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' Nov. 12, 1946.
Filed May 11, 1944
“W\ \
. Wolff‘.
Herman G0 ?es/nan
Patented Nov. 12, 1946
Barry S. Wol?, Millington, and Herman
GOttéSII'IIB/I‘I, Park Ridge, N. J.
Application May 11, 1944, skit-i511
1 claim. (01. 229-453)
This invention relates to a knock-down recep
resisting paper ‘which w111~ prevent or retard
tacle which is intended as a receptacle for re
seepage into the receptacle and thereby prevent
ceiving waste material and it is one object of
its deterioration.
the invention to provide a receptacle which is
Another object of the‘ invention is to provide
formed of sheet material and consists of a body 5 a receptacle which may be manufactured at low
formed from a single blank and a back or rear
cost and sold at a; low price.
wall, the blank being stamped paper, or other
Another object of the invention is to provide a
suitable sheet material, and folded to form the
receptacle of knock-down construction which
body which then has the rear wall applied to it.
may be very easily assembled or set up. for use
Another object of the invention is to provide 10 without the use of adhesives, tools or other ac’
the receptacle with a body formed from a blank
of sheet material which may be supplied to the
The invention is illustrated in the accom
user in flat condition and set up for use when
needed. It will thus be seen that a large num
ber may be packed for shipment in a small pack
panying drawing wherein:
Figure 1- is a perspective view of the improved
age and stacked upon a shelf by the user until
Figure 2 is a sectional view taken vertically
through the receptacle.
Another object of the invention is to provide
the body with integrally united walls and top
and bottom ~which are foldable to a set-up posi
Figure 3 is a view looking down upon the rec‘ep-l tacle with the top or cover in a raised or opened
tion and held by tongues engaged through com
Figure 4‘ is a view of the blank from which the
panion slots, the tongues of the side walls be
body of the receptacle is formed.
ing so formed that when they are passed through
slots in the rear wall they will not be liable to
Figure 5 is‘ a' view of the sheet forming the
rear wall of the receptacle.
slip out of place.
Another object of the invention is to pro
vide a top or cover'which is mounted for swing
ing movement to opened andclosed positions,‘
the rear wall being provided with a tongue for en
gaging over the free end of the top and releas
ably holding it closed.
Another object of the invention is to provide
a receptacle into which is disposed an inner re
ceptacle in the form of a bag formed of liquid
resisting paper and thus permit wet waste to be
dropped into the inner bag where it will be en
closed without danger of liquid leaking from the
Another object of the invention is the pro
duction of a receptaclefor waste disposal, this
receptacle being formed of suitable sheet mate;
This improved’ receptacle is intended as a re:
cépt'acle" for’ waste matter and has a body pro
vide'df with a front wall I, side walls 2, a bottom
3 ends; top or cover 4.‘ These elements are
formed fr'ofr'i a single blank o‘fip'aper or other
suitable sheet material, and referring to Figure 4,
it will? be seen- that the portions forming the side
walls‘of the‘? receptacle are at opposite sides of
the portion forming; the front wall and folded
along the lines 5 which are‘ aligned with the side
edges of the top 4 and the’ bottom 3. There have
also been provided- fold lines 6‘ and ‘i in order
that? the top and the‘ bottom may be readily‘ folded
to the position ofFigure' 2. Tongues 8 project
nee-i side edges of the bottom 3 in spaced rela
tion to the free end thereof and the side walls
25 are‘ formed with! transverse slits 9 alignedwith
rial which may be die cut, or other material
the fold line 1 so that when the bottom is folded
that may be molded into the several integral parts
upwardly and the side walls inwardly, the tongues
of said receptacle.
8 may be passed through the slits or slots!) and
Another object of the invention is to so ar 45 then downwardly against outer faces of the side
range the various parts as to form a rigid struc
walls to hold the side walls and the bottom in
ture when in assembled condition.
cooperative relation to each other. The fold line
Another object of the invention is to provide
1 is o?set upwardly with respect to lower edges
a receptacle which may be packed and shipped
of the side walls so that when the bottom is
in a dismantled condition, thereby using mini 50 folded upwardly to its set-up position for use,
mum space for packing, storing and shipping.
