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Oct. 29, .1946.
" 2,410,231
Filed May 24, 1943
3 Sheets-Sheet 1
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Oct. 29, 1946'.
2,410,231 -
Filed May 24‘,
' 5 Sheets-Sheet 2
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15,30 JZ 11 14?
Oct. 29, 1946.
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Filed May ,24, 1945
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Patented Oct. 29, 1946
Charles F. Pease, Long Beach, Calif.
Application ‘May 24, 1943, Serial No. 488,131
5 Claims. (Cl. 312-146)
My invention relates to improvements in vend
ing machines and more particularly to the inter
changeable assemblage of‘ dispensing units in a
. mechanism; Fig. 3 is a section of a detail taken
on the line 3—3 of Fig. 2; Fig. 4 is a cross sec
tion of a detail taken on the line 4._4 of Fig. 3;
Fig. 5 is a front elevation, on an enlarged scale
of a detail showing a portion of one of the dis
cabinet, whereby'magazines for holding differ
ent articles or packages to be dispensed can be
easily and quickly arranged from time totime
pensing units mounted in the cabinet and'the
actuating means therefor; Fig. 6 is aplan of
one of the clasps by which each dispensing unit
is removably held in operating position, in the
as desired in the cabinet in juxtaposition to suit
able controlled operating means sothat any one
of the units can be operated as-desired to dis~
pense its contents.
The present application provides improved
10 cabinet; Fig. 7 is an edgeviewv of the structure
means for easily and quickly changing dispensing .
units of various types as are illustrated in my
companion applications, Serial No. 370,272, ?led
Dec. 16, 1940; Serial No. 46%,452, ?led Nov. 4,
1942; Serial No. 4643838, ?led Nov. '7, 1942, and
Serial No. 465,775, ?led Nov. 16, 1942, and as dis
closed in U. S. Letters Patent‘ No. 2,309,008,
shown inv Fig. 6; Fig. 8 is an end view of the
structure shown in Fig. 7; Fig. 9 is a section of
a detail taken on the line 9-9 of Fig. Sand-Fig.
10 is an elevation looking at the back of one
typical form of dispensing unit with which my
invention is adapted for use.
In the drawings, A is a cabinet which may be
of any suitable construction, that shown‘ being
made out of thin sheet metal or other suitable
granted Jan. 19, 1943, or other types wherein a
plurality of dispensing units can be readily as 20 material, shaped into a container having a ver
sembled. in any interchangeable position in a
tical front section hinged to a back section, which
cabinet or its equivalent, each unit having a
sections when closed forming an enclosing shell.
suitable actuating elementv which can be made
The front section has a vertical oblong opening
to readily interconnect with hand controlled op
H3, in which a vertical series of dispensing units
erating means also contained in the cabinet. The
B are retained. The margin of the opening Hli's
various types of vending machine ,units with
reinforced by the band H (see Fig. 4), whichis
which my invention is applicable may be em—
ployed to dispense various articles such as gum,
T shaped in cross section, the arm l2 of the T
presenting a trim or ?nished edge portion around
post cards, single articles of various kinds and
the opening, and the web l3 providing a broad
packages containing various articles, the inven 30 band against which the face plates Id of the dis
tion permitting the various types to be readily
pensing unitsB are seated.
assembled or interchanged in position. whenever
The dispensing units B may be of any type de
and as desired. As a result. a cabinet containing
my improved interchangeable means permits a. of
readily dispensing a single or a plurality of se
lected articles either with or Without the use of
suitable coin control apparatus.
sired, several different types being disclosed in
my companion applications and the patent above
35 identi?ed. Each of these units has a rectangular
face‘ plate M of the particular type which is
adapted for the use to which the unit is appli—
cable, for instance, the upper two units as shown
vide simple and inexpensive means in a cabinet
in Fig. 1 are adapted for dispensing packages of
by which dispensing units canbe assembleclor 40 gum as disclosed in‘ the patent referred to above
The primary object of theinvention'is to pro
interchanged so that a single or any desired
and the units below are adapted for dispensing
number ofkinds of articles or packages contain
articles or packages of peanuts, life savers, candy
ing the articles or, both can be dispensed, by-the
bars, post cards, etc.
use of suitable actuating means,. operating either
The front side 15 of the cabinet'has its mar
directly or in conjunction with any suitable coin 45 ginal portion surrounding the opening I0 and
controlled means.
