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Nov. 12, 1946.
. GE
NGV. 12, 1946.
Filed Dec. 22, 1945
2 Sheets-Sheet 2
Patented Nov. 12, 1946
Richard G. rIlurner,Worcester, Mass., assignor to
Crompton & Knowles Loom Works,_,Worceste1-,
Mass., a corporation of Massachusetts ` .
Application December 22, 1945, Serial'Ño.V 6v3ii`i9'44
26 claims. (C1. 13a-255iv
chute until‘the receiver has been `moved for
This invention relates
. - 1tol improvements in re
eeivers for spent bobbins in weft replenishing
looms and it is> the general> object of the inven
tion to provide a simple and conveniently ma
wardly a 4safe distance.
When a flexible cloth bag of large bobbin hold
ing capacity is used itis found that the bobbins
cause it to bulge and project into the path of
nipulated bobbin receiver including in its con
struction a flexible' bobbin holding`bag.
the picking mechanism which is ordinarily lo
cated immediately behind the bag. It is a fur
ther ob‘je'ct of my present invention to provide'a
looms 4spent or exhausted bobbins are expelled
guard jwhich keeps the back part of the bobbin
downwardly from the la'y and mustbe collected
in a receiver or the'- like to prevent scattering 10 bag from projecting into thepath of operation
of the picking mechanism; >This guard maybe
over the floor. It"has` been customary in the
either a part independent of- theA bag and held
past to collect these `bobbins in large unwieldy
on the rbag support, orf it may be built into the
'metal cans which have not> only been expensive
bag' in' the form of» a reinforcing stiff plate for
in construction but Ihave been diiìcult to handle
»During lthe operation‘iof' weft replenishin'g
when being emptied of an accumulation of spent
the back Wall¿of»~the bag;
bobbins.` It is an important object of my pres
When a cloth bag isï-inverted for the purpose
of emptying it may be diñìcult to get all the
_ `ent invention to provide a simpleV form of sup
bobbins out of the bagï due to sagging of its bot- '
porting frame from which a bobbin receiving
tom-_ It is another object of the present inven
bag is suspended and mount the frame so that
it can be readily' removed andinverted by the 20 tion to'provide reinforcements for' the corners
of the bag so that the latter will be braced against
attendant when the receiver is being emptied.
Weft replenishing looms ordinarily include in
sagging when inverted.“
directed bobbin chuteY along which'the bobbins
. '
With these and other objects in view' which
their construction the downwardly and forwardly
' will appear'A as the description proceeds, my in
descend as they are expelled from the depleted 25 »vention resides in -the combination and arrange
-ment'of parts hereinafter 4described and set forth.
The bobbin receiver
mouthì must ex- ,
` In- the accompanying drawings, wherein two
tend behind the‘forward limit of the path of
forms» of my invention` areïset forth,
movement of the chute to insure proper entry of
the bobbins into> the receiver.'l Because of this
fact it is desirable to construct the receiver in`
such manner that it must iirst be moved forward
Fig. l is a front elevationfof part of a loom,
showing the preferrëdïform 4of the invention in
normal position,
tion of arrow 2, Fig.r 1,
said frame around which the-latter can be swung 35
>line 3_3, Fig. 1„ »
forwardly in "advance of the path of the-chute,
after which the I receiver can be removed from
itsl support.
It is another object of my present invention ,
Fig’. 2 is a side elevationlooking> in the direc
ly` clear ofthe path of the chute before it can be
raised, and it is another object of my present in
vention to provide> a pivotal? support for the afore
Fig.A 3` is an enlarged horizontal section on
Fig. 4 is a front- elevation looking in the direc
tion of arrow 4, Fig. 3,v partsl being` omitted,
Fig. 5 is a vertical section on line 5_5, Fig.` 4,
Fig. 6 is a plan AView looking in` the direction
fto support the aforesaid frame in such >manner 40 of arrowïI-ì, Figi'. 1»,
A Fig.` '7 is an' enlarged vertical section on line
that the weight of the bag and frame will-be
'1_-'1,` Fig. 6,
so disposedas to hold the receiver 4normally in
Figs. ß and 9 are diagrammatic views showing
bobbin receiving position. This result I accom
the manner-of handling there‘ceiverwhen it is
plish by means of a stationary loom carried sup
port having a stop bar to engage part-‘ofV then 45 to beA emptied of bobbins.
