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NOV. 19, 1946.
Filed May 5, l'1945
w Cgç RLES IN/vsssßeo WN.
Patented Nov. 19, `1946
Charles Inness Brown, Floral Park, N. Y. ‘
Application May 3, 1945, serial No. 591,709
1 Claim.
(o1. 24o-_81)
This invention pertains to improvements in
Also threaded into the upper portion of the >sock'l
et member, is a columnary extension member
reading lamps, of lshaded, incandescent lamp
' \
yprojecting upwardly beyond the dome, for sup
A type of reading lamp commonly encountered,
porting the lamp shade concentrically` with'the
is -that employing an opaque or translucent
shade made of parchment or the like, and Which
is of cylindrical, truncated or other open-ended
dome, the shade being `of'such dimensions as to
completely surround the dome in spaced relation
thereto, thereby normally to hide the same from
View, The shade may be made of any suitable
In `reading lamps of this type, as heretofore
constructed, a great deal of the illumination
from the incandescent bulbs> is directed upward
material, such as parchment, cloth, etc., and may
ly through the Vupper aperture of the shade onto
the ceiling`,'and hence is effectively lost for read
other vitreous material, and is ordinarily-_ made
translucent. With this construction,"the rela
Aing purposes.
be opaque or translucent as desired.
tively small portion of illumination transmitted
" l
upwardly through the translucent 'dome is di
I_n accordance withro’ne aspect‘of my inven
rected upwardly ontothe ceiling through» the up'-`
tion, I propose to greatly increase the reading il- ,
lumination, for a given Wattage of the incandes
per aperture in the shade, thereby to provide a
relatively soft amount of background illumina
cent bulbs, by providing within‘the shade, a sup
plemental ` light-reflecting,
The dome
on the other hand is preferably made of glass or
translucent dome, so mounted as to span the in
candescent bulbs, and thereby ‘reflect downward
tion in the‘room‘; while thermajor portion of the
illumination is reflected downwardly bythe dome
into the reading area,
ly ’onto the reading area, a part‘or all` of the il-`
As above stated,- the lamp is preferably pro--`
lumination heretofore directed through the top
vided with a translucent, lightfdiffusing screen,
of the shade onto the ceiling, This dome Yis of
for providing the “daylight” illumination ‘effect
smaller diameter or cross-sectional area than 25 over the reading area, this screen’ comprising or
dinarily a centrally apertured‘di‘sc of etched glassl
that of the lamp shade, and is arranged within
or the like and of a light blue-green color. This
and wholly surrounded by the shade, so that its
presence is not observable when viewing the
screen is assembled on a metal supporting shelf
lamp from normal positions, i. e., in a horizon
carried by the lamp base below the socket mem
tal or substantial horizontal direction. This 30 ber, whereby it intercepts and diffuses the »down
dome is preferably made of glass or other vitre
wardly directed illumination, while imparting the
ous material.
“daylight” illumination effect thereto by Virtue
of its color-absorption properties.
As an additional feature of the invention, I
In the drawing:
provide a light-diffusing screen, mounted below
the incandescent lamp bulbs in the path of the
Fig. l is a view in elevation and partly in axial
downwardly directed illumination, and of such
cross~section, through the shade, dome and
dimensions as to intercept and diffuse all or sub
screen assembly of a preferred reading lamp con
stantially all thereof. This diffusing screen is
struction in accordance with the invention ;;
preferably so colored, for example, a light blue
Fig. 2 is a sectional detail taken substantially
green, as to provide a so-called “daylight” illu 40 at 2-2 of Fig. l, showing the lamp socket assem
mination of the reading surface.
bly with associated supporting means for the
Thus, in essence, the preferred reading lamp
dome, shade and diffusing screen; while
construction of my invention comprises an up
Fig. 3 is a sectional detail taken substantially
standing support or base, usually of slender, col
at 3_3 of Fig. 2, to illustrate the manner of re
movably mounting the diiîusing screen on the
umnar conñguration, carrying at its upper end a
socket member for reception of one or more in
lamp-supporting base or standard.
