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Patented Nov. 5, 1946
Nordahl L. Rude, Eau Claire, Wis.
N 0 Drawing. Application February 8, 1944,
Serial No. 521,581
2 Claims.
(o1. 10e_25a)
This invention appertains to a cementing com
These ingredients are mixed in rotation, start
ing with the asbestos ?ber, converted into a paste
or “cement” by the addition thereto of‘water in
pound to take the place of commercial putty, or
the like, for caulking and glazing purposes.
Commercial putty, commonly employed for
suitable amount, and the mixing operation must
caulking and glazing purposes, dries very hard, 5 be thorough and continuous as each of the other
and very frequently, when used for glazing pur
of the ingredients are added. The mixing will
poses, causes glass to break, because it cannot
be performed mechanically, for instance, in putty
“give” to the limit, thereby allowing freedom in
chasers, consisting of large ?at faced wheels roll
change of position of glass, etc., without the least
ing in steel circular troughs, by means of which
danger of breaking or cracking. Additionally, 10 the ingredients will be blended into a high-grade
commercial putty, as Well as certain other classes
caulking and glazing cement of the highest qual
of caulking and glazing materials, or compounds,
ity. Gun grade cement may be made with all of
will crack, loosen and/or check, over periods of
the ingredients, with the exception of the calcium
use and under various conditions of the weather.
oxide, in the stated proportions, the proportion
The invention, therefore, has for an object to 15 of the calcium oxide, however, will be varied in a
provide an improved cementing com ound, which
lesser amount as may be required to obtain a
has been subjected to thorough tes , with regard
desired degree of softness of the compound
to durability and strength, under extremes of
The cement, knife grade, is primarily for use
heat, cold, and moisture, and found to stand up,
with a putty knife on small jobs, and the gun
over long periods of time, without evidence of
grade is always required for large jobs. The ce
any cracking, loosening, chipping, or checking,
ment can be applied on every conceivable sur
whether applied to metal, glass, stone, or wood.
face. It can be used for ?lling cracks before
The components of the improved cement con
painting the surfaces, to ?ll cracks in walls,
sist of asbestos ?ber; linseed oil; pine tar; ?ne
around doors and windows, floors, etc. Glass in
hair; and a base oxide, such as calcium oxide; 25 windows of all classes and descriptions, or in
the latter ingredient constituting the base ma
greenhouse frames, will be held permanently in
terial, it not only making the quantity but, also,
place, by the application of the cement, gun grade,
determines the setting-up strength of the mixture
by gunning a ribbon of it around all sides of the
panes of glass.
and, otherwise, adjusts the combined materials
to the proper ?nished product. The asbestos ?ber 30. WhatI claim is:
acts to prevent the mixture from setting too
1. A knife grade caulking and glazing cement,
hard and, otherwise, functions to retard, if not
consisting of asbestos ?ber in the form of an
entirely prevent, undue expansion and contrac
aqueous paste, 1 pound; raw linseed oil, 2 quarts;
tion. The linseed oil acts as a binding agent and
pine tar, 11/2 ounces; ?ne soft hair,-1/4 ounce;
as a preserver, while the pine tar imparts to 35 and calcium oxide, 5 pounds, blended together in
the mixture desired elastic and adhesive qualities
the given order, during continuous agitation.
and, otherwise, functions as a preservative. The
2. A gun grade caulking and glazing cement,
?ne hair also functions as a binder and tends
consisting of asbestos ?ber in the form of an
to prevent the cement from checldng; also, it
aqueous paste, 1 pound; raw linseed oil, 2 quarts;
imparts additional strength thereto.
40 pine tar, 1% ounces; ?ne soft hair, 1%; ounce; and
The cement, knife grade, is to be compounded
calcium oxide in sufficient amount, less than 5
in accordance with the formula, as follows:
pounds, to give desired gun extruding consistency.
Asbestos ?ber ___________________ __pound_'_ 1
Raw linseed oil _________________ __quarts__ 2
Pine tar _______________________ __ounces__ 1%;
Fine soft hair ____________________ __do____
Limate ________________________ __pounds__ 5
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