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Nov. 5, 1946.
" Q
_ 2,410,490’
Filed Feb. 17, 1942
QPatented Nov. 5, 1946
' . Anthony M. Flocker, Brooklyn, N. Y., assignor to
Kerlo Corporation, New York, N. Y., a corpora
tion of New York
Application February 17, 1942, Serial No. 431,294
2 Claims.
(01. 2—14)_
more particularly refers to improvements in de
vices for protecting the eyes of the wearer against
injury from ?ying particles of glass or metal and
also against the effects of light brilliant enough
to be otherwise injurious to the sight and to inter
fere with clear vision.
Accordingly, my improved shield can be used
under war conditions to protect the eyes against 10
glare of incendiary bombs which ' do generally
burn with an intense light that no eye can bear.
My invention is illustrated by way of example
This invention relates to optical equipment and
?ying glass due to explosions and also against the
in the accompanying drawing, in which: 7 .
Fig. 1 is a fragmentary view in perspective of
a pair of goggles embodying one form of my in
Fig. 2 is a fragmentary view in perspective il
lustrating my invention as applied to a gas mask;
Fig. 3 is a vertical section of the same through
line 3-4 of Fig. 2;
Fig. 4 is a diagrammatic illustration showing
' the position of my eye shields with respect to the
horizontal line of vision of the eyes of the wearer;
Under normal conditions my invention will also
Fig. 5 is a diagrammatic illustration showing
prove extremely useful in shielding the eyes from
15 the direction of the vertical line of vision through
the rays of the sun, or strong headlights when‘
the longitudinal slots provided in the eye shields.
driving, or from the glare of a welding torch or
As stated inthe premises, the main object of
of a snow ?eld, and in all those instances where
my invention is to e?ectively protect the eyes
excessive glare or brilliancy of light intensity is
of the wearer against injury from, objects flying
likely to be injurious to the unprotected eye or 20 through the air without interfering with a su?i
to actually prevent vision.
ciently clear vision; incidentally, my eye shields
The primary object of this invention, accord
ingly, is to provide a novel and improved ar
rangement of eye shields adapted to both effec
' will also constitute an effective protection against
too intense light from any source.
One of the main characteristics of my eye
tively protect the eyes, against objects ?ying 25 shielding
device is that the shields proper?are
made of impact resisting material and are pro
through the air and reduce the intensity of the
?eld of vision, without impairing the clarity and
range of the vision itself.
Another object is to provide, an eye shield of
a novel and improved character, adapted to be
vided with a system of slots so narrow as to make
the penetration of glass or other solid particles
practically impossible.
Another feature is a novel construction of
used as an effective protection against injury 30 shield
and mounting therefor, whereby the shield
deriving from ?ying fragments or excessive light
can be quickly mounted in place without the use
and, under certain conditions, adapted also to be
of any tools and without the necessity of ‘using
used as a part of a protective device, such as a
any rivets, pins, or other fastening means of like
gas mask, for instance, hermetically preventing
poison or other gases from reaching the inside 35 nature.
It follows that the shields forming part of my
of the mask.
device are preferably made of metal ‘or ‘other im
A further object is to provide a pair of eye
pact resisting material, slotted at the proper
protecting goggles or a novel and improved con
place-s to provide the ?eld of vision, although if
struction, adapted for use in protecting the eyes
40 protection against too intense light only is de
of the wearer against various dangers of a me
chanical or optical nature, and adapted to be
produced at relatively low cost.
sired the shield may be made of . transparent‘ ma
' terial rendered opaque in any convenient man
ner except for the linear portions delimiting the
?eld of vision.
tective device of the character speci?ed, compris 45 The goggles illustrated in Fig. l comprise two.
ing two laterally spaced eye shields of a simple
eye frames Iii, H, preferably made of rubber, con
and relatively inexpensive construction, making
nected by a bridge l2 and provided with fasten
it possible to produce goggles and other similar
ing straps I3, only one of which is shown. Each
devices in which the distance between the two
eye frame constitutes a mounting for the eye
shields is exactly'adjusted to the characteristics 50 shield proper, which is in the form of a ?anged
A still further object is to provide an eye pro
of the wearer’s visual system.
