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Nov. 5, 1946.
Filed Nov. 11, 1944
W {,w
@i ‘?
Patented Nov. 5, 1946
2,410,682 ‘
Nor-val R. Richardson, Alexandria, Va.
‘Application November 11, 1944, Serial No. 563,023
2 Claims. (01. 46—-95)_
Thepresent invention consists of a Jet pro
peller toy, an object of which isto provide self
propelled toys operable in the air, on land or in
this end, I have in the drawing shown a disc
l3 which may be provided with a single opening
“,as illustrated in Figure 6, or a plurality of se
the water.
lective openings‘ l5,‘ as illustrated in Figure '7.
Further objects of the invention are to provide
The disc I3 is rotatably mounted on the aft end
of the body 8 in any suitable manner for certain
in?atable bodies of suf?cient capacity to hold an
appreciable supply of air, gas or like motive agent
types of toys. However, in a preferred embodi
ment, I employ a valved tube l6 extending
which is emitted from the body in a predetermined
volume to correspondingly effect propulsion of the
through the rear end of the body and the center
body at a predetermined speed; to provide a jet 10 of the disc l3. The tube is equipped with a stand
propelled toy vehicle, the forward‘ speed of which
ard one-way valve l1 and also with external
screw threads l8 for engagement with com
is variable at the option of the user; to provide
plemental threads of a pump or other in?ating
an in?atable body the contents of which are
used as the propulsion agent, replenishment of
agent. The threads are also adapted for the
the body being effected by simple means and in 15 reception of a nut l9 which is used to secure the
disc l3 from casual displacement. Preferably
a facile manner to permit recharge by a child;
and to provide a jet propelled toy which may be
the inner face of each disc is provided with a rib
20 which engages a complemental annular recess
inexpensively manufactured from readily avail
formed in the aft end of the body 8 as-illustrated
able materials.
Other objects of the invention will be apparent 20 in Figure 5. The nut l9 normally holds the disc
I3 in contiguity to the aft end of the body 8,
from the following description of the preferred
When the body is in?ated, an air seal is provided
forms of the invention, taken in connection with
between the disc and the body, by use of any
the accompanying drawing, wherein:
suitable sealing means. In a preferred embodi
Figure 1 is a side elevational view of an aerial
let propulsion toy constructed in accordance wit 25 ment of the invention, the rib 20, described supra,
the present invention;
serves this purpose.
Although one opening, in the aft end of the
body, in conjunction with the disc i3, is sui?cient
for operation, it is to be understood that more
30 than one opening may be provided, if so desired.
land toy;
These openings may intermittently register with
Figure 4 is a similar view of a toy body or tank
a selected opening or openings in thedisc l3, to
usable in amphibious operations; »
form multiple jets or sequential jets varying in
Figure 5 is a detail enlarged fragmentary view
volume. It is furthermore within the. contem
of the aft end of the vehicle body, showing to
plation of this invention to dispose the walls of
advantage the inlet valve and the outlet openings
the openings l4 and I5 at an angle in. order to
for the jet or jets;
\ _
vary the path of travel of the jet or jets.
Figure 6 is a plan view of an apertured disc for
Not only is it the‘ purport of the present in
use on the aft apertured end of the body; and
vention to simulate air, land, water and ‘com
Figure 7 is a modi?ed form of disc.
In‘ Figure 1, I havevishown a jet propelled toy 40 bination vehicles, but in addition, these toys‘
may be equipped with the appurtenances nec
generally designated 8, which is of the general
essary to each particular kind of travel, such ~
conformation of an airplane, the fuselage con
as the sustaining surfaces l0 and guiding and
sisting of an inflatable body equipped with a
cockpit 9, laterally extending wings l0 and an
steering means ll of Figure 1. Where a boat is
empennage II. The body is preferably stream 45 used, as shown in Figure 2, a keel 2| and rudder
22 may be employed, and the latter, being ad- I
lined, the aft end thereof tapering to a truncated
justable at a predetermined angle if desired. _
terminal which is provided with‘one or more
openings l2 around which an annular recess is
Furthermore, where a land vehicle is to be used,
axially rotatable wheel 23 may be used, especially
formed, as shown in Figure 5. The air, gas, or
other content of the in?atable body is dispensed 50 in larger and more expensive toys. With the
tank body, this is also provided with the equip
or exuded from the latter through the opening or
ment necessary to adapt it for simulation in
openings l2 to provide a jet or series of jets
amphibious operations. It may be desired in this‘
adapted to propel the body forwardly.
type of body to use a heavier and more powerful
‘I desire to control the volume of the propulsion
Figure 2 is a similar view of a jet propulsion
water toy;
Figure 3 is a similar view of a jet propulsion
agent escaping from the in?atable body and to 55 propulsion agent, introduced into the tank body
_ 2,410,682
through a valved opening 24, preferably arranged
at the end opposite to that which carries the
the latter, the disc being provided with openings
selectively movable into registry with the body
perforate disc l3.
I have herein described certain preferred forms
2. A jet propelled toy including an in?atable
of my invention but I am aware that various
body, the aft end of which tapers to a truncated
changes may be made therein, within the scope
of the claims hereto appended.
perforate terminal, said terminal being provided
with an annular recess, and a valve movably
mounted on said truncated end and equipped
1. A jet propelled toy including a hollow body
with an extension engageable in‘ the recess of
adapted for the reception of a'jet producing 10 the latter, the valve being provided with a plu
agent, the body being provided with a vent, a
rality of openings selectively engageable with the
disc mounted on said body and extending over
perforation in the truncated end of the in?atable
the vent to normally prevent exit of the jet
What I claim is:
producing agent, a valved tube ‘extending through
the disc and body for the charge and recharge of 15
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