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_ 1 Nov. 12, 1946.
Filed lay 21, 1942
4 Sheets-Sheet l
(By £45,545
Nqv. 12, 1946.‘
Filed lay 21, 1942
4 Sheets-Shut 2
mum I
’ m!
CharZesB. Wasezzge ‘
139 gm”: a
Nov. I12 594.6‘
xmmmmvs GEAR BOX
Filed May 21, 1942
4 Sheets-Sheet A;
<33: Q45,“ 4
4 V
.4 lioruey.
Patented Nov. 12, 1946
' 2,410,849
Charles Raymond Waseige, Rueil, France; vested
in the Alien Property Custodian
Application May 21, 19‘2, Serial No. 443,965
In France May 18. 1937
_ ‘3* Claims.
(01. mass)
The present application forms‘ a continuation
Figure 2' is a rear elevation of said arrange- .
in part application of my co-pending application
5 .
Serial No. 207,115, ?led May 10, ms.
My invention relatesto the
mounting of ac-,
along the axis of its drive shaft;
Figure 4 is a vertical section taken through
the movement take-oil box on the engine;
Figure 5 is a fragmentary section on an en
compressors, vacuum pumps, electric generators,
hydraulic pumps, 'etc., the operation of ‘which 10
is necessary for the operation of numerous'in
scale, taken through the movement take-off box,
cessories on an aircraft orthe like.
It is known'that modern aircraft are provided
with’ a number ofgaccessory apparatus such for
example as high, medium and low pressure air
Figure 3 is a vertical section, on an enlarged
larged scale taken along the line 5—5 of Fig
ure 2;
Figure 6 is a_ fragmentary sectional view sim
ilar to Figure 3 and showing a modi?ed form of
Hitherto such accessories have generally been
drive shaft construction;
mountedv directly on the engine,‘ but the mul
Figure 7 is a diagrammatic view in rear eleva
tiplicity and variety oi’ said accessories makes 15 tion showing the arrangement of the lubricat
such ‘a mounting more and more di?icult. Fur
thermore. engine constructors are in that case
ing conduits;
Figure 8 is a diagrammatic view in side eleva
- tion further showing the arrangement of the lu
obliged to provide on their engines brackets and
driving devices which are not always used, in
bricating conduits; and
the case of multi-engine aeroplanes, for example, 20 Figure 9 isan isometric diagram on an ‘en
and this leads to making the rear parts of en'-_
larged scale, showing the arrangement of the
gines different, according to the use on the aero
pump and the conduits related thereto, in
plane, and this is very disadvantageous as re
cluding the relief valve.
gards interchangeability.
It has also been proposed to drive these ac
cessories, especially the generators by means of
electric motors or by auxiliary engines, but these
solutions are generally heavy and costly, and do
an electric generator I, a high pressure air com-1
pressor 2, a medium pressure air compressor 3,
not provide for proper lubrication-of the acces- _
My invention has for its object a multidrive
gear box designed to removably carry accessories
In the embodiment shown it has been assumed
that ?ve accessoriesgare to be mounted, namely,
a vacuum pump 4 also serving as a low pressure '
compressor, and a hydraulic pump 5 serving for
30 example for supplying jacks not shown. Said
?ve accessories are ?xed on the outside of a case
of a multidrive gear box 8 which is directly ?xed
and to supply the same with power and with
on the structure of the aeroplane in such a
lubricating oil under pressure so that said ac
manner that it is independent of the engine 1
cessoriesv are operated under exactly the same 35 carried by its supporting frame 8, by means of
conditions as are obtained when they are mount
horizontal cross pieces 9 which are ?xed at their
ed on an engine. .
ends on the edges of a'window l0 provided in the
A further object of my invention is a box of
fire-shield partition H, which is located to-the
the aforesaid type adapted to be ?xed to the ' rear of the engine. The box 8 contains a suit
structure of the airplane ‘and to be driven by 40 able number of output components, ?ve in this‘
the engine through the medium of a common
‘case, which are actuated by a common shaft i2
double Cardan shaft or the like. permitting the
extending from a driving head l3 ?xed on the
engine to oscillate or to be displaced relatively‘
engine above the‘movementtake-oif which is pro
to the gear box.
vided for this purpose on the rear of the en
Other objects of my invention will be apparent .45 gine ‘l.