Other objects and advantages of the present
cup shaped member [5, I6, preferably made, as
invention will more fully appear as the descrip
tion proceeds and will be set forth and claimed
in the appended claims.
stated, of metal or other impact resisting ma
Referring more particularly to Fig. 4, it will-be
‘ 55 seen that each shield consists of a relatively shal
low cup shaped portion l1, longitudinally curved
along a line substantially parallel to the curve
of the eyeball and preferably also somewhat
curved in a vertical direction, said cup shaped
section being formed with a peripheral ?ange iii.
The eye frames are formed with an inwardly
In this connection it is also necessary to bear
in mind that the distance between the eyes is
different in di?erent individuals. To take care
of this condition the bridge l2 may be made ad
justable in any well known manner but, in prac
tice, I prefer to vary the position of the slots
directed peripheral groove 39, within which the
with respect to the body of the shield so as to
?ange I8. of the shield can be easily inserted and
the longitudinal distance between vertical
retained, as shown in Fig. 3.
slots 25 and the ends of the shield.
It will be understood that the stretching and 10
In this manner it is comparatively easy to
elastic qualities of rubber make it possible to
the dealer with sets of shields having
force the shields in position with a tight fit, so
that no rivets or similar fastening means are
required. It is, however, desirable to exactly po
sition the shields with respect to the slots or trans
parent portions delimiting the ?eld of vision and,
therefore, each shield is formed at some con- _
venient point along its ?ange with an embossed
projection adapted to register with a correspond-l
ing recess 23 provided in the eye frame.
diiferent inter-pupillary distances so that the
purchaser can test his own requirements and
secure a vpair of goggles in which the vertical
15 slots are properly spaced to suit his own condi
One of thegadvantages of having the shields
formed with open slots is that they afford proper
ventilation for the eyes and that they always in
When transparent closed
shields are used the perspiration is apt to befog
against ?yingparticles, each shield is formed with
the surfaces of the shields and thus interfere
a very‘ narrow longitudinal slot 24 crossed by an
with proper vision.
equally narrow slot 25, the width of said slots being
However, my invention can also be applied in
of the order of one-thirty-second to three-sixty 25 connection
with gas masks and this application
fourths‘of an inch. ’
entails the necessity of the shield providing a
' The longitudinalslot is preferably somewhat
hermetic closure against the passage of gases.
below a‘ longitudinal line bisecting the shield so
Accordingly, referring to Figs. 2 and 3 it will be
as to conform with the natural tendency of the‘
seen that the gas mask 36 may be formed integral
eyes to look somewhat downward. The horizon 30 ' with shield housings 31, 38, providing, like in
tal ?eld’of vision provided byv the longitudinal
the previous case, a peripheral groove 39 by means
slot 24 ‘is preferably somewhat increased by pro
of the fold 5| within which the ?ange 40‘ of the
viding an additional longitudinal slot 26 located
shield 4| may be inserted.
below and at a relatively small distance from
The groove 39 is wide enough to permit the in
slot >24,said slot 26 being somewhat inclined out
sertion of an additional member 42, nesting
wardly with respect to said slot 24,‘its inner end
Within the shield 4|,_said member 42 being made
pointing close to the point 2'! where the vertical
of Celluloid or other transparent material, both
slot 25 crosses the longitudinal slot 24.
parts 4| and 42 being suitably cemented in place
The object of the supplementary slot 26 is to
to provide the necessary hermeticity.
