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Nov. 19, .1946.
Original Filed July 20, 1939
2 Sheets-Sheet 1
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Nov. 19, 1946.
Original Filed July 20, 1939
2 Sheets-Sheet 2
HOWARD V D0050»:
%4@ A
' ‘
Patented Nov. 19, 1946
2,411,149 ‘
Howard W. Dodson, Philadelphia, Pa., assignor
to United Steel Barrel Company, Philadelphia,
Pa., a corporation of Pennsylvania
Original application July 20, 1939, Serial: No.
285,477. Divided and this application August
12, 1943, Serial No. 498,289
1 Claim. ’ (Cl. 220—39)
The present invention relates to certain new
and useful closures for sheet-metal containers
such as steel drums and the like, and it relates
more particularly to certain constructions in the
openings and the closures therefor whereby said
steel or other sheet metal containers may be
emptied and re?lled.
r of the container is designated generally 'by the
, numeral 20 in all the ?gures.
In the embodiment of the invention shown in
Figure 1, the sheet metal of the wall 20 is pro
vided with a suitable hole, and the sheet metal
is then ?anged inwardly around the hole as
shown in Figure 2 to provide. a more or less
For the purpose of illustrating the invention,
cylindrical ?ange 2| formed integrally with the
there are shown in the accompanying drawings
sheet metal of the wall 20. Intermediate the
forms thereof which are at present preferred, 10 more or less cylindrical ?ange 2| and the main
since the same have been found in practice to
body portion 20, the sheet metal is also prefer
give satisfactory and reliable results, although it
ably provided with a generally annular rib-like
is to be understood that the various instrumen~
talities of which the invention consists can be
depression 22 or elevation 23 (in the form of con
struction shown in Figure 1, it is in the form
variously arranged and organized and that the 15 of a depression while in the form of construc
invention is not limited to the precise arrange_
tion shown in Figure 3, it is an elevation). A
ment and organization of the instrumentalities
generally flat annular gasket-seat 24 surrounds
as herein shown and described.
the ‘?ange 2| in the embodiment of Figure 1
The present application is a division of my
while a generally ?at annular gasket-seat 36
application Serial No. 285,477, ?led July 20, 1939, 20 surrounds the flange 2| in the embodiment of
which issued into Patent 2,343,286, on March 7,
Figures 3 and 4.
The annular ribs 22 and 23 serve as a sti?fening
In the accompanying drawings, in which like
reference characters indicate like parts,
reinforcement around the opening de?ned by
the generally cylindrical ?ange 2| and also
Figure 1 represents a cross-sectional perspec 26 around the generally flat annular gasket-seat 24
tive view of one form of construction embody-v
which surrounds the generally annular ?ange 2|
ing the present invention.
in the embodiment of Figure 1 or around the
Figure 2 represents a fragmentary cross-sec
?ange~base portions 25 in the forms of construc
tional perspective view of the container of Figure
tion shown in Figures 3 and 5; all the above
1 as it appears in an intermediate stage of con
named portions, namely the ?ange 2|, the gasket
Figure 3 represents a cross-sectional perspec
tive view of another embodiment of the present
Figure 4 represents a fragmentary cross-sec
tional perspective view of still another form of
seat 24 and the reinforcing ribs 22 or 23 and
?ange-base 25, being formed integrally with each _
other and drawn or pressed out of the same
metal as that of which the body 20 is formed.
35 The sheet metal 20 may beof 12 to 26 gauge
construction embodying the present invention.
The ?ange 2| is then threaded by means of
Figure 5 represents a cross-sectional perspec
tive view of still another form of construction
two or more coacting thread-forming rolls (of
the form well known in the art) by means of
of tin cans, in that the rolled thread on tin canned
40 which the metal of the ?ange 2|, which is ini
embodying the present invention.
