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Nov. 5, 1946. v
Filed April '14, 1-941
v >
FIG, 1.
Jim/Es P. Foe/~50”
Patentecl Nov. 5, 1946
James P. Robinson, Tokyo, Japan; vested in the
Alien. Property Custodian
Application April 14, 1941, Serial No. 388,441
4 Claims. (Cl. 128—294).
This invention relates to a medicinal applica
tor and dispenser, and has for its objects an
improved device for applying a medicine in the
form of a liquid or jelly, to internal body cavi
ties for disinfecting such cavities and‘ which de
vice is ?exible and elastic and is provided with
a-socket for ?tting over any suitable, relatively
rigid projecture, for supporting the same in the
4-, connected at its edges. at 5 adjacent the junc
desired body cavity during manipulation thereof,
and which device also is formed with a supply
chamber adapted to contain a supply of such
liquid or jelly or the like,that communicates with
a delivery or dispensing chamber, for supplying
the contents of the supply chamber to the dis
ture between wall 3v and walls I‘.
The cap 4 is. also generally concavo-convex,
with its concave side facing the convex outer‘
side of end wall 3, but spaced from said end
Wall, thus providing a chamber ii between said
cap and end wall. Adjacent the connection 5
between the cap and socket member I, are one or
more discharge apertures 1 that open generally
radially outwardly of the central axis of the
socket member 11. Preferably several of these
openings are provided’ at equally spaced points
around the margin ‘of cap 4.
The cap 8 is centrally formed‘ with bulbous
- pensing chamber for election from the latter 15 chamber 8 projecting axially outwardly of cap
at points where the said contents. will be spread
4;, and. which chamber 81 communicates with
chamber ii-by a restricted passageway 9 that is
by the walls of the device during manipulation
coaxial with member I. A neck I!) may form
of the latter.
Another object is a dispenser and. applicator
the walls of said passageway, and also connect
of the above character having a tubular socket, 20 the walls of" chamber 6 with the walls of cham
ber 8“.
the walls of ‘which are adapted to be rolled up. to
an apertured dispensing chamber at one end of
These chambers 6, 8 may be ?lled with a germi
the socket in which chamber the apertures; are.
cidal, or antiseptic or medicinal liquid, or jelly
H- through one of openings. 1, after which the
sealed by said walls when so rolled, preparatory
walls of’ the socket member I are rolled on ring
to use of the device, and which walls are adapted
to be unrolled to progressively enclose therein
2 from-- the open end of the socket member to- .
any suitably shaped supporting member, and
ward the end 3.
when so unrolled for use of the device, the open
reason of the fact that the walls I, as well as
This rolling is permitted by
ings in the dispensing chamber will be uncov
end wall -3 and cap 4, including the walls of
ered for dispensing the contents of the chamber. 30 chamber 8 and neck 10, are of relatively thin,
A still further object is a tubular socket pro
elastic, ?exible rubber or the like.
vided with a closure at one end and a chamber
The rolling up of walls of socket member I
outwardly of such closure having ?exible walls
continues until the margins of end wall 3 and cap
with discharge apertures opening outwardly of
4 are included in the annular roll formed by
the socket and chamber, and which walls are so 35 walls I, and the apertures ‘I will then be posi
formed as to carry a supply of antiseptic, medi
tively sealed, against leakage of the material H
cine or the like, and to substantially control the
from the chamber 6 until the walls I are un
delivery of such medicine from the supply cham
rolled, as shown in Fig. 2.
ber‘ to the apertures for discharge from the latter.
The socket, being tubular and elastic, is
Other objects and advantages will appear in the 40 adapted to receive therein, and to tightly embrace
description and drawing.
any suitable projecture, such as a finger, probe,
etc, that is adapted to be inserted in a body
Fig. 1 is a part sectional, part elevational View
of my dispenser and applicator, partially broken
cavity. The rolled up dispenser, as‘ indicated in
in length.
Fig. 2, is readily applied to such projecture by
Fig. 2 is an elevational view of my dispenser 45 merely placing one end of the latter against the
previous to use when sealed by the socket walls
Wall 3 and unrolling the walls I or skirt portion
of the device.
of chamber 6, in the same manner as a rolled
stocking is unrolled on the leg of a wearer. This
In detail, my invention comprises a tubular
socket member 1, open at one end and formed
unrolling of the walls I, uncovers the apertures
with a reinforcing ring 2 at said end.