The gear box 6 consists of a substantially ?at‘
in the following description taken with reference
case having a vertical and substantially plane
to the accompanying drawings, showing exem
rear face ahd a front face comprising two plane
plary embodiments of the invention, and in
vertical portions on either side of the forwardly
Figure 1 is a fragmentary .vertical longitudi
nai sectional view taken through a portion of the
airplane frame behind the engine and showing‘
an arrangement according to the invention in
side elevation;
50 projecting nose i4 serving as a housing for the
main shaft l5. It is on said plane faces that
the accessories are adapted to be mounted so
that they cover»- the movement take-offs. The
central nose.“ has at its upper part‘ an inclined
65 plane face l6 which serves as a support'for the
generator i. The main shaft l5 drives the vari
play and the driving part is mounted on the shaft
l2 by means of a splined sliding mounting 6!.
The shaft i2 is furthermore spacedly surrounded
by a protecting casing 62 having a ?exible or
ous accessories through the medium of its gear l8
and gears on the shafts of the accessories, the
shaft I! being driven by the drive shaft I!
‘through a friction coupling l9 forming a torque
limiting device. The shaft it engages endwise
resiliently deformable part.
Of course my invention is in no way limited to
the structural details described or illustrated
‘with the driving part of the coupling l9 through
the medium of splines 20 having a slight play,
herein which have been given only by way of
which by the shaft I! can assume a slight in
example. Thus there may be any number of
accessories and they may be distributed in any
cline relatively to the shaft l5. Furthermore.
the driving splines are‘shorter than the driven
manner over the common movement take-0H box.
.splines so that shaft l2 can slide longitudi
nally relatively to the coupling. At its opposite ‘
The swivel jointed modi?cation shown in Fig. 6
can be used for the driving head which is ?xed
end, the shaft l2 penetrates into the driving head
I! which is formed by a case 24 ?xed on the cas
on the engine or again simultaneously on both
The oil pump which forms
16 ends of the shaft l2.
ing 25 of the engine 1 above the movement take
off, which is in this case, as shown in Figure 4,,
formed by a bevel pinion 26 the shaft 21 of which
is actuated by the engine. ‘I. The case 24 sup
ports a shaft 28 on which is ?xed a pinion 25 20
meshing. with the pinion 26 and said shaft 28
is connected to the shaft 12 by_ a swivel joint 3|
and splines 32 similar to the splines 20. The
shaft I2 is furthermore so dimensioned as to
the lubricating means for the movement take-oil
box may also be separately ?tted on the outside
or the case. instead of being incorporated therein.‘
I therefore aim in the appended claims to cover
all such changes and modi?cations.
What I claim is:
1. In a power plant for a vehicle or the like.
said power plant involving an engine having a
power take-off and accessories including-a gen-.
form a resilient-shaft which damps the vibrations 25 erator, high, low, and medium ‘pressure compres~
sors, a vacuum pump, and a hydraulic pump; the
At the end of the shaft I ‘I which isiintended
of an accemory assembly compris- I
for driving the generator, is arranged a torque
ing a casing mounted on the vehicle independent
‘and the variations of torque of the engine.
limiting device 34 which. is adjusted in such a
ly of and at one side of said engine; a main shaft
- manner that?it can-only transmit the ‘maximum 30 -mounted horizontally in said casing, ?exible
torque required for normally driving the gen
means operativelyconnecting the engine end'of
erator, in order to protect the members of the
gear box from the effects of inertia of the rotor
of the generator ‘in the event of a sudden stop,
page of the engine.
~ '
The case of the gear box furthermore con- -
said main shaft with the engine power take-01f.
said main shaft having a bevel gear and other
gearwheels, an inclined portion on the upper
35 part of said casing on which said generator .is
' tains a double gear' pump 35 comprising a ?rst
mounted with a bevel pinion operatively con
necting its shaft with the bevel gear on the main
- pair of gears 36 forming an oil pump proper, cou
shaft, said high and medium pressure com
pled‘with a further pair of gears 31 forming a
scavenging pump (Figs. 3 and 7 to 9). Both said 40 pressors mounted on the casing at opposite sides
of said main shaft and having pinion shafts
pairs of gears are driven through the interme
meshed with one of said other gearwheels, said
diary of a gear 38' meshed with a pinion 39 on
low pressure compressor and said hydraulic
the main shaft I 5.‘
being mounted at opposite sides of said
As‘shown in Fig. 7, the gears 3.6 suck oil from
main shaft on a wall of the casing remote from
the oil tank 40, whichmay be the oil tank of
the engine, through the pipe 4| and force same 45 the engine with pinion shafts meshed with one
of said other gearwheels, and lubricating means
through a pipe 44 in a lubricating circuit. The
comprising a depressed sump in the lower part
said circuit includes on the one hand conduits
‘ 45 adapted to supply the gears of the box itself
of said casing, a gear pump mounted on said re
mote wall of the casing and drawing lubricant
_and~further conduits 48 opening through faces
from said sump, said gear pump having a pinion
of the case of the box and connecting with cor 60
shaft meshed with another of said gearwheels
responding passages ,46' provided in the ?xing
on the main shaft, and lubricant passages lead
?anges of the ‘accessories 2, 3, 4', 5, which engage
ing to the regions of said gearwheels and pinions
with the front and rear faces of the box 6. The
from the output side of the gear pump.