In the accompanying drawings, forming. part
of this speci?cation, Fig. 1. is a front elevation
band l2 struck inwardly, corresponding with the
web l3 of the band and laterally away from said
opening to form a reinforcing ?ange l6, which .
of a cabinet, showing a plurality of article dis- issecured at each side of the opening to a verti
pensing units assembled therein in accordance 50 cally disposed supporting rail I‘! by riveting l8
with my. inventiomj Fig. 2 is a rear elevation
or other suitable means. Each supporting rail
looking atjthe inner front side, of,‘ a portion of
H is bent forwardly to provide feet l9at its ex
the, cabinet and showing the dispensingv unitsvin
conjunction- with actuating’ means,’ which latter
treme upper andlower ends resting against the
inner .face of the front side l5. of the cabinet,
is ‘shown in correlation. with, coin controlled 65 which maintain. the rail inoutstanding position,
thus providing a vertical channel 20 substantially
the entire length at each side of the dispensing
unit receiving opening 10.
The face plate of suitable design for each dis
pensing unit B has a pair of vertical angular re
inforcing ?anges 2| which seat in the angular
ti?ed, to which reference is made for a detailed
The various actuating devices D are also con
trolled by any suitable coin control mechanism
such as indicated by E (Fig. 2) , the specific con
, struction of which may resemble that disclosed
in my companion application Serial No. 465,775.
side margin provided by the marginal band i2,
This coin control is permanently or removahly
whereby the face plate I4 is retained forwardly
mounted in the cabinet and is operatively con
in the opening l0. Each of said flanges 25 is
provided with a laterally extending vertical 10 nected with the various actuating devices D,
through the series of coin controlled reciprocable
holding wing plate 22 which rests against the
operating rods 36 by the respective link connec
back of the supporting rail l1 and the flange l5
tions 37, one operating rod being employed for
thereon, when the face plate of the dispensing
unit is inserted in place in the opening Iii.
each actuating device and its associated dis
this position the wings are held by the manually 15 pensing unit.
In Fig. 10, I have illustrated by a rear eleva
operable clasps C as will be hereinafter described.
tional view, a typical type of dispensing unit such
It is noted that ?anges i6 terminate at or near
as is indicated by the uppermost dispensing unit
the upper and lower ends of the opening it] and
of the series shown in Fig. 2, with which my im
that the ends IQ of the supporting rails i'i pro
proved apparatus is adapted for use. The par
iect beyond the ends of the bands.
ticular unit illustrated is of that type disclosed
As many of the clasps C are provided as de
in my companion application for patent ?led
sired for each dispensing unit, which is held in
November '7, 1942, bearing Serial Number 464,838.
the opening l0. As shown in Fig. 2, a single pair
The type illustrated is adapted to dispense post
is shown, one member being disposed at each
side of each dispensing unit. Each clasp com~ 25 cards. In this unit is shown one of the operat
ing arms 30 and its pin M for registration and
prises an arm 25, freely hinged near its upper
cooperating with the wings or ?anges 35 of the
end by one of the rivets IS on the supporting rail
reciprocable arm 34 of the actuating device D.
ll back of the ?ange !6 of the front wall of the
The operating arm member 30 includes the hor
cabinet. The lower free end of this arm is
formed with a pair of resilient jaws 26 which 30 izontal connecting member 60 which is shown
attached thereto by the screws til, said connect
are adapted to clasp the supporting rail and one
ing member in turn being attached to the post
of the wing plates 22 together, thus holding a
card ejector 42 of the dispensing unit 13, by
dispensing unit in the opening Id. When the
screws 43. In Figs. 2 and 5 the operating arm
clasps are swung apart the dispensing unit is
released and can be removed or replaced. The 35 member 30 is indicated only diagrammatically
use of the clasps avoids the necessity of using
and partly by broken lines in each instance.
In use the dispensing units of any type de
any tools for making adjustments and dispenses
sired are assembled in superimposed position in
with the use of screws or bolts for holding the
the back of the front side E5 in the opening E0
nection with mechanisms employed in dispens 40 of the cabinet. In this position the clasps C
are swung down into engagement with the sup
ing units. In this manner any series of vending
units can be assembled in the opening l0 and
porting rails IT and the wings 22, thus releas
varied from time to time as desired by opening
ably clamping the latter together and holding
the cabinet and replacing any one or more with
the dispensing units in the opening. In assem
out the use of tools.