Figure 6 represents a sectional perspective view
tially in the form shown in Figure 2, is de-iormed
showing another embodiment of the present in
in such a way that a thread 26 of the character
shown in Figure 1 is produced. This thread (26)
Figure '7 represents a sectional perspective view 45 differs essentially from the rounded-cross-section
thread commonly rolled onto the discharge spout
of still another embodiment of the present inven
?anges is produced merely by bending the sheet
Figure 8 represents a sectional perspective view
of a further embodiment of the present invention.
metal, whereas the thread 26 hereinabove indi
In the drawings, only a fragmentary portion of 50 cated is produced by an actual deformation or
?owing of the comparatively heavy gauged sheet~
one of the sheet~metal walls of the sheet-metal
steel under the pressure of the thread-forming
container is shown; it being understood that this
sheet-metal wall is generally an end wall of a
more or less cylindrical container, although it
may be a side wall also. The sheet-metal wall
rolls, to form a more or less sharp thread.
A plug 21 of cast metal or die-cast metal, or a
plug, like plugs 28, 29, 30 or 32, pressed out of
direction so as to prevent its spreading unduly
and thereby loosening the “see-1;”
,with a cut thread 33 as in Figure l and with a
The relationship of the gasket-con?ning
rolled thread 34 ,as in Figures 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8
?anges BI and 53 might be either that indi
(formed in the same manner as the thread 28),
cated in Figures 3 and 7, where the ?ange ex
corresponding generally to the thread 28 of the
tends below the gasket-seat 24 or 38, or it may
?ange 2|, and having a laterally extending ?ange
be that illustrated in Figure‘5 where it extends
35, in juxtaposition to the gasket-seats 24 and
only down to the depth of the gasket 31. The
38 and adapted to engage the annular sealing
gasket-con?ning ?anges may also be provided on
gasket 31 between itself and the gasket-seats
24 and’ 36, respectively, so as to form a ?uid 10 the cast plugs, such as the cast plugs 21 indicated
in Figure 1, by merely extending the cast metal
tight seal. The cavity 33 in the plug 21 may be of
portions downwardly, that is, by extending a
any suitable non-circular cross-section, as for
downward gasket-con?ning ?ange from the lat
instance, square, hexagonal, or triangular, for the
eral ?ange 33 at a diametral point just su?lcient
reception of a wrench or other instrument by
15 to clear the outer diameter of the gasket 31.
means of which the plug may be turned.
In the form of construction shown in Figure 6,
In the form of construction shown-in Figure 1,
the axial distance or axial extent of bung-?ange
the annular wall. portion 45 of the annular rein
2| and of the threaded portion of the plug may
forcing rib 22 (that is, the portion of the sheet
be so related or proportioned as to be substan
metal wall directly adjacent to the gasket-seat
sheet’ metal is provided with a cast thread or
24) is turned or formed or spun inwardly slightly 20 tially equal, thereby permitting the interposition
of a second sealing gasket 55 between the lower
so as to form a shoulder against which the ?ange
periphery of the threaded portion 34 of the plug
46 of a thin sheet-metal tamper-proo?ng cap 34
and the ?ange-base 'portion2i, as indicated in
may be crimped inwardly, so as to prevent the
Figure 6.
removal of the plug 21 without detection.
The tamper-resistant cap 58, shown in Figure
In the embodiment of the invention shown in 25
3, may be crimped inwardly against the outer
Figures 3 and 4, the annular reinforcing bead or
surface of the threaded ?ange 2| as at 51. As
rib 23 is raised upwardly intermediate the main
shown in Figure 3, the cap 56 (which is of read
body portion 23 of the sheet-metal wall of .the
ily-deformable material such as very thin sheet
container and the annular portion 25 which
forms a base for the upwardly extended bung 30 metal or the like) is somewhat over-size relative
to the bung 28 so that an annular radial clear
ance is provided therebetween; it being impos
?ange 2| in the form of construction shown in
Figures 3 and 4 (and also for the form of con
sible to remove the cap 58 from about the bung
struction shown in Figure 6).
opening without substantial deformation of said
The bung-?ange 2|, in the forms of construc
tion shown in Figures 3 and 6, is extended up 35 cap. In Figures 5 and 6, two further alternative
forms of tamper-resistant cap arrangement are
wardly from the basal portion 25, and can be ter
shown. In Figure 5, the tamper-resistant cap 58
minated in a more or less sharp or ?attened edge
is an outwardly ?ared skirt portion 59 which is
36 constituting a gasket-seat as in Figures 3, 6
adapted to be snapped into or to be spread out
and 7.
