available.
tion of objects, for de?ning prescribed areas, and
Either between the core and the sheathing, or
the like. One example of such use is in connec
within the sheathing itself, I provide a lumi
tion with airports. Most airports are enclosed
nescent material which is clearly visible through
by a fence or railing having towers rising there
the sheathing. Thus, my improved marker can
from or adjacent thereto, and generally there 10 be used effectively in the dark with the luminous
are strung between these towers high tension
material protected from the ambient or other,
wires which have been the cause of frequent
possibly deleterious forces. Where the core is an
accidents because they are not clearly visible at
electro-conductive member suitable as a high
tension wire, it may be used around airports and
When a pilot approaches an airport, he gener 15 will be clearly visible to pilots who are about to
allycircles the ?eld once or twice in order to
land, thereby serving as a warning that an ob
observe the conditions at the ?eld preparatory
struction is present.
to landing. When he has appraised the situation
The novel features that I consider character
istic of my invention are set forth with particu
to his'satisfaction, he must then devote his atten
tion almost entirely to controlling the throttle, 20 larity in the appended claims. The invention
adjusting the stabilizer, setting the rudders, etc.
itself, however, both as to its organization and
In concentrating on these items, the pilot-(par
method of operation, as well as additional objects
ticularly if he is a novice) tends to forget the
and advantages thereof, will best be understood
surrounding country, and especially the fact that
from the following description, when read in
there are strung between the aforementioned 25 connection with the accompanying drawing, in
towers high tension wires which are not visible
inthe dark. Even the customary red warning
Figure l is a view of one form of ?exible
lights at the tops of the towers are inadequate to
marker according to my present invention suit
help the pilot locate the high tension wires for the
able as a high tension wire,
reason that the towers are spaced apart a sub
Figure 2 is a perspective view illustrating an
stantial distance and the wires sag more or less.
airport around which a ?exible marker such as
Many accidents have resulted when pilots have
that illustrated in Figure 1 may be strung,
run into such wires or similar obstacles.
Figure 3 is a view similar to Figure 1 but show
The primary object of my present invention is
ing a modi?ed form of marker in which the core
to provide an improved, luminous marker which 35 is constituted by a rope, and
is useful in the dark and has many and varied
Figure 4 is a view of still another modi?cation
applications. .
of my improved marker showing a different form
More particularly, it is an object-of my present
of sheathing from that shown in Figures .1 and 3.
invention to provide an improved, luminous
Referring more particularly to the drawing,
marker which is especially useful in connection 40 there is shown a. marker I having a ?exible core
with airports.
constituted by ‘an electro-conductive wire or
Another object of my present invention is to
strands of wire 3 covered with a layer of insula
provide an improved, luminous marker which can '
tion 5 of rubber or the like, in turn covered with
be used outdoors and which will have a long life
one or more layers of fabric 1. The outer layer
even under the most adverse, climatic conditions. 45 of fabric 1 is coated with a layer of luminescent
Still another object of my present invention is
material 9 (exaggerated somewhat in the draw
to provide an improved, luminous marker as
ing for the sake of clearness). Around the
aforesaid which can be fabricated with compara
luminescent layer 9, I place a tubular sheathing
tive ease, which is relatively inexpensive in cost,
II of flexible, transparent material through
and which is highly efficient in use.
50 which the luminescent material 9 is clearly vis
In accordance with my present invention, I pro
ible. The entire assembly constitutes an electric
vide a marker having a ?exible core and a ?ex
cable which can be strung between a plurality of
ible, transparent sheathing around said core.
towers l3 which skirt an airport l5 adjacent to a
The core may comprise an electro-conductive
fence I‘! around the border thereof. Pilots ap
wire, a non-conductive rope, or any other suit 55 proaching the airport at night will have no (11111
culty locating the luminescent, high tension cable
to the outer surface of the core or to the inner
I and will therefore be able to avoid it when
surface of the sheathing. If desired, the lumines
cent material 9 may be dispersed throughout the
Moreover, it is apparent that the
luminescent cable I will serve to effectively outline
the perimeter of the air ?eld.
