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Nov. 5,1946.
- A. c. DAMAN
Filed March 6, 1944
_, .
Patented Nov. 5, 1946
bamanpD‘enveré (3019., assignor vto
Mining Process. and‘ Patent» Company, Denver, .
. Colo., a'corporation of Delaware. I
Application March 6, 1944; Serial No._-5_25,208
15, Claims.’ (01. 261-93)
This invention relates to agitation 'andaera
assist in "agitating" pulp and discharging it- to-i.‘
tion apparatus. “More particularly,v this inven
ward the periphery of the impeller. A primary
agitation, and vaeration .zone. is ‘established by the‘,
impeller,- and allower agitation zone may’tbe.v
established by a propeller 9, preferably a screw
tion relates to the agitation and aeration of pulp
consisting of ground ore suspended in orlca'r'ried
by water, as in conditioning such pulp prior to
separationv of certain constituentsthereoi ‘by’
type or . so-called' “ship” propeller, which‘ is
mountedion vthe110'wer end of shaft 1’. Propeller
This application is related to the copending ap
9. also positively moves settledsolids,.particularly
plication of myself, Thomas S. Bailey, Jr., jand
fines carried’ along with'coarser solids, upwardly
Leland H.'Logu'e, Serial No. 363,278,1?led' October 10 to the primary agitation .='zone.i'.Propellér 9 is.
29, 1940, now issued as U. S‘. Patent No.- 2,343,274‘
on March '7, 1944,’ With respect to'iproper-subject
matter, this application relates back to saidri'ap
plication Serial No. 363,278.
Through conditioning, the ‘ore pulp
preferably su?iciently close‘ to 'impelleit? to feed
?nes and the like directlyvv thereto.
is treated '
to prepare the pulp for the ?otation machine,
and the various chemicals and collectors are in!
Normally, air and pulp are suppliedft'o ithe
upper portion 'of the primary, agitation zone
15 through a housing 10, 'which'isisquare‘as shown,
termixed with and given time toreact with'the
mineral particles. Although conditioning is "pri
but may have any-otherf desired form. Housing
l0 extends. upwardly to a point abovethe normal"
level vof the pulp body and is‘iadapted to supply
atmospheric airto the impeller, which air is nor
marily based upon agitation, it is also desirable 20 mally drawn downwardlyv throughpthe housing
bythe suction e?'ect’ of the impellerzy In addition,
air is supplied to the'lower portion of the primary
rotary impeller, to insure sufiicient di?usi'on of‘
agitation zone, and: also to "the secondary agita
gas through the material acted on by the 11m
tion zone,‘ bya conduit 1 1 'formed in shaft 1 and
peller. In general, it is desirable'to provideanv 25 having an inlet l2 at its upper end.v Inlet l2 lies
adequate supply of atmospheric air for the aeraév
within/- housing ‘in, and outlets l3 arejust be
tion requirements of agitation and aeration ap
neath thefimpeller, while 'an additional outlet
paratus. Thus, an object of the present invene
I4 is below‘v the propeller 9.' It sometimes hape
tion is to provide apparatus for'agitating-and "
pens, 'when a considerable load is placed upon
aerating pulp which will accomplish the above. 30 the impeller,v the vortex action becomes pro
A further object of the invention isv to provide
nounced in housing Ill, and the quantity of pulp‘
adequate recirculation of material, particularly
in’ thehousing reduces the supply of air to the
?nes tending to settle with coarse solids, and'also'
impeller,- and, in such cases, an auxiliary air sup
to provide for the withdrawal of settling coarser
ply ’which'also functions at all times, is provided
solids from the pulp body, if desired."
, '
35 by conduit‘ H.
A further object of the invention is to provide
'Air supplied through conduit II and outlets l3
a novel conditioner which is ef?cient in operation
?ows outwardly to’ the periphery of the impeller,
and enhances the operation of subsequent ap
to diliuse into and belmixed with the agitated
paratus utilized in the ore separation process,
pulp discharged at the impeller periphery. At
such as the more expensive ?otation machines.
