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Oct. 29, .1946.
Filed Dec. 6, 1943
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2 Sheets-Sheet 1
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0a 29, 1946.
Filed Dec. 6, 1945
2 sheets-sheet 2
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Patented Oct. 29, 1946
Carl ‘M. Cummins, Toledo,~ Ohio‘
_ Application December 6, 71943, ‘Serial No. 513,068 I
5 Claims.
(01. 1043)
' This invention relates to making strip or wire
‘ stock into split or spring washers.
ing I‘! in' bracket. l8 carried by the housing l
remote from the motor 2. Fixed with the arm
This invention has- utility in feeding, bending
16 is upwardly extending slotted arm [9. Adja
’ and 'cuttingwasherle'ngths fromstock, and in
cent the upper or free' end of the arm I5, a
nut 20 mounts a collar 2| to hold a threaded stem
the mechanism for performing the operations in
sequence, and herein speci?cally shown as two
washers per revolution of the power'drive or
‘main shaft.
Referring'to the drawings:
22 against‘ longitudinal movement.’ , The stem 22
has polygonal head or end 23 for rotation. The
stem lower portion extends thru a block 24 slid
able in the ‘slot of the arm I 9 as the stem 22
is rotated. vThe blockf24 has pivotal connection
‘25 to a link 26,110 crank arm 21'loose on the
Fig. 1 is a front view of an embodiment of the
invention ina power machine, parts being'broken
shaft 28. Fixedwith the shaft'ZB is complemen
Fig. 2 is a section on the line II——II,'Fig. 1,
tary: intermittent grip elementv 29 having seats
looking down on the transmission features of the
for rollers 30 normally thrust by springs 3| into
one way gripping relation for ‘direct clockwise
_ invention;
Fig; 3 is another'front view, having portionsvof
rotation of the shaft 28'. ‘
the housing of Fig. 1 vbroken away, to further
show the transmission;
Fig. 4 is a fragmentary view on an enlarged
scale of the mounting for'the cutting off-eleL
'ments of the ‘machine and the stock receiving
Fig. 5 is a detail View of the holder for the
mandrel from the'back or rear of the showing
in Fig.4;
as mounted thereby; '
mitted to minor diameter gears 36 on a shaft
'3'! andv 38 on a shaft/39. "The" gears 36, 38 have
25 counterclockwise rotation,'- and mesh with addi
tional gears‘; The gear, 36 mesheswitha gear 40 on
i a shaft 4| adjustable by means 42 as to the mesh
‘Fig. '7 is a side view'ofa completed split Washer;
' Fig; 8 is an .edgewise view of the washer of 30
operates an
lever, I6; I 9.
of the drive
the shaft 28.
‘ Fixed on'the shaft 28 is a gear‘35 the clock
' wise step by" step rotation of which is .trans
. Fig. 6 is a' fragmentary view of the cutting
tools, showing. lengthwise view of the mandrel
l .
‘The cam 10, 180° from the cam 9,
gle lever 32, similar to the angle
This means‘ that at each rotation
shaft lthere are two steps given to
relation. The gear 38 meshes with a gear 43
'on a shaft 44 adjustable by means 45 as to the
mesh relation. These shafts 31, 39, M, 44, pro
trude from the housing I and there carry respec
Fig. 9 is a fragmentary detai1 of a backlash pre
tively stock gripping feed rollers 45. The lower
venting clutch for the intermittent grip carry
pair of shafts'4l, 44, rotate clockwise, and in the
ing shaft; and
adjustable mesh feature may determine the posi
Fig. 10 is a fragmentary detail of a clutch for 35 tive gripping of say ?at-sided wire stock 41 from
one of the intermittent grip devices.
a spool 48 ‘on bracket 49 from the housing I.
Main housing I (Fig. 2) has motor 2 mounted
‘The ‘stock :41 from the supply coil or spool 48 en~
thereon. From shaft 3 of the motor 2, having
'ters way 50 in its feed transit to and past the
pulley 4, extends belt 5 to drive ?ywheel pulley
rollers 46. For the rear ends of the shafts 4!,
.6 ?xed on main drive shaft lmounted in bear» ~40 44, bearings 5| compensate for the slight rocking
ings 8 of the housing I .
adjustment needful in practice to effect the de
Herein there is shown-an intermittent grip de
sired feed gripping for the stock 41.
