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NOV‘, 5, 1946.
Filed May 18, 1943
2 Sheets-Sheet 1
Nov, 5, 1945.
Filgd May 18, 1943
2 Sheets-Sheet 2
|_ i| _.
4a :40
iii/i0”; Tacky/16;”?
Patented Nov. 5, 1946
William Tucker Wayne, Atlanta, Ga, assignor to
Scripto Manufacturing Company, Atlanta, Ga.,
a corporation of Georgia -
Application May 18, 1943, Serial No. 487,510
1 Claim.
The invention relates to containers of the na
ture formed of paste-board and has as an ob
ject the provision of a container Which may be
used to ship goods and when opened, to display
them for sale.
It is an object of the invention to provide
a device of this character made from a folded
(Cl. 206-44)
An opening 20 is shown to receive a ?nger for
removal of the cover.
The upper edges ofithe boxes II] and II are
shown as notched at 2!, 22, 23, 24 and 25 for
convenience of access to the contents, when it is
desired to remove the same.
The blank 26 from which the box is erected, as
shown in Figure 7, comprises two halves 2T, 28
Further objects of the invention will appear
which are similar with the exception of the ex
from the following description when read with 10 tension of the side 12 to form the projection I3,
the accompanying drawings showing an illus
which projection is not present upon the side I4.
trative embodiment of the invention and where
The sides 29, 3!} of the two boxes which come
into proximity, are shown as connected by the
Figure 1 is a perspective view of the device in
portion [2’ and provided with hinged lines 3|, 32.
display position of parts and with one cover re 15 The bottoms 33, 34 of the two boxes are con
nected to the sides 29, 30 by the hinged lines
Figure 2 is a perspective view of the device
35, 36, respectively, which bottoms are shown as
folded for shipment and for storage;
continuations'of the sides I2 and [4 at hinged
lines 37, 38, respectively.
Figure 3 is a detail perspective view showing
the manner of erection of one of the corners of 20
The ends 39, 40 of the box 10 are extensions
the box;
of the side 14 at the hinged lines 4 l, 42, respec
Figure 4 is a plan view, partly broken away,
tively, and the ends d3, 44 of the box H are ex- '
tensions of the sides l2 at hinged lines 45, 46, re
drawn to a scale reduced from the scale of Fig
ures 1 to 3 inclusive;
To close the juncture lines of the ends 39, 40
Figure 5 is a vertical transverse section on [0 (it
when folded in erected position of the box, with
line 5-—5 of Figure 4, with the compartment divi
the bottom 33, tabs 41, 48 are shown as projec
sions and covers omitted;
tions of the sides 39, 4E] at hinged lines 49, 50,
Figure 6 is a plan View of the blank from which
said tabs being freed from the ends of the bottom
the covers are made; and
Figure '7 is an expanded form of the blank from 30 33 by slits M, 52. Similar tabs 53, 54!. are shown
joined at hinged lines 55, 56 to the ends 43, 44 of
which the box is erected.
box I I freed from the bottom 34’ by slits 51, 58.
As shown in Figure 1, the device, when erected
To hold the boxes in erected position, there are
for display of goods, presents two box portions ill
shown projecting from the ends 39 and 40 of the
and II connected at one of the upper edges of
box Hi, the tabs 59, 60 formed with ears BI, 62
each by a double hinged portion l2’. The out
which, when the box is erected, may be folded to
side l2 of one of the boxes is continuous with a
parallel position as shown in Figure 3, one of each
projecting portion l3 which, as shown in Figure
pair being passed through the respective open
2, covers the side id of the box II! when the de
ings 63, 64 in the sides 21, 28 and then expanded
vice is in the position shown in Figure 2 and
which stands erect as shown in Figure 1 when 40 to the position shown in Figures 4 and 5.
Similar tabs GI, 62 are shown upon each of the
the device is erected for display of the goods as
tabs 59 projecting from sides 39, 40, 43 and 44.‘
upon a counter.
The side l2 of box H and its extension 13 may be
The interior of the boxes Ill and H is shown
used as a single surface to carry a display ad
as divided into compartments by longitudinal
vertisement of the contents of the boxes visible
members l5 and transverse member l6 notched 45 when the box is in either of the positions of
together. To cover the goods when in display
Figures 1 or 2.
position and to retain the goods in the respec
Minor changes may be made in the physical
tive compartments when in the shipping position
embodiment of the invention Without departing
of Figure 2, each of the open sides of the boxes 50 from the spirit thereof, within the scope of the
l0 and H are shown as provided with a cover
appended claim.
member I‘! having tabs l8 and 19 as shown in
I claim:
Figure 6, which tabs are folded downwardly to
In a storage and display box: a pair of rec
locate the cover with respect to the open side of
tangular boxes of greater depth than width; one
the box.
55 of the maximum area sides of one box formed
integral with and hinged to the edge of the ad
jacent like side of the remaining box whereby, in
display position, the two boxes stand side by side
in rigid unbroken formation, a distance sub
stantially equal to said ?rst named outer side;
whereby when said boxes are moved about said
hinge to a position with their open edges juxta
with the then upper edges of the two boxes ex
posed said upward extension of said second
posed for access to the depth of each; the upper
named outer side will overlie and contact said
edge of one maximum area outer side of one box
?ush terminating maximum area side whereby
terminating flush with the plane common to the
the upward extension and the underlying box
upper edges of the ends of the boxes and to
may be grasped together to prevent movement
the hinged edges of the boxes; the remaining
maximum area outer side of the remaining box 10 about said hinge.
extending upwardly beyond said common plane
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