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‘ @12h29, 1946.
J, sHAplRO
Filed Aug. 17. 1945
V Jacob 5ba/afro
Patented Oct. 29, r1946
2,41%367 ,
Jacob Shapiro, Brooklyn, N. Y.
Application August 17, 1945, Serial No. 610,905
2 Claims. (Cl. 12S-‘227)
This invention relates to irrigating douche ap
pilances including a receptacle to contain liquid
arranged to be suspended from a support and
having an outlet member arranged for connec
tion of one end of a flexible tube having a nozzle
attached at the opposite end tov direct a stream
of liquid discharged from the receptacle through
the tube to the nozzle, and relates particularly to
fabric, preferably of circular form havingk a nip
ple secured in an opening centrally in the blank
adapted for connecting a rubber tube thereto,
and the blank shaped to receptacle or bag form
by, gathering together the marginal portion of
the blank into pleats and secured in said con
dition by suitable means, as by stitching, and
said pleated and secured together portions form
ing the receptacle mouth, and abinding member
douche appliancesïof this character.
10 of pliable material engaged over the edge of and
In douche appliances of this character the
disposed at the inner and outer sides of the
liquid containing receptacle is of an open top
pleated mouth forming portion of the blank and
rigid structure made of metal arranged with an
secured thereto, as by stitching, and said member
opening or a` perforated ear struck from the ma
terial thereof for engagement of means secured 15 being of sufficient rigidity so vthat it may be
grasped and the receptacle supported by the hand
in a support to suspend ’the receptacle there
as liquid is ñlled into the receptacle and permit
from, or is made of rubber normally assuming
the receptacle mouth to be collapsed preparatory
a flat condition with opposite wall portions jux
to storing the receptacle.
taposed to eachother and having a neck at the
It is a further object of the inventionto pro
upper end midway the sides adapted for engage
an improved receptacle to contain liquid in
ment of a stopper and arranged with a perfora
tion o'r eyelet for engagement of means tov sus
pend the same from a support. In both instances
a tubular outlet member is provided in the lower
or bottom portion of the receptacle adapted for '
expanding an end of a rubber tube thereover for
connecting the tube in communication with the
receptacle and the tube carrying a nozzle at the
opposite end for directing a stream of liquid dis
charged frorn the receptacle through the tube.
In either case the receptacle is cumbersome and
inconvenient for storing with the resultv they are
usually suspended from a support, as in a bath
room, giving an unsightly appearance. Should
the receptacle made of rubber be folded length
wise upon itself against its inherent tendency to
assume a ilat condition and stored in such con
dition the material of the receptacle cracks and
renders the same useless' as a liquid containing
receptacle in a short time.
It is the object of the invention to provide an
improved liquid containing receptacle for douche
appliances of this character made of water-proof
material, such as rubber, or water-proofed fabric
adapted to be collapsed into compact form to take
up a minimum amount of space in storing the
receptacle, or to be enclosed in an envelope pre
paratory to storing the same, and to provide a
receptacle of this character which is simple and
cheap in construction and highly efficient for the
purpose intended.
It is another object of the invention to provide
an improved receptacle for douche appliances
of this character formed from a blank of water
proof material, such as rubber, or water-proofed,
vide in a receptacle of this character a flap hav
ing a portion extending about and -secured to the
gathered together and pleated mouth forming
portion ci’ the receptacle in interposed relation
thereto and the mouth reinforcing binding mem
ber, and said ilap converging from the attach
ing portion lengthwise of and contiguous to the
outer side ofthe body of the -receptacle and
adapted to be moved outwardly from the recep
tacle body and folded upon itself to position tol
project from the receptacle mouth and provided
with an opening forming member for the engage
ment of means to suspend the receptacle from a
In the drawing accompanying and forming a
part of this application Figure 1 is a side eleva
tion of the receptacle showing the same in nor
mal lcondition and partly in section to show the
manner of connecting a nipple to the receptacle
for connecting a nozzle carrying discharge tube
Figure 2 is an elevational view of the recep
tacle showing the form the receptacle assumes
when liquid is filled therein and is suspended
from a support.
