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0a. 29, 1946.
Filed July 13, 1944
K‘I’ /
Patented on. 29, 1946
Joseph H. Horan, Bronx, N. Y.
Application July 12, 1944',‘ Serial No. 544,750
-1 Claim.
This invention relates to new and useful im
provements in an agitator for a liquid cooling
system, and is particularly intended for the radi
ators of automobiles.
(01.‘ 285-2)
It is a, known fact that radiators of automobiles
rust, and in time‘ the rust becomes so bad as to
clog the radiators, .and then the engines over
heat. ‘The new and improved agitator is of‘ sim
ple construction and is adapted to be easily con
pelling the‘ liquid, of a cooling system. The piston
[I is' connected with a piston rod l2 which in
turn isjconnected with a lever l3 which may be
manually worked'lup and down. The lever I3 is
pivotally mounted by a pintle M at its back end
upon a bracket, I I mounted on the cylinder ID.
A suitable structure 16 is provided for supporting
the cylinder
A nipple I1 is mounted through the bottom
nected with the radiator and by which the liquid 10 wall of the cylinder ill and connects with a ?exi
ble tube IS. A clamp I9 is mounted on the top
may be agitated and then drained off with the
end of the tube [8 by which it is clamped on the
loosened rust so as to keep the radiator relatively
bushing IT. The tube l8 extends to and connects
clean and. prevent it from reaching a state in
with a long bushing 20. A clamp 2| is engaged
which clogging takes place.
It is proposed to characterize the new and im 15 on the latter end of the tube I8 for securely con
necting it with said long bushing 20.
proved agitator by the fact that it is provided
A cap 22 with a washer of a design for engag
with a cylinder and piston connected with a pipe
ing on the neck 23 of a radiator 24 of a cooling
line by which the liquid may be drawn in and
system is associated with means for holding said
expelled. It is proposed to provide a cap, and
certain bushings which may be easily mounted 20 long bushing 20 in various positions extended
through the cap. More speci?cally, the cap 22
upon the radiator inlet, and be connected with
has a tubular portion 25. This tubular portion
said pipe line to facilitate agitating the liquid of
extends through the cap. Its bottom end is pro
the cooling system in an especially easy way.
vided with the small projections 26 by which the
The invention contemplates a modi?ed form in
which a hose is adjustably connected with the 25 cap 22 is mounted on the neck of the radiator in
the usual way. The cap 24 has projecting handle
bushing so that it may be extended further down
portions 21 by which it may be conveniently
or moved upwards as required for a particular
gripped. The tube 25 is externally threaded.
radiator of a particular automobile.
The bushing 20 is provided with external threads
Another object of the invention is the construc
tion of a device as mentioned which is simple 30 by which it is threadedly mounted through the
tube 25.
and durable and which may be manufactured and
The operation of the device is as follows:
sold at a reasonable cost.
The clamp 2| is loosened and then the long
For further comprehension of the invention,
bushing 20 is adjusted upwards or downwards in
and of the objects and advantages thereof, refer
ence will be had to the following description and 35 relation to the cap 22 so as to extend down as far
as possible into the radiator 24. The cap 22 is
accompanying drawing, and to the appended
mounted on the neck 23 of the radiator in place
claim in which the various novel features of the
of the conventional cap. The handle it is then
invention are more particularly set forth.
moved upwards and downwards so that the piston
In the accompanying drawing forming a mate
rial part of this disclosure
40 I l reciprocates at the cylinder I0 drawing in and
expelling the liquid of the radiator 24. This
Fig. 1 is a fragmentary elevational view of an .
agitates the liquid and Washes the loose particles
agitator for a liquid cooling system constructed
of rust, dirt and the like off the walls of the radi
in accordance with this invention, certain parts
ator. The radiator may then be drained.
being shown in section.
Fig. 2 is a perspective View of the cap used in 45 In Fig. 4 a modi?ed construction of long bush
ing 20' for the agitator is shown. The long bush
the agitator, illustrated up side down.
ing 20’ is provided with a support 30 in its top
Fig. 3 is a perspective view of the long bushing.
end. This support essentially consists of a rim
Fig. 4 is a fragmentary enlarged vertical sec
tional view through the cap and bushing of an
3|, several spokes 32, and a central hub 33. The
agitator constructed in accordance with av modi 50 hub 33 supports a stem 34 which extends axially
through the long bushing 20'. Another support
?ed form of this invention.
The agitator for a liquid cooling system, in ac
is mounted upon the bottom of the stem 34 and
cordance with that form of the invention illus
consists of a hub portion 35 mounted on the stem
trated in Figs. 1-3, includes a cylinder 10 pro
and connected with spokes 36 which connect with
vided with a piston H for drawing in and ex~ 55 a rim 3'! located within the bottom portion of the
long bushing 20',
The bottom portion of the
long bushing 20’ is provided with a plurality of
slots 38 to make it resilient. A clamping ring 39
is mounted upon the bottom of the long bushing
20’. A ?exible rubber hose 40 is slidably mount
ed Within and extends from the long bushing 20'
and engages about the rim 31, The long bush
ing 20’ is provided. with external threads which
is reserved to all changes and modi?cations com
ing within the scope of the invention as de?ned
in the appended claim.
Having thus described my invention, what I
claim as new and. desire to secure by United
States Letters Patent is:
A coupling structure, for use with a radiator
having a neck portion,_ comprising a tube ?tting
threadedly engage the tube 25 of the cap 22. “
into said neck and having an internally threaded
In other respects this form of the invention is 10 sleeve portion protruding from said neck, an
elongated externally threaded bushing adjustably
similar to that previously shown and like ref
erence numerals identify like parts in each of the
threaded into the sleeve and presenting an upper
several views.
end to which a pipe may be detachably secured,
The operation of this form of the invention is
a cap ?tting over said sleeve for engagement with
identical to the prior form, distinguishing merely
> said neck, a sealing gasket in said cap, a hose
in the fact that the clamp 39 may be loosened
and then the rubber hose 4!! may be extended or
retracted so as to better ?t a particular design
closely ?tting inside said tube terminating short
of the outer end thereof and extending out of
the inner end thereof, rings positioned in the
of radiator. One advantage in so far as ?t is con
outer end of the tube and. in the hose at the inner
cerned resides in the fact that the rubber hose 20 end of. said tube and arranged to resist clamping
40‘ may be bent laterally‘ to engage further down
pressure applied to the tube externally thereof,
into the radiator and‘ avoid: obstructions directly
the inner end of said tube being slotted in that
beneath the neck of the radiator.
portion in which one of said’ rings. is positioned,
While I have illustrated and described the pre_
and a connector for joining said rings in. ?xed
ferred embodiments of my invention, it is to be 25 spaced relation with. each. other.
understood that I do notlimit myself to the pre
cise constructions herein disclosed and the right
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