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Nov. 5, 1946.
' I
Filed April 22, 1944
Ari/fur Brand ,
BY .
Patented Nov. 5, 1946
. Application.
:22, =‘New‘York,'j
1944, Serial4N“.
No. 532,316
3‘Glaims. (owe-‘74y
a ,chi-ldrmay throw in the .air and which will
rear tail portion l6 extending’ therefrom. The
portions [4 comprise sections = I‘! extending from
portions l2, and being» inclined upwardly and out
glide‘ through the air forra comparatively conside
wardly asshown in Fig. '3, of the drawing.
erable vdistance.
‘An object of this inventionv is to providea toy
of the character. described which can be made of
two parts, either stapled or otherwise attached
tailportions i6 are integral with sections all.
"This .invention relates to toys.
It .is vpar
ticularlydirected to an air-‘glider type toy which
together, and which can be manufactured at very
low cost.
Another object of this invention is to provide
The _
Between portions [2 .andsections l1 arecrease
lines [8.
"Extending from said sections I‘! are sections l9
connected to sections ll by crease lines 20 parallel
to the crease lines I8. Extending from sections
l9 and inclined downwardly and outwardly are
sections 25 connected to sections l9 by crease
a toy of the character described which can be
lines 26. Crease lines 26, 20 and I8 are hori
made to resemble various birds, such as canary,
pigeon, robin, swallow, or blue jay, or other birds
or objects.
The tail [6 is about one-?fth to one-third the
Yet another object of this invention is to pro
vide a toy of the character described which may
length of the body ll.
Interposed between portions [2 of the body II
is a vertical ?at piece 30 of wood or' other similar
material such as pine or balsa wood, stapled to
20 portions 12 of the body II by means of a staple
material attached to the sheet of paper.
Still another object of this invention is to pro
3|. Member 30 is made of material stiffer and
preferably thicker than the material of which
vide a toy of the character described so propor
member II is made. The rear ends of portions
tioned that the toy will carry for long distances
l2 of the body are stapled together by a staple
when thrown into the air even by a child.
32 located adjacent the rear end of the body.
Still a further object of this invention is to
provide a simple, compact and durable toy of the
The staples 3|, 32 are aligned with one another,
in a horizontal position extending longitudinally
character described which shall be relatively in
of the toy. It will be noted that the body is
expensive to manufacture, easy to ship, and which
shaped to resemble the wings and tail of a bird.
shall yet be practical and eflicient to a high
30 Member 30 may be shaped to simulate the head
Other objects of this invention will in part be
and body of a bird. Thus member 30 has a rear
body portion 33 and a front head portion 34.
obvious and in part hereinafter pointed out.
The invention accordingly consists in the fea
The head portion 34 projects forwardly of the
body II. The, upper portion of the body 33 pro
tures of construction, combinations of elements,
and arrangement of parts which will be exem
jects above portions [2 of the body H.
pli?ed in the construction hereinafter described,
Preferably the center of gravity of the toy is
and of which the scope of application will be in
one-quarter to one-third the distance from the
dicated in the following claims.
forward edge of body II to the rear end thereof.
In the accompanying drawing in which is
It has been found that the crease lines I8,
shown one of the various possible illustrative em 40 20 and 26 give the wings a certain amount of
?exibility which permits the toy to travel con
bodiments of this invention,
Fig. 1 is a side elevational view of a toy em
siderable distance when thrown forwardly. The
child holds the bottom of the toy between his
bodying the invention;
?ngers and throws the toy forwardly. The toy
Fig. 2 is a top plan view thereof; and
' may be shipped ?at by folding the wings l4 into
Fig. 3 is a front elevational view of the toy.
Referring now in detail to the drawing, in
contact with one another and the child may fold
be made from a single sheet of paper and a piece
of wood such as pine or balsa or other similar
designates an air-glider toy embodying the in
vention. The same comprises a body H which
may be made of paper, cardboard, or the like
?exible or semi-stiff sheet material. The body I I
comprises a pair of similar folded back portions
the wings into desired position alongvthe fold
lines I8, 20, and 26 after the toy is purchased.
Although the toyis shown to resemble a bird,
it will be understood that the toy may represent
a glider, airplane, or any other object.
It will be noted that the toy comprises the parts
30 and H stapled together by an ordinary paper
l3. Extending from portions I2 are combina
staple. Of course these two parts may be as
tion wing and tail portions l4. Each of the po'r- ‘
tions l4 comprises a front wing portion I5 and a 55 sembled together by glue if desired. The staples
l2 folded along a bottom crease line or fold line
1" Us";
3| are preferably located adjacent the fold line
wing portions having a plurality of parallel crease
l8, that is, close to the upper edge of portions
lines and comprising downwardly and outwardly
l2 of the body H. The body 33 of member 30
inclined sections.
preferably substantially ?ts down to the fold line
2. A toy glider comprising a member made'of
l3 and affords a good ?nger grasp for the child cl ?exible sheet material having portions folded
when propelling the toy forwardly.
It will thus be seen that there is provided a
device in which the several objects of this inven
tion are aohievedand which .is well‘ adapted to
meet the conditions of practical use. 1
As various possible embodiments might be made
of the above invention, and as various changes,
might be made in the embodiment above set
forth, it is to be understood that all matter herein
against one another, a relatively stiff sheet mem
ber between said folded together portions, means
to attach the stiff member to the ?rst member,
said ?rst member having diverging portions ex
tending upwardly and outwardly from the folded
back portions and portions inclined downwardly
' and outwardly, extending from said diverging
3. A toy glider comprising a member made of
set forth or shown in the accompanying draw 15;flexible sheet material having portions folded
ing is to be interpreted as illustrative and not
against one another, a relatively stiff sheet mem
in a limiting sense.
‘ ber between said folded together portions, means
Having thus described my invention, I claim - toy-attach the stiff member to the ?rst member,
as new and desire to secure by Letters Paténti ” ‘
said ?rst member having portions extending out
1. A toyof the character described comprising 20 wardly from the folded portions, said sti? mem
a member made of sheet material having folded
ber having a portion extending above said folded
together portions,‘a second member betweensaid
together portions, and a portion extending for
folded together portions and attached thereto,
wardly of said' folded portions, said outwardly
said ?rst member having: wing portions and a
extending portions having upwardly and vout
tail portion, said secondmember extending above
wardly diverging parts and downwardly and out
the folded together portions and having a portion
wardly inclined ‘ends.
extending forwardly of said ?rst member, said
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