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Nov. 5, 1946.
Filed July 50, 1945
Patented Nov. 5, 1946
Andrew Michyeta, Hinsdale, Ill.
Application July 30, 1945, Serial No. 607,782
1 Claim.
(01. 220-—35)
My invention relates to ash receivers for smok
ing sets and is particularly adapted for holding
The said head 5 is also provided with a well 1
preferably of conical formation, and having an
opening 20 therein providing access to the inner
the ashes from cigars or cigarettes.
The main object of my invention is to provide
chamber of the ash receiver 24 so that the ashes
25 may be dropped therein. The said head piece
5_ is also provided with a series of partially cy
lindrical indentations 8 on which a cigarette or
cigar may be rested with the burning end thereof
an economical structure or means for manipulat
ing a coniform trap door construction which is
adapted to seal the cavity within the head of
an ash receiver and thus safely con?ne ashes,
cigarette butts, and cigar butts which may be in
burning condition when deposited therein, pre
venting the same from causing accidental con
being pointed in the direction of the well 1.
The opening 20 is maintained sealably closed
byrmeans of a coniform structure 18 provided
with a skirt portion I9, and it is to be noted, that
?agration; in other words, the entire contraption
is sealed against the outer atmospheric conditions
the skirt portion I9 is of a larger diameter than
thus causing the said burning cigarette or cigar
the recess 20 in the head support 5. The said
butts, deposited therein, to be effectively snuffed 15 coniform element I8 is placed in inverted rela
tionship to the coniform well 1 as indicated‘ in
A speci?c object of my invention is to provide
Figure 2, and has secured thereto the manipu
‘a closure of coniform con?guration articulately
lating knob or pin 2|. which is suitably undercut
and separably connected to an articulate arm
as indicated at 22 having its end 22 recessed so
which is spring urged at its mOOI‘iI‘lg and adapted 20v as to provide an articulating connection for the
to retain the said coniform closure in sealing
articulately mounted lever or arm 16 secured at
contact with an opening in the head of the ash
its free terminus to the hemispherical recess 23.
receiving unit.
The lever I6 is bent to any convenient shape as
Another object of my invention is to provide a
indicated, one arm thereof 21 being bent to clear
structure of the aforementioned character which 25 the coniform element I8 or the skirt 19 thereof,
it being also provided with a bent portion or end
is simple in construction, practical and ef?cient
for the purposes for which it may be used, and
28 which is articulately mounted in a U shaped
of such simple elemental structure as to permit
bracket 9. The said U shaped bracket is provided
economical manufacture thereof in quantity pro
with extensions l0 and l I, a spring being mount
ed about the end 28, the said spring having one
With these and other objects in view, one em
of its ends 13 anchored against the edge of the
bodiment of my invention is illustrated in the
extension l0, its other end being elongated as
accompanying drawing, where like symbols des
indicated at I4 and provided with an attaching
ignate, or denote, like parts, and in which:
loop I 5 which is secured to the portion 21 of the
Fig. 1 is a top elevational view of my invention. 35 lever or arm, generally designated 16. The U
Fig. 2 is a longitudinal cross-sectionalview tak
_ shaped bracket 9 is secured to the top portion of
en, substantially, on the 1ine'2-2 of Figure 1.
the head 5 by means of a rivet 29 or any other
Fig. 3 is an end view of Figure 1, depicting a
suitable means.
portion of the flange broken away in order to
The'construction, hereinbefore described and
more clearly indicate the structural details of my 40 elucidated, is of such simplicity that it can be
readily manufactured very economically, and I,
Referring to the various views, my invention
particularly, wish to stress that the extension I‘!