40 the same-time,‘there is some mixing by the lower
Additional objects vand novel features of this
vanes of the impeller which, combined with the
invention will become apparent from the follow
intermixture occurring at the periphery of the
ing description, taken in connection with the ac~
impeller, enhances the aeration action even when
companying drawing, which is a vertical cross
thef maximum amount of air is being drawn
to provide a supply of gas, normally air, for inter-v
mixture with the pulp during agitation, as by a
section showing one unit of a multi-unit con'die 45 throughv the housing. There is also an additional
tioner constructed in accordance with this in
intermixture of air with incoming pulp tending
Apparatus constructed in accordance withthis »
invention, as illustrated in thedrawing, may com
prise one unit of a multiple unit conditioner which 60
includes a disk impeller 5 disposed in the lower
portion of a body of pulp and vprovided with
vanes 6 on‘ the upper side. The impeller is
mounted on and rotated 'bya shaft 1, and lower
vanes 8 may be formed on the impeller/seas to
to?ow upwardly due to the recirculating action
oftheimpeller, and also due to the agitating and
mixing action'of propeller 8.
' '
Since pulp may contain material which varies
in size, ranging from very ?ne to very coarse, and
also foreign or “tramp” material, suchlas pieces
of wood,» steel. and the like, accidentallyincluded
in thepulp, there is a tendency'forthe coarse and
tr?smpmaterlal to settle out in the lower portion
case of the ?rst unit, in accordance with the
characteristics of the pulp being treated, oper
ating conditions, and the results desired.
The treated pulp may be over?owed through
of the body of pulp, and to carry with it some of
the ?nes. The recoverable coarse material which
cannot be effectively treated may be reground to
a ?ner size, or, if too intermixed with tramp ma
terial to be usable, may be discarded. Also, any 5
a suitable weir 36 mounted on the sides of the
free gold, being much heavier tends to settle in
tank, the height of the weir being adjusted by
the bottom of the pulp body. Therefore, one or’
more of the‘unitsioftlie"conditibnier?hbrifially"tliej5
?rst, may be’prOvided with a ‘corliéailwolleétihg‘
oiier?owl‘wéir‘on ,io'pposite‘v sides of thespace occu
adding or removing blocks 31. . There may be an
piedby eachunitfand the ends of the we'irs may
trough |‘| disposed directly beneath the impeller. 10 be closed by side panels 38.
> The tank may be supported in a suitable man~
As the coarse and/or tramp material settles out}
carrying with it some of the v?nes,‘wash'water
may be introduced through a pipe “3, at the
bottom of the collecting trough;~‘>to 'wa‘sh thei?nes '1
ner, as upon. beams 39, and the agitation and‘.
aeration units‘ may be supported by I-beams 40‘
which rest on beams 4| and 4|’ atop the tank.
upwardly and, if necessary,‘separatelthem-irom‘ 15. The'tank "may be made of suitable material, such
The ?nes'are' " as 'wood,~and particularly where an acid pulp is
drawn and positively moved *upwardly'byr pro-y N ‘being treated, metal parts such as the impeller
and shaft, may be coated with rubber or the like,
peller 9 which also agitates and aerates the ?nes
the coarse material settling out.
as shown, or formed of corrosion resistant metal
or other suitable material.
and assists in separating the ?nes from the“ '
coarser material. In general, reduction in either
the speed ‘or size'of "the propeller!) reduces the
amount of material which will be recirculated by
I Shaft '| is rotated by a motor-42 mounted on
I-beams 4D and directly connected by-aV-rope
‘ drive with a pulley 43 attached to the top of shaft
1. The upper end of shaft 1 is journalled in suit->
the‘propeller. Material to be recovered'ror-dis
carded may be removed periodically through a"
. The units of" the conditioner, which may in-’
clude some or all of'the foregoing‘features; may
bev installed in 'a tank-T which-is provided with
a feed inlet 2| adapted‘ to supply pulp vto afeed“
channel -22ibetween an end ‘wall 23 'of‘the tank 30
and a vertical partition 24.: Treatment and con- '
ditioning agents may‘ befadded at ‘inlet 2|, and‘
the'pulp'?ows downwardly in feed channel '22
where it passes through'ar-plurality of holes 25 i
able bearings within a relatively long housing 44,
also mounted on I-beams 40.