pipe 44 is in communication with a spring pressed
relief valve 48 provided with an‘ over?ow pipe 49, 55 2. In a power plant for a vehicle or the like
involving anengine having a power take-off and
‘and through a pipe 49'_ (Figs. 3, 7 and 8) with a
companion accessories including 'a generator,
pressure gauge 80.
" , The oil which has lubricated the accessories
the gear box, together with the unused for the
lubrication of the gear box is sucked up at the
bottom of the case by the inlet pipe 52 of the
scavenging pump formed by the gears 31, and is
delivered through the pipe 53 to the oil tank .40.
The case of the gear box is thus kept relatively'.’
dry, thereby preventing a condition leading to
losses ofoil, which are particularly objectionable '
on board aircraft shown in accessories is ob- .
tained together with their driving.
In the modification of construction of Fig. 6,
high, low, and medium pressure rotary com
pressors, a rotary vacuum pump, and a rotary
hydraulic pump, the improvement of an assem
bly mounted on the vehicle adjacent to but in
dependently of-‘the engine for operatively sup
porting said accessories, said assembly compris
ing a casing having a transversely elongated
vertical wall on its side remote from the engine, a
depressed lower part forming a sump adjacent
to said vertical wall, and a slanting upper face
on its upper hart declining toward the engine,
a main substantially horizontal main shaft jour
intermediate the upper and lower portions
a swivel joint 59 is provided to support the end
of said casing, ?exible mean’s operatively con
of the drive shaft 12 at the entrance of the move
necting the adjacent end of the main shaft with
ment take-oil’ box 6. - The two male and female
the engine power take oil‘, said main shaft hav
parts are connected to each other by driving
splines 8| which allow them a slight‘transversei 75 ing a bevel gearwheel and other gearwheels
thereon, said generator being mounted on said
slanting face, a generator driving shaft connected
with the generator shaft and having a bevel :pin
ion meshed with the main shaft bevel gear, said
high and medium pressure rotary compressors
being mounted on the ends of the casing sub
erator, rotary compressors and the like, said unit
comprising a casing mounted on the vehicle in—
dependently of and adjacent to the engine, said
mounted on said vertical wall of the casing on
casing having an inclined upper generator‘
mounting face, a vertical wall remote from the
engine for mounting the compressors and the
like, and a depressed bottom forming a lubricant
sump, a main shaft journalled in the casing in
termediate its top and bottom and directed away
10, from and having its adjacent‘ end operatively
opposite sides of the middle of said vertical wall
. connected tothe engine power take-oil’, said main
stantially on a line with said main shaft and
having their shafts geared to one of said other
gearwheels on the main shaft, said low pressure
compressor and said hydraulic pump being
and having their shafts positioned laterally in
wardly of the high and medium pressure com-'
shaft having-a bevel gearwheel and ‘other gear
wheels, a generator driving shaft mounted vin
pressors and geared to one of said other gear
the casing on an incline and having a bevel pin
wheels on the main shaft, and a lubricant'rotary 15 ion atKits lower end meshed with said bevel gear
gear pump mounted on the lower part of said
wheel on the main shaft and a torque-limiting
‘vertical wall and within said sump and having
coupling at its upper end, said generator being
its shaft geared to another of said other gear
mounted on said inclined generator mounting '
wheels on the main shaft, said lubricant pump
face with its shaft operatively connected to the ‘
having its intake side communicating with said 20 generator driving shaft by said torque-limiting
sump, and conduit means on the walls of said
coupling, said rotary compressors and the like
casing and leading from the output side of the
being mounted on said vertical wall with-theirv
lubricant pump to the regions of the meshed
shafts extending substantially parallel to and.
gears and gearwheels.
geared to said other gear'wheels of the main shaft.
3. A unit for the separate moimting of the ac 25
cessories of a vehicle engine. including'its gen
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