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ou. 29, 194s.
y 2,410,336 .
Filed oçt. 21, 1944
UTI UeTît-o rs
17.' Carî’erMâ @X702
Patented Oet. 29, 1946
~ . .l , s'mrssl
I .~
‘ Frederick Carter and Donald C. Taylor,
Westhill, Ontariol'Canada
lApplication October 21, 19.44,.> Serial No.- l559,825
1 Claim. (Cl. (iS-_175)
The invention relates to improvements in a
2 .
The objects are obtained by the selected em
bodiment of the invention illustrated in the ace
dyeing machine of the class in which a material
to be dyed is guided through a vat or tank in a
continuous manner and which is adapted for use
companying drawing in which:
in connection with a sewing machine so that a
thread may be dyed in dilferent colors as re
embodying the `present invention.
' Fig. 2 is a cross-sectional view thereof taken
quired without having to change from one spool
to another.
Fig'. 1 is a perspective view of a dyeing machine
online 2-2 of Figure v1.
Fig. 3 is a vertical section of Fig. 2 on line
More particularly the. invention concerns a
3-'-3 thereof.
dyeing machine comprising a c'ase of box-#like 10
Fig. 4 is a perspective fragmentary detail
formation in which a series of dyeing vats are
lustrating the slide mechanism.
contained for holding Ydyes of different colors.
Fig. 5 is a side view ofthe slide.
The case has a hinged lid which carries a slide
Like numerals- of reference indicate >corre
shiftable over the vats by means of -an elongated
spending parts in each of the figures throughout
slot. The slide has guides for a thread unwound 15 the drawing of the invention.
from a spool by the operation of a sewing ma
The dyeing machine tov which my invention
chine. ’I’he guides include a depending standard
relates comprises a case IIJ of box-like formation
for extending into a vat and a cross arm for
adapted to contain one or more rows of dye vats
guiding the thread downwardly to the bottom of
or tanks II for the different colors which may be
the standard and then upwardly therefrom for 20 required. The vats are suitable receptacles ar
travel to the head of the sewing machine. By
ranged in i'ixed positions by suitable means and
this arrangement the slide may be slid along the
the case is an elongated member of a capacity to
lid to bring the guides into proper position over
contain the desired number of vats.
a vat for dyeing the thread a desired color. The
The lid I2 of the case is hinged at I3 to swing
reaches of the thread between the standard and 25 upwardly toward one side for rendering the in
the cross arm have wiping contact with the vat
terior accessible and is provided with a longi
for removal of excess dye and to ensure of uni
tudinal slot I4 forming a guideway over the vats
form dyeing operation.
for the slide I5. The standard is denoted at I6
By virtue of this machine the color of the
and the lower end thereof has an eye IT. The
thread can be quickly and readily changed by 30 upper end carries the cross arm I8 which is se
raising the cover of the case to remove the thread
cured medially of its length thereto and is pro
from one vat and shifting the slide along to
vided With an eye I9 at each end. The eyes Il
another vat and lowering the lid to enable the
and I9 guide the thread 20 as it is unwound from
thread to travel through such other vat in the
a spool 2| carried by a holder 22 at an end of
running of the sewing machine. The changing 35 the case. The opposite end of the case has a
of the color is an exceedingly simple operation
guide member 23 through which the thread is
that can be performed expeditiously by the op
passed for subsequent threading through the
erator. The machine obviates the necessity of
sewing machine.
using a multiplicity of spools of differently
Having recounted the dyeing machine to
colored 'thread particularly where sewing opera 40 which my invention relates _the invention itself
tions require change of color of the thread for a
will be described in detail. The improved struc
short interval.
ture of the slide mechanism comprises forming
In such a dyeing machine it is highly desirable
the slide I5 of a flat strip of metal bent into a
that the slide be constructed so as to be freely
substantially U-shaped conñguration having a
movable from one position to another without any 45 bight 24 to which the standard I6 is secured and
tendency to bind or stick. Hence it is a major
object of the invention to provide a slide mech
having converging legs 25 extending downward
ly with their lower >ends engaged with the re
anism of improved construction having salient
spective edges 26 of the slot I4 under light ten
features of advantage.
sion. The extremities of the said lower ends are
Another object of the present invention is to 50 bent outwardly, as at 21, to ñt under the lid I2.
supply a slide with a simple and efûcient indexing
The bent extremities 21 are in the nature of
flanges bearing against the bottom face of the
A still further object is to furnish a more
lid and serving to retain the slide I5 in proper
serviceable dyeing machine which can be manu
position over a vat with the standard I6 depend
factured at low cost.
55 ing therein and the reaches of the thread con
ule over a vat as the slide is moved along the
tacting the mouth of the vat so as to Wipe off ex
slot and this will properly index the slide.
The advantages and utility of the invention
will be manifest from the preceding description
and it will be evident any number of vats may be
cess dye.
The slide is made of a material of a resilient
nature and the legs 25 frictionally eœage the
edges of the slot I4 with suñicient firmness to
assure of its being retained in any position in
which it may be set. The material of the lid
at the edges» ofv thev slot is desirably upturned to
form narrow flanges as at 28 which present a,
smooth slide surface for contact with the lower
used either in one or more rows.
What We claim is:
In a dyeing machine of the class described,
comprising a case for containing a lrow of vats
`and having a hinged cover includingl material
Y guide means projecting through an elongated
ends of the legs 25, Due to the convergency of `
the legs the flanges thereof form guide grooves .
slot in said cover for movement from one to an
Íotherof said vats, the improvement including
for the slide.
To shift the slide along the slot` in changing
from one color to another it is merely'necessary
to grasp it by hand and squeeze lthey legs .so thatk ,
Y slide means for supporting said material guide
meanasaid slide means including a substantially
. U-shaped member of springy material having
converging legsr flanged at their distal ends for
interñtting engagement with side edges of said
it may move freely to a new position; it> being understood that the lid is ñl‘st swung upwardly '
so that the vats will nothinterfere with the travel
of Vthe standard i6.
vItis most important. thatìthè standard be p0
sitioned exactly atnthe centre of a vat in order
that the thread _may _have‘proper wiping contact
with the top edge _portion thereof. `_For this pur
pose an indexing device may lirel employed. Such
an indexing device may comprise the `*provision
of an aperture 2*»9 in one of' the legs 25> of the
slide and rounded nodules 3i] formed on the cdr
responding edge _of the slot I4. The nodules are
located at intervals. alongside the sl’ot’ according
to the spacing offtheßvats andmay be formed by
struçlç up >parts ofthe li'dî material. By this ar
rangement theY aperture 29 vvillv engage a nod
slot under outward tension, said material guide
means being attached to the bight portion of said
U-shaped member' and having a material guid
ing element extendingl` between said legs and pro->
truding therefrom for projecting into one 'or an
other òf said vatsl according' to the' position ofthe
means, and an indexing device for said slide
means comprising’ nodules on Said cover of the
case spaced at intervals along one edge o'i the'
slot therein for engaging in a locating aperture
provided in the adjacent'leg of said~ U-shaped
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