is, generally, designated 4 and consists of a head
of the arm I6 is not secured to the coniform
or inverted cup-shaped element 5, having the pe—
structure but by virtue of the recess 23 the leg
ripheral ?ange 6, which is adapted to engage a 45 or extension I‘! articulates therein freely, and
shoulder portion 25, of an ash receiver 24, which
when the top 30 of the handle element 2| is de
may be of any particular or speci?c con?gura
pressed to the dotted position indicated by de
tion. Although the form indicated at 24 is a
pressing it with the ?nger, the coniform struc
table type of ash receiver, the unit comprising
ture closely co-acts with the tip of the extension
my invention may be embodied and embraced in 50 I1 and cannot be jarred loose therefrom because
other structures, such as ?oor model types of ash
the instant the ?nger hold is released at the
receivers, or may be attached to wells in such
point 30, the potential energy stored in the spring
models of receivers equipped with a mouth or
I2 is converted to kinetic energy which forces
opening which will accommodate the ?ange por
the coniform unit or element l8 to move up
tion 6 thereof.
55 wardly and equalize itself within the opening 20
thus seating itself to seal the compartment of
the ash receiver 24, thus preventing smoke from
emanating therefrom, at the same time prevent
into the compartment of the receiver proper.
However, it is to be noted, and I wish to stress
the fact, that as soon as pressure or depression
force exerted at 30 is released, the entire ar
ing oxygen from entering the said compartment
thus having a tendency to prevent continual com
bustion from taking place; in‘ other words, pre
rangement automatically assumes the position
indicated in full lines in the cross-sectional view
in Figure 2.
Although, I have herein indicated a preferred
venting lighted cigarette butts from continuing
to burn but gradually tending to snu? them out
as soon. as the ,oxygen within, the compartment
in the ai'shhreceivei'r‘has been consumed. _
A particular point to be stressed is that in ash
receivers, wherein a well has been provided and ~
a seal therefor, there is considerable mechanism
which must be closely assembled in order to make
structural,arrangementrof parts expounding the
theories ;and practices of'rny invention, yet in
asmuch as the same is susceptible of modi?ca
tions and improvements, I hereby reserve the
‘right to all modi?cations and improvements com~
ing within the scope and spirit of my invention,
available effective operation thereof.‘ In this
as well as any implications suggested or em
construction it can, readily, be seen that the
articulate separable connection indicated at 23
working in concert with the tip of the leg I‘! _
permits the coniform structure l8 to be con?ned
in a manner which is readily assembled, or taken
braced in the accompanying drawing, and also
apart, ‘and yet ‘no particularaccuracy need be
'observedinasmuch as the coniform structure I8
is of larger magnitude than the ‘seal opening 20;
those coming ‘Within the purview of the foregoing
Having thus revealed and described my in
vention, what I claim as novel and desire to se
v‘cure by vLetters ‘ Patent is:
@An ash tray head comprising, ‘a cap element
having an internal well portion terminating in
thus both equalizing action takes place as well
‘as perfect‘sealin'g action vwith'the positive as
‘s'tirance'that the coniform element l_8 will always
an open portion and having an ‘outer ?anged
portion adapted to be secured to an ash receiver,
"engagdsealably ‘the opening 29 in the head ele
jacen't the said ?ange portion, a substantially U
shaped arm having one of its legs provided with
an extension pivotally secured to the said ‘bracket,
conical snuffer means provided with abase por
a bracket secured to the said cap element ad
The operation of my invention is clearly in
cated in ‘Figure 2 as shown by the full and'dotted
lines. While the dotted lines indicate a straight
tion of greater magnitude than the'said open
perpendicular travel of 'the handle 2|, and the
coniiorm element l8, yet it is readily deducible
portion, the said conical snuifer means having
its apex 'detachably secured. to'the end of the
free leg of the said U shaped armby a universal
joint, and spring means con?ned-about the said
extension and having one of its ends anchored
to the said bracket, its other end being secured
that the said'conifo'rm element ‘l8 may assume
any other position than that shown by virtue
of the ‘pivotal connection at 23, to the end of
‘the ‘leg :1 of the swinging arm or lever l6.
v'l‘hr'ough the opening thus created, and as
indicated by the-arrows, the ashes 25 will drop,
the ~coniform shape of the element l8 aiding
gravity materially in drawing down the ashes
to the said ?rst~mentioned leg of the said U
shaped arm.
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