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Qtà. 29,.1946.
Filed July 7, 1944
2 Sheets-Sheet l
_ìîfea/erfc/é L. „Be/vá/ìal Si?.
Oct. 29, 1946.
FiledI July 7. 1944
2 sheets-sheet 2
" ~
Patented Get.Y 29, 1946 .
„ „
' ,
f‘j'Thi's'jinvention ‘relatesto’a novel and improved
lawnve'dgerßofan"electric motor walking attend-
The wheels fare relativelyïsmall' so as‘ to",l dispose
the?lbasel plate c_lose to the ground and said plate
ant steered ‘andimaneuvered type. j i
is provided _with slots'll (see Figure 2) through
'M ` ' '_
YMore „speciñcallm lthe„.invention",'comprises a
which'theîupperghalf-portions'of the wheels pros
low slung“'whe‘el-supporte'dtruck provided with a
suitable push-pull handle and a motor driven
trude and clear. Thus, the 'truck frame andall
parts IIlOuIlÈed thereOIl iS permitted t0 rOCk 0n
trimmer or clipper carried thereby. `
One phase of novelty is predicated upon the
the horizontal axes 'provided by these bearings
and axle arrangement. It is to be noted that the
simple and expedient truck, this characterized by
axle is supported 110V/ard the rear to provide the
a horizontal base plate tiltably supported on a lo desired balance and fulcruming results.
wheel-equipped axle, whereby to permit the plate
A substantially disk-like adapter plate I8 is se
to be rocked and shifted advantageously to accommodate the contour of the surface and to
concentrate the cutting at the desired point or
cured to and rises from one longitudinal edge
of the base plate and this constitutes an effective
mount for the electric motor I9, Whose base 20
is appropriately secured to the plate, the motor
Novelty is also predicated upon the rockable
wheel-supported truck plate, this having a perpendicular adapter plate and the latter consti-
overlying, in spaced relation, the base plate. For
stability I provide suitable arcuate stay rods 2|,
these being connected at their lower ends to the
tuting a mount for the motor as well as a con-
opposite edge of the base and at their upper ends
venient support for the coacting cutting element 20 to the upper marginal portion of the adapter
and a protective shield or fender arrangement.
plate I8.
Other features and advantages will become
Reference being had to Figure 1, it will be seen
more readily apparent from the following de-
' that a yoke-like plate 22 is movably bolted as at
scription and the accompanying illustrative
23 to the outer face, lower marginal portion of
25 the adapter plate. This yoke is fashioned into a
In the drawings, wherein like numerals are
substantially V-shaped stationary cutter blade 24
employed to designate like parts throughout the
whose upper inclined edge serves to lift and feed
and guide 'the grass into the path of rotation of
Figure 1 is a side elevational view of a lawn
the coacting rotatable clipper blade 25. The lat
edger constructed in accordance with the prin- 30 ter is keyed centrally to the motor shaft as at 26
ciples of the present invention.
and sweeps through the orbital path indicated
Figure 2 is a top plan view thereoff,`with porto advantage in Figure 1. The adapter plate also
tions broken away.
a suitably ` proportioned
Figure 3 is a front end elevational view of the
fender-guard 27 having a flap 27' which is hing
35 edly mountedin place as at 28.
Figure 4 is a side elevation observing the strucIt is yet to be pointed out that the aforemen
ture in a direction from right to left in Figure 3.
tioned power conducting cable I2 is suitably con
The truck, as a unit, is denoted by the numeral
IleCted ‘50 the mOtOr aS ShOWIl ÍOI‘ SXFLIHDI@l in
5 and comprises a substantially rectangular tilta-
Figures 2 and 4-
ble base plateûhaving, at its inner end, an up- 40
It is believed that the mode of operation and
wardly and rearwardly inclined apron 'I »stradgeneral use of the edger is reasonably clear, con
dled by the furcations 8 at the lower end of the
sidering the drawings in conjunction with the
handle 9. The handle is of appropriate construcdescription. It is substantially fool-proof and
tion, material and length and is provided at its
safe and easy to use, is readily maneuverable
upper end with a suitable hand-grip I0. While 45 and aptly fulñlls the requirements of the manu
considering the handle it will be noted that it is
facturers, tradesmen and users.
provided with an appropriate socket I I to accomIt is to be noted that the self-leveling and bal
-modate an extension cord (not shown), the power
ancing truck is low slung but is of sufficient clear
conducting cable I2 being connected'to said socket
ance to enhance satisfactory and easy handling of
through the medium of an appropriate and 5U the device. The motor is out-of-the-way and
suitably arranged switch I3.
overlies the base plate and is more or less con
The axle I4 is journaled for rotation in simple
hanger and bearing brackets I5 attached to the
underside of the plate 6, said axle carrying the
ground-engaging and transporting wheels I6. 55
ñned between the arcuate braces-or stays 2 I, these
serving as guards for said motor. Moreover, since
the motor is located slightly in advance of the
axle I4 and the handle extends rearwardly at
said plate extending horizontally outwardly of
the lower portion of the plate and projecting for
device to be easily rocked about the axle as a
fulcrum, thus adding to the factors of maneuvera
bility and dependability and permitting the de
vice to be easily guided While being pushed for
It is thought that persons skilled in the art to
outwardly therefrom, a stationary cutter blade on
the incline shown in Figure 1, the handle and the
motor counter-balance each other and permit the
wardly from the front end of said truck, and a
rotary cutter connected with the motor shaft and
operating within the confines of said guard in
cooperating relation to the stationary blade.
2. A lawn edger of the class described compris
ing a horizontally extending handle equipped
which the invention relates Will be able to obtain „
Wheel-supported truck, a vertical adapter plate
-a clear understanding of the inventionaaftercon lí)
sidering the description in connection with the
drawings. Therefore, a more lengthy description
is regarded as unnecessary.
Minor changes in the shape, size and arrange
ment of details coming withinl the field lof yinven- w
tion claimed may be resorted to in actual prac
tice, if desired.
I claim:
1. A lawn edger of the class described corn
prisingìa horizontally extending handle-equipped
wf'ël-Isuppolrted truck, a vertical Yadapter plate
ex _ending upwardly Íat one side of said truck, a
tor on said -’plate extending inwardly therefrom
ovérsaid truck, aguard on lsaid -plate extending
extending upwardly at one side of said truck, a
Ymotor on said plate extending inwardly there
_from over said truck, spaced arcuate reinforcing
rand ~guard braces overlying said motor connected
'between Vsaid adapter plate and truck, a guard on
said plate extending outwardly therefrom, a sta
tionary‘cutterblade on said plate extending hori
zontally «outwardly of the lower portion of the
plate and projecting forwardly from the front end
of said truck, and a rotary cutter connected with
the Ín'iotor . shaft >and operating ‘within vthe con
ñnes of said girardin cooperating .relation ‘to the
stationary blade. 'p
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