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NOV. 12, 1946.
H, s_ w||_|__|AMs
Filed Jan. 31, 1945
,0 (l V
10 a
Hoke S. William .9 .'
Patented :Nov. 12, 1946
. _ 2,410,914
Hoke S. Williams, St. Petersburg, Fla.
Application January 31, 1945, Serial No. stasis
' 6 Claims.
(01. 53-14)
My present inventi n, in its broad aspect, has
to do with improveme‘hts in supporting ear orna-
or other metal carrier frame 3, which may be of
Substantially S-shape construction as shown in
ments, and more particularly, it is my purpose to
Figure 2. The carrier ends 9 are bent back
provide a slightly springy supporting or carrier
against themselves to form guards, and an eye
frame which detachably ?ts into various forms of 5 I0 is formed by bending the material of the car
indentations in the anatomy of the ear. It will
rier frame over and around between the reverse
be noted on inspection of the exterior lobes of
curves I 0a of the s-formation. A C-shaped for
the ear that there are a number of-izfdentatlons
mation as shown in Figure 3 has a guarded end
or crevices, one of the principal ones being about ‘ l I and a gradually broadened ?attened body I 2
the ear canal, and I make use of this indentation 10 to which the ornament 6 is attached by a pin I 3,
and others to receive and mount my supporting
or a half-moon shaped ?attened body ll may.
frame for the ornament. The supporting frame
function as the carrier as shown in Figure , with
is formed of springy wire, plastic or other matethe pin l5 located midway between the e ds to
rial, and is shaped to conveniently ?t lndentamount the ornament 6. It will be noted t at this
tions of the ear. I do not wish to limit myself 15 form is relatively wide in .the middle [8 and is
u/ to particular shapes, although I have developed
curved at the bottom I‘! and top l8 and decreases‘
preferred and most practical shapes and forms.
in Width to the rounded o? ends I 9.
Other and equally important objects and ad-
From the foregoing, it is'believed that the op
vantages of my invention will be apparent from
eration and advantages of my invention will be
the following description and drawing, but it is to 20 apparent, but it is again emphasized that inter- '
be understood that changes in form, size, shape,
materials, construction and arrangement of parts
are contemplated by my broad inventive concept,
pretation of the scope of my invention should
only be conclusive when made in the light of the
Subjeined Claims.
and are within the scope and purview of the apIeleim!
pended claims.
25 1. An ear ornament. comprising a carrier frame
In the drawing wherein I have illustrated a - shaped to ?t into and be supported by indenta
preferred form of my invention:
tions in the anatomy of the ear
Figure 1 is a side view of a person wearing my
2- Ali ea!‘ Ornament. Comprising a curved eer
rier frame shaped to removably ?t into and be
Figure 2 is a. view of the supporting frame bent 30 supported by indentations in the anatomy of the
similar to an S-shaped con?guration.
Figure 3 is a view of a substantially c-shaped
3. An ear ornament, comprising a relatively
carrier frame construction. ‘
springy carrier body bent to form an ornament
Figure 4 is a view of a substantially half-moon
support and a curved part to removably ?t into
shaped carrier frame construction.
Figure 5 is a view of an ear with the c-shaped
as and be supported by indentations in the anatomy
of the ear.
carrier applied thereto, and
Figure 6 is a view of an ear with the half-moon
shaped carrier applied thereto.
4. The invention as de?ned‘in claim 3 wherein
the carrier body is substantially S-shaped in con
?guration with the ends bent to provide guards,
In the drawing wherein like characters of ref- 40 and the material of the body between the ends
erence are used to designate like or similar parts:
and between the lobes of the S-shaped con?gura
It will be noted that the anatomy of the ear
tion bent over and about itself to form an eye.
I includes a substantially C-shaped natural in5. The invention as de?ned in ‘claim 2 wherein
dentation 2 about and spaced from the ear canal,
the ‘carrier frame is substantially C-shaped.
and I have found this portion of the ear con- 45 6. The invention/as de?ned in claim 2 wherein
venient to use for the purposes of my invention,
the carrier frame is substantially half-moon
thereby avoiding puncturing the lobe of the ear
s aped.
the invention
includes a spring wire, or plastic
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