` .
Fig. 10 is a View similar to part'` of Fig. 2 show
aforesaid frame and hold the bobbin receiving
mouth in normal position.
ing the modified form of the invention, and
Fig. 1l is ‘a horizontal section on line II--I I,
In order to prevent undesirable accidental for
ward movement of the receiver it is a further
object of my invention to provide a form of 50 Referring to the' drawing’si,Y the loom frame lo
supports a lay I‘I» provided with a shuttlebox I2
yielding'> lock which will hold `the framework in
`its normal rearward position. The lock not only ' from which depends a bobbin chute I3. During
normal loom operation the lay reciprocates back
assists gravity to hold the Í‘éc'e'ivèrí? bobbin re
wardly and forwardly and causes the chute to
ceiving position but also prevents upward move
ment of ’the receiver `toward the para of mets traverse a, given path under the shuttle box.
Weft replenishing operations will ordinarily occur
lformed of resilient sheet material and is secured
at 5I to the cross bar 28 of frame I5. This lock
called front center, at which time the spent or
has upper and lower prongs 52 and =53Vthe for
depleted bobbins will be expelled downwardly
ward free ends of which are shaped as indicated>
from the shuttle S and will be guided along the 5 in Fig. 5 so- that cross Ibar 33 will normally lie
chute I3 in a generally forwardly and down
between the prongs 52 and 53 but can pass be
tween the free ends of the prongs when moving
wardly directed path.. My presentinventionreh’
forwardly or backwardly.` While I have shown
lates to improved preferably removableïmeans
for receiving and collecting the spent bobbins.
two of these prongs, it should be borne in mind
Referring more particularly to Figs. 1 and§2 ,1.0, that the bottom prong 53 can be omitted, but the
the loom frame has projecting therefroma .supupper. prong is desirable for a reason which will
appearzlpresently. Whatever specific form the
port I5 secured to the loom frame> asatîjljß andA »
when the lay is at its foremost position or on so
’yieldinglock 50 takes it should have some re- '
having a horizontal bottom member I'I extending ’
silience and shouldpreferably extend over and
inî'contact with a ‘cross bar 33 when frame F is
recess I8. The member I1 has on the> front side
seated inthe recess I8 as shown in Fig. 2.
. thereof an upwardly and forwardly >flared >lip or ¿ l , _ A*Under normal conditions the receiver will be in
to the right away from the loomfframe as viewed '
in Fig. l and formed withan upwardly-'opening
the yposition shown in Figs. 1 and 2 and the up
wardlyffacing mouth of Vthe bag designated at
tongue I9 to provide the recess I8 with a widened
mouth. Formed as part of the support~l5--and-
located above thel member I'I is a cross bar 28 20 M will be positioned to receive bobbins B’ as they
extending` horizontally andlpreferablyl parallel to
descend- alongthe _chute «I3 incident to replenish
the member I 'I. Right and` left'end guides 2|
and 22fare formed- onthe support I5 adjacent to
the endsof the .recess`I8 foi-.a purpose tovbe
ing operations-of the loom., ,'When‘it is desired
to empty Ythe `bag‘of its accumulation of _spent
bobbinagthe attendant will grasp the v`cross tube
or bar 32with one Yhand and rock the frame and
The ...bobbin kreceiver Rpcomprises two main
parts, the- metallic frame'Frand the cloth'bag B.