candescent lamp bulbs. The reñecting dome,
Referring to the drawing, the assembly com
yabove referred to, which is preferably translu
prises` an upstanding lamp base or standard I, of
cent, is mounted upon the upper portions of the
‘preferably columnar configuration as shown. As
socket member, coaxially with the base, this 50 shown in Fig. 2, the base I consists of inner and
outer metal sleeves 2, 3, the inner sleeve provid
dome being of such dimensions and arcuate con
tour as to span the incandescent lamp or lamps
ing a tubular passageway for the lead-in con
ductors 4 from the base to the lamp socket.. The
carried by the socket member, to reflect down
wardly over a desired reading area, all `or a major
outer sleeve 3 terminates at its upper end in a
portion of the illumination emitted therefrom. 55 flanged collar 5, while the inner sleeve 2 projects
upwardly beyond the collar 5 to provide a spin
dle. Assembled over this spindle in a sliding nt
and resting on the collar 5, is a centrally aper
tured, disc-like, metal supporting member E, pro
vided with a peripherally extending, upstanding
shoulder 'I and a flanged portion 9 extending ra
dially therefrom. The above-mentioned central
ly apertured, light-diffusing screen 9 is assembled
on this supporting member B, in such manner
that thedisc rests on the outer ñanged portion
8 of supporting member 6, while the upstanding
shoulder 'I thereof serves to center the diffusing
For lockingly maintaining the diiïusing screen
in the assembled relation shown in Fig. A2, the
metal supporting disc 6 has rotatably riveted
thereto, >as at Ill, a pair of lugs II of metal or
equivalent, these lugs being rotatable inwardly
about the pivotal points provided by the rivets I 0
so as to lie wholly within the shoulder 'I of sup
port 6, whereby the diffusing screen 9 may be
. assembled in the relation shown, the lugs I I being
thereafter rotated outwardly, to lockingly en
breakage of the dome, a washer 2|, or rubber,
synthetic resin, or the like, is interposed between
the shoulder I8 and the dome 20. Likewise, a sec
ond and similar washer 22 is assembled on the
Ul spindle I9 above the dome 20, and a metal ex
tension member 23, having at its lower end, an in
ternally threaded recess, is screwed onto the spin
dle I9, as shown.
rIv‘he extension member 213 terminates at its up
per end in a shoulder _24' and a‘threaded spindle
25 of smaller diameteryonto which is'assembled
a lamp shade 26 of parchment or the like, the
` shade being provided for this purpose with radial
ly extending, wire supporting members 21, weld
ed or otherwise integrally joined to
sleeve member 28, which is centrally
to ñt slidably over the spindle 25, 4the
ing held in place by a knob 29 having
a central
shade be
a .thread
ed' recess threading onto the spindle 25. As stated
the shade 26 may be opaque or translucent as
desired, and is ordinarily of cylindricaL truncated
or other open ended configuration.
What is claimed is:
2,. An incandescent lamp socket member I3 car
A reading lamp, comprising:V an .upstanding
support, comprising outer and inner sleeve mem
bers,- said outer sleeve member terminating in a
collar and said inner sleeve member projecting
rying one or more lamp sockets, such as I 4, is
beyond the same in the form of a spindle, a cen
provided with alower supporting collar portion
trally apertured supporting disc ñtting over said
I5 adapted »to fit slidably over the spindle 2, and
torest upon lthe coll-ar portion I2 of the support
spindle and resting on said collar, a centrally`
gage the diffusing screen 9.
The metal supporting disc 6 is provided with a
centralv collar portion I2 surrounding the spindle
apertured light-diffusing screen carried by said
A screw IB threaded into the collar
supporting disc, said supporting disc having
I5 land írictionally engaging the inner sleeve 2,
serves vto secure- the> lamp socket member i3 and
the metalV supporting disc 6 in assembled relation,
as shown in Fig. 2. The lamp sockets I4 carry
means for loCkingly engaging said light-diffusing
ing _disc 6.
incandescent lamp bulbs, such as I‘I.
The socket member I3 terminates at its upper
end Vin a shoulder I8 and a threaded spindle I9
projecting upwardly therefrom. The above-men
-tioned light-reflecting and preferably translu
screen„a socket member for incandescent lampsV ‘
mounted on said spindle, a centrally apertured
light-reiiecting dome carried by an upstanding
spindle of said socket member, said dome span
ning the socket member and incandescent Vlamp
means carried thereby for reñecting light .down
40 wardly through said diffusing screen, an exten-4
sion member -threaded onto said socket spindle,
cent dome 20 of glass or the like, is provided with
and a lamp shade carried by said extension mem
acentral aperture> for assembling the dome con
ber, said lamp shade being spaced from and sur
fcentrically over the spindle I9, the dome resting
rounding said dome.
upon and being supported by the shoulder por 45
tion` I8 of the socket member I3. For preventing
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