make it possible for the eyes to see downwardly
An annular fold 52 is formed beneath the groove
objects located at a close range‘; at the same time,
39 so that the folds El and 52 are substantially
said- slot 26 ‘improves the ?eld of vision and its '
S-shaped in section. This permits lateral and
position and inclination with respect to slot 24
axial adjustment of the shield under impact and
are such as to cause the images seen simulta
normally yieldably retains the shield against
neously through‘ the two slots to substantially
movement with the slits in correct viewing posi
merge‘into a single image in the retina of the
tion, as illustrated in Figs. 3 and 4.
eye, as shown in Fig. 5 where 28, 29 represent the
From the foregoing it is apparent that I pro
lines of vision passing through slots 24, 26, re
duce a device of a simple and inexpensive con
In order ‘to insure ‘ an‘ ‘effective protection
T‘ ‘It is‘ ‘also necessary to bear in mind that for
vision to be e?eotive the vertical slots 25 should
not‘ be directly [in front ‘of the pupils but'should
be‘sligh'tly spaced inwardly therefrom, in order
to'permit the juxtaposition of the images formed
on the retinae of the eyes by lines of vision con
centrating'to‘ a single point from di?‘erent angles
~> ‘In Fig. 4 I illustrate the necessity of having the
vertical slots somewhat inwardly displaced with
respect to the pupil of the eyes directly behind
20 sure clear vision.
struction, adapted to effectively protect the eyes
against various dangers of both mechanical and
optical nature.
Minor constructional details may vary from
those shown without departing from the inventive
idea. The drawings should, therefore, be under
stood as being intended for illustrative purposes
only and not in a limiting sense.
I, accordingly, reserve the right to carry my
invention into practice in all those ways and
manners which may enter, fairly, into the scope
them. ‘In the same 30, 3| designate a pair of eyes 60
of the appended claims.
and.32, 33 designate parallel individual lines of
vision passing through the center of the pupil of
each 'eye. If the vertical slots in the shield coin
cided with the planes of the lines 32, 33, two sep
I claim:
1. An eye protecting device comprising a pair
of cup-shaped slitted metal eye-shields, each hav
ing a ?anged edge adapted to ?t into a groove
arate' images of the slots would appear on the
retlnae- of the eyes, due to the fact that the shields 65 in a holder, a holder made of resilient ‘material
and having a pair of openings therein, an annular
are ata certain distance‘ in front of the eyes in
fold in the material about each of the openings
order to ‘permit free movement of the eyelids.
extending outwardly from the opening and in
Since, except for very distant points, the lines
spaced relation to the body of the holder, a sec:
of ‘visions of the two eyes directed to points at
70 ond annular fold about each of the openings con
ordinary distances‘ are de?ected inwardly to con
nected with the ?rst fold and extending inwardly
centra't'el on such points, as indicated by lines
toward the opening to form with a side 'ofsaid
34, 35, it is necessary to set the vertical slots 25
fold a groove to receive the ?anged edge of
i'rithe' right position in order to produce a single
one of the eye-shields, each of said ?rst ‘folds
v'lslon'on the retinae1~ ' 75 forming a cushion for the ?anged edge of va
shield, providing for lateral and axial movement
of the shield and normally yieldably retaining the
shield against movement with the slits in correct
viewing position.
2. An eye protecting device comprising a pair
of cup-shaped slitted metal eye-shields each hav
ing a ?anged peripheral edge, a cup-shaped shield
of transparent material having a ?anged periph
eral edge nested into each of said metal shields,
said ?anged edges being adapted to ?t into a
groove in a holder, a holder made of resilient ma
terial and having a pair of openings, therein, an
annular fold in the material extending outwardly _
about each of the openings, a second annular fold
in the material about each of the openings con
nected with the ?rst fold and extending inwardly
toward the opening to form a side of said ?rst
fold a. groove to receive the ?anged edges of the
nested metal and transparent eye-shields, said two
annular folds about each aperture forming an an
nular portion substantially S-shaped in section,
each of said ?rst folds permitting lateral and
axial movement of a combined nested shield and
forming a cushion intermediate the ?anged edges
thereof and the wearer.
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