bag forwardly orjto the left' as'viewed in Fig. 8
during which operation the supportrmember l2‘Il of
the ¿frame F will rock4 in _the recess> I8 as by a
Theframe F maybelformedof a long piece of
tubeb'ent to appropriate form to take the shape
shown in Figs. .1; vand 2. [When so formed the u
pivotal action. After> the frame has been moved
forwardly from the ,position of Fig. 2V to that
frame will havegvertical side> members 25 and 26
shown in Fig-8 the crosslbar Y33 will be in front
.locatedrespectively at the right and left as viewed
of the upper prong" 52, the frame may then be
from-„the front, ofthe .ljoomrand‘ joined at their '
lifted entirely free- of thesupportl5 to the posi
bottomsby'` a horizontal` supporting member 21
tion indicated in_Fig. 9. The attendant will then
integral with the side members._ The upper ends .35 grasp either the bar 33 or the cross member 21
with his other hand and invert the‘bag` for the
>of. theside memberslìEv-and 26 project rearwardly
purpose of emptying the bobbins into a box or
from 4the front of-'the receiver to form down
wardlyl and backwardly inclined >arms 38 and 3l,
»the _like not shown moved from loom to loom for
respectively, Vthe rear ¿ends of which are prefer
lthe purpose. During this emptying operation the
ably-freed. The side >members are joined near` l¿cords 46 and 48 dueto theirsupport by the'cross
bar 3,3¿wil1-„hold the bag against collapsing and
¿their `upper endsl vby a _cross , tube ,32; secured to
the members 25 and 26, and -a-second; Cross tube
will permit Vthe bobbins to move out of the mouth
.or lbar33 also securedto themembers 25 and
of the .bagwheinr the latter is inverted. Bar 2'I is
.26; is s_o located as to extend alongl and infront »
then reinserted into the recess I8 and the receiver
.ofthe >cross bar, 20v of thesupport frame I5 when f
»swung rearwardly so that cross Ybar 33 will pass
_the parts areV in'lfthej‘position shown in Fig. _42.
_under the top resilient prong 52 and be held by
The guides V2| and '221;position the side members
25 and 26, respectively, to locatejthe frame as
- v. It willbe apparent from Fig. 2 that when the
,shown in Fig.- 1-. f Additional forwardly'extending
receiveris innormal Yposition> thegreater part of
it against the cross bar’2ll.
,guides Y23> on support vl S'may'beiprfëvíded t0 brace 50 itsv'weight is behind the `cross barl 28 and the
the side members above the guides‘¿2I- and 22. -
vThebag B maygbamade of suitable durable
fabric and has right andfjleft sides-_35 and 36„a
_receiver,¿ therefore tends tonremain‘inV `position
with the support` member 2.1¿in1recess I8, .bar 3,3
.againstbar 28, and lateral- movement is prevented
.back wall 3.1 and Va `front wall 38.~ These walls
,by stops 2| andl22. -QFurther'more,. crossbar‘33is
are connected at their bottoms toaïflatstrip of 55 held ¿against thel bar 20 by the prong I52.v ,
»sheet materialserving-,as a floorv 39 for the bag.
The lioor,_may_„b,e cemented or otherwise secured
.tothe several walls of the bag. ‘
„5.3 ¿lrrorderfto insure proper entryof- the bobbins
into- the bag the mouth M mustproject «behind the
forward part of the path traversed bythe chute.
The topsëof the right and Yleft-walls 35 and 3S
¿Because-of this fact «damage might >result if the
are provided with hems 40 through, whichare öoyrveceiver were liftedy straight up from the position
slipped the‘ arms l3B and 3|. Thefront wall 38
«shown in Fig. 2. ¿ To prevenirsuch movement the
is provided with eyelets and grommets 42 through
which extend attaching- cords 43 wrapped around
theimembers 25 anç126 preferably below> the upper
Aupper prong made long enough to require the
,frame Fito be-swung forwardly to a position where
„all Vpartsrof the receiver Will.=be forward of said
cross bar 32 and then knotted.` The outer wall >65 path before thereceiver can .be raised.V The up- \
v35` andv frontv wall 38 adjacent-,the forwardright
Aper part of the back wall of the bag extends freely
endfof 'the bag are provided with a pair of grom
between the arms 38 and 3|` and is flexible so that
.mets 45; through> which extends ¿a ¿short flexible
cord 45 tied around vertical side member 2,5 under
itl will not be damaged if accidentally struck by
¿the chute. -fThe'center around which the receiver
cross bar 33. v_In similarmanner the inner or left 'I0-is swung is low enough so that when «the arms> 30
wallzSß `and front wall38 are provided with grom
and -3 I_»swing forwardly their ‘upward motion'vwill
mets 41 through which extends another flexible
vbe» alongarcs .below thel path ofthe bobbin chute.