Figure 3 is an elevational view of the mouth end
portion of the receptacle partly broken' away and
in section to show the manner of securing the
gathered together pleated mouth or throatÍ form
ing' portion of the receptacle blank andthe se
curing of the suspending ilap and mouth rein
forcing member to the receptacle; and
Figure 4 is a sectional view taken on the line
4-4 of Figure 1 looking in the direction of the
In carrying out` the invention there is provided
may be made of the same material as the recep
tacle by grasping the receptacle with the pointer
a sheet of suitable flexible water-proof material,
such as rubber, or water-proofed fabric, from
which blanks, preferably of circular form, are
severed. The marginal portion of the blank is
gathered together and folded upon itself into
pleats, as at 5, shaping the blank to bag form A_,
the pleats arranging the body of the bag of elon
gated form with the material of the pleats diverg
ing from the pleated marginal portion toward the
bottom of the. bag, as, shown viii-Figure l. `The
gathered together or pleated portions of the bag
are secured in said condition by suitable means,V
as by stitching, as shown at 6 in Figures 3 and 4,
and forming a throat constituting the inlet-¿orA
mouth of the receptacle through which to fill
liquid into the receptacle. To reinforce andi add
rigidity to the pleated throat portion` or mouthL
of the receptacle while maintaining the same
flexible and pliable, a binding member 'lëgwhich
and thumb of the hand extending about and
embracing the outer side of the reinforcing mem
ber 1, or slightly below the same. To suspend
the receptacle from a support the flap l5 is pro
vided with an eyelet I6 adapted for engagement
of a hook member Il secured in a suitable sup
port. Preparatory to engaging the eyelet upon
the supporting hook the flap l5 is moved out
wardly from the body -of the receptacle and bent
upon itself at the juncture thereof with the re
inforcing member 'l to project outwardly from the
vreceptacle mouth, as shown in Figure 2.
body ofthe receptacle with the liquid filled therein
as it is suspended from the support is expanded
bythe weight of the liquid and assumes a posi
tion,.for instance,.as shown in Figure 2, and the
vforce of- the material of the receptacle resisting
such expanding force exerting a force on the
tacle, and' may comprise-scraps ofthe~ sheet from
which .the receptacle forming blanks arefsevered,
is. engaged over the pleated throat portion in
abutting relation to the edge thereof with portions
disposed at the inner and outer sides-oft the-pleats
of ' the, throat and secured> thereto by suitable
means, asÍ by stitching 8; The reinforcing mem
ber maybe> of the,- same ¿material as the-receptacle
liquid in the receptacleto forcibly discharge the
same from receptacle.4 Furthermore, by _making
theñap l5> of asizeftoextend4 about the throat
of the receptacle for more than one-half the
circumference thereof the suspending of the re
ceptacle from the support IT does not effect tilting
of the. receptacle mouth which‘would tendï to
spill liquid therefrom;
. ‘
After use of thel receptacle and thef liquid has
emptied therefrom the. suspending flap l5
forming blank and may comprise the portions of
folded to normal positionV to: lie contiguous to
the sheet. between the. receptacle forming blanks. 30 is
the body of the receptacle~,„ as shown in Figure 1,
The. receptacle is provided centrally of the
the body of the receptacle tending tov contract
bottom. with a tubular.y nipple S1 adapted' for
and assume its elongated pleated position', or. it
connecting. one> end of? altube of flexible. material,
may be readily shaped to such form bythe hand,
suchasrubber; in communication with the recep
and preparatory to storingfthe»y receptacle. the re
tacle, as shownatv I9; vsaid-i tubehaying the usual -
nozzle connected‘i to the opposite end‘for directing
ceptacle mouth is collapsed byy pressing together
opposite wall portions when it can be'. stored in
a relatively small space: Preparatory tolstoring
receptacle. it may-be inserted into anenvelope
nectedicentrally off. the; receptacle forming'blank
suitable material, such as water-proof fabric,
prior. toshapingfthe‘samezt'obagfform, and com 40 of.