‘I. and the device, supported on the support en
The opposite end is closed by a concavo-con
Vex imperforate end wall 3, the concave side of
which faces into the socket in member !. This
end wall and walls 5 are preferably integral.
Over the convex outer side of Walls 3 is a cap
closed in the socket member, is ready for use.
In operation, when the supported applicator,
ready for use, is inserted into any body cavity,
tract, or opening, with the chamber 8 leading, it
wil1 be seen that some of the contents of the
chamber 6 will be ejected through openings 1 on
the lining of such tract or cavity, but this ejec
tion has been, many times heretofore, undesir
ably restricted by the lining itself, or the con- .
an imperforate closure of the same material at
one end and open at its opposite end for re
ception therein of a projecture; a dispensing
chamber and a supply chamber for a medicament
positioned outwardly of said closure on the axis
tents may be completely ejected too quickly to
most e?iciently sterilize or disinfect the desired
of said socket member and adjacent said closure;
area in the tract or cavity. By the provision of
a discharge aperture formed in the wall of said
chamber 8, even though the contents of chamber
dispensing chamber and opening outwardly
6 may be completely ejected before the discharge
thereof, and a passageway communicating be
openings reach the desired area, there will be a 10 tween said supply chamber and said dispensing
supply remaining in said chamber 8, which will
be ejected into chamber 6 through the restricted '
passageway 9, and from chamber 6 through aper
tures 1 to the desired area, upon reciprocation or
manipulation of the applicator at, or adjacent
saidrarea, in a manner to create a pressure against
_ chamber, the walls of said supply chamber and
said dispensing chamber being relatively thin and
?exible, whereby outside pressure on said supply
chamber will force material therein through said
passageway into said dispensing chamber for dis
charge from the aperture in the latter outwardly
of said dispensing chamber and socket member.
the walls of chamber 8. If the ejection ofthe
contents ll tends to be blocked by the lining of
2. In a construction as de?ned in claim 1, said
the body tract or cavity, then similar manipu
closure forming one of the walls of said dispens
lation of the applicator will force the contents out 20 ing chamber, and said supply chamber being at
of apertures ‘l and into the cavity or tract. Thus,
the side of the dispensing chamber opposite said
the chamber 8 is a supply chamber, while cham
closure and spaced axially outwardly of said sock
ber 6 is a dispensing chamber from which the
et member.
contents are ejected through apertures ‘l, and
3. In a construction as de?ned in claim 1, the
the aperture 1 being in the margin of wall 4 25 walls of said dispensing chamber and said sup
close to the socket walls I and practically par
ply chamber being integrally united, and the said
allel with said walls I, it is manifest that the
supply chamber being generally of bulbous con
apertures 1 are sealed on opposite sides by wall
tour disposed on the axis of said tubular socket
I and by wall 3 when the ring 2 with walls I rolled
member spaced outwardly of said closure with
therein cover apertures ‘l, and there is no sub 30 said dispensing chamber disposed between said
stantial pressure created on the contents enclosed
supply chamber and said socket member.
in the dispensing end supply chambers.
‘i. In a construction as de?ned in claim 1, said
The restricted neck 10 controls the passage of
socket member being formed with a ring con;
the contents of chamber 8 into the dispensing
nected with its edges at said open end for rolling
chamber 6, and in most instances, the chamber 35 of the walls of said socket member thereon upon
8 will carry the contents thereof into a body
rolling the said ring on its annular axis toward
cavity until the chamber 8 engages the end of
said closure, and said aperture being positioned
such cavity, when said contents will be pumped,
for closing by the rolled up walls of said ‘tubular
as it were, into chamber 6 and out of the dis
member when the walls of the tubular members
charge apertures ‘I, thus insuring a dispensing of 40 are fully rolled on said ring, whereby the con
the material II at a point in the cavity remote
tents of said dispensing chamber ‘and supply
from its opening.
chamber will be sealed against leakage until said
Having described my invention, I claim:
walls are unrolled and the device is ready for
1. A medicinal applicator and dispenser, com
prising: a tubular socket member of relatively
thin, ?exible, and elastic material formed with
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