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Nov.A 19, 1946.
Filed Nov. 8, 1945
«/0,5.e/Üß 47ÍINVENTOR.
Patented Nov. i9, 1946
2,411,204 `
Joseph Graziano, White Plains, N. Y.
Application November 8, 1943, Serial` N0..509,499
5 Claims. (Cl. 12 3-122 )'
This invention relates to a, fuel heater and
Vaporizer and it is one object of the invention to
provide a device adapted to be mounted between
`a carburetor and the intake manifold of an engine
where it will serve very effectively to heat the
Fig. 3 is a view looking down upon the casing
' with the drum removed.
Figure 4 is a top plan View of the heating drum.
Fig. 5 is a fragmentary view showing a heating
disc mounted in a discharge neck of an intake
combustible mixture flowing to the manifold and
cause better vaporization of the fuel mixture and
This improved _fuel heater and vaporizer has
also furnish a preheated supply of fuel to a cold
a casingv I formed of strong metal and having its
bottom 2 formed‘with an opening 3 at its center.
Another object of the invention is to provide a 10 Openings «l are‘formed through the bottom 2 to
device oi this character wherein the fuel mixture
dischargedirom the carburetor passes through
receive screws 5 by means of which the `casing is
secured upon the neck 5 which projects from the
a drum enclosed in a casing mounted upon the
exhaust manifoldVv 6 of an internal >combustion
engine of conventional construction and consti
haust manifold of the engine, the casing having 15 tutesa heating chamber for the inlet neckk ‘I and
heating chamber which projects from the ex
communication with the intake manifold, and
there being heating member-s in the casing with
adjoining portions of the n intake manifold 8.
These manifolds are of conventional formation
and constitute standard elements of internal com
‘ which the fuel mixture makes contact as it ñows
through the casing.
bustion engines.
lAnother object of the invention is to provide a 20
device of this character wherein the heating
About the upper end‘of the casing is formed
an interna-1 annular `flange 9V having threaded
membersl in the` drum consist of metal discs of
suiiicient porocity to permit the combustible mix
ture to pass through them, an electric heating
relationto each other ’and intended to receive
openings It formed- in circumferentially spaced
screws I I by means of which a head I2 is detach
circuit being associated with the discs so that by 25 ably secured to the casing. VThis head or cap
closing a switch they may be heated prior to
starting the engine and warm fuel supplied to
the engine.
wardly projecting annular flange I3 ¿constituting
the casing or housing and nrmly, but detachably,
openings I3’ formed through iiange I3. A de
pending externally threaded neck or flange I'I is
tapers upwardly and at‘its upper end is an in
a support for a carburetor I4 which is secured
to the flange by screws I5 passed through the
Another object of the invention‘is to so form
the drum that it may be easily mounted within 30 flange I I5 of the carburetor and into the` threaded
mounted therein in spaced relation to the walls
carried 'by the cap and is screwed into the inter
nally threaded upper end'portion of` a drum I8
the drum with upper and lower end portions 35 which is also internally threaded at its lower end
and‘bottom of the casing.
Another object ofthe invention is to provide
which are in threaded` engagement with the body
portion of the drum so that by removing them
the heating discs may be easily inserted or re
moved for cleaning or replacement when neces
in order to receive the externally threaded upper
end of a downwardly tapered cap or headIS.
The head or cap I9 forms a throat for the lower
end ofthe drum and has its lower end'portion
40 externally reduced in thickness to form a neck
2t' of such diameter that it fits snugly within the
neck ‘I’ of the intake manifold. It will thus be
seen that when the engine is started and suction
venting dust or other foreign matter from reach
created through the intake manifold combustible
ing the intakelmanifold, and to prevent back
45 mixture withdrawn from the carburetor will pass
`through the drum in order to reach the manifold.
Another object of the invention is to provide a
>Also since the bottom 2 of the casing I is secured
fuel heater which is simple in‘construction, very
to theupper end of the heating chamber, `the
compact, and consists ofy a-small number of parts
spacezl within the casing surrounding the drum
which >may be easily assembled or taken apart.
The invention is illustrated in the accompany 50 will form a continuation of the heating chamber
and since the drum is enclosed in the casing and
ing drawing wherein- ‘
the drum is formed with ñns 22 the drum may be
, Fig. 1 is a sectional view taken vertically
Another object of the invention is to provide a
fuel heater which also serves as a iilter for pre
through the improved fuel heater and Vaporizer
and showingthe’same` mounted'in position for
Fig; 2‘is a> top plan“ View of the heater and
heated by action of exhaust gases..
