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Nov. 19, 1946.
Filed Oct. 27, 1944
‘2,41 1,314
Patented Nov. 19, 1946
2,411,314 *
Arpinée E. Andon, Pelham, N. Y.
Application October 27, 1944, Serial No. 560,614
1 Claim.
(01. 206-35)
My invention relates to a match holder and
wind shield and its novelty consists in the combi
nation and arrangement of parts as will be more
fully hereinafter pointed out.
The lighting of a match in the wind in order to
light a cigarette, cigar or pipe has always been
a di?icult problem. But this problem has become
match is struck and held in the wind shield. pocket
formed by the open cover 6 and its connection 9,
l0 and 8.
In using my match holder and wind shield it
Will be carried in the pocket or in a bag in the
closed position as shown in Figure 2. When it is
taken out for use, the opening 15 in the cover 6
even more important since women became such
permits the user to readily open said cover 6 and
general cigarette smokers as many millions of
with it the fan-like folding elements 9 and I B
matches are now wasted daily in attempting to 10 will open with it and flap 8 will also take the
light cigarettes in the wind.
position shown in Figure 1 whereby a perfect wind
shield on ?ve sides is formed as the back of 6
fectively by combining in a match box a wind
is faced to the wind. The inner cover IE will then
shield that can ‘be quickly and easily opened so
be raised to remove a match II and immediately
as to furnish complete protection to a match as it 15 closed to protect the matches H and then the
is lighted.
match I I will be struck on 5 and the lit match
Referring to the drawing,
held within the wind shield space formed by said
Figure 1 is a perspective view of my device in
open cover 6 and its connections and the cigarette,
the open position;
cigar or pipe held in the mouth of user brought
Figure 2 is a perspective view of the same in 20 as to the lighting end into said wind shield space
the closed position.
into contact with the lighted match when the user
In the drawing, 3 is a match holder having an‘
will draw on the cigarette, cigar or pipe thereby
inner container 4 rigidly secured to 3 and forming
insuring adequate time to properly. secure :a light
with 3 two side pockets 12 on each side and a
even though there may be a heavy wind blowing.
front pocket iii.
My device is capable of many variations and
A cover 8 is hinged at l to the back edge of the
such variations are contemplated in the disclo
holder 3 and has side fan-like folding elements
sure and claim.
9 and !@ secured at their upper edges to 5 which
What I claim is:
fold and pocket in pockets 12 where the lower ends
In a match holder, the combination of an open
of 9 and iii are secured to limit the movement 30 top match container within said holder, two side
of said cover 6 and the said folding side elements
pockets and a front pocket in said match holder
9 and ill. A front ?ap element 8 is formed by
at the side and front Walls of the container, re
turning down the front portion of cover 5 at 8a
a windshield hingedly secured to the
which pockets in front pocket 14 when the cover
said container, two foldable fan-like
5 is shut down to the closed position.
sides each having one end fastened in one of said
A suitable match striker 5 is rigidly secured
side pockets and the opposite ends being secured
to the front of the holder 3 and the matches I!
to said windshield, a turned down ?ap secured
are held in the inner container 4 and the cover 6
to the front edge of said windshield adapted to
has a cut out E5 to receive the ?nger of the per
son using it in order to more readily open the 40 pocket in said front container pocket, a protec
tive cover member for said container hingedly
cover 6.
My device solves this problem simply and ef~
A second or inner cover 16 is hinged in the usual
well known manner to the back edge of the inner
container 4 so as to cover the matches II and
protect them against accidental ignition when a 45
mounted under said windshield to the back edge
of said container and match striking means on .
said container.
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