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Nov. 19, 1946.
Filed March 26,1945
FIG. 1
~ 28
Patented Nov. 19, 1946
. ZAlLiSt
uuirs *s'r
AUTOMATIC s'rasrrrzsn
George Grimminger, Washington, D. C.~
Application March 26', 1943, Serial No. 480,640
2 Claims. (Cl. 114-426)
(Granted under the act of March 3, 1883, as
amended April 30, 1928; 370 0. G. 757)
This invention is in automatic steering means,
and is especially intended for use with an under
water towed body in the nature of a torpedo
equipped with a hydrofoil depressor.
Towed bodies of the type mentioned are used >~
in antisubmarine warfare, but, in principle, the
invention is not limited to such use.
When so
of ?n 54, receives the top of the rudder post ll.
Below, the rudder post passes through a bearing
journal E6, and into the torpedo. The lowerend
of the post has secured thereto an arm or tiller
is which extends forwardly, and in which is ar
ranged a vertically depending crank pin 20. A
washer ‘i9’ is shown on ‘the post ll between the
journal it and the arm I!) for promoting ‘free
movement therebetwee‘n.
Hung from the top of the body ‘it, as by screws
2i and 22, is a bracket ‘23 provided with two
used, however, the body, which may hereafter
be termed a torpedo, is properly towed by means
‘of ya cable secured to the towing vessel, and is
intended to be positioned astern of the towing
longitudinally spaced members 24 and 25.
vessel, and at depths which will vary with cir
These members have aligned holes formed there
in to receive a clevis pin or pintle 26.
Proper depth can be reached without great dif
ficulty, by adjusting the length of the towing 15 Suspended for free oscillationon the pintle 26
is ‘a, pendulum, which comprises a bar 21 and a
cable and the angle of the depressing planes of
weight or bob 23. As shown, the bar is provided
the torpedo to provide adequate negative lift, or
with an ‘enlargement 29, serving as a stop, and
depressing force.
securing means 30 in the‘nature of a nut. ‘ The
The problem of lateral stability, and thus also
bob 28 has a vertical hole formed therein, and
the maintenance of depth, is much more dimcult.
is adapted to be slipped over the bar 21, and up
Under tow, an antisubmarine torpedo of the na
against the stop 2‘9, whereupon the parts are
ture described soon begins to swing on the towing
together by tightening the nut 30.
cable out of its proper vertical relation with the
It will be seen that the pendulum thus is
towing ship. The action is progressive, and it is
not uncommon, if normal speed is maintained, 25 adapted to swing transversely of the central ver
tical longitudinal plane of the torpedo‘.
for the torpedo to rise, outwardly, until it breaks
Stops 3i and 32 are arranged in the lower por
the surface of the water.
tion of the body in the path of the lower end of
The usefulness of devices of this kind, of
the bar 21, and these stops limit the oscillation
course, depends on their being towed at consid
of the pendulum.
erable depth. Numerous attempts have been
A lever 34 extends from the pendulum bar 21
made to prevent the erratic behavior mentioned,
to the depending pin 28 of arm I9. It is bifur
but none has been entirely successful
cated at its forward end, thereby forming the two
The principal obj ect of this invention is to pro
?ngers 35 and 36 spaced apart slightly wider than
vide means for maintaining the lateral and di
rectional stability of a torpedo or similar body, 35 the diameter of bar 21. The lever is similarly
forked at its after end, for cooperation with the
said means comprising a simple pendulum and
pin 20.
linking mechanism between the same and the
Somewhat aft of the pendulum is arranged a
supporting member 38. This is shown as an an
Other objects will appear from a reading of
40 gle bar, though it may be of any desired construc
the following speci?cation and claims.
tion. The support is secured to the sides of the
In the drawing, Figure 1 is a vertical longi
shell It in any convenient manner, as by welding.
tudinal section midway through the shell of a
torpedo adapted for towing, only the after por
tion of the torpedo being shown, and Figure 2 is
A bolt 39, or similar member, is provided to
serve as a fulcrum for the lever 34; and the lever,
45 where it passes support 38, has a Vertical open
a section taken on line 2-2 of Figure 1.