The bearings in
housing 44 may include radial and thrust'bear
ings, the radial bearings preferably being dis
posed adjacent theends of the housing so as to _
steady the shaft and. prevent any whipping ac-;
tion due to the impeller being suspended at a‘
point considerably
removed from “ the nearest
An air bonnet 45 is_connected:'to the bearing
and 25', hole 25 leading to the portion of the pulp‘ 35» housing, and is so constructed that airmay'pass
by suction up through an inlet 46 into the interior
of the housing. A suitable seal between the hon—'
25’.leading to a space't26 between the bottom 21‘
net and housing may be‘l-obtained by packing.“ or
of'the- tank and‘a'platform 28,'spaced at a pre- '
the like. It will be understood, of course, ‘that a‘
determined di'stance'above the bottom of’ the
body opposite 'a‘h'ole‘|5 in housing |?, and holes
tank.- Housing l?extendsvthrough platform 28,- 40. suitable source of air under pressure may be con-;
nected to inlet 4670f the; bonnet, and that gases
as shown; and ‘impeller 5’is disposed in spacei~26 ‘
other than air, such as for special treatment of
just beneath the platform, while trough-‘l’l'imay
beattached to the bottom 21 of'the tank; vA'wear »
the pulp or for catalytic purposes, or to overcome ,
a particular condition, may be delivered to~the~
plate 29 may be attached'to'the'underside'of'the'
platform. to ‘prevent excessivewear on- the -.plat--' ‘Q: bonnet-through the inlet. Packinglll, of course,
form, and any annular-ring of~h01es3i3 surrounds >
the wear plate ‘to 'provide'passage‘for conditioned
pulp to the'upper surfaceof the pulp body.‘ ' ‘
The incoming pulp passing'through holes 25
may be directedto-hole; l5'in housing "Ill-by an
inverted trough 3|, which may have‘ a top and
sides only~or a? bottom and sides only or‘ top,"
bottom' and ‘sides; as desired; andla‘lso may-beY
spaced over one hole 3|lor between two of‘ holes’
30. The end of trough 3| may be spaced‘aigreat 55
er or lesser» distanceffrom vpartition 24; as- de
sired. Suction of'th'e impellerdrawsincoming
pulp through the-trough and into'the housing,
and pulp also is drawn into ‘the housing through
insures that all'the air or other gas will be: in- -
troduced into the pulp;
A-, further .feature- of the‘ conditioner of this;
invention lies in the ease of inspection, repair and ‘
replacement of‘ parts.~ It will be observed that
the end-of platform 28'is spaced from the end wall
of the tank, and it is to be noted that the plat
form‘may be-sospaced all the way around the
tank. In case‘ of aitwo-unit conditioner, the sec,
ond unit may be connected to'the ?rstzby platform
28'and I-beams-lit, on the latterof which the'mo
tor and drive for the shaft v‘of the second unit is
placed. Or, the same motor'may beutilized’in
driving both‘shafts; In- any event, the two 'units'»
the opposite ‘hole | 5. > The vrelative amounts of 60 are preferably'so constructedthat theyimay ‘be
lifted out of the2 tank together, platform 28 and
pulp fed through holes-‘25 ‘and 25’ may be pro
beam 4|’ coming'withv the units, but beam 41 and
portioned in‘ accordance 'with ' the»pulp= charac- >
teristics and ‘operating conditions-to achieve-the I
desired results, ;~which :are also‘ a?ected by » the
the weir remaining on the tank. :This' renders
30 in platform 2B.~ Some’of» the pulp also ‘may
of parts such as wear plate 29, where‘ necessary.‘
If desired, each unit may be made individually :
removable from the tank bysplitting platform 23
just to the right of partition 34,- in which case
relatively, easy inspection-of the impellersrand"
recirculation by ‘propeller-*9 and-throughholes 65 ‘parts adjacent thereto, and repair or. replacement