45 bling the dispensing units in the opening iii the
pin 3| on each operating member such as 30 is
The dispensing units B may be of any suitable
juxtaposed in operative engaging position be
type, that shown resembling the various kinds
above referred to, in each of which a suitable
tween the corresponding pair of shoulders 35
driving element such as the reciprocable oper
on the tiltable arm 31% of the companion actu
ating member 3% and pin 3!, shown in Figs. 5,
ating unit D. In this manner the various dis
9 and 10 are employed. This operating element
pensing units of substantially corresponding size
30, as shown, corresponds with the operating
and the face members of which are of substan
tially corresponding shape are readily assembled
element 26 shown in my Patent No. 2,309,008, to
which reference is made for greater particular
ready for use and permit of being readily rear
ity. Associated with this operating element is 55 ranged or replaced without the use of tools when
parts, which usually are unhandy to use in con
a suitable actuating device D for each unit,
mounted upon the inner face of the front wall
ever desired.
In accordance with the patent statutes, I have
i5 of the cabinet and provided with the hand
described the principles of operation of my in
operable reciprocable shaft 32 which projects
vention together with the apparatus which I now
forwardly and slides through said wall. A head
60 consider to represent the best embodiment
piece 33, exposed on the front of the cabinet and
thereof, but I desire to have it understood that
mounted upon said shaft, enables one to oper
the construction shown is only illustrative and
ate the actuating device whichin turn causes
that the invention can be carried out byother
the operation of the dispensing unit. Each ac
means and applied to uses other than those above
tuating device is fixed permanently or, removably
set forth within the spirit‘ thereof and within
in the cabinet in a position corresponding with 65 the scope of the following claims.
a dispensing unit to be operated and is provided
with an arm 34 which is tilted when the shaft
32 is reciprocated. This arm has a pair of wings
I claim:
1. In a machine of the class set forth, a cab,
inet section having an opening in one of its walls,
or flanges 35, spaced sufficiently apart on its
free end to engage the pin 3i freely and thus 70 a series of dispensing units superimposed in said
provide an operative connection with operating
member 30 when the vending unit is secured in
the opening it of the cabinet. The actuating de
viceis of that type. of- construction‘ clearly. dis
closed in mycompanion ‘applications above‘ iden
opening, a support having its ends bent forwardly
and secured upon, and its intermediate portion
spaced away from, the inner surface of__s_aid
wall along each side portion of said, opening,
75 said dispensing units having side wings overly
2,410,281 /
ing said supports, and clasps hinged upon said.
supports and having jaw members adapted to
gaging said pin but readily separable therefrom
separably engage and hold the supports and
overlying wings of the dispensing units together,
said cabinet section being open at its rear to
give access to said clasps, whereby the dispensing
units are readily interchangeable in the opening
in said cabinet.
to permit removal of the dispensing units rear
wardly from said opening, said cabinet section
being open at its rear to give access to said clasps
and permit the removal of the dispensing units.
4. In a mechanism of the class set forth, a cab
inet section having an opening in its front Wall,
strips secured in the cabinet adjacent the front
opening therein, each of said strips having a
2. In a mechanism of the class set forth, a cab
inet section having an opening in one of its 10 portion off-set to be spaced from the front Wall
Walls, a plurality of dispensing units positioned
of the cabinet, a series of dispensing unit's hav
behind said opening, each unit having laterally
extending engaging members on opposite side
portions thereof, supporting members secured to
said cabinet adjacent to said opening having
portions spaced inwardly from said wall in front
of said engaging members, and clasps having
portions overlying said supporting and engag
ing members to retain the dispensing units in
said opening, said clasps being movably mount
ed in the cabinet to disengage and release said
engaging members and permit the removal of
said dispensing units, and said cabinet section
being open at its rear to give access to said clasps.
3. In a mechanism of the class set forth,'a cab
inet section having an opening in one of its
walls, a series of dispensing units corresponding
with said opening, each unit having side ?anges
on opposite side portions thereof, an operating
member on each unit and a drive pin on each
operating member, clasps movably supported in
said cabinet and engageable with said ?anges to
removably retain the dispensing units in said
opening, an actuating device for each dispensing
unit, wings on the actuating device normally en
ing front faces positioned in said opening and
side ?anges extending therefrom within the cab
inet and overlying said strips, operating ele
ments on said dispensing units, actuating de
vices mounted in the cabinet in proximity to said
opening and separably engaged with said operat
ing elements, and clasps mounted in the cab
inet having portions readily movable into and
out of engagement With said side ?anges and
strips to removably retain the dispensing units
in said opening, said cabinet section being open
at its rear to give access to said clasps.
5. In a mechanism of the class set forth, a cab
inet section having a front opening and open at
the rear, said cabinet section having vertical
strips secured therein adjacent the front open
ing, each said strip having a portion off-set to
be spaced from the front wall of the cabinet, a
dispensing unit insertable in said front opening
from the rear and having rearwardly off-set lat
erally extending flanges overlying the vertical
strips, and clips separably securing said strips
and flanges.
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