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NOV- 12, 1946.
Filed Jan. 29, 1945
Patented Nov. 12, 1946
Carl E. Nordstrom, Evanston, Ill., assignor to Tele
type Corporation, Chicago, 111., a corporation of
Application January 29, 1945, Serial No. 575,137
1 Claim.
This invention relates to metal cutting tools
and more particularly to burring or counterbor
ing and countersinking devices.
The principal object of the invention is to pro
vide a metal cutting device for simplifying the
execution of certain metal cutting operations.
Another object of the invention is to provide
a burring tool which comprises a retractable cut
(01. 77-735)
A compression spring I 8 is positioned in the
recess 13 and is seated in spring seats [9 and 2|
in the shank II and element l4, respectively.
In this manner, the spring [8 normally tends to
eject the element I4 and. to maintain said ele
ment M in its protruded position, as shown in
Fig. 3. A collar 22 is adjustab-ly mounted on
shank H by means of a set screw 23.
Collar 22
ting element which is susceptible of being ejected
is provided with a groove 24 joining its central
by camming action automatically upon forcing 10 opening to receive the element l4. Collar 22
the tool into cutting position.
thus restricts or limits the movement of blade
Speci?cally, the burring tool comprising a
M. The edge of element [4 is appropriately
shank, cutting element, compression spring and
curved at 25 to provide a camming surface.
collar is clamped in a drill chuck or similar hold
In the operation of the arrangement according
ing device in a lathe or drill press. The piece part 16 to the invention, the pilot 26, forming the lower
to be burred is held in a suitable ?xture and
as the burring tool is piloted through the hole,
end of the shank II, is caused to be projected
through the hole to be burred. Then, as pres
sure is applied to shank H to force the blade
the edge of which is to be burred, the cutting
element is held in retracted position by a spring,
[4 further into the piece part [2, the blade l4,
compressed between the cutting element and the 20 due to the camming action between shoulder 27
shank portion. Then, as pressure is applied to
force the cutting element into the hole to be
of the piece part [2 and curved portion 25 of
blade M, will be cammed forward to the dotted
burred, the cutting element, due to the camming
position shown in Fig. 1, to countersink and
action between the edge of the hole and a round
“burr” the piece part l2 at 28. It is observed
ed corner of the cutting element, will be cammed 25 that thev collar 22 is independently adjustable
forward to countersink or counterbore the hole
along the shank I l and not only restricts or limits
in the piece part. With the device, according to
the movement of blade l2, but also, it gauges the
the present invention, countersinking or burring
depth of countersinking as determined by its po
operations which were heretofore inaccessible and
sition on the shank I I. By advancing or adjust
dllTlClllt of execution are rendered more readily 80 ing the collar 22 toward the end of the pilot 26,
the aperture in the piece part I2 is countersunk
The foregoing objects and features of the in
to a lesser degree than if the collar 22 were
vention will appear from the following detailed
shifted or adjusted in the opposite direction.
description taken in conjunction with the accom
The device according to the invention facilitates
panying drawing, in which
35 the burring of the inner sides of U-formed piece
Fig. 1 is an elevational view of the arrange
ment according to the present invention;
The embodiment described herein is considered
Fig. 2 is a top view of the device substantially
to be illustrative and not restrictive, and accord
as shown in Fig. 1, and
ingly, all modi?cations are contemplated which
Fig. 3 is a vertical sectional view taken approx 40 come within the spirit and scope of the appended
imately on line 3-3 of Fig. 2.
Having reference to the drawing, a spindle or
What is claimed is:
shank H is adapted to be clamped in a drill
In a burring tool, a rotatable cutter-carrying
chuck (not shown) or similar holding device in
member comprising a shank adapted to be in
a lathe or drill press. A U-formed piece part l2 45 serted through a hole in the work, a retractable '
to be burred is held in a suitable ?xture (not
cutter reciprocably mounted in a slot in said
shown), appropriately placed on the table of the
shank, said cutter provided with a cam contour,
drill press.
The shank H is recessed or slotted
at It! to receive, slidably therein, a cutting ele
a collar adjustably carried on said shank and
grooved to receive said cutter in retracted posi
ment or blade l4. Blade I4 is provided with a 50 tion, and spring means for yieldably retaining
forwardly attending portion I 5 which terminates
said cutter in said groove between said shank ‘
in a cutting edge l6, which portion extends
and said collar, said spring means thereby nor
through an aperture. IT in shank H which con
mally acting to retract said cutter and urge it- ‘
nects with the recess l3. Of course, the projec- ‘
against said collar, whereby upon the coopera
tion l5 may be round or square or of any geo 55 tion of said cam contour with said work when
metrical conformation. Furthermore, the cut
ting edge may be conformed or shaped to pro
duce a countersink, or it may be shaped to pro
duce a counterbore, if desired.
the tool is forced into cutting position said cut
ter is automatically ejected by the camming ac
tion between said cam contour and said work.
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