When the engine is started it is .desired to
55 quickly heat the combustible mixture discharged
from the carburetor', in order to do so there .have
been provided heating discs 23 and 24 which are
>formed of metal alloy of such porosity that the
2. A fuel heater and vaporizer comprising a
casing having a bottom adapted to be detachably
fuel mixture may pass through them. These
discs ñt into annular recesses or seats 25 and 26
formed in upper and lower portions of the drum
and when the drum is screwed upon the fiange
Il' and the head or throat i9 is screwed into the
lower end of the drum pressure will be applied
to hold the discs firmly in place. Alt their cen
formed with an opening for establishing com
munication between the casingand the heating
chamber, a cap for the upper end of said casing
detachably secured thereto and adapted to be
ters the discs are formed with bosses 2l' and 28
detachably secured about the outlet of a car
secured to a heating chamber of an exhaust man- l
ifold of an internal combustion engine and
which are bored to form openings through which l0. buretor, a drum in said casing spaced fromwalls
thereof and having its upper end detachably con
a rod or post 29 is passed with its ends protrud
nected with said cap, a neck detachably con
ing and threaded to receive nuts 30 and 3l so
nected with the lower end of said drum'and ex
that by tightening the nuts the rod may be firm
tending downwardly therefrom for communica
ly held in place. A conductor Wire 32 is clamped
tion with the inlet yof the intake manifold of an
under the nut Bü at the upper endof‘the rod
internal combustion engine, discs of porous metal
and a ground wire 33 is clamped to the >rod by
mounted in upper and lower portions of said
the lower nut 33 and it will be readily understood
drum, and a rod of conductive material extend
that when the switch 3d is closed current will
ing longitudinally in the drum between said discs
pass through the rod 29 which acts as a resist
ance and the discs will be heated. Therefore the 20 with its end portions mounted through the discs.
3. A fuel heater and vaporizer comprising a
combustible fuel mixture entering the drum and
casing having one end adapted to be secured
passing through the discs will be heated fbefore
about a heating >chamber of the exhaust mani
it enters the intake manifold and delivered .to the
fold of an internal combustion engine and
cylinders of the engine as warm fuel instead of
formed with an opening for establishing commu
cold to the end that a cold engine will start more
nication between the casing and the heating
quickly. After the engine has been running a
chamber, a cap for the other end of said casing
suflicient length of timefor the drum to become
heated by hot exhaust gases passing through the
adapted to be securedrabout the outlet of a car
buretor, a drum in said casing spaced from walls
exhaust manifold and entering the heating cham
thereof and having one end open and detach
ber the switch 34 may be opened and heat picked
ably connected with said cap, said drum having
up from the exhaust gases by the drum depended
outstanding ciroumferentially extending ribs, and
upon to heat the discs.
a head for the other end of said drum consti
As additional means for heating' the fuel mix
tuting a throat adapted to be detachably engaged
with the inlet of the intake manifold of an in-`
ture the discharge necks 35 ofthe instake mani
fold 'are each provided with a heating disc 36
ternal combustion engine.
mounted in ya recess or seat 3l at the end of the
4. A fuel heater and vaporizerV comprising a
neck. This disc is of the same formation as the
casing having one end adapted' to be secured
discs 23 and 2d and at its center is formed with
about an open end of a heating chamber carried
an opening to receive `a rod or terminal post 38
corresponding to the rod or post 29. By pro 40 by the exhaust manifold of an internal combus
tion engine, a cap for the vothe-r end of said cas
viding the outlet necks of the intake manifold
ing adapted to be secured about the outlet of
with the discs ëä fuel which may not have been
a carburetor, an externally threaded flange car
suiiiciently heated bythe )discs 23 and 24 or
ried by said cap, a cylindrical drum in said cas
become cooled while passing through the cold in
ing having open ends `internally threaded and
take manifold will »be reheated just prior to en
adjoining the threaded portions internally re
tering the 'cylinders of the engine and quick ig
cessed to form annular seats, discs of porous
’nition of Athe fuel will occur.
metal mounted in said recesses, one end of said
Having thus described the invention, what is
drum being screwed into engagement -with said
‘claimed is: '
_1. A fuel heater and vaporizer comprising a 50 flange to detachably mount the drum and holdV
casing open at its lower end and adapted to be
the disc in the said end portion `of the drum
firmly in place by abutting engagement‘with the
secured to a heating chamber of anexhaust man
ifold of an engine, a cap for the upper end of
flange, and a neck screwed into the other end
of said drum and having binding engagement
said casing having an upstanding open throat
with the disc therein to iìrmly hold the disc in
adapted to be secured to the outlet of a car
place, said neck projecting from the drum and
buretor, a depending annular flange carried by
adapted for connection with the inlet of the in
said cap about the lower end of the throat, a
drum in said casing spaced from walls thereof
take manifold of an internal combustion engine.
and >having its upper end in threaded engage
5. A fuel heater and vaporizer comprising al
ment with said flange, a head in threaded engage 60 casing having one end adapted to be secured
ment with the lower end of said drum, said head
about one end of a heating chamber carried by
being tapered downwardly and having an open
the exhaust manifold of an internal combustion
lower end constituting a neck adapted to ñt with- V
engine, a cap for the other en_d of said casing
`in the inlet ofthe intake manifold of an engine,
adapted to be secured >about the outlet of a car
said drum being formed with internal annular 65 buretor, a drum in said casing spaced from walls
thereof and having one end .engaged with said
seats adjacent its upper and lower ends, discs of
porousl metal mounted in said seats and held
cap for communication with the carburetor
kfirmly in place by the flange and the head, a
through the cap, the other> end of » said drum being
rod of conductive material extending between
said discs with its end portions passing through
openings at centers of the discs, and nuts car-v
ried by protruding upper and Vlower ends of Ysaid
rod for holding the rod in place and clamping
yadapted for communicating with the inlet of an
intake manifold of . an internal combustion en
gine, and discs of porous metal mounted in said
drum in spaced relation to each other longitudi
nally thereof. _
conductor wires of a‘heatingcircuit to ends of
the rod.
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