4cord'48 tied around side member 26 under cross
As‘previously mentioned the cloth bag tends to
.bar 33.`
`A yielding lock*- designated generally 'at_1,50 -is
`bulge at_~the-bottom thereof due to Vthe weightof
wah-e @aanslaat-.ghe picker-mechanismmdi.
byitlíose‘skilled ` in the“ art‘wîthout depart:>
nig >im jure spirit ancjgscnipe "of tne‘inyenticnanc
" ' `“
tdbejnmite'd tothe' detaiis‘hërei‘n'
twnat‘ï dlaix‘?is:
„ Y
Ia weit' reple‘nisning loom from >vi‘ïhiich" de;
ïobhinsf‘are'discharged, a' bobldin `receiver
¿ " s id" bobhirí's, .a support secured tol the loo'm‘,
a; _
¿Jn-the "sulll?lort> and eiàte?din'g
„,- upwardly
pended fromY
the upperpart
a nloólobin of
y receiving"
bag" and
hanging* downwardly therealong, and"m`eahs"tó
resistswayingjof the lower part of the bag> dur?
ing,- loom operation»4
¿eine Prefer?sdferlii Qiteè. diei/@eti,6.1.1,ßlil?e'fid'y4 is
described the nflexibilityof the hagmakesdesiralole
sedfauaf-. §9- I- §10» f1.9.. wish. .heuer/jef? ieee'
d, to .the use# thè'. .guard .there ieî‘iëf, .2Q
possible to uild the guard into the bag
„ iin, ne mangaring ce ¿para
set ferais rigs ,1Q adn. ,1111 tris modiñed foîrin
2*: In a weft replenishing‘` loom `from which
depletedibo‘bbins are-discharged,- a bobbin receiver
for said bobbins, a >support ñxed to the` lower
part of thefloom, a frame mounted; on said sup
port and extending upwardly therefrom;` a ‘bobbin
receiving flexible bag supportedat the upper end
20 thereof to said’frame and extendingI downwardly
therealong, and meansl connecting the low-:r` part
of the' bag to said frame to resist swaying‘of _said
fihebeeßë haelelliliìeieîie Het Platë
.. h_lcil’is remediate@ side Walls 6l and 68
bag ’during loom
«nih „rag“ ßäasinqlicaœdailßs in.
1;-, Piate
@einen errerdlva steigen@ distance 110er@
ieeiihe has from the' D'idietmeßhanìsïñ‘ arid in
barrow/idee to keep the has Hom. sagging .out 0f
shape when being turned horizontallydand then
Vëïiììçäll? dllïlïng. the...emptyìllgßpemrî?m- „The
rear parts‘vof `theiloag _will he reinforced. by the
aîeresaid ,plete 65„ bili in, Offler i@ reie'fefeéthe
freek-ef @aber I .Provi/.fie We ,Ve’rtïëal reds m;
n ` _l y
forwardly to a position in which said mouth is
forward of said path.
0 `
4. In aweft replenishing loom» having a bobbin
discharging chute traversing a given back and
one for each ofthe _frontlcorners oi the pag' as
sliownmore particularly irrFig. l1. These rods
'ltì`_arebheldf"inlthe' front cornersof'y the bag by
stitchingM 'll _and erâtend" fortheug'reater part yof
the height or the `pagA along the vertical' members
25'fan'd` 26 and’in position to' engaget'hb` cross bars
_jpinifggjjnie’se members' when; `the tag' ijs“ turned
discharging chute traversing a given hack-A and
forth path,` a support'secured to the lower part
oi the loom, a bobbin receiver -having a’pobbin
receiving mouth normally.4 extending under- the
forward part ci said path; and means constitut
ing a horizontal pivotal connection between the
supportand the lower part of the receiveraround
which the upper part of thereceiver-` i’s‘movable
evii’ect serves the same function as the guard Wall
,. „Itisfiesirableihei some formßf reinforcement
operation.- „_
3. In a weft replenishing loom having a bobloin
forth path, a support secured to- the loom,‘ a
bobbin receiver having a mouth normally ex
tending ‘under the forward part of said path, said
support and receiver having cooperating nparts
forming a pivotalmounting around, which the
receiver is movable forwardly and said pivotal
mounting permitting upward moveme-nt of the
to a horizontalîposition‘during `the"er?lptying op'
erat'ioh. It willïîoe obvious that when the“ guard
_ receiver, and a guarden said support overhang
ing part of said receiver, said guard overhanging
said part during forward pivotal movement of the
receiver Ito prevent upward movement of `the re
ceiver until the mouth of the latter is forward
' >iájrcrjm the fóre'goin'g it' will begs-een that; have Y.