the lower portions of the side walls will extend
Another object of the invention is to provide a
downwardly from the bottom and thus support
receptacle which may be formed of non-strategic
the bottom spaced upwardly from a surface upon
materials and used in combination with an inner
which the receptacle rests. By having the inner
container or liner, the latter being made of liquid
side edges ID of the lower ends of the side walls
spaced from side edges of the bottom 3, the bot
tom may be folded into position for use without
catching against the side walls and bending
The rear wall or back H is formed separate
from the rest of the receptacle and is also formed
of paper or other suitable sheet material of the
type used for the blank from which the rest of
the receptacle is formed.
waste matter which is simple in construction,
capable of being formed of paper or other sheet
material and packed and shipped in ?at knocked
down condition, and assembled or erected by the
user without the use of tools and securely held
in its erected condition without the use of adhe
sives, stickers, or other accessories. While the
receptacle is preferably formed of paper, it may
be formed of plastics or any sheet material found
This rear wall is of
greater width than the front wall and also of 10 suitable and the blank from which it is formed,
may be moulded or stamped or otherwise cut
greater height than the side walls so that when
from sheets of the material used.
While there has been illustrated and described
a preferred embodiment of the invention, it is
to be understood that various changes in con
struction and arrangement of parts, such as come
withinv the scopev of the claim, may be made
without departing from the spirit of the inven
it is applied, its side portions project laterally
from the side walls and its upper portion pro
jects upwardly from the top and side walls. This
rear wall is formed in spaced relation to its side
edges with longitudinal slits or slots '12 and near
its lower end with a transverse slot [3 midway
its width. The lower slot or slit l3 receives a
tongue 14 formed midway the width of the rear
Having thus described the invention, what is
end of the bottom 3 and when this tongue is 20
claimed is:
passed through the slot l3, it is bent downwardly,
A receptacle of the character described com
as shown in Figure 2, to ?rmly hold the rear end
prising a blank of sheet material having upper
of the bottom against the inner surface of the
and lower portions and side extensions between
rear wall. Tongues i5 project from the rear
edges of the side walls for engagement through 25 the upper and lower portions, said blank being
folded across inner ends of the upper and lower
the slots l2 and these tongues have depending
portions and along inner ends of the side exten
?ngers l6 which overlap the outer face of the
sions to form a front wall and a top and a bot
rear wall below the slots and prevent the tongues
tom for the receptacle and side walls having
from slipping inwardly out of the slots. There
front ends integral with side edges of the front
fore, upper and lower portions of the side walls
wall, the side walls having lower end portions
will be ?rmly anchored to the rear wall or back
projecting downwardly from the bottom at op
II and prevented from becoming accidentally
posite sides thereof, tongues extendinglaterally
detached therefrom. Between the upper tongues
from opposite side edges of the bottom and pass
I5 and midway the width of the rear wall, a
transversely extending tongue I‘! is struck from 35 ing outwardly through slits formed transversely
of the side walls in alignment with the lower end
the rear wall and since this tongue has its upper
of the front wall and bent ?at against the outer
end integrally united with the rear wall, it may
be inwardly and upwardly to a position in which
surfaces of the side walls to secure the bottom
it will engage over the free rear end of the top
at its side edges to the side walls,Aa rear wall
or cover and releasably hold the cover closed 40 formed of sheet material and having its upper
end portion and its side edge portions projecting
as shown in Figures 1 and 2. The fact that the
front end of the cover is integrally united with
beyond the rear edges of the top and the side
the upper end of the front wall causes it to have
walls, the bottom having a tongue extending from
hinged connection with the front wall and per
its rear end and passing through a slit formed
mits it to be swung upwardly to an opened posi
transversely of the lower end portion of the rear
tion and then back to its closed position when
wall and bent ?at against the rear face of the
material is to be deposited in the receptacle.
rear wall, the side walls having tongues extend
This receptacle is formed of paper or similar
ing from their rear edges and passed through
sheet material which is pervious to water and
vertical slits in side edge portions of the rear
Therefore, when the receptacle
is in use, a bag or equivalent inner containerv [8
formed of waxed paper or other liquid-proofed
material is placed within the receptacle to re
ceive material deposited therein. Since liquid
cannot pass through the inner container, it can
not leak through the bottom or walls of the main
receptacle. When the inner container is filled,
it may be removed and another inserted, or it
may be discarded together with the main recep
I have, therefore, provided a receptacle for
wall and formed with depending ?ngers engag
ing the rear face of the rear wall to hold rear
edges of the side walls in close contacting en
gagement with the rear wall, and a tongue struck
from the upper portion of the rear wall and free
along its sides and lower end and bent forwardly
across its upper end for engaging over the rear
end of the top and securing the top in closing
relation to the upper end of the receptacle.
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