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Oct. 29, 1946.
Original Filed April v1'7, 1945
'2 Sheets-Sheet l
MM ,5c/u/UIMI/l,
Inventor b
‘bet. 29,v 1946. ‘
Original Filed April 17, 1943
' 2,410,245
2 Sheets-Sheet 2
In enlors1_
Patented Oct. 29, ‘1946
2,410,245 .
William Charles Scrivener and Alfred George
Brewer, Sutton Coldfield, England, assignors to
Masts Limited, Birmingham, England, a British
comp any
Original application April 17, 1943, Serial No.
483,508. Divided and this application October
3', 1944, Serial No. 556,976. In Great Britain
June 22,. 1942
'7 Claims.
(Cl. 287-—2)
The present applicationis a division of ‘our
copending application Serial No. 483,508, ?led
April 1'7, 1943, and entitled “Masts, poles, and the
a series of radially directed slots 8. When it is
desired to connect together two members 4 and 5,
the ends are brought into close proximity with
one another and there is introduced between
‘the ?anges of adjacent members 4 and 5 a plate
Ill provided with lugs II on either side thereof
which are arranged in planes perpendicular to
This invention is for a union for, connecting
together the sections of a mast and the like and '
has for its object theprovision of a union which
is capable of :being manufactured by mass pro
the plane of the plate It). . The lugs l l are spaced
duction, is quickly assembled and enables a mast
to be easily-erected by the-minimum number of . ‘
personnel, and capable of' being broken down
into a small number of‘ parts which are easily
around the plate In and from the axis thereof at
distances corresponding to the distances between
the. slots 8 formed in the ?anges ‘l and the dis
tances of the slots 8 from the axis of each mem
ber. The lugs II on the plate H] are shaped so
that they are provided with portions I2 which
transported, owing to the length of the longest
section being short in comparison with the size
of the mast that can be erected therefrom.
15 overhang the plate and are directed towards the
According to the present invention there is pro—
axis of the plate. The plate I0 is so constructed
vided a union adapted to be connected to and
constitute a connecting link between each suc
that when placed between the ?anges ‘l on the
ends of two adjacent members 4 and 5 the ?anges
1 upon the respective members may be disposed
cessive pair of a series of rigid members, whereby
the said members are held against unintentional 520 so: that the slots_8 correspond with the lugs II
displacement relatively to one another in a longi
onthe plate [0 whereby an axial vmovement of
tudinal-'direction‘and are united into a tubular
the two members 4 and 5 towards one another
non-telescopic unit which when arranged upright
brings the ?anges ‘l of the members 4 and 5 into
forms, in conjunction with guys or the like oper
contact with opposite sides of the plate It] in the
atively connected to 'said members, a ?exible .25 manner indicated in Figure 2, whereupon the
mast, wherein at least a limited range of move
members 4 and 5 may be given a part turn about
ment in any direction is permitted between adja— '
their axes so as to bring the unslotted portion
cent members.
of the ?anges '! beneath the overhanging portion
The invention will be more particularly de
l2 of the lugs ll, thereby locking each member.
scribed with reference to the accompanying draw 30 to-gthe, plate Ill and to one another, thus prevent
ings, in which’'
ing thetwo members .4 and 5 from being unin»
Figures 1 and ,2 illustrate in plan and eleva
tentionally separated from one another in a longi
tion one construction of union capable of forming
tudinal direction. The axial movement of the two
an articulated joint between adjacent sections of
members towards theplate with a subsequent
a mast; and
Figures 3 and 4 illustrate a modified construc- I
part turn of the members about their axes con
stitutes a “bayonet action.” There is provided
tion of the union illustrated in Figures 1 and 2.
In the accompanying drawings onlythe union
between one pair of adjacent members is shown
upon the plate I!) a hole arranged to receive a
split pin l3'which is preferably attached to the
plate 10 by means of a chain l4... The pin l3 can
as it will be obvious to a ‘person skilled in the 40 be inserted into the hole in the plate It] so as to
art how, where more than‘ av pair’of members
, extendthroug-h two adjacent slots 8 formed in
is employed, the successive sections are connected
the pair of ?anges ‘l of the two members 4 and 5
and in such a position prevent the members
Referring to Figures 1 and 2, there is illus
4 and 5 from rotating relatively to the plate l0
trated a suitable union between one pair of adja 45 su?iciently to bring the slots 8 of the ?anges 1
cent tubular members of a light mast. The union
adjacent to the lugs II on the plate In and thus
comprises a ?ange 1 having radially directed open
allow the members 4 and 5 to become uninten
slots 8 (Figure 1) formed in the periphery thereof
tionally disconnected.
at predetermined distances around the circum
It will be appreciated that the plates l0 which
ference. A?ange ‘l is provided upon the end 50 are arranged to extend between the adjacent
of each member, for example by being formed
1 members are uniform in character and there
upon a spigotr9 arranged to extend into a socket ' ~_ fore interchangeable as also is the case with the
formed in thefend of a member. ‘By such a con
_. ?anged spigots 9 which extend into the ends of
struction each member is uniformly formed at 4 "
each end thereof with a ?ange 1 provided with 65
the members.
