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Nov. 19, 1946.
c. H. DOLAN, 2D
Filed Aug. 26,‘ 1943
“ m»
I -l ' i .’
Patented Nov. 19, 1946
Charles Jill. Dolan, III, Kansas City, Mo.
Application August 26, 1943. Serial No.’ 500,117
1 Claim.
The instant invention relates to a toilet kit
and more particularly to a men’s kit capable of
holding a can of .talcum powder 3!, and com
partment 2t similarly holding a tube of tooth
holding tubes, cans and bottles containing toilet
paste 32. Each of the tubes, can and bottle
has adispensing valve mechanism 33, it, 35 or
36. As shown in Fig. 2, in the closed position of
lid Hi the operating knobs 37, 2,8, 39 and 40 of the
preparation as well as toilet accessories such as
safety razor, blades, shaving and tooth brushes
and comb.
One of the primary objects of the invention
is the construction of a toilet kit of the char
acter indicated having means for dispensing the
various toilet creams, powder, liquid and the like
contained in the tubes, cans and. bottles afore
of apertures ii, t2, 133 or fill, formed adjacent
the lower hinged portion of lid M, said apertures ‘
each being of greater diameter than a knob to
permit clearance by lid it when swung down
respective valve mechanisms extend through one A
Yet another aim is the manufacture of a kit
Figure 2 shows the disposition. of a shaving
brush t5, comb (i6, razor Ill, old‘ and new‘blades
in which each bottle, tube and can is equipped
with a valve mechanism for selectively dispens
ing the. toilet preparations.
£418,439, and a tooth brush 5!] on the inner surface
of lower lid l6; said accessories being held in
place by spring clips 5! or the like mounted on
Still another purpose is the fabrication of a
kit having the features set out above and which
will be a compact portableunit capable of being
said surface. For holding the lid portion is in.
horizontal position a two-part folding bracket
readily secured to a support such as a wall or 20 52 pivote at 53 to lid portion it is provided. Each
ledge; which will be easy to use and economical
to manufacture.
of lid portions M and i6 is snapped closed and
frictionally held thus by ?anges 54 or the like on
The above and other aims and objects will be
_ the upper edge of the lower lid and curved top
‘ apparent from the detailed description herein
it‘: on the upper lid portion.
after appearing when taken in conjunction with 25 Referring again to the drawing, it will be seen
the appended drawing showing preferred em
that‘ the kit K is adapted to be attached to a
bodiments of the invention, and in which:
wall or ledge, and when lid i5 carrying various
Figure l is a perspective view of a toilet kit ‘
toilet accessories is down. the toilet preparations
showing a front lid portion of the kit in open
may be selectively dispensed by operating knobs
horizontal position 'to reveal the manner in 30 or push buttons 31, 38, 39 and 4B.
which the tubes, bottle and can holding toilet
It will thus ,be appreciated that the various
preparations are operatively positioned within
aims and objects of the invention have been at
the kitiand '
tained. Various changes in the speci?c details
Fig. 2 is a fragmentary perspective view of the
will occur to those skilled in the. art and it is '
lower portion of the kitshowing the’ disposition 35 contemplated to cover all such and to be limited
of the various toilet articles or accessories on
in this respect only as may be necessary by the
the inner surface of a. lower hinged lid portion
scope of the claim hereto appended.
or cover, the latter being shown in open posi
What I claim and desire to secure by Letters
Patent is:
In Figs. .1 and 2, the reference character K des 40 .A toilet article unit comprising a container
ignates the kit as a whole comprising a substan
having an upper lid hinged to the walls thereof
tially rectangular receptacle or container l0 hav
_ intermediate the top and bottom of the con
ing side walls II and l2, 8, rear wall l3, and an
tamer and a lower lid hinged to the bottom edge
upper lid portion I4 having a. curved overhang
of the container, said lids, in closed position
ing extension l5 at its upper edge constituting 46
the top of'the container. A lower lid portion l8
having a. curved extension I‘! at its lower edge
~ constituting the bottom wall of the container,
is hinged to the rear wall at l8, while upper lid
portion is hinged as indicated at I9.
I The upper part of the kit K is equipped with
l a. plurality of spaced vertically extending par-'
titions 20, 21, and 22, forming compartments 2!,
28, 21, and 28, the compartment 25 preferably
holding in a. downwardly directed or inverted
dispensing position a tube of shaving cream 28,
compartment 26 similarly holding a bottle of
after-shave lotion 30, compartment 21 similarly
forming the front wall of the container and being
vertically aligned, said container having an in
termediate horizontal ledge for supporting in the
upper portion thereof a plurality of receptacles
each containing a toilet preparation with each
receptacle in inverted dispensing position, access
to said receptacles being had by opening said
upper lid and access‘to a dispensed portion from '
a. receptacle solely by opening said lower lid, said
lower lid having means for supporting a plurality '
of toilet accessories, and means for holding said
lower lid in a, horizontal position when opened.
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