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Nov. 19, 1946.'
Filed Sept. 9, 1944
Hen ryA/ac: /TJ'O 9
Patented Nov. 19, .1945
Henry L. ackson, White Plains, N. Y.
Application September 9, 1944, Serial No. 553,408
4 Claims.
(c1. 2-3255
(Granted under the act of March 3, 1883, as
amended April 30, 1928; 370 0. G. 757)
The invention described herein, if patented
lixed to the opposite free edges of the shoulder<
straps are loop members interconnected `as to
afford a slidable loop structure. Intermediate
may be manufactured and used by or for the _
Government for governmental purposes, without
the payment to me of any royalty thereon,
`The present invention relates to garment sup
porting devices and moreparticularly has refer
ence to Suspenders made entirely of fabric and
not including any buckles or clamps for adjust
ing the size of the Suspenders.
I am well-aware that numerous attempts have
heretofore beenmade to devise Suspenders which
eliminated the employment of metallic buckles or
clasps for‘the usual practices. These `prior de
vices, however, have not proven entirely satisfac
tory.` For example, these constructions have been
relatively complex in structural detail which, of
necessity, increased `materially the cost of manu
facture, YAlso, the means whereby adjustment
_ the slidable loop members and the rear button
engaging tabs are resilient inserts for accom
plishing the usual results.
By virtue of this construction, I provide a gar
ment supporting device wherein the vertical ad
justment of the device may be achieved `without
the use of metallic buckles or clasps. Moreover,
the slidable loop arrangementin the realI Will
compensate for most of the strain subjected nor
mally upon the resilient inserts, thereby increas- -
ing materially the life of the supporting device. _
Various other objects and advantages of thisI
invention will appear more fully hereinafter-` `It
is to be understood that the speciñc embodimentor embodiments shown are merely illustrative;
of size is accomplished has not been of, very
sturdy' or substantial construction with the at 20 and, hence, the detailed description thereof is not
to be taken as limiting the invention per se.
tendant disadvantage of frequent breaking of the
tab `supporting member.
Referring to the Vdrawing wherein like _numer
Accordingly, one important object of the pres
ent invention is to overcome the disadvantages
now inherentgin this art.
1 ‘
. U
l _l
Another object of my invention is to provide a
garment ¿supporting device which is simple ,both
in construction‘and operation, andwhichîcan be
cheaply and easily manufactured.
‘ ‘
als indicate the same or similar parts:
Figure 1 is a composite perspective View, illus-1
trating the'principles of my inventive concept.
Figure 2 is a sectional view taken along the Aline
2-2 ofY Figure 1, looking in the direction of the
Figure 3` is an enlarged fragmenta-l View of one 1
of the front adjusting strips.
Yet another object of `this invention is to pro 30
Figure 4 is a detailed 'fragmental view of `an
vide a garmentsupporting device which is made
type `of rear connection between the shoul- .
entirely of fabric material and which does not
der straps and the resilient inserts thatmay bei
utilize buckles or clamps for effecting size adjust
A further object of rmy_inventionis to provide
a garment supporting `device with a double loop
arrangement `intermediate the shoulder straps
and the rear button carryingçmember to Vaiford
flexibility of movement andabsorb the strain im_
posed normally upon the rear button carrying
In Figure 1, there is shown pair. of shoulderl
engaging straps designated I. A strap extension
2 is attached _totheflower‘ßfront edge of leach of i `
the straps l by stitches 3.V The strap extension
2, comprises an upper layer of woven fabric _lt-and
a lower layer 5 ofthe same material; »; Thos-layers
4 and 5 are secured together, preferably by` weav
ing, to form a plurality of ,vertically spacedopen-î »
Still a further object of the present invention
is to provide a novel adjusting construction for
the button tab strap which does not employ the
ings or tunnels> 6„ extending transversely*there-'"-4
through. A button tab strap l, having button
usual clasps or buckles.
\ To achieve the above, and other important ob
and conñguration that it may be passed through
holes 8 woven in each end thereof, is of such size
any one of the openings 6. It will be appreciated, Y
jects, this invention generally embraces the idea
therefore, that by placing the strap 'l in the
proper opening 6, the length of the Suspenders
of attaching to the front free edges of the shoul
der straps, layers of fabric secured together, pref
erably by weaving, in such a manner as to pro- '
vide a plurality of vertically spaced openings ex
tending therethrough. A button tab strap is
adapted to pass through- any one of the openings
and by the proper seleCtìOn, the length of the sus
penders may be readily adjusted. suitably af-
may be adjusted readily.
It will be noted from Figure 3 that the upper
and lower edges of the opening are formed with
at least four points of’contact identiñed A, B, C
and D for the strap-1_ The points B and C are
in a different horizontal plane from A and D
55 thereby
deñning in effectopposed curved or arcu
ate upper and lower edges. This arrangement
gives a more sturdy structure and there is little
additional rows of reinforcing stitches 22. In this
particular form, I do not have as much flexibility
of movement as that shown in Figure 1, since the
slidable loops are omitted. However, this em
bodiment can be more cheaply and easily manu
danger of damaging the opening since the strain
imposed by the strap is distributed evenly
throughout the entire length of the- openingl
In View of the fact that the openings are cen
factured and the resilient insert i4’ Will provide
trally constrictedby opposed curved upper andy
lower ,symmetrically divergent walls, a button-v
tab strap being carried in a selected opening and'
supported by one of said defining walls, it is ap,-`
parent that either end of the strap eXterlSiOn 2
can be attached to the lower edge of the shoulder
strap i, which of course is very important from
the manufacturing angle.
shoulder straps andthe inserts, I may provide
sufficient flexibility for normal use.
