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No“ 5, 1946-
Filed July 6, 1945
2 Sheets-Sheet 1
'I I “I ‘Vf/Í @l
NOV- 5, 1945-
Filed July e, 1945
JT. CO ,
40 /45‘9 5a
2 sheets-sheet 2
Patented Nov. 5, 1946 "
Samuel Trachtenberg, Cleveland, Ohio
Application `iuly 6, 1945, Serial No. 603,562
5 Claims.
(Cl. S12-186)
This invention relates to jewelry boxes.
I I and I2, the purpose for which will be herein
An object of this invention is to provide a box
after described. A pair of closures I6 and I'I are
or safe in which jewels are adapted to be placed,
hingedly secured as at I8 and I9 to the forward
the box being of attractive appearance so that it
edges of the side walls Ii and I2. The closure I6
may be placed on top of an article of furniture.
includes a front wall 2G, a side Wall 2 I, and a top
Another object of this invention is to provide
Wall 22 which is shaped coincident with one
a device of this kind including a housing having
half of the top wall I5,
a sliding platform and a pair of closures which
The closure Il includes a front wall 23 hingedly
are connected to the platform in such a manner
secured as at 24 to the side wall I2, and also
that the platform will be moved outwardly or 10 includes a top wall 25 shaped coincident with the
inwardly when either one of the closures is moved.
shape of one-half cf the top wall I 5 of the housing
A further object of this invention is to provide
a device of this kind wherein the closures may be
When in closed position the two closures I6 and
independently operated and may be positioned
I'I will have the inner edges of the front walls in
with one closure fully open and the other closure 15 abutting relation similar to the edges of doors or
only half open, or both closures may be either fully
the like. The door or closure I6 is provided
open or half open,
with a forwardly oifset handle 26 extending at an
With the foregoing objects in view, and others
inclination to the vertical, as shown in Figure 3,
which may hereinafter more fully appear, the inand the door or closure I‘! is provided with a
v_ention consists of the novel construction, com 20 similar handle 2l which is inclined to the vertical
bination and arrangement of parts, as will be more
cppositely from the inclination of the handle 2B.
specifically described, and illustrated in the ac
A slide member, generally designated as 28, is
companying drawings wherein are shown embodi
carried by the housing I0, and includes a hori
ments of the invention, but it is to be understood
zontally disposed table or platform 29 which is
that changes, variations and modifications may
slidable in a -pair of tubular guides 32 and 32a
be resortedA to which fall within the scope of the
fixed to the inner sides of the side walls II and
invention, as claimed.
In the drawings:
The slide member 28 also includes a vertically
Figure 1 is a detail plan view of a jewelry box or
disposed forward wall 33, extending. downwardly
safe constructed according to an embodiment 30 from the forward end of the platform 29 and the
of this invention, with the front thereof in open
vertical wall 33 is formed at its lower end with
outwardly extending lugs 34 engaged in opposed
Figure 2 is a detail front elevation of the device
guides 35 and 35 carried by the bottom wall I4.
in open position.
A forward wall 37 is secured to the forward ends
Figure 3 is a detail front elevation of the device 35 of the guides 355 and 30 and to the forward ends
with the closures in closed position.
of base forming members 38 extending down
Figure 4 is a detail front elevation of the device
wardly from the bottom wall I 4. There are a
with the closures in half open position.
pair of right angulariy disposed base or feet
Figure 5 is a sectional view taken on the line
members 39 and ¿I0 Secured to the rear
5_5 of Figure 3.
40 end of the bottom wall Ill so that the bottom wall
Figure 6 is a sectional view taken on the line
I4 will be supported above a plane surface.
6--6 of Figure 5.
The vertical wall 33 is provided with a plurality
Figure 7 is a fragmentary sectional view taken
on the line 7_1 o-f Figure 2.
of window openings 4I, 42 and 43 for exposing
Referring to the drawings the numeral Ii) desig
nates generally a stationary housing which is
formed of `opposite vertically disposed side walls
I I and I2, a rear end wall I3, and a bottom wall
I4. A substantially dome-shaped top wall I5 is
a printed strip 4;@ engaging at the rear side of the
wall 33, and having printed or otherwise indicated
thereon the month, day and year of a desired
event, such as a marriage date, birth date. or
the like.
An inner plate d5 is disposed in spaced rela
formed as a continuation of the side walls I I and 60 tion with respect to the forward wall 33, and pro
I2, and is adapted to be made in any suitable
vides a guide space within which the printed
attractive shape so- as to give the impression of
strip 44 may be positioned.
a miniature house or the like.
