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Nov. 12, 1946;
Filed April 26,. 1943
Hur/a LApúßlbaz/m
Patented Nov. 12, 1946
Huna L. Apfelbaum, Brooklyn, N. Y., assignor to
Victor Metal' Products Corporation, Brooklyn,
N. Y., a corporation of New York
Application April 2s, 1943, serial No. 484,561
.6 Claims. (ci. 12s-200)
This invention relates to inhalers and partic
ularly to the type which 'is adapted to be molded
charge or outlet opening for the medicated vapor
throughout of suitable synthetic plastic material.
threaded enlargement I3 is provided at the lower
accumulating in the casing.
An internally
end of the cap for the reception of the corre
The invention contemplates the provision of a
spondingly externally threaded upper end I4 of
simple inhaler provided with a valve at each end
the casing part II. `To prevent leakage of vapor
and adapted to be easily manipulated, without
between the parts, a washer or gasket I5 of any
removing any of the parts, to open both valves
suitable compressible material such as cork, rub
simultaneously and thereby to establish com
ber, felt or the like is seated on the interior
munication between the interior` of the inhaler
10 shoulder I6 of the enlargement I3. At the lower
and the outside air.
end of thepart Il is made an axial ,opening
The invention further contemplates the provi
which is preferably the inlet opening-for outside
sion of a- holder for medicament slidable in the
air into the casing. Said opening has an en
interior of the inhaler and provided with opposed
larged outer portion I'I and a constricted inner
valves, one of which projects beyond the inhaler
l y
casing in the operative or open position thereof, 15 portion I8 for the purposes soon to appear.
Slidably mounted in the interior of the casing
and the other of which so projects in the in
is the medicament holder I9. ` Said holder is also
operative or closed position thereof, the pro
adapted to be molded of synthetic plastic and is
jecting valves forming the means by which the
in the general shape of an elongated O, being
holder may be manipulated.
The invention further contemplates the pro 20 provided with the teat-like axially arranged op
posed and projecting valve stems 2D and 2 I. ` The
vision of an inhaler having only three separable
medicament is inserted into or removed from the
and moldable parts comprising a two-part casing
central space 22 of the holder when the cap I0 is
and a holder for medicament together with co
removed, and may be carried by any suitable
operating valve parts thereon, and in which in
haler the casing parts need be separated only 25 known device intended for lthat purpose such as
the elongated cartridge 23 (Fig. 3) or a wad of
when the medicament therein is to be renewed,
absorbent cotton. .
the inhaler being otherwise operable without such
The upper valve stem 20 is preferably tapered
and molded integrally with the top of the holder
The invention further contemplates the provi
and has an annular recess Vor indent in the lower
sion of an inhaler adapted to be opened for use
part thereof filled by a hollow resilient washer
and closed by one hand oi the user.
or gasket 24 of rubber, cork, felt or the like ar
The various objects of the invention will be
ranged to enter thevdischarge port or opening
clear from the description which follows and
I2 and to be pressed into contact with the wall of
from the drawing, in which
said opening when the holder is in its uppermost
Fig. 1 is a vertical section of the inhaler taken
or valve port closing position to prevent leakage
on the line I--I of Fig. 2, showing the inhaler in
of vapor.
its closed or sealed inoperative position.
The lower valve stem 2I may be detachably or
Fig. 2 is a similar section taken on the line
permanently secured as desired to thel lower end
2-2 of Fig. 1.
Fig. 3 is a partial front elevation and partial 40 of the holder, but in Ithe form shown, it isscrewed
thereto and terminates at itsv lower end in> an
section'of the inhaler in its open or operative
enlargement such as the head 25 adapted to fit
position, showing the medicament in place in
the holder therefor.