The material of the sheathing Il may be con
stituted by one or more of several transparent,
synthetic resins which are now available. One
example of such a resin is polyvinylidene chloride
transparent material II in the course of manu
facure thereof, in which case there will be no
need to apply an additionall layer of luminescent
material to the outer surface of the core. In any
manufactured‘by the Dow Chemical Company of
Midland, Michigan and known commercially as
“Saran.” This material is especially useful in
connection with my improved, luminous cable for
the reason that it is not only transparent, but
case, it will be apparent that the luminescent
material will be visible through the transparent
A luminous, ?exible marker such as that de
scribed above is useful in many applications. For
example, it may be used in theatres as ?exible
railings to close the aisles when necessary, in
can be extruded in seamless tubes into which the 15 open air theatres known as "drive-in” theatres
?exible core can be readily inserted. This ma
to mark off driving lanes or stalls for the automo
terial also has very great tensile strength, will
biles, 01‘ to mark off any other prescribed areas.
not absorb moisture, has extreme impermeability
Also, my improved marker may be used for deco
to gases, is resistant to nearly all acids, bases,
rative purposes, for lettering in outdoor adver—
greases and oils, and resists many organic solv 20 tising devices and signs, etc.
ents. ' Furthermore, this particular material, if
Although I have shown and described several
ignited,_it self-extinguishing, and, what is even
embodiments of my present invention, it will un
more important from the standpoint of its use
doubtedly be apparent to those skilled in the art
outdoors, it sheds dust and dirt quite readily.
that many other modi?cations thereof, as well
Thus, a sheathing of this material will fully pro 25 as variations in the particular forms described
tect the luminescent layer 9 and, since it sheds
herein, are possible. I therefore desire that my
foreign matter, it will remain transparent for
invention shall not be limited except insofar as
clear visibility of the luminescent layer.
is made necessary by the prior art and by the
Another material which may be used for the
spirit of the appended claims.
?exible sheathing II is a rubber hydrochloride 30
I claim as my invention:
manufactured by the Goodyear Tire 8: Rubber
1. The combination with an airport skirted by
Company, Inc. of Akron, Ohio, under the trade
a plurality of towers of a ?exible marker con
name “Plio?lm.” This material also has many
nected between said towers, said marker compris
of the desirable characteristics mentioned above
ing a ?exible core constituting a first part, a
in connection with “Saran” and can therefore be 35 transparent, ?exible sheathing surrounding said
used to great advantage as a sheathing for my
core and constituting a second part, and a lumin
improved cable.
escent material carried by one of said parts and
visible through said sheathing.
In the form of my invention shown in Figure 3,
the ?exible core is constituted by a rope or rope
2. The combination with an airport skirted by
like member 2I on which the layer of luminescent 40 a plurality of towers of a high tension cable con
material 9 is applied. The sheathing II is then
nected between said towers, said cable compris
placed over the luminescent layer 9 in any con
ing a ?exible core including an electro-conductive
venient manner. The rope-like member 2| of
material, said core constituting a ?rst part, a
this form of my invention may be constituted by
?exible, transparent sheathing surrounding said
rope made of ?bers, steel or other suitable metal, 45 core and constituting a second part, and a lumin
or the like, or it may be constituted of string,
escent material carried by one of said parts and
visible through said sheathing whereby said cable
cord, line, etc.
In both forms of the invention shown in Figures
is adapted to serve as a luminous marker outlin
1 and 3, the ?exible sheathing II is made in the
ing said airport during darkness.
form of a tube which is slipped over the ?exible 50
3. The invention set forth in claim 2 charac
core. The sheathing l I of Figure 4, on the other
terized in that said luminescent material is in
hand, may be applied to the ?exible core in the
terposed between said core and said sheathing.
form of a strip of ?exible, transparent material
4. The invention set forth in claim 2 character
which is wound in spiral fashion around the
ized in that said luminescent material is consti
?exible core with the edges of adjacent turns of 5-5 tuted by a coating on the outer surface of said
the spiral overlapping each other. The overlap
ping edges may be bonded to each other by the
5. The invention set forth in claim 2 character
application of heat and pressure in suitable dies,
ized in that said luminescent material is consti
whereupon the sheathing is formed into one uni
tuted by a coating thereof on the inner surface
tary member. With either form of the invention, 60 of said sheathing.
the luminescent material 9 may be applied either
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