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Nov. 5, 1946'.
Filed Dec. 10, 1943
Patented Nov. 5, 1946
Gaylord- P_. Ruiie, Canton, Ohio
Application December 10, 1943, Serial No. 513,673
2 Claims._ (01. 206-48)
The invention relates to containers for a pack
age of cigarettes or cigars and a book of matches,
and in particular to a container of this character
formed from a single sheet of card board or sim
ilar material.
The invention has for its object the provision
of a one-piece container for a standard size cig
arette package and a standard size match book,
integral closure ?aps being formed upon the con
Referring now to Figs. 1-4 of the drawing, in
which like numbers refer to similar parts, the
container is formed from a single blank indi
cated generally at A, of light weight cardboard
or similar sheet material, scored along the lines
a to form a rear wall ID, a front wall I! and side
walls l2 and i2’, the rear wall It! being provided
with a side ?ap l3 adapted to be glued or pasted
along the inside of the side wall 12’.
The rear wall it may be provided with upper
tainer for the cigarette package and the match 10
and lower end closure ?aps Ill and I5 respec
book, so that either may be opened independently
tively, forming top and bottom walls of the cig
of the other.
arette compartment, and provided with the ex
Another object is to provide a container of
tension?aps l6 and I1 respectively adapted to
this kind in which one side wall is provided with
~ire-entrant cutouts to compensate for the rela 15 extend within the assembled box between. the
front wall l l and the package of cigarettes assem
tively smaller size‘of the ordinary paper match
book and at the same time forming ‘an entrance
bled therein.
for the closure flaps of the cigarette container, as
If desired, relatively small ?aps !8 may be
well as convenient means for easily opening the
formed at the lower ends of the side wall l2 and
upper of these closure ?aps when it is desired 20 ?ap l3 for folding within the bottom of the con
to remove a cigarette from the container.
tain'er, within the bottom wall Ill.
A further object is the provision of a container
The front wall I I has re-entrant cutouts l9 and
of this character which may be dispensed in a
20 formed in its upper and lower edges respec
folded or collapsed condition, with the match
tively. The relatively short flap 2| extends
book attached thereto, and which may be easily 25 downward from the lower re-entrant cutout and
and readily assembled about the package of cig
is adapted to be bent upward as shown in Figs.
1-3 inclusive, to provide means for attaching a
A still further object is to provide a container
book of paper matches 22, as by the usual wire
of simple construction which may be manufac
staple 23. The usual striking surface indicated
tured and sold for a low price and which provides 30 at S may be provided upon the ?ap 2|.
a maximum area which may be utilized for ad
A relatively long ?ap 24 extends upward from
the upper re~entrant cutout l9 and is adapted
The above objects, together with others which
to be bent forwardly and down to provide a cover
will be readily understood from the drawing and
for the match book, the free edge thereof being
the following description of a preferred embodi
detachably engaged in back of the ?ange 2|, as
ment of the invention, may be attained by con
in usual practice.
structing the container in themanner illustrated
The device provides a maximum area for ad—
in the accompanying drawing, in which
vertising matter, or the like, upon the top, bot
Figure 1 is a perspective view of the container
tom, side and rear walls of the cigarette con
showing the flaps of the cigarette compartment 40 tainer, as well as upon both surfaces of the match
and match book in open position;
Fig. 2 is a perspective View of the container with
the match book closed and the upper flap of the
cigarette compartment partially opened;
book cover ?ap 24.
The container may be dispensed in folded or
"collapsed condition and is especially adapted to
be given away with a package of cigarettes at
Fig. 3 a similar view showing the container in‘ 45
tobacco stores, cigar stands and the like. The
closed position;
Fig. 4 a plan view of ‘the blank from which the
container may be easily assembled for use by
closing the lower flap, inserting a, package of
cigarettes and closing the upper ?ap as shown
container is formed;
Fig. 5 is a view similar to Fig. 1 of a slight mod-y
i?cation of the invention in which the standard 50 in Fig. 3.
The cigarettes and matches are thus both en
match book may be detachably connected to the
container; and
Fig. 6 a perspective view, with parts broken
away, showing the type of container illustrated in
Fig. 5 with the match bookassembled thereon. ‘
closed in the same container and are easily and
quickly accessible. It will be seen that the re
entrant cutouts l9 and 20, in the upper and lower
edges of the front wall I I, provide for quick and
easy insertion or withdrawal of the flaps l6 and
I1 upon the top and bottom walls respectively.
In Figs. 5 and 6 is shown a slight modi?cation
of the container in which the match book is not
formed as an integral part of the cigarette con
tainer but may be detachably connected thereto.
In this form of the invention all of the parts of
the container are identically the same as illus
and lower edges of the front wall to permit easy
insertion and withdrawal of said extension flaps,
the front wall being provided with an integral
relatively short ?ap at the lower re-entrant cut
out, said short flap being folded upward, a match
book attached to said short flap, and an integral
relatively long ?ap formed on the front wall at
said upper re-entrant cutout and folded down
trated in- Figs. 1-4, with the exception that the
ward for engagement behind the short ?ap form
?aps 2i and 24, forming the match book cover, 10 ing a cover for the match book.
are not provided at the lower and upper edges
2. A cigarette container formed from a single
respectively of the front wall II. The same
blank, said blank being divided to provide a front
reference numerals are used throughout Figs. 5
and 6 to indicate similar parts above described
with ‘relation to Figs. 1-4 inclusive.
Any standard match book folder may be at
tached by inserting the back wall 25 of the folder
between the front wall ll of the container and
wall, a rear wall, an intermediate side wall be
tween the front wall and rear wall, a second in
termediate side wall at the outer edge of the
front wall, a side ?ap at the outer edge of the
rear wall for attachment to said last named in
termediate side wall to maintain the container
the cigarette package and then bending the upper
in assembly, extended ?aps at the upper and
portion of said back wall 25 downward and insert 20 lower ends of the rear wall, to form top and
ing the upper edge thereof beneath upturned
bottom end closing walls, extension flaps at the
flap 26,.at the lower end of the match book pro
ends of said end closing walls, extension ?aps at
vided with the usual striking surface S, thus
the lower ends of said ?rst named intermediate
providing a removable cover 27 for the match
side wall and said side ?ap for folding within
book as in usual and well-known practice.
I claim:
1. A cigarette container formed from a single
blank, said blank being divided to provide a
front wall, a rear wall and intermediate side
walls, one of said walls being provided with a
flap for attachment to another of said walls to
maintain the container in assembly, said rear
wall being provided with extended flaps at op
said bottom end closing wall, re-entrant cutouts
at the upper and lower edges of the front wall to
permit any insertion and Withdrawal of said ex
tension flaps, the front wall being provided with.
an integral, relatively short ?ap at the lower
re-entrant cutout, said short ?ap being folded
upward, a match book attached to said short flap,
and an‘ integral, relatively long ?ap formed on
the front wall at said upper re-entrant cutout
posite ends to form top and bottom end closing
and folded downward for engagement behind thev
walls, extension flaps at the ends of said end 35 short flap forming a cover for the match book.
closing walls, and re-entrant cutouts atthe upper
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