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Nov. 5, 1946. ’
’ 2,410,622‘;
Filed Apr'il 16, 1942'
ji L?‘Bac?‘s/trom,
Patented Nov. 5, 1946
F" l?
AdolphBackstmm, H'empstead‘, N. Y.
Application April 16, 1942,1SeriaiNo; 4395255.,‘
2 Glaims.
(or. 244_103)
the wheel 7 through the medium of bolts or the
airplane wheels to automatically initiate rota
like Hi. The annulus 9 may be of a cross section,
substantially as illustrated in Fig. 5, the outer pe
tional movement of wheels, in advance of landing,
riphery being channeled, for a purpose more fully
to eliminate abnormal tire wear and so called
hereinafter apparent. The inner wall ll of the
“bald spots” on the tires.
annulus is provided with openings 92 arranged at
Many attempts have been made in this art to
intervals and adapted for the reception of bolts
equip airplanes with means operable to set up ro
Ill. The bolts may be engaged with the disc or
tation of the Wheels while the airplane is in the
other part of the wheel l in any desired manner.
air, but all have failed of adoption; there is press
ently a greater need for a device of this char 10 Reinforcing webs l3 extend from the W211 ll in
engagement with the bottom of the channel of
acter than ever before because of the unusual
the annulus.
landing stresses imposed on the tires of bombers
The base of the channel is provided with an
and like heavy air vehicles employed in the pros
opening Ill between each pair of webs l3, adapted
ecution of the war. It is the object of my in;
for the reception of one end of a vane or ?nger
vention to equip the wheels of airplane landing
it, Each vane is pivotally mounted on a pin is
gear with air impinging members which auto
in close proximity to one of its ends, one end is
matically come into operation, when the wheels
enlarged, as indicated at H. One of the walls
are in operative position for landing, to begin
of each of the enlarged ends H is equipped with a
rotation of the wheels before ‘the wheels contact
spring I B, the latter being engageable with the
the runway.
A further object is to provide means applicable
base of the channel of the annulus when the vane
is in an operative position. The air engaging face
to standard air vehicles including both ?xed and
of each vane or ?nger is longitudinally concaved,
retractible landing gear, the means being of a
‘ This invention comprises an attachment for
providing a cupped or dished-out surface for
construction to set up a minimum of parasite re
sistance or drag when not in use, when applied to 25 better air purchase. The outer terminal of each
vane or ?nger is pressed outwardly to provide a
?xed landing gear being su?‘iciently compact to
cup-like terminal l9 to facilitate dislodgement of
fold with the retractible landing gear.
the vane. Where this attachment is used on re
Other objects of this invention will be apparent
tractible landing gear, ample space is provided in
from the present preferred form of the invention,
taken in connection with the accompanying draw 30 the airplane to stow the attachment with the
landing gear without any alteration of standard
ing, wherein
Fig. 1 is an elevational view of an attachment
constructed in accordance with the present in
vention, illustrating its application, parts thereof
being broken away to disclose details;
airplanes. When using the invention on a re
tractible landing gear, it is manifest that as soon
as the landing gear has been moved into an oper
35 ative position, the attachment of this invention is
correspondingly brought into position to be im
Fig. 2 is a detail fragmentary sectional View
pinged by the air. Contact of the air with the
taken on the line 2-—2 of Fig. 1, looking in the
vanes initiates rotation of the wheels and this
direction of the arrows, showing one of the air
rotation continues during ?ight, the direction of
impinging vanes or ?ngers in operative position;
Fig. 3 is a detail fragmentary enlarged sectional 40 which is indicated by the arrow in Fig. 1, so that
when the airplane lands. the wheels will be rotat
View of the device showing the manner of mount
ing one of the vanes or ?ngers on the wheel en
gaging ringr or annulus;
ing at approximately the air speed of the air
plane. This is accomplished by varying the size
of the vane. This minimizes wear on the tires,
Fig. 4 is a transverse sectional view of one of
the vanes or ?ngers taken on the line 4—4 of 45 in addition to minimizing the possibility of turn
overs when the airplane encounters inequalities in
the road of travel. As is apparent from Figs. 1
and 2 of the drawing. the outer terminals of the
nulus per se.
In order to illustrate the application of this
vanes, when in use, fall short of the outer periph
invention, I have in the drawing shown a portion 50 ery of the tire, thereby avoiding contact of the
of an airplane landing gear generally designated
vanes with the runway. The springs 13 absorb
shock when the vanes are swung into use and pro-_
6, having associated therewith a wheel of stand
vide a cushion for the vanes during the operation
ard construction ‘I, the latter including a tire S.
The device of my invention comprises a ring
of the latter. As is apparent, as the vanes are
or annulus 9 which is detachably engaged with
carried upwardly, during the cycle of rotation,
Fig. 1, looking in the direction of the arrows; and
Fig. 5 is a transverse sectional view of the an
the vanes automatically gravitate into a folded or
inoperative position substantially as shown in Fig.
extends through one of the-openings in the chan
beyond its vertical axis, the vanes automatically
nel base, the terminal of each vane being en
larged, said vanes being movable consecutively
into operation with each cycle of rotation of the
gravitate into an open or operative position as
On the descent, after the wheel has moved
, also shown in Fig. 1.
It is of course to be understood that various
changes may be made in the details of construc
tion, proportion and arrangement of parts within
the scope of the claims hereto appended.
I claim:
1. In combination with an airplane equipped
with Wheeled landing gear, a ring detachably en
2. In combination with an airplane equipped
with wheeled landing gear, a ring detachably en
gaged with each wheel, each ring being provided
with a peripheral channel, the base of the chan
nel being open at intervals, vanes pivotally
mounted on the ring, one end of each of which
extends through one of the openings in the chan
nel base, the terminal of each vane being en
gaged with each wheel, each ring being provided
larged, the air engaging face of each vane being
with a peripheral channel, the base of the chan 15 longitudinally concave having its outer terminal
nel being open at intervals, vanes pivotally
pressed outwardly to provide a cup.
mounted on the ring, one end of each of which
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