provided a simple‘forni of'bobhiñ receiver wherein to
the' frame F supports the bohloin receiving bag B
in bobbin receiving position.v The receiver is;4 how
ever, readily removahle from the support |5`when
the' b'a‘g‘is te be'empuea‘of hobbies'. n wiu‘aiso be
of said path.
5. In a weft replenishing loom having a bobbin
discharging chute traversing a given back ‘and
for-th path, a support secured to the loom having
an upwardly opening recess therein, a bòlòbín
receiver mounted on saidfsupport and having a
seen that the- side 'members' 25 and 2B extend verti 55 part thereof entering said recess and defining
with the `latter >a pivotalconnection between the
cally and are iorwarduoïf the center of gravity of
receiver and support around which said receiver
isv movable pivotally in_a forward direction, said
" pivotal connection permitting upward movement
thefreceiver‘ asa whole ‘andför‘ this reason there
n r tends" by its weight'lto’ remain in the posi
ti shown in Fig. 2.` Furthermore, the resilient
prong `52 notl only serves as a resilient lock to hold
the receiver inV normal position but also resists
upward movement of the‘receiver'un'til the re‘
60‘ oi the receiver, and a guard on said support over
hanging another part of said receiver when the
latter is in normal position, said guard over
hanging said other part during forward 'pivotal
movement of the receiver until the latter is for
chute I`3`.' It will also be noted that the bag is at
Vt'àîc'lied vto the 'frame F‘by cords 46 and 48 in such 65 ward of said path, after which said 4receiver can
ceiver is forward of the path traversed by the
mannerlas'to be held against collapsing when in
vìë?te'dlfor the‘pur‘pose of emptying bobbins. The
"h msj‘llß'tendîbygravity to slide down the arms’3û
be lifted from said support and clear of said
guard and path.
6. In a wei-t replenishing loom having> a bobbin
ça' Ad‘31’andkeep thernouth of the .bag open. The f discharging chute traversing a Agiven back and
guards ßû'andßiì keep the hag'irom bulging rear 70 forth path, a support `secured to the lower part
of the loom in ñxed position with respect to
wardly into the path of .the picker mechanism,
said path, a bobbinreceiver, the lower part there
.af the/_reinforcing rods 1D prevent sagging of
ag when it isv inverted,` ` `
ng thus‘described my `invention it _will be `
of and said support cooperating to mount the
receiver for forward pivotal movement of>` the
seen that’ change's‘a‘nd‘moïdiñcatíons may b’e‘made 75 upper part of the receiver from normall position
thereof, said `receiver being so disposed when in
the> _upper part >of `each side member extending
normal-positionthat the center of gravity there
l rearwardly from the` front of .the receiver,»_a_bàig
ofltends tofmove .said receiver toward said path,
suspended from , the Y arms,` Across bar means lclon
and stop means on'_saidgsupportmengagingYsaid
necting said >side members, and- attaching'means
receiver tolimit rearward movement thereof.
