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Nov. 5, i946.,
` ¿410,475
Filed April 2e, l1944
¿1"Ava/e C/f//V/'VOE/Q So/V.
Patented Nov. 5, 1946
y 2,410,475v
Church Anderson, Arcadia, Calif.
Application Apr-il 26, 1944, Serial N_o. 532,923
s Claims. (C1. 10e-_52)>
. My invention relates toa safety box particularly
screws >or vbolts usedv in anchoring the» housingçto
a` stud, floor joist,`or> other building element. 1'
The safety box or receptacle whichI is adapted
to be positioned in housing I0 by being enteredl
designed for use in householdsl and the >like for
the storagev and safe keeping of valuables vand
the principal object of my invention is, to pro
vide a simple, inexpensive and‘highly effective
safety storage box which may. be securely an
chored in the floor or wall of a building, sothat
it will be practically impossible for thieves or un
authorizedrpersons‘to remove or open the box.
A further object of my invention is, to generally
improve upon and simplify the construction of
existing forms of household safety boxes and pro
through its open top, is constructed'ìfro'm sheet
steel or platesv aïndl comprises a iront'wal-l I3, end
walls I4, and topA and bottom walls'IïEï‘a-_nd It'y
lThis box. is> rectangular .in> form and of> suchî ,
size asv to completely ñlltthe chamber-with nous»
ing I0, except the narrow space immediately ad
jacent the rear wall of said housing and below
ilange II.
vide a construction which includes an outer hous
Connected by a hinge Il, preferably of the
ing anchored to studs or ñoor joists, with a box
15 piano type, to the rear edge of bottom wall I6 of
the box, is a cover I8, of sheet metal or plate and
ing, with means for locking the box within the
formed on the ends and upper or free edge of said
housing so as to eñectually prevent the removal
` or container removably’ positioned in said hous
cover, are ñanges I9, which when the cover i's
closed, overlie portions of the top wall I5 and end
and opening of the box, by persons other than
those holding keys for the lock and at the same
time, completely frustrating efforts to gain ac
cess to the anchoring means for the housing.
With the foregoing and other objects in vie-w,
walls I4 of the box.
. -
Secured to the under face of top wall I5 of the
box is a lock L which may be key actuated or of
the combination type and the belt B of which
my invention consists in certain novel features
lock is adapted to pass through an aperture 20
of construction and arrangement of parts, which
will be hereinafter more fully described and 25 in cover I8 and to project a substantial distance
beyond the free edge of flange I I.
claimed and illustrated in the accompanying
If desired, a suitable keeper (not shown) may
drawing, in which:
be secured to the under face of ñange I I for the
Fig. 1 is a perspective view of the safety box or
reception of the bolt, when same is moved into
Fig. 2 is a perspective view of the housing which 30 locking position. In order to conveniently handle
and manipulate the box While being removed
is anchored to a building element or the like and
from and placed in the housing, a handle 2I may
which receives the safety box.
be mounted on- top Wall I5.
Fig. 3 is a plain View showing the structure as'
sembled and positioned upon a floor joi'st or the
The width of the box is such that, with bolt
35 I3 of the lock retracted, said box can be placed
in the housing by moving it downward through
Fig. 4 is an enlarged vertical section'taken on
the open top between flange .I I and. the front wall
the line 4-4 of Fig. 3.
of said housing and thus, when the box has been
Fig. 5 is a vertical section taken through the
entered, its upper end completely closes the open
upper portion for modified form of the safety box.
Referring by numerals to the accompanying 40 ing in the top of the housing.
When the bolt of the lock is projected into po
drawing which illustrates a preferred embodi
sition beneath ñange I I, the box Wil1 be securely
ment of my invention, I0 designates the housing
locked in the housing and under such conditions,
or container which is substantially rectangular
in shape, formed of hard sheet metal or plates 45 the screws or Ibolts that anchor the housing to
the building are inaccessible, thus effectually pre
and comprising front rear and end walls also a
venting bodily removal of the housing and box
contained and locked therein.
If desired the walls of both housing and box
may be covered and lined with sheets of asbestos
Integral with the upper edge of the rear Wall
of the housing and with the"“rear portion of the
upper edges of the end walls is a horizontally dis 50 or the like, thus materially increasing the pro- '
posed ñange II, having a width of from one halfto one inch, more or less, depending on the size of
tection for the contents of the box, against nre.
In Flg. 5 I have shown a modified construction
»wherein the'housing IIJ is not provided with- the
Formed in the rear wall of the housing are
I_ìange II and said housing being attached to a
apertures such as I2, for the reception of the 55 Joist or stud by screws 22 yhaving countersunk
the complete structure.
heads. Thus the rear wall of the safety box may
occupy a position immediately adjacent the rear
removed from said housing through the opening
between said ñange and the upper edges of the
wall of the housing and to enable the 'screws to
front and end Walls of said housing, a hinged door
forming one of the Walls of said box, a lock on
be driven into the support for the structure, ap
ertures such as 23 are formed in the front wall
of the housing I0, in alignment with the screw
holes in the rear wall.
In this construction the boit of the lock when
projected, passes‘through an aperture24 in the
rear Wall of the housing which aperture is »in reg
isti-ation- with aperture 20 in rear wall I8 of the
Thus it Will be seen that I have provided ai,"
household safety box or container which is `simple `
in structure, inexpensivel of manufacture and 15
very effective in performing the functions for
which it is intended.
It will be understood that minor -changes in `
the size, form and construction of the variousv
parts of my improved safety box may be made
and substituted for those herein shown and de,
scribed without departing from the spirit of my
the underside of the top of said box, said door
having an opening near its free edge and the bolt
of which lock is adapted when projected, to pass
through the opening in said door and to occupy
a position beneath the iiange on said housing.
`2. A safety box as setforth in claim 1 and mar
ginal ñanges on three sides of said door for over
lying portions of the corresponding Walls of the
housing when the door is closed.
' 3. In a safety box, the combination with a
housing having an open top, and a rear wall, the
latter Vbeing provided with apertures for the re
ception of fastening means and a ñange pro
jecting inwardly from the upper edge of said
rear Wall, of a box adapted to be removably po
sitioned within said housing, a door for said box
the Width of which box is less than the Width
of the chamber in the housing so that when the>
invention the scope of which is set forth in the
box’v is positioned, within the housing, a space is
appended claims.
provided between the door of the box and the
_ I claim as my invention:
25 rear wall of said housing below said flange and
1. In a safety box, a housing open at its top
a lock on said box for simultaneously locking the
and provided in its rear wali with openings for
door to said box and locking said box in said
fastening means, a ñange projecting inwardly
from the upper edge of the rear Wall of said hous
ing, a box adapted to be positioned within and 30
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