It will be- fully understood that vthe foregoing
>description and accompanying drawing cover only
the general and preferred embodiment of the in-`
vention and that various changes in construction,
'Y proportion and arrangement of the elements may
be made by those skilled in the art without de
parting from the spirit and scope of the inven
A loop indicated 9 is sewn, as shownat lll‘,«to the
tion as set forth in the appended claims.
opposite edge of each of the shoulder straps l.
. Having thus described the invention and what
Each loop is formed with an outer strip :H andA `
I claim as novel and desire to be secured by Letters
an inner strip l2. To provide flexibility of move
, Patent is:
ment, the outer strip of one loopextends over the
l. In a garment-supporting device, shoulder
outer strip of the other loop and the' inners'trip 20
straps, button-engaging tabs carried by one end
of the iirst-named loop is` disposed between the
of said shoulder straps, a plurality of layers of
outer and inner strips of `the second-named loop.
woven fabric secured to the opposite end of said
Itis obvious, therefore, that these interlocking
straps, transverse walls formed by Weaving to-`
loops providesJ very flexible connection and have
getherv portions of said layers so as to define an
a wide »latitude of movement with respect to each 25
opening between said layers, and abutton-tab
strap carried in said opening and supported by one
A resilient strip or insertl ' HiY is suitably secured
of saiddefining walls(
at its upper edge to the lower edge of each loop 9,
as indicated b_y the numeral 1_5, rand the free edge
of the’ins‘ert is attached, _as indicated at i6, >to a
tab l1 isîniadeïo'f fabric‘~similar` to the shoulder
s-trapsl and'has woven therein abuttonhole i3, '
openingsl between >said. layers, and a buttonï-'tab
strap carried in‘one of said openings and sup
ported by one of said deiining walls.- ,
of's’aid» shoulder straps, a plurality of layers 'of
woven `’fabric secured to the opposite end of said'
straps; transverse Walls formed by weaving to->
gether portions of said layers 'so as to definea
Byv'ire’as’on of theïslidableloop constructionvâ, and
supporting' device Íis highly desirable in that it‘fi‘sïy
utilization of buckles or' clasps, heretofore resorted
to‘for making the necessary 'size adjustments.
F1irt’hermo're,` the structure whereby the ïadjustf4
mentl can-be effected liis very simple and, due to
the manner in which it is made, there‘isi-little
likelihood Of injury.
¿In Figure i4, ~Ihaveillustrated a modiñedtype of
. construction' for securingA the shoulder straps Í' ‘
to thesrear button tab Il. 4Itvvvillfllve observed that
_' ,
straps,'button-engagingV tabs carried' by one end '
` holes Bïare engaged by the front'garment buttons.
made’entirely of‘fabric, thereby eliminating the Y
, »
`3. In Aa garment-supporting device, Shoulder
sponds'to thisparticularrlength, and the button
It" "will- be Y.appreciated
tionsïiof said layers so as to define a -pluralityïof „
In use, the shoulder 'straps I‘ encircle `the shoul
ders'ofvthe wearer, and thebuttonholes i3 engage
the 'rear buttons' on the garment to fbe'sup'ported.
After the wearer has determined the correct
length'fof> thesuspenders, Vthe button tab strap 'l
is'feirtended through the opening 6 which corre
imparted'to‘thefstrips hi due tgîthe slidablè _loop
structure Q_. .H'
that' êmy -novel garment -
said shoulder straps, a plurality of layers of Woven
fabric secured to the opposite end of said straps,
transverse walls formed by weaving together por
rear button engaging tab Vl, ' The button engaging
‘ the resilient inserts' I4, the‘wearer may have free---`
»dom ìofmovemlehtfand there i's‘relatively no strain v
2. In a garment-supporting device, shoulder
straps, :button-engaging tabs carried by one end of
symmetrical `centrally.rcons'tricted opening'. be
tweenfsai'd layers, and a'button-tab strap carried
inV said opening and supported by one'of said de- .
4::In‘.' a v‘garment-supporting device, ‘shoulder
straps,1button-engaging `tabs carried'by one end
of said shoulderstraps,` aplurality of layers'of
Woven fabric of'substantially identical width se
cured'to the opposite end of said \straps„ trans
verse,"VA symmetrically divergent opposed walls:
formed by weaving together portions of said layers
55 of fabric so as to denne a, centrally constricted
opening: betweentsaid layers,"4 and a button-tab
strap .carried in-.said Yopeningland supported-by'
one f of ,. said fdefiningF walls, said' button-tab strap
beingï'supportable by an‘opposed wall when the 1
together as at' 20. The upper edge ofeach‘of the '60 relative position of said‘layers and shoulder strap
the loweredge ’of 'each ofthe> 'straps I’ »ar'eïsewn
resilient- inserts '14’ are Asewn 'along their'upper
f marginal edgesîto‘the straps IY', as shown at 2|.
_To insure amore secure connection- between the
u'L.l J|ACKSON.1“-'z.
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