for the bagV passing around said -Vside‘yinembers `
, ’ 7. _In a weft replenishing loom having a bobbin
and _under said cross-bar means.-
-1 »
discharging, chute traversing a given _back and
forthpath, a support secured to the loom in fixed
100m, aframe at the front of the receiver having
positio-nwith respect to said path, a bobbin re
a substantially horizontal bottom member con'
.14. In a bobbin receiverfor a weft replenisliing`
ceiver having a part thereof mounted on-said 10 nected at> each end thereofto an fupwardly'te'x
support for movement of the ‘receiver’ forwardly
tending side member from which an arm» extends
from the normal position thereof, said“receiver
downwardly and rearwardly from'the front of
beingso disposed when in normal position that
the receiver, a bag suspended from said arms,-a`
the center of gravity thereof tends to move said
crossbar extending Vbetween said side members
receiver toward said path, stop means on said 15 adjacent to the bottom member, a second ’cross
support engaging said receiver to limit rearward
movement thereof, and resilient means on said
support normally engaging said receiver and
tending'to hold the'latter in position'to engage
lsaid stop means.
bar extending between said members> adjacent
saidV arms, and means attaching said bag to- said
frame including holding elements located 'adja
cent the bottom of the bag and passing under
20 the flrst‘named cross bar and other holding ele
'I 8, In a weft replenishing loom having a bobbin
ments located adjacent the top "of the bag and
discharging chute `traversing a given back and
forth path,~ a stationary support fixed to the
passing under the second named cross bar.V
overhanging a part of said receiver and tending
from said arms and located rearwardly of said
15. >In a bobbin receiver for a weft repleni'shing
' loom, a bobbin receiver having a mouth extend
loom, a substantially horizontal bottom member,
ing iinder’aY part of said path, means on said 25 a side member extending upwardly Valong the
receiver and support constituting a pivotal
front of the receiver, from each end of the bottom
mounting around which said receiver is movable
member, an arm extending rearwardly from each
forwardly, and a yielding guard on said support
side member, a bobbin receiving bag suspended
normally `to hold said receiver in normal position 30 side members, and means attaching the forward
and effectiveA during forward pivotal movement
part of said bag to the upper and lower parts
ofthe receiver to overhang said part until after
said, mouth has moved to a position forward of
said path.
of said side members.
16. A bobbin receiver for a weft replenishing
_ loom provided with a support having a guard
9. In a weft replenishing loom, a support fixed 35 thereon, said receiver comprising a substantially
with respect to the loom, a bobbin receiver
horizontal bottom member formed for mounting
mountedon s_aid support for forward and upward
on said support, ,a side member extending up
movement relatively to said support, and a com
wardly from each end of said bottom member,- a
bined guard and yielding lock means mounted
rearwardly extending arm on each side member,
on said support and overhanging a part of >said 40 a cross bar adjacent to said bottom member ex
'receiver and tending normally to hold the re
tending between said side members for engage
_ceiver inv bobbin receiving position, said means
ment with said guard, ¿and afbobbinreceiving
preventing upward movement of said receiver
bagsuspended fromV said arms and having 'the
until thelatter during forward movement there
lower part thereof attached to said cross bar. ’
of causes said part to move forward of said com 45
17. A bobbin receiver for a weft replenishing
bined guard and yielding lock means.
loom, said receiver comprising a frame at the
10.,A bobbin receiver for a weft replenishing
front thereof having a substantially horizontal
loom Ihaving horizontally spaced side members
bottom member, an upwardly extending side
each formed with an arm extending >rearwardly
member connected to each end of the bottom
Vfrom the front of the receiver, means connecting 60 member, a rearwardly extending arm on each side
vsaid side members, and a bobbin receiving bag
member, a cross bar connecting saidside mem
supported by said arms and attached to said side
bers adjacent said arms and> affording _a -_hand
hold for manipulation of the receiver, and a bob
' 11._ A bobbin receiver for a weft replenishing
binjreceiving bag supported by said arms, and
loom including a frame having a substantially 55 means on said bag engaging said side members
horizontal part from each end of which a side
`below said crossy bar to limit rearward move
4member extends upwardly and then rearwardly
ment of the bag relatively to said side members.
from the front of the receiver to form a support
18. In a bobbin receiver for a weft replenish
ing arm, and a bobbin receiving bag supported
ing loom, the front part of said‘receiverA com
by said arms and attached to said side members. 60 prisinglside members, an arm extending rear
>12.',A bobbin receiver for a weft replenishing
wardly from the upper end of each sidemember,
loom, said receiver comprising a frame at the
a _cross bar connecting the lower ends of Vsaid
front thereof comprising a substantially horizon
side members and affording a hand hold, a sec
’tal bottom member, a side member integral with
ondccross bar connecting the upper parts of said
and, extending upwardly from each end of saidrv 65 side members and affording a second hand hold,
a bag suspended from said arms and having for
bottom member, an arm integral with and ex
tending from each side member rearwardly from
ward parts rthereof extending downwardly. along
Ythe front of the receiver, and a bobbin receiving
said side members, and attaching means for‘the
bag supported by said armsand attached to said
bag passing under vsaid cross bars, the cross bars
.side members.