flow through‘ space-261mm holes 32in a lower -
partition 33 beneaththe platform to lowerispacee
26 of the next unit. The units (may all be inter
connected: above‘ the ‘platform; or a partition: 34 70 thickening of'partition 33' may be necessary for '
disposed- between - columns 35 and having.» a- hole 1
25 leadingitofa housing 3|; asin the~?rst-.unit',~
f mayseparate the'two ‘units. The relative amounts
of pulp‘ flowingthrough holes;-32-and.--through
hole 25 in partition “is proportionecL'as {in-the; 75
adequatesupport of-‘the platform, and by‘also
splitting I-beam 40- above beam 4|’. Itywill be
understood, of course,- that other suitablemethods r
of constructing‘the unitsfso as to be removablev
individually are possible;
2,4' 1.0, 429
wardly, toward: said‘. impellerand feed-same die
' From the foregoing, itis evident‘ thatithe; ap- -
paratus of this invention 'providesan adequate
rectly thereto; and means for conducting-air to
supply of air to'the agitation andyaeration zone
the space below-said impeller and also below said
established by the impeller, and also; to the sec
ondary agitation zone established by the propel
2.1. In agitation. and aeration apparatus, an im
ler. As a conditioner stabilizes the feed from one
peller disposed'in the lower portion of a body of
machine to another and at the same time mixes
pulp; a‘ shaft for rotating said impeller'and ex
completely or emulsi?es the reagents, bothagita
tending downwardly from apointabove the level
tion and aeration are helpful.‘ Also, maximum
of said- body of'rpulp; a housing surrounding said
aeration in the conditioner-reduces the load on 10 shaft‘and adapted to'lead air downwardly tothe
the ?otation machine.
- .
space above said impeller; ‘and a conduit formed
It will also be apparent that a conditioner-eon.
in said‘ shaft for leading air downwardly 'from’a
structed in accordance with this invention is-e?i
point within said housing to'a‘ point below said
cient in operation, since undesirable‘ or'tramp
propelling device;
material maybe removed effectively as well as ma
terial too- coarse to be effectively treated. Also,
such material may be removed without also re
moving ?nes or other material which should pro
ceed on in through the conditioner. Also, the
3. In agitation ‘and aeration apparatus, an im-_
peller disposed‘ in the lower portion of a'body of
pulp;.a‘shaft for rotating said‘ impeller and ex-v
tending’ downwardly to'a point below said im
peller; a housing surrounding said shaft and
conditioner is easily inspected and repaired, since 20
adapted to lead‘air downwardly from a point
the units may be lifted bodily from the tank with
out moving the tank itself,~and the units may be
constructed to be removed together or separately,
as desired.
It will be understood that the principles of this
invention may be applied to other agitating and
aerating apparatus and processes, such as a flota
tion machine or similar equipment. It will also
be apparent that various changes may be made in
above the level 'of said pulp body to the upper
surface of said impeller; a propeller device
mounted on said shaft beneath said impeller, and
adapted to move pulp‘and settled ‘materials. .un
' wardly toward. said impeller; and a, conduit
formedlin said shaft and extending from apoint
within said housing, to a point below saidim
4. In agitation and‘ aeration apparatus, as see
the apparatus of this invention. For instance, the 3,0,
?ned in claim 3, wherein said conduit. extends to,
conduit through the shaft maybe provided with
a point beneath said propeller device 'and» is
outlets which terminate adjacent the upper sur
adapted to lead air from'within said housing’ to.