vice transmission for feeding or propelling the
The main drive shaft 7 protrudes thru the front
strip stock or wire to be-formed into singlesplit
side of‘ the housing _I and there carries a cam
having two diametrically disposed projections or
rings or spring washers. To this end, there is
?xed with the shaft ‘l cams 9, l0,-of general ec
major diameter portions 52 located for out-throw
centric form, except that medially; of the major ‘ action during the respective dwell intervals ll
throw extent of each-thereof is a concentric or
of the cams 9,’ 10.‘ From‘ block 53 ?xed with
dwell portion. Under the layout adoptecljherein,
the front ‘of the housing I (Fig. 1), compression
this dwell portion II is approXimately~34° (Fig. 3):. $50 helical springs 54, thrust upward member 55,
Adjustablevstems ‘l2 upwardly protruding thru
upper housing section J73, regulate, the pull _or'ten-
by‘yieldably riding against the cam and thrown
sion_- of helical springs; 14., One of the springs
by the portionsi52.
which at its upper portion has a roller 56 there- '
l4.~ho_lds roller 15 of arm Hiv against the ‘.under
:xrThe slide member‘ 55 is mounted against play
side of the cam~9. The arm; l6 has pivotal mount-J ' 65 in' Ta’. slidelwayl5l~ with- "shims or- wear plate sides
ress which means that the feeding operation in
reality effects the forming or reworking in its
The member 55 has
adjusted thereon by screws 60, BI, a holder mem
' 58 adjusted by screws 59.
sliding about the stationary mandrel 68. The
friction of the thrust against the roller 18 is suf
ber 62 (Fig. 4). A clamp plate 63 is anchored
therewith by screws 64 to mount shear off or
thrust cutting tool 65 having angle face 66 com
?cient to cause it to turn or rotate with the Wire ‘
being re-fcrmed into the coil. The abutment 18
as it is turned or rotated by the force feeding
plementary to opposing angle face 6'! on element
or mandrel 68.
The mandrel or rod tool 68 as
extending rearwardly has polygonal end portion
69 for rocking into appropriate working relation
to the line'of direction for the face .66 of the: tool
65 as thrust theretoward.
The mandrel 68 is in eccentric recess 10 of a ,
cylindrical holder ‘II having a split 0]‘ slot *12 - -
of the stock, serves as a sort of anti-friction ele
ment in the production of the wraps on the man
‘drel'68. - ‘As the wraps'are in succession thereon,
"they take a pitch which is a factor for a spring
washer. Furthermore, the angle at the opening
or cut 84 has ample clearance for the collapse
or ?attening of the ring without expansion or en
to the recess or way 10 (Figs. 3,~,4).~ :Screws
‘I3 in the ?xed member 53 may act on a side of 15 larging of its diameter, but is of such angularity
the split holder ‘H to effect pinch'or grip-‘action
for locking the mandrel 68 in the holder ‘H.
r as-to ~not»leave opening for the washers to be
rected forcibly by thevpinchqor grip rollers 46,
ally. This rocking axially is accurately locked by
is directed over themandrel 68 'andthere abuts
the screws 16, TI. The mandrel in itself may be
. assembled into a chain or snarl relation.
There is possible great nicety for locating the
Accuracy in placing the protruding or front por
The clamp 63 permits de?nite vertical
tion of the mandrel 68 is taken care of,inot»only
by this pinching or clamping, but more minutely 20 and angular positioning of the shear member or
cut-off plunger 66 active face. In appropriate
as a preliminary set, or‘even' thereafter, ledge
clearance for complementary shear location, the
portions ‘14, 15 at the rear .upper end of the
relatively fixed member face B'I'of the mandrel
cylindrical holder ‘H, are contacted by screws
68 is adapted to a most ?ne adjustment in ade=
16, 11 (Fig. 5). As one of these screws is backed
quate ranges. Due'to the Way ‘H1 beingeccentric
off, and the other thrust down, micrometer-like
of the sleeve ‘H, rocking of the sleeve in the block
angular shifting of the holder 1| is‘effected.
.53 may position the mandrel up, down,» or‘later
The stock .41, as passing the way 50 and di
. theperiphery of loose or free roller 18.
Initially 30 turned by a tool on the polygonal portion‘69, to
give a-desired angularity to the face 61.‘ A screw
the free .end of the stock 4‘! is given wrap direc
tion as.‘ to .the'mandre1-68.~ The roller 18 is an
85 in the block 62 adjusts the feed projection of
the tool 65.
. antifriction abutment-.but-of friction direction co
What is claimed and it is desired. to secure by
operation- for holding the stock 41 to the mandrel
.68 during each feedv interval. This interva1 for 35 Letters Patent is:
1. A wrap receiving mandrel, an eccentric hold
each feed step is a full wrap of the mandrel 68,
ing sleeve therefor, said sleeve being-split and
of the diameter .desired for; the spring washer
having ledge means, a mounting‘block for the
sleeve, and adjusting screws'for-acting on the
This feed step is de?nite andaccurate as to
the adjustment regulatedby the» slotted arms of 40 ledge means to rock the sleeve and to act on the
split to ?x the mandrel in the sleeve and the
the angle levers of the intermittent grip devices.
sleeve in the block.
