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Nov. 5, 1946. v
Filed Oct. 51, 1945
?/vraw VON/V567”?
Patented Nov. v5, 1%46
Anton ‘ Vonnegut,‘ Indianapolis‘, find" jas'sign‘orto
Vonnegut Moulder Corporation,"Indianapolis, ‘
'Ind., a corporation
Application October 31, 1945,,Serial'No.»625;805
7 Claims. (01; 511-191)
"invention‘relates to an 'expansible wheel,
vapplicable ‘for mounting or'controlling endless
"grinding 'or‘bu?ing‘ belts or bands of abrasive for
providing anabrasive surface.
It'isthe vobject‘of this invention to provide an
expansible wheel of this character adapted to be
expanded to'i'ncrease its diameter for engagement
with“ an abrasive belt’ or band through the action
provided linith'e end plates Ill, l5 and into the
shouldered fl'angeskof‘the'hublo.
' Each ‘of said vendplates' M, 15. ‘is provided ‘with
a series of ‘radially-extending ‘elongated slots 1 l
5 ‘equally ‘spa'c'edinjannular arrangement "there
about. “Mounted ' forgslidable movement~between
and *c'arrie‘di‘by 'sai'd ‘end-plates there‘ 'is"a series
of truncatedi'rim forming sectionsluarranged
'~of---centrifugal force upon operative rotation. The
faceto‘facednannular formation. The adjacent
particular feature of'the invention resides in the 10 faces of’saidsecti'ons ‘extend-in radial planes ra
mounting of ‘an annular series of truncated'seg
diating‘from-the axial center-of thehub; "Each
of said sections is'provided'with a pair oflspace‘d
ments lin'a'manne'r to .control their relation and
movement "relative to'each‘ other radially ‘of the
supporting members; such ‘as ‘the rods l9; ~20 ex
‘wheel into and “out 1of expanded position, and
tendingllongitudinallyltherethrough from one end
wherein each of 'said‘segments is formed to pro 15 to‘ the-3 otherwith their ends-‘extending "through
vide a resilient cushioned periphery to enable the
the respective slots ll; Each ‘pair of said rods
lies“ in the same radial plane withthe spacing'be
“wheel tocon'form to minor Variations and con
tours of the article to be worked, but more par
~-ticularly-“wherein the ‘independent mounting of
tween 1 their outer surfaces ‘being less than the
'len'gthpf- the elongated slots 'in which ' they‘ are
“the ‘individual segments vpermits of increased var 20 “carried-so that-ieach-v-pair of rods is permitted to
iations in the surface of the wheel to conform to
slide'inte'rimediate the ends thereof; Preferably
more extreme contours.
=tlie~ends~of said» rods which engage for ‘sliding
The full nature of the invention will be ‘under
—m'ove_ment within'th‘e slots ‘are-reduced toprovide
stood irom the accompanying drawing and ‘the
‘following'description and-claims:
Fig. 1 is a side elevationalview of the expansibl
wheel showing the left side thereof-with the‘parts
in expanded position, a and the right side I thereof
‘inLnormaLposition,‘and with-a portion at the top
I a‘ bearing-- shoulder 7‘ indicated at r 2 I of » greater v--di
25 ameter-than the “Width of ‘the slots l1, so as to
's'l-i'dably bear against the innersurfaoes of the
end plates 14, I5.
vi- Each Io'f‘the-o‘uter exposed faces of said'sec
tions'? hasimounted thereon *a yielding pad 22,
aolwhich. may comprise sponge rubber, felt or like
,material. "saidrsections and pads are so formed
Fig.“ vertical section through the
andirelateli that when the innermost rods seat
thereof; broken away ‘to show - said wheel - in sec
tion, '
upper portionof- the wheel, with the spindle shown
adjacent ‘the innermost'ends of the elongated
in elevation.
»slots,i1the1'outer surfaces of ,theiserie‘sof pads'form
wIn'the .jdr'awing there is shown an expansible 351a‘wheeladaptedv to receive'ithereabout or engage
wheel which, through the action of centrifugal
an endless‘ belt or band 23 of abrasive material,
force upon opeiative rotation, is caused .to ex
such as sandpaper, emery cloth or the like.
pand radially or enlarge itself into operative en
such retracted position of the sections shown in
gagement with an endless abrasive band or belt.
Fig. 1, the en-dlessbelt or band may be con
As illustrated herein, and showing one modi?ca 40 veniently slipped in place over the periphery of
tion of the invention, there is provided a central
' the wheel or removed therefrom. Upon the wheel
hub In carrying end bearing supports ll secured
being rotated at an operative speed by the spindle
to each end thereof, and which bearing supports
It, the action of centrifugal force will throw the
are keyed or otherwise secured to a rotating
sections 18 radially outward. In their outermost
spindle 12 which may be driven by an electric 45 position, guided and limited by the supporting
motor or any other suitable power source. Each
members or rods sliding. in the slots ll, they will
end of the hub is ?anged to provide a shoulder as
engage the endless abrasive belt to stretch it under
indicated at 13 to receive the opposed spaced an
the yielding force applied to the sponge rubber
nular end plates l4 and I5, respectively, to pro
pads 23,
vide a rim mounting. The inner portions of said 50 In such expanded position, as shown in the
plates are clamped and locked against the shoul
left-hand side of Fig. 1, the expansible wheel may
ders l3 of the hub by a corresponding and nest
be operated to apply the abrasive .band or belt
ing portion of the bearing supports II. For this
for grinding, bufiing or polishing during operative
purpose the bolts l6 extend at spaced intervals
rotation thereof. By reason of the pads, the
about the bearing members through apertures 55‘ abrasive surface is rendered yielding to contours
hub and independently slidable between said
plates, a pair of spaced supporting pins carried by
each of said sections slidably carried in said slots
respectively to permit of limited radial movement
as Well as the individual slidably mounted rim
forming sections. Upon the wheel being brought
to rest, said sections may be collapsed inwardly
to retracted position to permit ready disengage
ment or removal and replacement of the abrasive
The invention claimed is:
1. .An expansible wheel for application to I an
;ward- by centrifugal force to engage and stretch
endless abrasive belt comprising; afhub, an annu
' the abrasivebelt upon operative-,rotation thereof.
