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Nov. 19, 1946.
w. P. DAY :rAL
Filed July 15, 1944
5 Sheets—Sheet 1
Nov. 19, 1946. V
Filed July 15, 1944
3 Sheets-Sheet 2
VlNCENT agdzsmw.
Nov. 19, 1946.
Filed July 1;, 1944
I :0
a _.
s Sheets-‘Sheet s
23 ,_
.1. DAY.
Patented Nov. 19, 1946
William P. Day,‘ Cleveland Heights, John J. Day,
Shaker Heights, William P. Day, Jr.,_ Cleveland
Heights, and Vincent E. Heglaw, East Cleve
land, Ohio
Application July 13, 1944, Serial No. 544,659.
3 Claims.
(CI. 94-48)
This invention relates to a hand‘ trowel for
spreading and compressing a layer of mortar or
concrete mix and which is provided with power
operated means for imparting. rapid and violent
vibrations to the layer of mix whereby to cause
such layer to settle and to. eliminate Voids and
shown in Fig. 1';
' ‘One of the objects ofv the invention is to pro
or turbine;
Fig. 2 is a vertical sectional‘ view on the line
29-2 of; Fig- 4;
Fig. 3‘ is a top plan. view of the trowel shown
in Figs. 1 and 2.;
' Fig. 4 is a view in end elevation of the trowel
air pockets.
Fig. 5 is a detail view in elevation of the rotor
vide. a hand trowel for spreading and compress
ing a layer of concrete which includes a pneu
Fig. 6 is av vertical sectional View on the line
matically operated rotor having an eccentrically
weighted portionand which is driven at high
speed so as to impart rapid and violent vibra
6-6. of Fig. 5;.
Fig. '7 is a bottom plan View on a reduced scale
of the trowel‘ shown in. Fig. 1 and having secured
thereto a trowel for use in imparting vibrations
to a. concrete column;
Fig. 8 is a view of the trowel taken at right
tions to the‘ layer of concrete in a plane sub
stantially parallel with the surface of the layer.
A- further' object of the invention is to pro
angles to Fig. 7;.
vide a hand tool or trowel for spreading, com
pressing‘ and vibrating a layer of concrete and
which is adapted to. be secured to the trowel for
which includes a vibrator unit in the’ form of
an. air driven turbine having an eccentrically
forming and vibrating curbing;
weighted- portion so disposed that rapid and
violent vibrations. will be imparted to a layer of
concrete mix in a' plane substantially parallel
with the horizontal surface.
the attachment shown in Fig. 9;
Fig. 10. is a fragmentary view in elevation of
' Another object of the invention is to provide _
trowel: for; spreading. and'vibrating a layer of
concrete. mix and which. comprises a light
weight casting having mounted therein‘ an air
driven turbine for imparting. rapid and violent,
vibrations thereto.
Fig. 1.1‘. is a view in side elevation of'the trowel
and attachment shown in Figs. '7' and 8;.
Fig. 12‘ is a fragmentary View of another form
of' tool‘ or implement for vibrating concrete;
Fig. l3is a fragmentary view in elevation of
the. tool. shown in Fig. 12;
V Fig. 14 isa. fragmentary view in elevation of
Another object of‘ the invention is to provide
a; hand‘, trowel: for spreading, compressing and
vibrating; a layer of concrete, the working face
Fig. 9. is a view in end elevation of. a tool
another form of tool used for vibrating concrete;
Fig. 15 is. a side view of the tool ‘shown in
Fig. 14-;
Fig. 16 is a. View partly in section and partly
in. elevation. showing the manner‘of using the
of: the. trowel. including an inclined portion and
trowel to impart vibrations to aconcrete column
a. contiguous flat portion, such trowel being 35 whil'e itis being, formed;
provided with power operated. means for. im
Fig.1’? is a view partly in elevation and partly
parting rapid and violent vibrations thereto in
in. sectionshowing. another. use of the. trowel for
a-plane substantially parallel with the. working
imparting vibrations to a. concrete floor being.
face of.‘ the-trowel.
A» still further object of the invention is to 40
Fig. 131s a view‘ in elevation showing another
provide- a trowel for compressing and spreading
form of 'tool or attachment that may be applied
a; layer of concrete and which is provided with
to the trowel for imparting vibrations to a layer
means for ‘imparting rapid and Violent Vibra
of concrete; and .
tions thereto, such trowel being provided with 45 Fig. 19 is a top plan view of a still differentv
form of attachment for applying vibrations to
means for detachably. securing thereto any one
alayer of. concrete.
of several tools or implements which are
Referring now to the drawings, the reference
character. I designates a casting which is pref
erably formed of light material such as alumi
Further; and more“ limited objects of the in 50 num»
or magnesium and which is generally of
I vention; will. appear as; the description proceeds
the shape shown in Figs. 1, 2 and 3. One end
and by reference to the accompanying drawings
of the casting is rounded, as indicated at 2,
in which
while the opposite end is pointed, as indicated
Fig. 1 is a view in front elevation of our im
at 3. Extending generally longitudinally of the
proved trowel;
55 casting are a plurality of ribs indicated by the
adapted to extend. into a mass of concrete to
vibrate the same.
may be secured to the lower end of the rod 3|,
if desired. This tool is particularly useful in
spading and vibrating concrete in ?oors, as will
appear from Fig. 17. The reference character 33
designates another form of tool which may be
reference characters 4, 5 and 6. The working
face of the trowel is provided with an inclined
portion 1 and a contiguous straight or flat por
tion 8. The inclined portion of the casting is
provided with a plurality of ribs 9. The central
' portion of the casting is recessed and disposed
attached to the rod 3|.