The shaft ‘28, as it protrudes thru the front of
' 2. Asplit washer manufacturing machinacom
the housing I, there carries aback-lash preven
..tion means or reverse-grip 19 (Fig. '1) vopposite ' prising a housing, a drive shaft and a driven shaft
‘to the ‘grip. devices in the'crank arms 21. This 45 journaled in said housing, two intermittently act
ing grip devices to drive the driven shaft, means
means-that during the‘ idle. or- recovery travel of
to actuate the grip devices‘from the drive shaft,
the arms 21, the shaft 28 is locked against other
a guide way for wire stock,‘ two pairs of pres
than the next clockwise feed.
sure-adjusted gripping rolls to feed the wire stock
The wire. wrapping about the mandrel 68 is
herein directed for‘an entering wrap 80 (Fig. 6)‘ 150 Y from a supply source through said guide .way,
with afull adjacent wrap 8i and the cutting tool
means to drive said feed rolls from said drive
A55 having its face-6E for descent to shear off
shaft, a mandrel receiving the wire from said
wrap 83 as a completed spring lock washer of the
feed rolls, a rotary abutment adjacent to and
‘split ring type. The cut face84 has an- angle or
coacting with said mandrel to wrap said‘wire
pitch, while approximately radialpwithlsu?icient 55 about saidmandrel, a cut off plunger having a
. peripheral shortage or clearance for collapse, but
severing edge to sever a convolution of said wire
insuf?cient for ‘interlocking or snarled assembly
of the washers with each other.
It is tobe noted that the power load on the
machine of the disclosure herein approximates
a constant. However. as the, feed operations are
intermittent, there being shown two intermit
tent grip transmissions from the main drive shaft
1 to the upper and lower feed rollersnonrpairs 45
, for gripping the wire stock 41- as thrust a1ong,'the@ 65
. intervalsv between the steps vof the grip feeding
- are, holding intervals of-rest for the stock 41.
and in such intervals the shear or cut-off device
on the mandrel, and a cam on the drive. shaft to
actuate the plunger.
3. A splitwasher manufacturing machine, com
prising a housing, drive and driven shafts jour
naled in said housing, intermittent grip devices
to actuate the driven shaft from the drive shaft,
a guide way for wire stock, two pairs of pressure
adjusted gripping rolls to feed the wire stockfrom
a supply source through said guide way, -means
to-drive said feed rolls from said drive shaft, a
‘ mandrel receiving the wire from saidfeed rolls,
a rotary abutment adjacent to and coacting with
said mandre1 to Wrap-said wire about-said man
in each revolution of the shaft 1 with its two -70 drel with a pitch direction therefor, said mandrel
eccentrics 9, rmpat'the dwellyor intervals of ‘idle
having an angularly disposed shear face,- a cut
. or non-actuation-of theiintermittentsgrip devices.
' off plunger having a'severing edge‘ complementary
is effective.
The. cut-off operation/occurs twice
‘ The range and nicety of the-adjustments are of
importance. _ The adjustment ‘of :the. grip; action
" to theshear face of- the mandrelto sever a con
- "of thefeedinsuresgthe,de?nite thrusting or :prog- = .75.
.volution-of said wire on the mandrel; and acam
on'the ‘drive shaft to actuate the’ plunger.
4. A split washer manufacturing machine, com
prising a housing, drive and driven shafts jour
naled in said housing, intermittent grip devices
a cam on the drive shaft to actuate the plunger.
to actuate the driven shaft from the drive shaft,
a guide way for wire stock, two pairs of pres
sure adjusted gripping rolls to feed the wire stock
5. A strip stock handling machine, comprising
a housing, a drive shaft and a driven shaft jour
naled in said housing, two intermittently acting
grip devices to drive the driven shaft, independ
ently adjustable means to actuate the grip de
from a supply source through said guide way,
vices from the drive shaft, a guide way for the
strip stock, opposing pressure adjusted gripping
means to drive said feed rolls from said drive
shaft, a mandrel receiving the wire from said
rolls to feed the strip stock from a supply source
feed rolls, a rotary abutment adjacent to and co; 10 thru said guide way, means to drive said feed
acting with said mandrel to wrap said wire about
rolls from said drive. shaft, a receiver to engage
said mandrel, a cut off plunger having a sever
the strip stock from the feed rolls, receiver op- '
posing means including a plunger, and a cam on
ing edge to sever a convolution of said wire on
the mandrel, said mandrel having an opposing
the drive shaft to actuate the plunger to engage
complementary face to said cutting edge, adjust
the stock at the receiver.
ment means between the mandrel and plunger to
vary the position between said edge and face, and
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