face of the impeller, so as to feed air thereinto,
a point between said impeller, and propeller dej
in addition to being provided with outlets for feed
vice and also to a.- point below saidpropeller
ing air into the space below the impeller. In
stead of atmospheric air, air under pressure’ may
5. In agitation and aeration apparatus, anim;
be supplied to bonnet 45,-and air as well as water
peller disposed in the lower portion of a body of
may be supplied through pipe I 8. Also, if the op
pulp; a shaft for rotating said impeller and exT
erating problems are such that additional air be
neath the impeller is unnecessary, the conduit may 4.0 tendingto a point above the-level of the body of
discharge all of its air into the space below the
propeller at the lower end of the shaft. In addil
pulp; bearing means for said shaft‘ at the upper
tion, the propeller may be omitted in certain in
end thereof; a housing surrounding said shaft for
leading air downwardly-to the space above said
impeller; and a conduit‘, formed in said’ shaft and
It will also be understood that the, circulation
and recirculation of pulp through the conditioner
may be varied. For instance, the number and/ or
size of holes 25' and 32 may be varied, or these
holesmay be eliminated, and the size of holes 25
may be varied, to vary the relative amount of pulp
?owing into the upper and lower spaces. Troughs
3| may be eliminated'and a number of holes 25 in
different positions, from those shown, may be pro
vided; also, the number, size and location of holes
l5 in housing Ill may be varied widely. Partition
34 may be eliminated in certain instances, or al
tered to different forms or shapes, and a suitable
over?ow ba?le may be provided at the end of
the second or last unit. Furthermore, either or
both units may be fed from the sides and the over
flow weirs located at the ends of the tank, and
other and different tank constructions may be
It will be further understood that various
changes in the apparatus of this invention in
addition to those enumerated may be made, and
that other embodiments of this invention may
exist, all without departing from the spirit and
scope thereof.
What is claimed is:
1. In agitation and aeration apparatus, an im
extending from a pointwithin said housing below
said‘ bearing means downwardly toward the lower
end of said shaft‘, to supply'air to said impeller.
6. In agitation and aeration apparatus, an im
peller adapted ‘to be disposed in the lower'por
tion ofa‘bodyiof'puln; a shaft for suspending and,
rotating said impeller and extending upwardly to
a point above the‘ level of said body of pulp; a
housing surrounding said shaft and extending
downwardly from above said body of pulp to a
point just above said impeller; an air bonnet sur
rounding said shaft and extending into said hous
ing at the upper end thereof, said air bonnet
being adapted to supply air from a point sub
stantially above the level of said body of pulp
to the interior of said housing; and a conduit
formed in said shaft and extending from a point
below said air bonnet downwardly in said shaft
and adapted to supply air to said impeller.
'7. In agitation and aerationapparatus. an agi
tating device adapted to be disposed in the lower
portion of a body of pulp; a shaft for rotating
said device; a second agitating device mounted on
said shaft below said ?rst mentioned device; a
housing surrounding said shaft for delivering air
to said upper agitating device; and conduit
peller disposed in the lower portion of a body of
means for supplying air to the space between said
pulp or the like; a propelling device disposed be
agitating devices and also beneath the lower agi
neath said impeller su?iciently close to said im
tating device.