70 affording means f_or inverting the> receiverV for
13j In a bobbin receiver for a weft replenishing
loom,> a frame at the front yof the receiver com
prising a substantially horizontal bottom mem
the emptying of bobbins therefrom.
19. In a bobbin receiver for a weft replenish
ing loom, a frame having spaced vertical mem
ber, f a side member extending upwardly from
bers at the front of the receiver, an armextend
`'eachend of said bottomfmember, an arm for,
ingrearwardly and downwardly from the` upper
end of each member, a cloth bobbin holding bag
having the forward part thereof connected to
said vertical members and having a bobbin re
ceiving mouth between said arms, and means at
taching the top of the bag to said arms, said at
taching means tending by gravity to move down
said arms to keep the bobbin receiving mouth
ing the lower parts of the frame and bag limit
ing movement of the bottom of the bag rear
wardly from said side members.
24. A bobbin receiver for a weft replenishing
loom having a lay and a support, said receiver
including a frame having horizontally spaced
substantially vertical side members the upper
ends of which are extended rearwardly toward
the lay, a flexible bobbin bag supported by said
20. In a weft replenishing loom having shut
tle picking mechanism moving along a given 10 rearwardly extended upper ends, means connect
ing the lower parts of the bag and side members
path, a bobbin receiver for bobbins discharged
limiting rearward movement of the bag relatively
during weft replenishing operations of the loom
to the frame toward the lay, and means connect
located in front of said path, said receiver hav
ing said side members to engage said support to
ing flexible side and front walls, and means form
ing part of the receiver extending along the back 15 hold the receiver in operative position on the
thereof between the side walls to prevent the re
25. A bobbin receiver for a weft replenishing
ceiver from bulging into said path of the picking
loom having a lay and a support, said receiver
including a frame having horizontally spaced sub
21. In a bobbin receiver for a weft replenish
ing loom having picking mechanism moving in 20 stantially vertical side members connected to
gether and having the upper ends thereof ex
a given path, said receiver including a flexible
tended rearwardly toward the lay, a flexible bob
bag provided with a rigid rear wall which faces
bin bag supported by said rearwardly extended
said path when the receiver is in bobbin receiv
upper ends, means on the bag engaging the
ing position.
22. A bobbin receiver for a weft replenishing 25 lower part of the frame limiting rearward move
ment of the bag relatively to the frame toward
loom, said receiver including a frame having hor
the lay, and means secured to said frame to en
izontally spaced substantially vertical side mem
gage said support to hold the receiverI in opera
bers connected together and having their upper
tive position on the loom.
ends extended rearwardly from the front of the
26. A bobbin receiver for a weft replenishing
receiver, a ilexible bobbin bag supported by said 30
loom, said receiver including a iiexible bag the
rearwardly extending upper ends of the side mem
upper end of which has a substantially rectan
bers, and means connecting the lower parts of
gular bobbin receiving mouth, a frame having
the bag and frame limiting rearward movement
substantially vertical side members extending
of the bag relatively to the side members.
23. A bobbin receiver `for a weft replenishing 35 along the bag and having their upper ends ex
tended along opposite sides of the mouth, means
loom, said receiver including a frame having a
by which the bag is supported by said upper
cross bottom member and side members extend
ends, and means connecting the lower ends of
ing upwardly from the bottom member and hav
the bag and frame to limit movement of the bot
ing the upper parts thereof extended rearwardly
from the front of the receiver, a flexible bobbin 40 tom of the bag away from the side members.
bag supported by the rearwardly extended upper
parts of said side members, and means connect
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