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N°V~ 12, 1946;
Filed Sept. 4, 1944
2' Sheets-Sheet 1
i H ! ijl '
I {:13 i ,5]
’ 115a v
Qeuben' A’. Ne/son
Wz'l/z'am 0. (Sm/7%
W- Leia
Nov. 12,1946.
- Filed Sept. 4, 1944
2 Sheets—Sheet 2
, (b) I.
Ffg.., 4.
. Reuben fl. Nelson
> William -O. Smiz‘h
Patented Nov. 12, i946
' 2,410,993
stares Parser orricE' '
‘Reuben A. Nelson, Sllgo Park Hills, and William
' 0. Smith, Silver Spring, Md.
Application September 4, 1944, Serial No. 552,664
(Cl. 1'l6—39)
(Granted under the m of March a, 1883, as
amended April 30,1928; 370 o. e. ‘357)
2 Claims.
This application is made under the act of March
3, 1883, as amended by the act of April 30, 1928,
and the invention herein described, it patented,
may be manufactured and used by or for the
or segments while they are heated to high tem
According to one embodiment of this invention,
these objects are attained by a ?lament-support
Government of the United States of America for
governmental purposes without the payment to
ing assembly comprising a standard (or pedestal
us of any royalty thereon.
This invention relates to a support for ?lament
ward from the stem, a crosspiece or bracket at
or arbor or rod) mounted upon or extending up
tached to the top of the standard and per
pendicular thereto, a main crossarm suspended
?laments in incandescent lamps, electron tubes, 10 from the bracket by a coiled spring and rotatable
in a vertical plane (11. e. about a horizontal axis
and other devices using ?laments.
through its point of support), two short crossarms
In a lamp of this sort where maximum radia
of electrically insulating refractory material such
tion- is desired at a uniform temperature, and it
as quartz, suspended from the ends of the main
is necessary to use a multiplicity of strands of
straight tungsten ?lament, all of these lying in a 15 crossarm after the manner of singletrees sup
assemblies and more particularly to a support for
ported by, or attached to, the ends of a'double
single plane and close together, it becomes quite
tree; and wire hook members of a highly refrac
difficult to form and. support the tungsten ?la
tory metal for suspending the multiple strands of
ment so that each of the segments is straight,‘
?lament from the ends of the insulating cross
of the same length and does not touch other seg
ments, and moreover remains in this condition 20 pieces.
Other objects, advantages, and features of this '
when heated to extremely high temperatures.
invention will appear more particularly from the
Due to the excessive expansion of the refractory
?lament when heated, means must be provided -' following description.
Referring to the drawings which form a part of
to compensate for this expansion which will not
at the same time introduce harmful and dele 25 this speci?cation:
elevation of a lamp
terious strains and distortion tending to shorten
illustrating a ?lament assembly support con
the life of the ?lament. It is desirable also that
structed according to this invention,
the supporting member be such as to provide a
Figure 2 shows another form of supporting
, means for straightening and aligning the several
structure embodying this invention such as could
segments of the ?lament, and maintaining such 80 be
used either in a lamp or in an electron-emit
straightening and alignment, after they have been
mounted and enclosed in a gas ?lled or an
ting device,
Figure 3 is a detail view of a simpli?ed modi
?cation of a portion of the supporting structure,
ing can best be done at very high temperatures,
which can be attained without damage to the lila 35 and
Figure 4 is a schematic elevation of modi?ca
ment only in a vacuum or inert atmosphere,
tion of the suspension assembly when more than
An object of this invention is to support a ?la
four points of support are required, (a) showing
ment comprising a single conducting element
points of support, and (b) showing 5 points.
formed into multiple loops or strands.
Referring now to the drawings in detail, like
Another object is to support a ?lament of this 40 parts
being designated by like reference num
type by an insulated tensioning member capable
bers, there is shown in Figure l a lamp l0 com
of distributing tension equally among all strands '
prising an enclosing envelope or bulb II having
evacuated envelope, inasmuch as such straighten
or loops of the ?lament.
a re-entrant stem l'2 ending in a press l3. Lead
A further object is to support the ?lament by an 45 ing-in conductors l4 and I5 extend through the
‘insulated member capable of compensating for
press from the base 16. Lead I5 is extended as
' the expansion of the ?lament upon heating it to
an arbor or supporting column or pedestal ll
high temperature, and keeping the separate
which is surmounted by a clamp collar l8 pro
strands uniformly taut but not under excessive
vided with a setscrew 19 for holding it rigidly to
unequal tension.