I ‘ In Fig.<18 there is disclosed another tool or im
therein is ajturbine, l0 shown in detail in Figs.
5 and 6. The turbine I0 is keyed to a shaft H
which shaft is journaled in bearings 12 and I3. .» T >
Disposed over the recess is a plate M which is
secured in place by means of a plurality of bolts
[5. The. casting is provided with a bore l6 into
plement which may be attached to the vibrator
and which consists essentially of a pipe 34 which
is secured to the trowel by means of a strap 35.
The pipe 34 extends a considerable distance be
yond the ends of the trowel and is useful in ap
plying‘vibrations to the surface of a large area of
which leads an air line ll. l'nters‘ecting' the bore '
concrete. In Fig. 19 the pipe 34 is secured to the
I6 is a bore is disposed substantially at right
angles thereto. The bore l6 constitutes the inlet 15 trowel at right angles to the position shown in
Fig. 18 and serves the same general purpose.
port for the turbine and the bore I8 the exhaust
It will now be clear that we have provided a
port, it being understood that the air line I1
trowel which will serve to- spread, compress and
is connected with a suitable source of pressure. .
vibrate a layer of concrete and which will accom
The reference characters It and 20 designate
apair of plates which are preferably formed of 20 plish the objects of the invention hereinbefore
stated. ‘Various changes may be made in the de-v
rubber or similar composition and which are
tails of construction and arrangement of. parts
bolted to‘ the casting by bolts 2l.' Extending
without departing from the spirit of our inven
through the plates l9 and 2B is a, bolt 22 which is
tion. The embodiments of the invention herein
enclosed within a rubber sleeve 23. A nut 24 is
threadedly secured to the bolt 23 and secures the 25 disclosed are to be considered merely as illustrae
tive and not in a limiting sense as the invention
same in place so as to provide a handle for man
is limited onlyin accordance with the scope of
ually operating the trowel.‘
the appended claims.
The reference character 25 designates a curved
Having thus described our invention, what we
plate’ which is shown in detail in Figs. 9‘ and 10
and which has welded thereto a plurality of bars 30 claim is:
1. A tool for applying ‘a thin layer of concrete
26. , The bars 26 are secured to the casting by
a plurality of nuts 21.
The plate 25 is shaped
and‘designed'so ‘as to engage a curved surface
such as a curbing of a road'and serves to impart '
vibrations thereto.
to an underlying layer and having a face adapted.
for troweling, comprising a body having side walls
and a bottom wall, vibrating mechanism mounted
35 in the body of the tool for imparting vibrations
. In the operation of the trowel‘ a layer of con
thereto, a member having a portion formed to ex
crete, mortar or other suitable material is spread
tend across the outside of said bottom wall and
over the surface of a road and the trowel is placed
portions extending up along the opposite sides of
on this surface and ‘operated manually to spread,
said body, said member including a portion ex
compress and vibrate the layer. Due to the shape 40 tending laterally from said ?rst-named portion
of the working face of the trowel, it will be,‘ seen
for applying a concrete mix to an underlying sur
that the concrete or mix passes under the inclined
face, and means for removably securing said
portion 1 and is compressed into a thinner layer.
member to said body. '
. "
The trowel is preferably moved in the direction
2. The combination of a vibrating tool having
indicated by the arrow in Fig. 4. .It is of course - vibrating means associated therewith and having
to be understood that while the trowel is being
a face adapted for troweling, said tool having a
moved over the surface of the concrete, the tur
body portion having a leveling surface for leveling
bine or rotor is‘ being driven at high speed of the _ soft concrete, ridges extending along said surface,
order of 5000 to 7500 revolutions per minute.
a member adapted to be attached to said body
By reference to Fig. 6, it will be seen that the r and extending laterally therefrom, said member
rotor or turbine is provided with an eccentrically
including a strap-like portion extending across
weighted portion 50*‘ so that rapid and violent vi
the leveling surface and lying intermediate and
brations are imparted to the trowel in a plane
in engageable relation with two of said ridges,
generally parallel to the surface o-f‘the concrete.
and means for releasably securing said strap-like
The trowel is of light weight and is easily manipu
portion to the sides of said body.
lated by one person. Several attachments are
3.. The combination of a trowel and vibrator for
provided for the trowel which may be quickly se
spreading and simultaneously vibrating a layer
cured thereto or detached therefrom.
of concrete mix including a body having a trowel
In Figs. 7 and 8 there is disclosed an attach
ing surface, ridges extending alongsaid surface,
ment which is in the form of a strap 28 which 60 a member adapted to be attached to said body
is ‘secured in place by means of bolts 29 and 30.
and having a. strap-like‘portion which extends
Secured to the strap, preferably by being welded
thereto, is a rod 3| which is preferably made up
of a plurality of sections threadedly secured to
This attachment is ‘particularly useful
in applying vibrations to a column of concrete as
across said troweling surface and lies'lintermedié
ate and in engageable relation with two of said
ridges, and means for releasablyv securing said
strap-like portion toisaid body.
it is being poured. It will of course be under
stood that any number of sections may be used
depending upon the depth of the column.
reference character 32 designates a tool which
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