Referring to the drawing, It represents the
ing formed therein to receive the bolt 39. Pref
shell of a torpedo, the forward portion of which
erably, reinforcing bosses, as 40 and M, strength
may be assumed to be of normal streamlined
en the lever at this point; and a ?ller block 42
form, and to be provided with a wing member
is secured in the angle of member 38. To as
of usual construction, and means for securing a 50 semble the structure shown, the fulcrum member
towing cable.
39 is passed downwardly through a washer 44,
At the stern of the torpedo are arranged hori
and through the boss to, the lever 34, boss 4|,
zontal ?ns or stabilizers H and I2, and. vertical
washer 135, support 38, and ?ller block 42. It is
?ns l3 and I4, and aft of ?n M is a vertical
then secured by a nut 43. Washers M and 45
rudder l5. A bracket l5, mounted on the top
assist in maintaining freedom of movement about
the fulcrum.
It will be seen that a movement of the pen
dulum, to starboard for example, will produce
ing movement transversely of the central ver
tical longitudinal plane of the body, a vertical
rudder having a post extending into the,body
aft of the pendulum, said post supporting said
a like movement of the forward end of lever 34, Ul rudder for swinging movement into and out of
the exact amount, relative to the movement of
the said central vertical longitudinal plane of
the pendulum bob, depending upon the point at
the body, a tiller ?xed to and extending for
which contact is made between the lever and bar
wardly of said post, said tiller provided at its
27. The lever pivots on fulcrum 39, and its after
end thus moves to port, producing, through its 10 forward end portion with a vertical crank pin, a
bar ?xed transversely within said body inter
cooperation with pin 29, a like movement of arm
the pendulum and the tiller and provided
l9 and a rudder movement to starboard,
with a vertical pivot, and a lever having forked
In actual operation, of course, it is not intended
forward and after ends respectively straddling
that the pendulum move; rather, it is provided
for the purpose of maintaining itself in true ver 15 said supporting bar and said crank pin, said
lever being mounted for swinging movement
tical relation. But any lateral movement of the
about said vertical pivot, said bob being of a
torpedo body will produce a relative change in
mass su?‘icient to control the rudder without the
pendulum position which will result in a rudder
aid of any power source, said pendulum upon
movement opposing the lateral movement of the
torpedo. Thus, should the torpedo swing to port, 20 alignment with said central vertical longitudinal
plane so disposing said lever as to align said
the pendulum will move e?ectively or relatively
rudder with said longitudinal plane, and said
to starboard, and the other parts will react as
pendulum upon transverse swinging movement in
explained in the preceding paragraph to bring
either direction imparting movement to said lever
the torpedo back to proper course.
to swing said rudder in a corresponding direc
'The above description is in speci?c terms. It
25 tion.
is not intended, however, to restrict the inven
2. In a towed underwater body, the means
tion to the exact structure shown and described;
but for the true limitations of the invention,
reference should be had to the appended claims.
recited in the preceding claim, said body being
of conventional streamline form having a trans
This invention may be manufactured and/or 30 versely curved inside surface, and transversely
spaced abutments ?xed within said body in the
used by or for the Government of the United
States of America without the payment to me
of any royalty thereon or therefor.
I claim:
1. In a towed underwater body, means auto
matically maintaining lateral and directional sta
bility comprising a pendulum including a sup
porting bar and a bob, a bracket in the top of
the body for supporting the pendulum for swing
path of travel of said pendulum to limit move
ment of said pendulum in either direction from
said central vertical longitudinal plane so as to
35 prevent denting or wedging engagement of the
pendulum bob: with the transversely curved in
side surface of said body.
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