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NOV. 12, 1946.
Filed Sépt. 4, 1944
‘ Russell
Lambert, Spring?eld, Mata, designer to
Brooks Bank Note Company, Spring?eld, Mass,
a corporation of Massachliset ‘
Apnlication September d, 19%, Serial No... 552,642
1 illlaim. (till. 229-33)
, This invention relates to improvements in car
vided in the bottom wall,as shown in Fig. 2. Thus
the front, side and rear walls are held in upright
ton blanks and boxes or cartons formed thereby.
The principal objects of the invention are (ii
rected to the provision of a foldable blank adapted
to be set up into receptacle forming relation and
havine a closure or cover therefor in combination
position forming with the bottom wall a recepta
cle having an open upper side, with a cover it
hinged for swinging between open and closed no= '
with retaining means for releasably holding the
The member it may be inserted alone
the inner side of the front wall. ‘
Not only does the retaining means hold the
' Locking members 26 are cut out of the Well
members it and are arranged for swinging move
cover in closed relation but it supports the said
10 ments by means of the score lines shown. Said
cover so that it is‘not likely to become bulged.
members are provided with engareable ears and
notches 3t and it which may be of any desired
cover in closed position.
in closed position, as
shown in Fig. 3, the members it are disposed over
Notonly does the retaining»; means function for 20
The retaining members may ‘take any form de
the purpose described but it has other functions
among which are its ability to strengthen the set
sired and may be connected to any of the walls
up carton by preventing spreading of opposite
walls thereof.
The novel features and advantages of the in—
vention will be hereinafter referred to in con
nection with the accompanying description of
the invention in the form at present preferred.
In the drawine:
Fig. i is a plan view of a carton blank embody
ine the novel features of the invention;
being restrictive, the scope of the invention being
indicated by the appended claim rather than by
the foregoing description, and all modi?cations
and variations as fall ‘within the meaning-and
Fig. 2 is a perspective view of the carton in set
purview and range of equivalency of the appended
up relation with the coverin open position; and
Fit. 3 is a view similar to Fit. 2 with the cover
claim are therefore intended. to be embraced
closed and the reta
mmns in eneaeedrela 85 therein.
‘What it is desired to claim and secure by Bet-k .
ters Patent of the United States is
Referring now to the drawing more in detail,
the invention will be fully described.
A carton blank formed and hineed for foldine
into a receptacle having a cover and semrete
A carton blanlr is represented by d which has
bottom. front and rear wall sections 4!, t and it till cover retaining means comprising in combina»
tion, relatively hineed‘bottom wall and front,
eg cover member it provided with a front
p i .
heels and side wall members, a cover hineed to
Bide wall sections are represented by it and
it and other side wall sections are represented by
y it and it. The latter have tabs re.
members adjacent to said wall member having re~
taming members out out therefrom and hinged
thereto for swinging inwardly onto said cover
downwardly against said
am wall members,
said retaining members having releasable inter
The ?aps it ere tucked
locking means at non-hinged ends thereof
adapted and arranged when interlocked to hold
the members against relative movement to bear on
and retain said cover in its closed position.
A. A.
.t the
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