of their respective sections, and a resilient pad
mounted upon the outer exposed face of each
section, said sections being slidable radially out
5. An expansible wheel for application to an
lar rim mounting secured to said hub to extend
radially outwardly thereof, said end mounting
7 endless abrasive belt, comprising a hub, an annu
being provided with a series of substantially ra
lar rim mounting secured to said hub, a series of
truncated rim-forming sections mounted face to
thereabout, a series of truncated. rim-forming face about said hub and slidable radially upon
sections, and radially extending projections car 15 said mounting, and pin and slot means for slid
rying said sections extending into the elongated
abl'ycsupporting and guiding said sections upon
slots of said mounting and slidable therein .to
said mounting, for limited radial sliding move
maintain said. sections in juxtaposition while
ment relative thereto, said pin and slot means
permitting radial movement thereof .-outwardly
permitting said sections to collapse for providing
dially extending elongated slots equally spaced
to expanded position under the in?uence of cen
the wheel with an annular peripheral surface to
loosely engage the endless abrasive belt While per
trifugal force upon operative rotation thereof. .
2. An expansible wheel for application-to an
endless abrasive belt, ‘comprising an annular rim
mounting, a series of truncated rim forming sec
_,tions mounted face to face in annular formation,
means for slidably supporting said sections upon
said mounting to permit their radial movement
mitting radial and individual movement'of said
relative thereto, said sections when retracted be
ing adapted to engage the endless belt and being
endless abrasive belt, comprising a hub, an annu
lar rim mounting secured to said hub, a series of
,movablefradially outward thereagainst under the
in?uence of centrifugal force against said belt
when rotated at operative speed,
sections outwardly to ‘expanded wheel position
under the in?uence of centrifugal force for
stretching said belt upon"operative rotation
' 6. An expansible wheel for application to an
truncated rim-forming sections mountedv face to
face about said hub and slidable radially of said
mounting, pin and slot means for slidably secur
_ 3. An expansible wheel for application to ‘an
ing andguiding'said sectionsl'upon said mounting
endless abrasive belt comprising an annular ‘rim
mounting,- anwannular series of truncated rim
forming sections'mounted annularly about said
for limited radial sliding .movement therebe
35 tween, and a resilient pad secured over the outer
mounting inface to face relation, means for slid
ably supporting said sections upon’ said mounting
lapse for providing the wheel with an annular
to permit limited radial movement thereof, a por
tion of said sections extending beyond the periph
‘cries of said mounting to provide an annular sur
face forengagement with said belt, and a yielding
cushionsecured over the faces of each of said sec
tions for yielding engagement with said belt upon
said sections being thrown radially outwardly un
der the in?uenceof centrifugal forceupon opera
tive rotation thereof.
,_ .
y 1;; '
‘I 4. An expansible wheel for applicationgto‘ an
endless abrasive belt, comprising a, hub, apair
of annular, end plates secured to said hubin
spaced relation, said end plates being provided
with a series ofsubstantially radially-extending
elongated slotsequally spaced thereabout concen
,trical1y_;with saidhub, a series of truncated rim
forming sections mounted face to face about said
exposed surface 'of each of said’ sections, saidpin
and slot means permitting said sections to col
peripheral surface‘ to loosely engage the endless
abrasive .beltwhile ‘permitting radial and indi
vidual movement of said sections outwardly to
expanded wheel position under the in?uence of
centrifugal force for engaging and stretching said
belt upon ‘operative rotation thereof.
7. An abrading ‘wheel having two spaceddiscs;
means for connecting said discs in axiallyaligned
positions; transversely'aligned, radial. guides
formed, in, the discs,__adja_cent the peripheries
thereof; transversely disposed weights freely
mounted in the guides; and an oversized abrad
ing band surrounding the weights and adapted
upon rotation of the wheel to be held under ten
sion by contact with, andthe centrifugal force
set up by, the weights.
2,410,'536.—~Anton Vonnegut, Indianapolis, Ind. EXPANSIBLE WHEEL. Patent dated
Nov. 5, 1946. Disclaimer ?led Oct. 11, 1948, by the assignee, Vonnegut
Moulder Corporation.
Hereby enters this disclaimer to that part of claim 2 in said speci?cation which
is in the following words, to wit:
“A series of truncated rim forming sections” other than wherein said rim forming
sections are wedge-shaped with their major de?ning faces extending at an angle to
each other, and
“Means for slidably supporting said sections upon said mounting” other than
wherein said sections slide upon said mounting, and said means is of a rigid character
and not ?exible or yielding.
[O?icial Gazette November 9, 1948.]
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