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oct. 29, 194e.
` c. u. MAENPA
Filed Nov. 1o, 1944
2 sheets-Sheet 1
Oct. 29, 1946.
X c. u. MAENPA
Filed Nov. l0, 1944
2 Sheets-Shee’c. 2
Patented 0st. 29, i946
Carl U. Maenpa, Rome, @bio
Application November 10, i944, Serial No. 562,803
i claim. (Cl. isz-v6.2)
My invention relates to combination toilet im
tained in the slideway ¿i in' the fully projected
position of said finger nail ñle.
The manner in which the described invention
is designed to be used will be readily understood.
rI‘he ñnger nail iile 6 may be projected out of the
slideway ë so that the portion l may be used in the
plements, the primary object in View being to
combine a hair comb and a finger nail iile in a
manner such that the hair comb may be used as
a handle for the iinger nail iile and as a carrier
in which said ñnger nail file may be retracted
when not in use in an out-of-the-way safe posi
usual manner and the comb i utilized as a handle.
In this projected position thereof, substantially
Other and subordinate objects are also compre
the entire filing face of said finger nail ñle may be
hended by my invention, all of which, together 10 used including that retained in the slideway d, .
with the precise nature of my improvements, will
and theback of the slideway d forms a solid back
be readily understood when the succeeding de
ing for said ñnger nail file in the use of said
scription and claim are read with reference to
filing face in the rear of said portion l. As will
the drawings accompanying and forming part oi
be clear, said finger nail ñle may be retracted
this speciiication.
15 completely in the slideway d in an out-of-the-way
In said drawings:
position but with the filing face exposed through
Figure 1 is a view in side elevation of my im
said slideway for use if desired. The lug 9 pro
l provedY toilet implements in a preferred embodi
ment thereof, showing the iinger nail iile re
vides for easy access to the linger nail ’rile 6 in pro
jecting or retracting the saine. A friction fit
may be provided for between the ñnger nail file
Figure 2 is a similar view showing the ñnger
ê and the grooves 5, if desired.
nail i'ile projected,
The foregoing will, it is believed, suilice to im
Figure 3 is a View in perspective of the hair
part a clear understanding of my invention with
comb with the finger nail iile removed,
outr further explanation.
Figure 4 is a view in longitudinal section taken 25
Manifestly, the invention, as described, issus
on the line ê-ê of Figure 1 and drawn to an
ceptible of modification without departing from
enlarged scale, and
the inventive concept and right is herein re
Figure 5 is a view in transverse section taken
served to such modiñcations as fall Within the
on the line 5_5 of Figure l.
scope of the appended claim.
Referring to the drawings by numerals, ac 30 What I claim is:
cording to my invention, a hair comb l having the
A toilet implement comprising a holder having
usual back 2 and teeth 3 is provided in one side of
said back 2 with a slideway ¿i extending inwardly
along said side from one end of the comb for a
a back and a longitudinal slideway in one side of
said back extending along said side from one end
of the holder, a linger nail iile in said slideway
suitable distance and provided with undercut 35 having sides interñtting with the sides of said
longitudinal edges forming guide grooves 5 along
slideway and slidable therein whereby said file
opposite sides of said slideway.
is adapted to be projected out of the slideway and
A finger nail ñle` 6 of ñat form is slidably
retracted into the same, and a lateral lug on said
mounted in the grooves 5, said ñle having the
file forming a linger grip extending out of the
usual front _end portion ‘l tapering edgewise, a 40 slideway for use in projecting and retracting said
straight rear end S, and being of the same length
file, said file being provided with a longitudinal
as that of the slideway il. A laterally extending
slot therein, and said back having a stud thereon
lug 9 is provided on the rear end 8 of the ñnger
'extending through said slot for limiting projec
nail ille 5 to extend out of the slideway ¿i and
Ytion of said ñle, said iile in the limit of projection
provide a finger grip for use in manipulating said 45 thereof having a substantial filing portion dis
ñle. A headed stop-forming stud iii is suitably
posed in said slideway and accessible for usev
fixed in the back 2 with the head thereof in a
through said slideway while being backed by said
common plane with said side of the baci; 2, the
holder to render said portion rigid while in use, '
stud extending through a longitudinal slot H
said slideway being open to said end of the holder
in the linger nail rile '6. The stud m and slot i i 50 to expose the entire length of the ñle for use even
are relatively arranged to limit projection of the
when said ñle is retracted.
ñnger nail rile G out of the slideway «l so that
a substantial portion of said linger nail iile is re
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