50 the pedestal and ‘also permitting a small ad
justment of the collar upward or downward on ‘
Still another object is to provide a means for
the pedestal. The collar is drilled to hold a sup
straightening the ?lament after it has been.
porting rod or crosspiece 20 perpendicular to the
mounted, sealed into an envelope (or bulb), and
, pedestal and secured by a setscrew 2!. _A spot
evacuated or surrounded by inert gas, by apply
ing a small, uniform tension equally to all strands 55 weld construction may also be used. Suspended‘
from this support is the resilient self-equalizing
?lament-supporting member by means or which
which. may be ?xed hooks as in Figure 1 or alter
nately' as shown in Figure 2 may be another
system similar to the upper suspension system
comprising a spring 35 supporting rocker arm
36 at a point dividing it into segments whose
lengths are in the ratio 1:2. suspended from
molybdenum, capable ofvretaining its resiliency
at high temperatures, supported from the cross
the end of, the short segment by means of a
wire hook member islan insulating crossarm 31,
piece 20, and supporting from its lower end the
centrally supported and carrying at its ends
rocker arm 23, the point of support in this em
bodiment being at the center of the rocker arm. 10 wire hook members 38 which support segments
of the ?lament. Suspended from the long end
Supported from each ‘end of the rocker arm 23,
of rocker arm 36 through an insulating glass or _
by means'of wire hook members 24, universally
all parts of the ?lament are maintained under
uniformly equalized tension. This comprises a
helical spring 22 of ‘a refractory metal, such as
movable at the point of support, is a crossarm
25 of an insulating material such as quartz,
likewise universally movable about its central
point of support. Supported from each end of
the insulating crossarm are the wire hook mem
ceramic head is a third wire hook supporting
the third loop segments of ‘?lament.
Various modi?cations may be made in the ap
plication of this invention to incandescent lamps, '
electron discharge tubes, or other similar devices
without departing from the scope and spirit
bers 26. The attachment of the wire hook’ mem
bers 24 and 28- to the insulating crossarm 25
of this invention as de?ned in the appended
may be accomplished by forming grooves at its 20
center and end in a suitable manner such as
Having thus described our invention, what is
claimed is:
by grinding, the wire hook members 26 being
l. A support for ?lament assemblies having a
then looped loosely about grooves and fastened
plurality of segments of the type which are
by twisting the loose ends about the standing
mounted in sealed envelopes, which comprises
a standard mounted in said envelope, a crossarm
A ?lament 2'! of a refractory metal, such as
yieldably supported on said standard and rotat
tungsten, is suspended between the hooks 26, the
able about an axisthrough its point of support
leading-in conductors l4 and I5, and the ?xed
perpendicular to the plane of the ?lament seg
supporting hooks 28.
In the modi?cation of the ?lament-supporting 30 ments, insulating members supported from each
end of and lying in the same plane as said cross
structure embodying this invention shown in
arm and universally movable with respect to said
Figure 2, a collar 30 surrounding the re-entrant
crossarm, said members being rotatable in said
stem I 2 of the tube I I, and clamped to vsaid stem,
by some means such as bolts, supports the ver
plane in the manner of a singletree, hook mem
tical standards 3 I, connected at their upper ends 35 bers arranged on said insulating members for
supporting one end of said segments, said cross
by the crosspiece 32. Supported from said cross
arm, insulating members and hook members be
piece 32 is the self-compensating, ?lament-sus
ing assembled all in one plane after the manner
pension device comprisirig spring 22, rocker arm
of singletrees attached to a multiple tree, and
23, wire hook or link members 24, insulating cross
arm 25 and wire ?lament-supporting hooks 26. 40 hook members mounted in said envelope to sup
port the other end of said segments.
The transverse insulating guide block 33 is sup
2. A support for ?lament assemblies having a
ported on the vertical standards 3|, and is pro
plurality of segments of the type which are
vided with vertical slots 34 through which pass
mounted in sealed envelopes, which comprises a
the wire hook-members 26. Guide block 33 is
positioned about midway between they point of 45 standard mounted in said' envelope, a crossarm
yieldably supported on said standard, insulating
attachment of wire hook members 26 to insulat
members universally mounted at each end of said
ing crossarms 25 and the ?lament-supporting
crossarm, hook members arranged on said in
hook at their extremities. The long axes of
slots 34 are parallel to the long axis of the guide
sulating members for supporting one end of said
block and to the plane of the ?laments, thus 50 segments, said crossarm, insulating members and
hook members being assembled all in one plane
restricting horizontal ‘lateral motion but per
mitting su?icient horizontal longitudinal displace
after the manner of a multiple singletree, and
ment in order to allow the necessary adjusting
hook members mounted in said envelope to sup
action to occur. The ?lament is suspended be-'
port the other end of said segments.
tween the hooks 2B and the leading-in conduc 55
tors l4 and I5 and a lower suspension system
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