thefñap andibody of which envelopemay be pro
prises a tubular member havingl an annularlater
vided with snap fastener members to retain the
al'ly'rxextending` flange.4 H and a screw threaded
flap of thev enyelope.` closed;
portion izfextended through and secured to the
v Having described my invention, I claim:
material~ of' the` blank aboutoan opening therein
l. A receptacle.’` for arr-_ irrigating douche, com
byf' clamping the4 marginal portions about the
prising aV sheetA of flexible: water-proof material
opening between the flange it. and a washer t3'
shaped. to; bag form. by gathering together into
engaged oni the threaded end of said member and
pleats; the marginal portion of the sheet and
securedin 'clamping position by.r a nut I4 threaded
secured in pleated. condition by stitching to con
onto ‘the- threaded endî of said. member'at the
stitute the; mouth of the. bag, a. :flapv juxtaposed
outer sidefoff‘theíwasher.
toi-the; outer side of the pleated mouth forming
To.A provide the receptacle withÍ means to> sus
portion of the bag. having.. a. portion- with the
pend the same from a support and further rein-«
edge flush with. the.` edge of' the pleatedv portion
force the throat portion of the receptacle, `a’- il'ap4
a; stream of. liquiddischarged' from the receptacle
through `the tube. The .nipplelßis‘ preferably con
extending about the». mouth for more than one
l5 of triangular shape and- made from. the same
half the. circumferencev thereofV and' attachedv
material.v as the receptacle and preferably con 55 thereto
bythe stitching securing the mouth form
sisting of two plies of juxtaposedy material se-`
ingîpleats,` said flap» arranged with> an eyelet and
cured together by stitching at the marginal por
adaptedto be moved laterally from the body of
tions. An angle portion of the flap is disposed
the bag and folded upon itself to project out'
about'the outer side ofthe throat forming pleats
wardly from the mouth of the'bag and the eyelet
of the receptacle and is of a length to extend 60
engage asupport to suspendthe bag therefrom,
about the throat for >more than one-half the
andzaI flexible tube: connecting nipple secured in
circumference tl’iereoiïl and-secured tothe pleated
anxopening in the bottom of the bag.
throat portion` by the stitching 6 securing the
2. A receptacle. for an irrigating douche ap
throat forming pleats in pleated condition, the
comprising. a sheetv of flexible water
flap normally extending from the portion at
proof sheet material shaped to bag form by
which it‘is> attachedf to the receptacle longi
gathering together into pleats> themarginal por
tudinallyíof' and contiguous to the body of the
tion,I of` the sheet and' arranging the same to
receptacle, as shown. in Figures 1 and 3. Thei
circular form'to constitutethe mouth ofthe bag,
flap disposed'belowthe reinforcing member
a .flap arranged with an eyelet juxtaposed to. and
1i. and isv also. secured to. the pleatedv throat ofv
extending about the outer side of the pleated
the receptacle by: the: stitching` 8 securing the
mouth. forming portion with the edge thereof
reinforcing` member T thereto. as shown in Figure
fiush'withl the- edge of the pleats, said'- flap` se
3;.. Therecepta'cle-may be readily supported with
cured‘. to and the mouth for-ming pleats secured'l
the mouth end open and in substantially circular'
form preparatory to filling: liquidV into the recep
V in--pleated‘condition by stitching,r a- bindingmem
ber of flexible material engaged over the edges
in the bottom of
of the pleated mouth forming portions and‘of " the bag, the bag being adapted
to be collapsed
the flap and secured thereto by stitching, said
flap adapted to be moved laterally of the body of ` by pressing together opposite wall portions of the
mouth and folding the body of the bag upon itself
the bag and folded upon itself to project out
relative to the pleats and arrange
wardly from the mouth of the bag and the eyelet
the receptacle to compact form for storing.
engaged on a supporting member to suspend the
bag therefrom, and a ñexible tube connecting
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