If a series of members is connected together
. ;.,
in the manner indicated above, it will be found
that an articulated unit is formed in which the
successive members are held together longi
said slots; a plate positioned between said ?anges
when said sections are arranged in axial aline
ment with their ?anged ends in close proximity;
tudinally,‘ but. wherein there exists, suiylicient “play
‘on opposite sides thereof, ‘each lug having on its
in the joints-between adjacent‘ members-to p'ree
.vent the members from being arranged one above
the other in an upright direction with all the. ‘I
members coaxial with one another, withoutsome
andjugsassociated with'sa‘id plate ‘and extending
inner face a notch extending above and below
said plate and de?ning opposed, overhanging
shoulders spaced adistance equal to at least the
combined thicknesses of said ?anges and said
The construction hereinbefore referred to with 10 intermediate plate, the spacing of said lugs with
respect to said plate corresponding to the spac
reference to Figures 1 and 2 provides a union‘
adapted to be connected toand constitute a link“ ‘ing of the slots in said flanges, whereby the sec
form of lateral support.
between a pair 4 and 5 of adjacent rigid members
tions may be placed in axial alinement with the
plate between the ?anges and with the lugs dis
posed within the slots therein and may be ro
tated about their axes to a limited extent with
respect‘to'said plate and lugs to cause the op
posed. shoulders of said lugs to overhang the un
comprises means in the form of ?anges 'i and a
slotted‘ portions of said ?anges to thus secure said
plate I 0 having lugs I l disposed between adjacent ‘
members 4 and 5, which permits of a limited 20 sections together in substantial axial alinement.
2.’ A union as de?ned in claim 1 wherein the
range of movement in all directions between
length of the notch on theinner face‘ of each lug
adjacent members.
isgreater‘than'the combined thicknesses of ‘the
The hooks l5 are arranged upon the underside
?anges and the intermediate plate, whereby the
of each plate and preferably form an extension
of each of the lower lugs of the plate. The guy 25 overhanging shoulders of said lugs permit lim
ited movement of said'sections with respect to
ropes I6 are securable to said hooks 15 in such a
of an articulated unit which when arranged.
upright forms, in conjunction with guys. 16 oper
atively connected through hooks l5 and eyes M
to the members 4 and 5, a ?exible mast which
position as to hold the ends of two‘adjacent mem
bers in a predetermined position. Thus it will be
seen that by providing guys 16 at the joint where
each other.
3. A union as de?ned in claim _1 wherein the
lugs are ?xed on the plate.
4. A union as de?ned in claim '1 wherein the
adjacent members are connected together, it isv 30
plate is provided with radial slots spaced to cor
possible to arrange successive members’ so as to
respond with the spacing of the slots in the
extend vertically from the ground with the axes
?anges, and the lugs are separate and are passed
of the members in alignment with one another
and yet permit a limited range of movement in
through the slots in the said ?anges and said
35 plate when said sections are alined.
5. A union as de?ned in claim 1 wherein means
An alternative construction of union adapted
provided for preventing rotation of said sec
to be connected to and constitute the connecting
all directions between the said members.
tions with respect to said plate and lugs‘ when‘ the
link between adjacent members is illustrated in
shoulders of the lugs overhang the unslotted por
Figures 3 and 4. This construction consists in
tions of the ?anges.
forming closed slots 44 in the plate 45 (Figure 3)
6. A union as de?ned in claim 1 wherein the
which are arranged to receive lugs 46 permanent
plate has a hole extending therethrough in aline
ly attached to the end of the guy ropes 41 so that
ment With'alined slots in the ?anges of the'sec
when the lugs 46 are arranged to extend through
the closed slots 44 in 'the'plate 45 and through 45 tions when the shoulders'of the lugs overhang
the unslotted portions of the ?anges, and wherein
the open slots 48 in the ?anged spigots 49 and I
a pin is inserted through said alined slots and
the members to which the spigots are connected
hole to prevent relative rotation between said
are given a part turn about the longitudinal'axes
?anges and intermediate plate.
thereof, the lugs 46 are locked to the "union and
‘7. A union as de?ned in claim 1 wherein the
serve to connect the ends of adjacentmembers 4
and 5 together. The plate 45 is prevented from 15.0 plate has a hole extending therethrough in aline;
ment with alined slots in the ?anges of the sec
moving and allowing its slots to come into line
tions when the shoulders of the lugs overhang the
with the open slot 48 in the ‘?anged member 49
unslotted portions of said ?anges and wherein a
by a split pin '50 (Figure 4) .'
What we claim as our inventionv and desire to
pin is inserted through said alined slots and'hole,
diameterof said pin being less than the walls
secure by Letters Patent of ‘the United States is: 55 the
de?ning said slots'whereby limited relative rota
' l. A union for e?ecting connection between the
abutting ends of alined sections of‘ sectional
masts, poles and the'like, comprising like radial
ly-extending ?anges on at least one end of each
section having spaced, radially-extending periph
eral slots therein with unslotted portions between
tion is permitted between said’ ?anges and inter
mediate plate.
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