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Filed Jan. 27, 1945
v LEONA T P1._u/_\1T25E
Patented Oct. 29, 1946
Leona T. Plumtree, South San Francisco, Calif.
Application January 27, 1945, Serial No. 574,923
3 Claims.
It is among the objects of my invention to
provide a hair clip with a broad gripping sur- '
face which will hold a curl of hair securely in
place while the hair dries and without danger
of premature release. Another object is the pro
vision of a hair clip which after its removal
leaves the hair free of unsightly ridges in the
(Cl. 132—46)
tween the pin and coil. A curl of hair will vary
in thickness at different points across its width,
so that two straight resilient members extending
across the strands apply pressure only on the
thicker portion, leaving much of the curl un
secured. With my special coil construction,
each separate turn yields more or less inde
curl to which it was applied. Still another ob
pendently to accommodate itself to the varying
ject is to provide a hair clip which will accome
thicknesses of the strands of hair in the curl
modate itself to the varying thicknesses of por 10 held under the pin. Thus a perfect curl results
tions of the underlying curl.
with no objectionable ridges or irregularities.
My invention possesses other objects and fea
A very common failure of the so-called “bobble
tures of value, some of which with the foregoing
pin” is that its spring action is destroyed and
will be set forth in the following description of
its ability to hold a curl is lost if a curl should
the invention. It is to be understood that I 15 be a little too thick. This is avoided in my
do not limit myself to the showing made by the
clip because the coil construction extends the
said description and the drawing and I may adopt
resiliency of the structure over a much greater
variant forms of the invention within the scope
length of material so that stresses are dis
of the appended claims.
tributed and not concentrated at one point
Referring to the drawing: Figure 1 is a plan 20 or short turn. This permits heavy or uneven
View of my hair clip; and Figure 2 is a side eleva
curls to be accommodated between the seat and
tion of the same. Both views are drawn to an
the overlying pin with only a small part of the
enlarged scale.
In modern hair styling it is a common prac
distortional stresses carried by the pin and the
curved part 4 where the pin turns back upon
the to coil strands of wet hair about the tip of 25 itself.
the ?nger to form a curl; and then secure it in
The end 6 of the pin extends a short distance
curled shape with hairpins or other means.
beyond the edge of the coil; and as shown in
After all the hair has been so curled and pinned,
Figure 2 is turned away from the plane of the
it is allowed to dry. The ringlets so formed are
coil. This construction facilitates the placing of
then combed into waves, or over a pad to form 30 the clip over a curl by picking up the strands
a pompadour or other hair style, or simply loos
of hair on the projecting part of the pin before
ened slightly to leave natural-looking ringlets
they are allowed to pass under the turns of the
around the head. Very often the pins used to
secure the hair make ridges and depressions in
While my hair clip may be formed of spring
.the curls which spoil the shape of the waves, or 35 metal having a circular cross section, I prefer to
complicate the dressing of the hair in other
use a flat strip, the width of the strip in the
coil extending in the plane of the coil. The num
The hair clip of my invention is designed to
ber of complete turns in the coil may vary, but
avoid this di?iculty by providing two highly re
not less than two nor more than four coils of a
silient and opposed members; one a nearly 40 ?at strip give satisfactory results.
straight pin, and the other, a broader but dis
I claim:
continuous base or seat upon which the pin
1. A hair clip comprising a single flat resilient
presses the curl of hair caught between them.
strip, one end of the strip forming a ?at spiral
This structure is conveniently formed of a single
coil, and the other end extending radially in the
piece of spring wire preferably of ?at section, 45 plane of the coil and then back across the coil.
and bent to provide a pin 2, and the arm 3, joined
to the pin by the bend 4. At its other end, the
arm is bent to provide a ?at spiral coil 5, con
2. A hair clip for holding a curl of hair com
prising a resilient wire turned back upon itself
in a close U-shape, one end of the wire constitut
ing a ?at resilient substantially involute coil com
stituting the seat of the clip. The coil preferably
has a curvature which is substantially that of 50 pletely overlying the opposing free end of the
an involute.
wire and spaced from the turn in the wire.
The flat spiral seat lies close to and adjacent
3. A hair clip for holding a curl of hair com-_
the end of the pin, which at this portion is curved
prising a resilient wire turned back upon itself
slightly away from the plane of the coil as shown
in a close U-shape, one end of the wire constitut
in Figure 2. Because of the length and resiliency 55 ing a ?at resilient substantially involute coil of
of the wire forming the coil, it provides a seat,
a diameter about one-half the length of the op
the different areas of which are separately and
posing portion of the Wire and overlying the
softly yieldable, so that an even, gentle, holding
outer half of the opposing portion.
pressure is applied to the curl of hair caught be
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