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Nov. 19, 1946.
Filed Dec. 18, 1944
€0 15
Patented Nov. 19, 1946
William A. Roehner, Chicago, Ill., assignor to
Wenzel Projector Company, Chicago, 111., a cor
poration of Illinois
Application December 18, 1944, Serial No. 568,614
1 Claim.
This invention relates to a ticket roll holder
adaptable to be used for supporting rolls of the
(01 242-_55.2)
Fig. 2 is a top plan view of the same, partly in
on line 2—2 in Fig. 1; and
ater tickets or like tickets.
Fig. 3 is an end elevational view of the device
One of the problems heretofore encountered in
shown in Figs. 1 and 2.
connection with theater ticket reels has been the
A preferred embodiment of the present inven
problem of preventing the reel and the roll or
tion is illustrated in the drawing, wherein it is
web of tickets from overrunning and thereby
generally indicated at ‘l6, and comprises a sup
ejecting or dispensing one or more extra tickets.
porting base II which forms part of a one-piece
While I am aware that various devices have
been employed heretofore as stops or braking 10 metal casting l2. The supporting base or pedes
tal l I is provided with openings, as l3, through
mechanisms for use upon continuous webs of
which screws or like fastening elements may be
paper and the like, I have found that most of
to secure the base H to a supporting
them are of a relatively complicated nature and
expensive to manufacture and use in or in con
The casting I2 includes an upwardly extending
junction with a ticket roll holder. This has been 15
standard l4 having an enlarged lower
due, in part, to the fact that the braking element
portion or boss l5 which is formed integral with
in most of such devices has operated upon the
the base II. At its upper end ‘the supporting
peripheral or circumferential surface of the ticket
standard l4 carries a hub l 6 for supporting a roll
roll to effect the desired braking operation and
I ‘l of theater tickets or the like.
such braking elements have required relatively 2b orAweb
retaining member or bar I8 is pivotally
complicated operating mechanisms.
mounted at its lower end upon the boss 15, by
I Accordingly, the primary object of the present
means of a screw l9 which is threaded into a
invention is to provide a ticket roll holder for
screw-threaded opening 20 provided therefor in
use in conjunction with theater or like ticket dis
the boss l5 (Fig. 3). At its upper end this: retain
pensing devices and which embodies a simple but 25 ing member or bar I8 has an enlarged and gen
ef?cient device for preventing overrunning of the
erally disc-shaped head portion 2| which. is pro
reel and web and in which the braking element
vided with a slot or throat 22. This slot or throat
operates upon one of the two parallel side or lat
22 extends radially inwardly from the periphery
eral faces of the ticket roll rather than upon the
of the disc-shaped head 2| of the retaining mem
peripheral or circumferential surface or edge 30 ber or bar l8 to the center thereof and is adapted
thereof, as has been customary heretofore.
Another object of the invention is to construct
and arrange the new ticket roll holder in such a
to receive the screw-threaded shank portion 23
of a clamping screw 24. This clamping screw 24
has an enlarged knurled head 25 which is some
manner that the braking device embodied therein
what larger in diameter than the width. of the
may be manually adjusted to vary the braking 35 slot 22 and this enlarged head 25 of the screw
pressure or friction of the braking element upon
24 is adapted to bear against the outer surface
one of the two parallel sides or faces of the ticket
of the head 2| of the retaining bar I8 for a. reason
which will be described presently.
Other and further objects of the present inven_
A resilient braking element 26 is attached to
tion will be apparent from the following descrip 40 the retaining bar l8, on the inner side of the lat
tion and claim and are illustrated in the accom
ter, as by means of screws 27, and this resilient
braking element 26 has an upper end portion 28
shows a preferred embodiment and the principle
which is adapted to bear against one lateral side
thereof and what I now consider to be the best 45 or surface of the roll of tickets l1, adjacent the
center of the roll 11. A screw 29 is adjustably
mode in which I have contemplated applying that
mounted in a threaded opening 30 provided for
principle. Other embodiments of the invention
the reception thereof in the retaining member I 8,
embodying the same or equivalent principle may
the axially inner end portion of the shank of this
be used and structural changes may be made as
desired by those skilled in the art without depart 60 screw 29 bearing against the upper end portion
of the resilient braking element or spring 26.
ing from the present invention and the purview
This screw 29 has an enlarged knurled head por
of the appended claim.
tion 3| which is adapted to bear against the re
Fig. l is a side elevational view of a ticket roll
taining member or bar I 8 on the outer side
holder embodying a preferred form of the present
In the use of the new ticket roll holder a roll
panying drawing which, by way of illustration,
or web ll of theater tickets or the like may be
mounted upon the hub I6 of the supporting
standard l4 and the device may be arranged or
embodied in a theater ticket dispensing machine
upon the adjacent side or lateral face of the
ticket roll II.
