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Nov.. 5', 1946.
- ç. M. BlcKNEl-_L
Filed June'24, 1943
Patented Nov.y 5, 1946
George M. Biokneu, st. Louis, Mo., assignor to
Carter Carburetor Corporation, St. Louis, Mo..
a corporation of Delaware
Application June 24, 1943, _serial No. 492,146
l claim. (ci. vzel-t1)
l .
This invention relates to carburetors for `in-> -
»fold (not shown) and is controued by a but
ternal combustion engines and consists particu
terñy throttle valve i0 mounted on a shaft il
larly in novel meansfor delivering metered fuel
on which is secured the usual throttle lever (not
to the mixture conduit substantially posterior to`
shown) for connection to the accelerator pedal
the throttle valve for idling operation, the idling
in the driver’s compartment. Adjacent the mix
port being positioned so that the lcoolingseiîect‘
ture conduit there is a fuel bowl l2 within which
of the vaporizing idling fuel is not transmitted
`fuel is maintained at a substantially constant
readily to the throttle plate and icing of the
level by a ñoat i3 and needle valve mechanism
throttle is thereby retarded or prevented.
(not shown). `
In modern carburetors, it is conventional to 10
Located in the lower portion of the fuel bowl is
provide an idling:l port which is located imme
the main metering orifice element l5 communi
diately abreast the edge of the throttle valve
eating with main mixture passage IS and nozzle
when closed so that as the throttle isopened,
Il discharging into the smallest of a series of
more of the port is exposed directly to engine
venturis I8 located in the middle or mixing cham
suction and, accordingly, the fuel supplied 15' ber portion of the conduit. A second metering
through the port is increased to insure the forma
orifice element I9 is located in the lower portion ,
tion of a combustible mixture with the increas
ing quantity of air which passes the throttle.
With this location of the idling port, the vapor
ofA bowl I2 and Àcommunicates with passages 2t
and 2 I, the latter opening into the mixture con
duit through a port 22 located substantially pos
izing of the idling fuel, particularly. lust after 20 terior to the throttle plate I2. The idling pas
starting under low temperature conditions, cools
sage is provided with a restricted air bleed open
the throttle plate so that ice may form thereon
ing 23 and fuel restrictions 26 and 25. Metering
which ’may clog the port and otherwise unde
oriñce I5 is controlled‘by a _metering pin 28, hav
sirably affect the carburetor operation.
. ing a lower graduated portion extending through
If the idling port is located wholly posterior 25 the orifice, and is pinned at its upper end to a'
to the throttle, although .an adequate mixture
' lever 29 pivotally supported on top of the fuel
~ may be supplied for dead idling operation, thisl - bowl. The opposite end of lever 29 is connected
mixture would become sharply leaner as the
by a link 30 to an arm 3| rigid with throttle shaft
v throttle is opened because of the decreasing suc
II. Orifice element I9 in the idling passage is
tion applied thereto accompanied by increasing 30 controlled by a second metering pin 32, having a
air flow. The result would be that for. slightly
tapered lower portion extending through the ori
open positions of the throttle valve, the mixture
ñc'e, and is pinned at its upper end to a second
supplied by the carburetor -would be too lean to
lever 33 pivoted above the top of the fuel bowl.
burn in the engine cylinders.
It-is an object of the present invention to pro
vide 'an idling system which discharges sum- -
ciently beyond the throttle plate to eliminate
. The inner end of this lever isV connected by a link
34 to throttle arm 3|.
In operation, when the throttle plate is in the
fully closed position, as in Fig. 1, engine suction
is applied to idling port 22 to draw a rich mixture
of fuel and air into the engine. At this time little
icing of the throttle as the result of vaporization
of the idling fuel and provided with means to
increase the supply of idling fuel as the throttle 40 or no air passes the throttle plate so that main
is opened so as to insure thevformation of a
nozzle Il is inoperative and metering pin 32 will
combustible mixture.
be lowered to a position to bring a relatively large
This object and other more detailed objects areA
portion thereof into the metering orifice so as
attained substantially by the device illustrated '
to provide just sumcient fuel for idling opera
in the accompanying drawing in which:
45 tion. As the throttle is opened slightly, the air
Fig. 1 is a vertical sectional view of a carburetor
_flow past the throttle and also past nozzle il
embodying the invention and showing the throttle
increases. but is not yet sufilcient to draw fuel
in idling position.
from- the main nozzle. To provide for this in
Fig. 2 is a similar view but showing the throttle
creasing air ñow, metering pin 32 is lifted by link
and metering valves in different positions.
50 age 34, 33 to bring a smaller portion of the pin
ì The carburetor shown has a downdraft mixture
end- controlled by a butterfly chokev valve l. The
outlet portion 3 of the mixture-conduit is flanged
into the orifice, thus increasing the effective size
thereof and, consequently, the quantity of fuel
drawn through the idling system. When the
throttle is opened further, toward the position as
as at S for attachment to an engine intake mani
in Fig.- 2, fuel will start to discharge from the '
conduit including an air inlet horn 6 at the upper
' 9,410,564,
4 '
main nozzle and. thereafter, most of the fuel
a throttle valve in said conduit, a iioat controlled l
come from this source and the idling discharge` ‘
fuel chamber, a main fuel passage extending from
said fuel chamber and discharging into said mlx-`
ture conduit through an opening anterior to said
throttle. a metering oriilce communicating with
said main fuel passage. a metering pin controlling
said main fuel orifice, an independent idling fuel
-becomes negligible.
`In the throttle position
shown in Fig. 2, main metering rod 28 is lifted to a
point to bring the smallest or- power step thereon
into orifice element I5. During high speed oper
ation, a uniformly shaped portion of pin l2 may
-be positioned in orifice I8.
The independent idling arrangement, as shown.
wherein the idling and main _fuel passages com
passage extending from said fuel chamber and
discharging into said mixture conduit through a
port spaced substantially posterior to said
municate with the fuel chamber through sep
throttle valve when the latter is> in its closed posi
tion. the spacing of said idling fuel port from
tageous _in connection with the non-icing ar
said throttle being s0 arranged that the vapori
rangement of the idling fuel port. However. var
zation oi' the idling fuel therefrom will take place
fous features of the carburetor as shown are 15 wholly beyond said throttle valve to avoid icing
arate metering orinces. is particularly advan-`
not essential and these may be modified as will
occur to those skilled in the art without depart
ing from the spirit of the invention and the
exclusive `use of all such modifications as come
within the scope of the appended claim is con
I claim:
sage, a stepped metering pin for said metering
orifice, and a connection between said last named
metering pin and throttle, whereby the supply of
20 idling iuei will gradually increase with the move~
ment oi the throttle toward open position.
the same, a metering oriñce in said idling pas
In a carburetor, a mixture conduit. a choke and
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