Fig. 4 is a horizontal section taken on the line
4-4 of Fig. 1.
into the enlarged part I'I of the adjacentinlet
opening. For adequately sealing the inlet openf
.45, ing when the inhaler is not- in use, a hollow
washer or gasket 2,6 in the form of a ilanged eye
Fig. 5 is a foreshortened perspective view of the
let is provided. The flange of the washer, 26
medicament holder, the middle part of the holder
contacts with the top of the Wall surrounding the
being broken away for convenience of illustra
enlarged part I‘I of the inlet opening and the
In the embodiment of the invention shownby 50 cylindrical part of the washer engages the wall
of the portion I8 of the opening when the holder
Way of example, the inhaler casing consists of two
preferably but not necessarily molded parts I0
and I I, the part llLbeing in the nature of a cap
and having an axial opening I2 in the end there
of, which opening is preferably used as a dis-~ 55
is in its port closing position. There, the »holder
is at its uppermost limiting position’in the cas
ing,vbut the lower party of the holdergis in Suffie .
cient upward spaced relation to the bottomfoffthe
casing part H to carry the inlet valve stem
into its closed position, (Figs. l and 2) and the
upper end of the valve stem 2B projects a sub
stantial distance outwardly beyond the casing for
From the above, it will be seen that I have pro
vided an inhaler having a slidable holder capable
of easy manipulation with one hand without dis
turbing the casing, .that the inhaler is adapted
to be molded of plastic material and is provided
with opposed valves accessible from the outside
access thereto by a linger or the thumb of the
To move the, holder into theopenor extreme
lowermost position of Fig. 3, the user may gra-sp
the >casing in one hand and need merelypress
axially on the valve stem 20 with the thumb or
finger of the same hand thereby sliding the holder
downwardly and opening both valves simulta-"
and operating simultaneously and effectively to
permit and prevent the discharge of vapor as
neously, the valve 2 I, 25 in this position projecting
downwardly below the casing.V
the userin
the appended claims.
-I claim:
l. In an’inhaler, a casing having an inlet open
hales the vapor from the opening l2, airv enter
ing the opening Il, i8 passes through the space
2'! -around the bottom of the holder to the spaces
28, 29 between the edges of the holdersidesíiil,
3| and the casing, then through the medicament
23 Ito become charged with vapor and then passes
outnthroughthe opening-I2. To again close the
va}ve-ports,‘-the thumb orïa ñnger of thehand
which-holds the inhale-r may be used Vto push the
valve 12h25» axially, thereby to move the holder
ing at one end thereof and an outlet opening at
the other end thereof, a. hollow elongated mem
ber frictionally fitted into and slidable within the
casing and having a pair of imperfol'ate side walls
arranged in transverse spaced relation ,to each
otherpavalve- stem at -eachend of saidV member,
one of saidfste-ms passing through the inlet open
ing andthe otherthrough the outlet opening, said
stems'fsea-ling the'openings in one position of the
member and unsealing the openings in another
position ofthe member, the member 'having an
The lower-endfof the holder which connects the
si'des’3l), 3| andwhich carries thevalve stem 2l,
25 'is suitably vshaped-to'engage the innerjwall-of
unobstructed space therein betweenthe side walls
andbetween the stems-toehold medicament in
the casing part , l Iv atl a 'point spaced'aibove Vthe
bottom of saidwall-when the holderV is in its> low- .
ermostposition,` thereby insuring that a, suilicient
space `2l is'vprovided above the inlet ¿valve for
the entranceiofairlinto the >casing through the
open-valve.y The' upper part- ofthe holder wh-ich
connects the *sides V3ll-- and» v3l and which --carries
the valve stemv `20 may be similarly shaped, said
connectingparts ofthe holder preferably serv
ing asA stops to--limit and Ydeñne the extreme posi
tionsvv of the-holder in thegcasing.
The‘outer surfaces of the holder* sidesäil andY 3l
are shaped preferably to ntand ,conform to the
Various modifications may be made in the il
v'lusin‘ai'fed embodiment of the invention without
departing from the spirit thereof as deiined by
serted thereinto by a movement substantially par
allel to said side walls.