. It should be understood the the screw-thread 40 into ‘the annular inwardly enlarged portion 80
formed intermediate the inclined portion 8| and
on the bung-?ange 2|, in each of the modi?ca
the main body portion 20 of the sheet metal of
tions shownin Figures 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8, is formed
The tamper-resistant cup 62
shown in Figure 6 (likwise formed of thin sheet
tion or swaging the metal into the screw-thread 45 metal) is on the other hand provided with the
inwardly crimped skirt 63 which is crimped
around the undercut outer shoulder 64 of the
The pressed or stamped sheet-metal plugs 28,
raised rib 23.
29, 30, 3| and 32 are formed in generally cup
In the form of construction shown in Figure 7,
shape; the plugs 28, 29, 3| and 32 being “cupped”
in the same manner as hereinabove indicated with
. the
respect to Figures 1 and 2, namely, by deforma
generally downwardly while the plug 30 is cupped 50 the down-turned ?ange 53 of the plug is also
threaded to engage one or more turns of the
generally upwardly. A transverse rib 48 may be
pressed out of the central or more or less ?at'por
thread 28 of the bung-?ange 2 | .
In Figure 8, there is shown another embodi- .
tion of the cup-shaped plugs 28, 29 and 30, either
ment of the present invention in which the stiff
extending entirely across the diameter thereof, or
extending only across a part of the diameter 55 ening rib 23 is pressed outwardly and surrounds
the gasket-seat 24; the rib 23 serving radially to
thereof, whereby the plug may be engaged by a
con?ne the gasket 31 when the latter is com
suitable tool such as a, wrench, pliers or the like,
pressed by the shoulder 35 of the plug 29. The
or as in the case of the rib 49 in Figure 6, it may
inwardly crimped skirt 83 of the tamper-resistant
be engaged by any ?at object such as a wide screw
driver or any ?at piece of metal. If desired, a 60 cap 62 is crimped around the undercut ‘outer
shoulder 34 of the rib 23 as in the embodiment
solid metallic rib 50 may be extended across the
of Figure 6.
?at part of the plug and spot-welded thereto or
It ‘will be understood that the various fea
otherwise secured thereto, for the same purpose
tures illustrated in the several ?gures of draw
as in the plug 32 of Figure 7.
ings may be interchanged with the correspond
The plugs 28, 29,, 30 and 32 may also be pro 65 ing features shown in modi?cations illustrated in
vided with gasket-con?ning ?anges, as for in
other ?gures of the drawings.
stance, the annular ?anges 5| shown in Figures
The present invention may be embodied in
3 and 5, or by the inwardly crimped ?ange 53
other speci?c forms without departing from the
shown in Figure 'l, or, as in the case of the type 70 spirit or essential, attributes thereof, and it is
of plug 30 shown in Figure 6, the central part
of the plug may be depressed to form the inner
gasket-con?ning ?ange 54; By this means, the
gasket 31 is not only con?ned in a generally axial
direction, but is also con?ned in a generally radial 75
therefore desired that the present embodiments
be considered in all respects as illustrative and
not restrictive, reference being had to the ap
pended claim rather than to the foregoing de
scription to indicate the scope of the invention.
Having thus described the invention, what I
claim as new and desire to protect by Letters
Patent is:
' In a sheet metal container, 9. generally cylin
drical bung-?ange drawn integrally from said
container and de?ning an opening in a wall there
of, said bung-?ange extending outwardly from
threads or said bung-?ange, said bung having
an annular transversely-extending shoulder
formed thereon for compressing said gasket upon
said gasket-seat, said shoulder having an annular
?ange formed thereon for enclosing said gasket
seat and for con?ning said gasket therewithin,
and an over-size tamper-resistant cap of readily
deformable material ?tted over said bung and
said wall and providing a gasket seat at its outer
7 end, said bung-?ange being helicaliy corrugated
said bung-?ange and generally spaced apart
to provide an internal screw-thread and an ex 10 therefrom, said cap being crimped against the ex
ternal screw-thread thereon, an annular gasket
ternal screw threads or said bung-?ange and
disposed upon said gasket-seat, a screw-threaded
bung operatively engaged with the internal screw
being incapable of removal without deformation.
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