It will thus be seen that the present invention
provides a relatively simple but ef?cient ticket
roll holder and braking element therefor for use
or mechanism (not shown). In order to mount Cl in conjunction with theater ticket or like ticket
the ticket roll Ii upon the hub I6 the clamping
dispensing devices and which has the novel fea
screw 23—24—-25 may be loosened and the re
tures and advantages and desirable character
taining bar It and attached braking element
istics, and accomplishes its intended objects, in
26-28 pivoted at £9 (clockwise as seen in Fig. 1)
into a lowered and generally horizontal position. 10 cluding those hereinbefore mentioned and others
which are inherent in the invention.
The ticket roll or web Il may then be placed in
Hence, while I have illustrated and described
position upon its supporting hub I6, whereupon
a preferred embodiment of my invention, it is
the retaining bar I8 and attached braking ele
to be understood that this is capable of variation
ment 26-28 may then be pivoted at I9 back into
and modi?cation and I therefore do not wish to
the position in which these parts are shown in
be limited to the precise details set forth, but
Fig. 1, the shank 23 of the screw 24 then passing
desire to avail myself of such changes and al
into the slot 22 in the head 2| of the retaining
terations as fall within the purview of the fol
bar I8, whereupon the clamping screw 24 may be
lowing claim.
tightened to hold the retaining bar I8 and brak
I claim:
ing element 26-28 in effective position.
A ticket roll holder comprising a supporting
The resilient braking element 26 may then be
structure including a base to be attached to a
urged into effective position, as shown in Fig. 3,
supporting surface, a ?xed substantially ?at ticket
by adjusting the screw iii-31, the upper end
roll support extending upwardly from the base,
portion 28 of the resilient spring or braking
element 255 then bearing upon that one of the 25 a laterally projecting hub for the ticket roll car
ried by the upper end of the said support, a sub
two parallel side or lateral faces of the ticket
stantially ?at retaining. bar extending upwardly
roll H which is opposite the side or lateral face
from the base and normally in spaced parallel
relationship and vertical alignment with the
bearing upon the peripheral or circumferential 30 ticket roll support, the said hub being disposed
thereof at which the upwardly extending sup
porting standard It is arranged, ratherthan
edge of the ticket roll as has been customary
heretofore in the art.
When so arranged the
between the upper ends of the ?xed support and
the retaining bar, the said bar being pivoted on a
a horizontal axis to the base at its lower end and
friction or braking action and pressure of the
having an open slot adjacent its upper end for
resilient braking element or spring 2:‘5-48 upon
the lateral face of the ticket roll I‘! upon which 35 reception of means therein for detachably se
it bears may be varied, by adjusting the screw
curing the upper end of the bar to the roll hub,
a resilient braking member attached to the inner
29—3I, so as to accommodate the pressure of
the braking element ‘it-28 to the size or diameter
side of the retaining bar and having a portion
and weight of the ticket roll I1, and when prop
thereof adapted for engagement with one lateral
erly adjusted the pressure of the resilient brak 40 face of the ticket roll, adjustable means carried
ing element 2€5—23 upon one lateral side or face
by the retaining bar for engagement with the
of the ticket, roll I? will prevent over‘mnning of
braking member whereby friction may be im
the free end portion of the ticket roll or web in
parted to the roll, and the detachable securing
means, when released, allowing the slotted end
vIt will be noted that the upper end portion 28
of the bar to be moved laterally about its pivot
of the resilient braking element or spring 25
to one side of and out of vertical alignment and
bears against one side or lateral face of the ticket
parallelism with respect to the said roll support a
roll I‘! adjacentrthe center of the roll so that
so that a roll of tickets can be placed on the roll
as the ticket web is used up and the diameter
of the ticket roll becomes smaller the upper end 50
' portion 28 of the resilient braking element or
spring 26 will, notwithstanding, continue to bear
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