, '
¿2. -In an inhaler, a casing liavingfanupper cap
like hollow part and a' lower hollow part,the upper
part' having an upper end providedwith' a valve
receiving opening therein, the. lower part having a
lower endprovided' with a. valve-receiving open
ing therein, saidiupperpart being open and in
ternally' threaded at“ its lower end,~ saidr lower part
being open and externallythreadedfatfitsupper
end for the detachably screwed and. sealed con
40 nection thereof-tosaid upper part,4 a', flattened an
nular‘m‘em'ber elongated inra directionr axially yof
inner wallsgof the casing morder to provide suf
the casing and slidably mountedwithin'the cas
ficient 'frictional‘ engagement therebetween to
ing and engaging the inner surfaces ofthe casing
maintainthe holderk in theextreme or limiting
parts andÍ guided by saidsurfaces. said> surfaces
positions into which itis caused to slide'without 45 .being of uniform diameter, said membefb'eing of
danger of accidental movement therefrom. :How
lesser width asmeasured in aselected direction
ever, if it is desired .toadditionaily insure against
than the diameter of said inner surfaces. to ar
such accidental Aor undesired movement, the
rangepart of said member in inward spaced rela
middle vparts of said holder Kas 32, ~33'-~may be
tion `to said inner surfaces, and> avalvejstem pro
made of slightly larger diameter than there 50 jecting outwardly from each end ofthe member,
mainder‘ thereof, and'slightly larger than the di
the stem at one endbeing arranged coaXially of
ameters of the inner casing surface so that as the
the 'opening in said upper part and having an en
holder> >is originally inserted into- the casing, the
largement thereon to seal and unseal >the last
sides 30» and-‘3 l thereof , areA somewhat compressed
together, as is possible by-'reason of their spacing, F mentioned opening, the stem at the other end- also
having an enlargement, atleast. one of the stems
length andconsequent resiliency. The spring‘ac
tion so secured serves to cause the sideslto’resist
anymovementoi the holder Íother than deliberate
movement thereof.
y Y
projecting through its cooperating valve-receiv
ing opening beyond the casing in all positions of
the member in the assembled casing, said'stems,
It is unnecessary to remove the-holder from-the 60 valve-receiving openings and enlargements being
of lesser' diameters than the diameter ofsaid in
casing when the member;23 is to be removedf‘or
ner surfaces.
replaced. >`When thecasing part l0 is removed,
3. In an inhaler, a combined medicament :holder
theupperhalf ofthe holder is exposed together
and valve .means comprising ya _pair of .similar
with the upper half Vof saidïimember-«23, whereby
themedicatedhmember when in the form of aV 65 transversely spaced apart and elongated sides pro
viding _an unobstructed space therebetween for
cartridge may easily' be extracted from the-space
the 'insertion- of medicament thereinto by a move
22 by tilting it out ofthe holder. The-removal
ment in ai transverse direction, a connecting por
of A-a-»cotton -wadf offers Vno dilhculties. Theìcar
tridge- is also dropped into place readily-by tilt
tion joining each pair of the adjacent ends of said
n inginto-the-space 22. *Should it become necessary 70 sides, and >a Valve stem projecting axially-'from
to-remove'thef holder for‘any reason, thevalve 2 l ,
each- connecting portion, one of-` thestems-'being
25v may 'first be’unscrewedïfrom the «holder where
enlarged diametrica-lly adjacentf the connecting
upon ïthe- holder» is easily lifted out- of ~ the» lower
portion ' from» which itvproj ects 'and' the'Y other stem
casing ȕpart- to - which iti is--nonnally `sl-idably i vat
being enlarged "dïiametricallyat the 'end thereof
75 remote fromithe connecting portion'fromswhiclr it
projects, the inner ends of said stems terminating
at the holder.
4. In an inhaler, a. casing having an air inlet
opening and a vapor outlet opening, and a gen
erally O-shaped combined medicament holder and
valve means for said openings slidably mounted
within the casing and comprising a pair of trans
versely spaced sides each frictionally engaging the
valve means for said openings slidably mounted
Within the casing, said combined holder and valve
means including a pair of valve stems each enter
ing one of the respective openings and projecting
from opposite ends of the holder, one o-f the stems
being diametrically enlarged at the outer end
thereof and the other stem being diametrically
enlarged at the inner end thereof.
inner surface of the casing, a connecting portion
6. In an inhaler, a slidable combined medica
integrally joining each pair of the adjacent ends 10 ment holder and valve means of generally O
shaped form including a, pair of axially opposed
of said sides, and a pair of valve stems each enter
ing one of the respective openings and each pro
valve stems projecting outwardly from the ends
jecting from one of the respective connecting por
of the holder, one of said stems having an en
largement at the inner end thereof, and the other
5. In an inhaler, a. casing having an air inlet 15 of said stems having an enlargement at the outer
opening and a Vapor outlet opening, and a. gen
end thereof.
erally O-shaped combined medicament holder and
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