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Oct. 29, 1946.
Filed March 2, 1944
Patented Oct. 29, 1946
Francis J. Shields, Bombay, N. Y.
Application March 2; 1944, Serial No. 524,683
1 Claim.
This invention relates to new and useful im
provements in a slipper.
(ol. 361-11)
More specifically, the invention proposes the
construction of a slipper adapted to be worn as
a slipper and characterized by a sheepskin mem
ber having its Wool outside and stitched at the
front andback to form the sole, front,sides and
fback of the slipper.
Still another object of the invention proposes
the provision of a sheepskin having its wool out
side and stitched to the vamp edges of the sheep
skin member in a manner to complete the forma
tion of the slipper and'retain it in position upon .
directed outwards is stitched to the vamp edges
of the sheepskin member I Il at the front I4 of
this member.
Adhesively secured to all inside faces of the
sheepskin member ID and the sheepskin plug I3
is a layer of wool fleece material I5. Mucilage
I6 for securing the fleece material in position is
secured between'the adjacent edges of the sheep
skin and the fleece ‘material I5. In constructing
the shoe the ñeece material I5 is preferably se
cured to the back face of the sheepskin material
before the blanks IB and I3 are cut therefrom.
All exposed edges of the sheepskin member I0
and the sheepskin vamp I3 are finished by the
the foot.
Still another object of the invention proposes 15 application of tape material Il which is `held in
the application of tape material for extending
position by means of a line of stitches I8.
along all of the free edges of the slipper in a
In the -modification of the invention shown in
manner to give it a finished appearance. n
Figs. 5 and 6, the [construction of the slipper is
Still further the invention proposes adhesively
similar to that previously described except for
applying fleece-like cloth material to all interior 20 the provision of i laces I9 which extend through
surfaces of the slipper in a, manner to add to the
aligned openings 20 formed in the free adjacent
warmth thereof when worn.
edges of the member I0 and the plug I3 and
A further object of the invention proposes the
provision of adjustable laces «between the free
edges of the sheepskin vamp and the sheepskin
member in a manner to permit these laces to be
adjusted for ‘controlling the relationship between
its adjacentl edges to cause the shoe to ñt more
snugly upon the foot.
which are adapted to have their ends tied into
a bowZI. The laces I9 may be adjusted for re
ducing the diameter of the shoe across the instep
of the foot ina manner to cause the shoe to ñt
more snugly upon the foot.
In other respects this form of the invention is
similar to that previously shown and like refer
For further comprehension of the invention, 30 ence numerals identify like parts in each of the
and of the objects and advantages thereof, refer
several views.
ence will be had to the following description and
While I have illustrated and described the pre
accompanying drawing, and to the appended
ferred embodiments of my invention, it is to be
claim in which the various novel features of the
understood that I do not limit myself to the pre
invention are more particularly set forth.
In the accompanying drawing forming a ma 35 cise constructions herein disclosed and the right
is reserved to all changes and modifications com
terial part of this disclosure
ing within the scope of the invention as defined
Fig. i is a perspective view of a slipper con
in the appended claim.
structed in accordance with the invention.
Having thus described my invention, what Il
Fig. 2 is an enlarged partial vertical sectional 40
claim as new and desire to secure by United States
view taken on the line 2.-2 of Fig. l.
Letters Patent is:
Fig. 3 is a developed view from which the sheep
A slipper comprising a member forming the
skin member is formed.
sole, front, sides, and back of the slipper, a plug
Fig. 4 is a developed view of the sheepskin plug.
stitched tothe top front edges of said member,
Fig. 5 is a side elevational view of a shoe Icon 45 and said plug having free edges at the instep
structed in accordance with a modification of
area, said plug and member along said free edges
this invention.
being provided with a series of eyelets, means for
Fig. 6 is a partial plan View looking in the
adjustably connecting said free edges together to
direction of the line S-â of Fig. 5.`
control the diameter of the slipper at the instep
The slipper, according to this invention, is con 60 area, Said means comprising separate laces ex
structed of a sheepskin member I!) which has its
tending between the free edges and radapted to
wool directed outside and which is stitched to
have their ends tied together in adjustable posi
gether at its front edge II and at its back edge
I2 forming the sole, front, sides and back of the
shoe. A sheepskin plug I3 also having its wool
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