The slide member 23 has mounted on the upper
The bottom wall lli is relatively long extending
side thereof an article clamping member which
forwardly of the forward edges of the side walls 55 comprises
a pair of upwardly and forwardly ex
tending channel-shaped members 4'! and 48 se
cured at their lower ends to the slide plate 29.
A pair of oppositely bowed resilient clamping
members 49 and 50 are disposed in the guide
members 41 and 48 and are adapted to clamp
there-between an article such as a ring or the
The inner face of the rear wall is adapted to
have a lining member 5l secured thereto which
may carry suitable indicia such as indicated by
the numeral 52, designating the jewelry company
or store from which the device has been obtained.
IThe slide member 2S is adapted to be moved
outwardly to its extended position with respect to
the side walls il and i2, by means of a pair of
bers swing toward open position the arms 52 and
53 will pull the slide member 28 forwardly to its
extended position.
If desired, the closure members I3 and I7 may
be swung to only half open position, as shown in
Figure 4, and, if desired, one of the closure
members may be swung to half open position
whereas the remaining closure member may be
swung to fully open position.
This device may be constructed as an adver
tising medium for advertising jewelry or it may
be constructed as a miniature safe for holding
the desired article or articles which may be po
sitioned on a dresserl dressing table, or the like.
I claim:
1. A jewelry box comprising an upstanding
housing open at the front thereof, a pair of clo
sures hingedly carried by said housing, hori
Zontal guides carried by said housing, a slide
to and depending from the slide plate 2S, is adapt
ed to loosely engage. The arm 52 also includes 20 engaging said guides, means carried by said slide
for supporting an article thereon, and correlated
a downwardly offset arcuate member Eiï which
slid operating arms 52 and 53. The arm 52 in
cludes a straight member 54 which is formed with
an elongated slot 55 within which a pin 55,' fixed
is pivotally mounted as at 58 on a lug 59 carried
by the inner side of the closure member I S. The
arm 53 includes a straight member 6i) formed
means carried by said closures and said slide for
with an elongated slot Si through which the pin
effecting movement of the latter upon swinging
of said closures.
2. A_jewelry box, as set forth in claim 1, where
56 loosely engages and a downwardly oiîset arcu
in said correlated means includes a pair of velon
gated slotted arms pivotally connected to said
ate member 62 extends from the forward end of
closures, and a pin ñxed to said slide and engag
the straight bar Bil, and is pivotally mounted, as
ing in the slots of said arms.
at 53, on a lug 64 carried by the closure member
3. A jewelry box, as set forth in claim l where
i9. By providing the two slotted arms 52 and 30
in said article supporting means includes a pair
53, which are pivotally secured to each closure,
of upwardly and forwardly extending clamping
the slide member 28 may be moved forwardly to
its extended position by opening of only one of
4. A jewelry box as set forth in claim l where
the closures and may also be moved to closed
position by swinging of only one closure to closed 35 in said article supportingv means includes a pair
of upwardly and forwardly inclined channel
members ñxed to said slide, and a pair of re
The inner side of the closure l5 has mounted
silient article clamping members removably en
therein a cylindrical bezzle B5 within which a
gaging said channel members.
disk-shaped picture or photograph 66 is adapted
5. A jewelry box comprising an upstanding
to be mounted, and a lens or transparent panel 40
housing open at the front thereof, said housing
61 is adapted to enga-ge within the panel El and
including a bottom wall extending forwardly from
to be secured therein by means of a split locking
the forward edges thereof, a pair of closures carring 68 engaging in an annular groove S9 carried
ried by the front of said housing, a pair of guides
by the interior of the bezzle $5. The closure l?
" carried by the side walls of said housing spaced
has mounted on the inner surface of the front
above said bottom wall, a, second pair of guides
wall 23 thereof, >a beazle 'lil similar in every de
carried by the extended portion of said bottom
tail to the construction shown in Figure 7.
wall forwardly of said ñrst pair of guides, a slide
In-the use and operation of this device, the
formed with a rear part slidably engaging said
article which- is to be contained in the box may
be mounted between the clamping members 49 50 first named guides and with a downwardly offset
forward part slidably engaging said second
and iii). When it is desired to open the box for
named guides, and means carried by said clo~exposing or removing the article, the two closures
sures and said slide for moving the latter on
I6 and il may be swung to any one of several
the guides upon opening or closing of said
positions, as shown in Figures l and 4.
In Figure 1 the closure members it and Il are 55
in their fully opened position, and as these mem
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