peller to move settled material or the like up 75
8. In agitation and aeration apparatus as de
?ned! in :claim 7wh'ereinf said‘ conduit i'means ‘is
formedir? saidishafti
A1‘pulpiconditionercoinprising“a tank for re
ceiving a body of pulp; an impeller disposed in
i the lower portion .ofrsaid body of ‘pulp for agitat
ing-and aerating said pulp; a shaft for rotating
saidrimpeller and: extendingito a point beneath
sai'diimpeller; a housing surrounding said shaft
and extending from a point above the level of
saidebody-of ‘pulp to said impeller and adapted
1 pulpi‘to th'ebody offpul'p'; alpropeller mounted'son
said'shaft'beneathlsaidimpeller; and a conduit
formed in said shaftand extending from a'point
within said housingto the lower end of said shaft,
said conduit being adapted'to deliver air from
within said housing and having outlets leading to
the space between said impeller and propellerand
to the‘space beneath said propeller;
12. Apparatus for conditioning pulp compris
10 ing a tank for containing a body of pulp; means
todeliver. airto said impeller; a propeller mount
ed:onzs_aid shaft beneath said impeller; and a con;
duit formed-in said shaft and extending from a
point within said housing to the lower end of‘said
for feeding ‘pulp to be conditioned into said tank;
a plurality of agitating and ‘aerating units in said
tank, there being a common feed to said'units and
each unit including at least an impeller, a shaft
shaft; said conduit being adapted to deliver air 15 for rotating the impeller, and a housing surround
fromv within saidv housing-and having outlets
ing the shaft for feeding air downwardly to the
leading to ‘the spaceebetweenv said impeller‘ and
impeller, at least one of said units including a
propeller and to thespace beneath said propeller;
conduit formed in said shaft and extending from
' 10. A pulp conditioner comprising a tank for
within'said housing to a point below said impeller.
containingv a body of pulp; animpeller disposed 20' 13. A pulp conditioner comprising a tank for
inthe lower portion-of said body of pulp for agi
containing a body of pulp; an agitating and
tating and-aerating said-pulp; a-shaft for rotat
aerating unit including an impeller disposed in'
ingnsaids impeller and extending to a point be
the lower portion of said body of pulp, a shaft for
neath;said impeller; a» housing surrounding said
rotating said impeller, a housing surrounding
shaft and/extending from-a point above the level 25 said shaft and’ extending from'a point above the
of.'sraid_body.of pulp tosaidimpeller and adapted
level ‘of saidb'ody of pulp to said impeller, a plat
to deliver airto said impeller; a propeller mount
form disposed above said impeller, said platform
ed on said shaft beneath said impeller; a conduit
having apertures disposed adjacent the periphery.
formed in said; shaft and extendingfrom a point
within said housing ‘to the lower end of saidshaft,
of said impeller for passage of pulp and-other
said; conduit being adapted to deliverairvfrom
within?said housingand having an outlet leading
toythe spacebetweensaid impeller and propeller
30 material therethrough, and means for rotating
said shaft, said unit being constructed and ar
ranged so as to be removable from said tank by
andtojthe space beneath said propeller; a trough
14. A conditioner as de?ned in claim 13, which:
beneath said propeller; a liquid conduit cone 35 includes a plurality of units having'a common
nected with said trough and adaptedto supply
platform above the impellers thereof and a com-.
liquid to‘wash finer material upwardly to said
mon support above said tank for said rotating
propeller,‘ and alv'alve adapted to permit drain
means, said’units being removable together from
age of coarse material settling in said trough.
said tank by lifting;
1111A pulp conditioner comprising a tank for 40
15. In agitation and aeration apparatus-an‘
containing a body of pulp; an impeller disposed
agitating device adapted to be disposed in the
in the lower portion'of said'body of pulp for agi-_
lower portion'vof a body of pulp; aseeond agitat
t'atingand‘aerating said pulp; a shaft‘ for rotating
ing' device adapted to be disposed beneath said
said' impeller and'extending to a point beneath‘
?rst mentioned device and su?iciently close there
said impeller; a‘ housing surrounding said shaft
andextending froma point above the level of
saidubody' off-pulp to said impeller and adapted
45 to to feed" settled ‘material or the like directly
thereto; means for rotating said agitating de
vices; means for conducting air to the space above
toedeliver-air ‘to said‘ impeller; a platform dis
said upper agitating device; and means for con
posedlabove said-impeller, said platform having
ductingv air to the space between said agitating
apertures » disposed‘adj acent- the periphery of said 50 devices and also to the space below said lower agi
impeller. fOr' passageroftpulp and other material
means ' for‘ supplying incoming
tating device.
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