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Nov. 19, 1946.
Filed May 24, 1944
Patented Nov. 19, 1946
Henry Singer, Honolulu, Territory of Hawaii
Application May 24, 1944, Serial No. 537,150
2 Claims. (Cl. 261—30)
This invention relates to a' spraying apparatus,
outwardly‘ inclined shel1 or apron 5 of desired
and it is an object of the invention to provide
an apparatus of this kind especially designed for
inclination and preferred major diameter.
At substantially the axial center of the apron
use for the diffusion of a liquid in the form of a
5 is an annular support or platform 6 of a major
diameter slightly in excess of the diameter of
the upper open face of the basin 4 but consid
erably less than the major or upper diameter of
the apron 5.
Radiating from this support or platform ,6 and
whirling mist.
Another object of the invention is to provide
a device of this kind having novel means for
effectively diffusing a liquid insecticide and to
also provide an apparatus of this kind whereby
the liquid is discharged in the form of a mist.
It is also an object of the invention to provide
disposed outwardly therefrom are the relatively
narrow arms 1 terminating in the depending feet
8 which are suitably anchored, as at 9,, to the
apron 5, or skirt as it may also be called, adja
cent the upper or outer margin of such apron
or skirt 5. These feet 8 are of such dimensions
as to position the support or platform 6 a desired
distance above the upper or outer margin of the
an apparatus of this kind constructed in a man
ner to permit the same, when not spraying, to
be employed to advantage as a lamp or as a fan.
It is another object of the invention to pro
vide an apparatus of this kind which can be eas
ily knocked down and reassembled to facilitate
apron or skirt 5.
‘ ,
cleaningand oiling when necessary.
The lower portion of the basin 4 and at desired
Furthermore, the invention has for an object
to provide an apparatus of this kind wherein the 20 points circumferentially therearound is provided
with the inwardly disposed buttons I6 upon which
liquid is discharged or diffused upwardly in the
is rested an electric motor M of any preferred
type, with the power take-off shaft ll of such
form of a mist and wherein provision is made for
regulating or controlling at will the upward throw
of the mist.
The invention consists in the details of con
struction and in the combination and arrange
ment of the several parts of my improved spray
ing apparatus whereby certain important advan
tages are attained, as will be hereinafter more
fully set forth.
motor extending vertically upwardly and posi
tioned at the axial center of the central opening
12 of the support or platform 6.
Positioned upon the support or platform 6 is
a container C, herein disclosed as substantially
semi-spherical in form, and which is provided at
30 the axial center of its ?at bottom wall I4 with
a depending discharge nozzle l5 which passes
In order that my invention may be better un
derstood, I will now proceed to describe the same
snugly through the central opening l2 of the
with reference to the accompanying drawing,
support or platform 6.
The'lower portion of the nozzle [5 is telescopi-‘
Figure 1 is a view partly in vertical section 35 cally received within the upper open extremity of
an elongated cylindrical chamber member It.
and partly in elevation illustrating a spraying ap
This chamber member l6 has a relatively heavy
paratus constructed in accordance with an em
bottom wall I‘! which is mounted upon the upper
bodiment of the invention;
end portion of the power take-off shaft H and
Figure 2 is a view taken substantially on the
40 ?xed thereto, by the securing means l8, for ro
line 2--2 of Figure 1; and
tation therewith.
Figure 3 is an enlarged fragmentary detail view
Associated with the container C is a compres
taken substantially on the line 3—3 of Figure 2.
sion pump I9, herein disclosed as of a hand type,
As disclosed in the accompanying drawing, the
while the upper end of the container C‘ is pro
apparatus is illustrated in the general simulation
of a torchiere type ?oor lamp and wherein is 45 vided with a ?lling opening 20 adapted to be
provided a hollow base member I from the cen
tral portion of which extends a tubular upright
or post 2 in communication therewith. The base
I has in communication therewith a suitably po
sitioned drain 3.
Provided at the upper extremity of the upright '
or post 2 is a bell-like member 4 which consti
tutes a basin and with which the upright or post
2 communicates. The upper marginal portion of
closed in a conventional manner by the cap 2|.
The nozzle I5 is intersected by a plate 22 pro
vided at its central portion with a valve casing
23 open at the top and bottom and in which
is mounted a rotary valve 24 of a spigot type and
which is operated by a stem 25 extending through
the wall of the nozzle l5 and rotatably supported,
as at 26, by a marginal portion of the apron or
skirt 5. The outer extremity of the stem 25
this basin 4 is surrounded by the upwardly and 65 carries a knurled head 21 or the like whereby
7 2,41‘ 1,343
the valve 24 may be adjusted at will to either
the greater such compression, the higher the
open or closed position.
throw of the mist or fog. During the time the
mist or fog is being discharged, it is believed to
be readily understood that the fans will create
Carried by the upper portion of the member
IS and radiating outwardly therefrom are the
fan blades 28 of a conventional type and of a Ul such air draft as to materially facilitate the de
desired number and which, upon rotation of the
sired di?usion and as the lighting elements 32
member I6, serve to create an upward stream of
are located out of the path of rotation of the
blades 28, such elements may be employed, if
Carried by each of the blades 28 and underly
ing the same is a, pipe line 29, ‘one end portion of;
which, as at‘30, extends within the ‘chamber mem
ber l6 while the opposite end portion of the pipe
ine 29 extends through the outer portion of the‘
lade 28 and a slight distance thereabove and.
said outer extension carries a mist diffusing or
. tog sprayer 3|. This sprayer 311 may“ be of any
type preferred.
Suitably arranged upon the skirt or apron 5
at desired points therearound are the electric
lighting elements 32 of a conventional type, the /
conductors 33 therefor extendingndownwardly-of
the post, Zand-out through a wall; thereof: at the
lower. portion of said post. This conductor is
adapted'ffor connectionwith a suitable’ source of
desired, during the period of diffusion. It is also
believedzto beobvious that. when either the fan
blades 28 or the lighting elements '32 are being
used collectively or separately, the valve 24 should
be closed unless, of course, the spraying operation
may-also be desired.
From the foregoing description it is thought
to be obvious-thata spraying apparatus con
structed in-accordance with my invention is par
ticularly well adapted for use by reason of the
convenience and facility with which it may be
assembled and operated.
What is claimed is:
1. A device of. the character stated comprising
a hollow'base havinga tubular standard lead
ing upwardly therefrom, said standard, at, its upper
electric energy. Interposed inthe conductor and _ end carrying and opening into the lower part; of
arranged; exteriorly- of the post- 2 isla controlling
switch 34,.
\ The motor M is also in proper electrical>con~
nection, as indicated at 35, with'the-conductor
a basin-likereceptacle having an upwardly, and
outwardly ?aring apron-like edgej extension, a:
motor unit supported. within said basin and hav
ingan upwardly directedshaft, a chambered body
cable-‘and such connection 351 is underthe control 30 supported upon said shaft forrotation and‘haying
offa. conventionaliswitch 36. It, is believed, to be
an open upper end, a plurality of tubes each hav
obvious that the motor can becaused-to operate
ing an end" opening, into the chambered body,
independently. of- the. lightingilelements 32.. and
the tubes extending; radially outwardly'from the,»
vice versa. so that, when desired, the apparatus
body, a spray nozzle at the outer. end of each.
herein disclosedcan beemployedlas' a fan-or as
tube directed upwardly and outwardly, theover
a lampjndependently- of any spraying‘, function.
all diameter of said apron being materially. greater
The‘v liquid, such as aninsecticidQ is: placed
within the container C and placed under proper.
pressure byfrthe action-of, thepumplgi With the
valve 24 - open,_-the liquid‘will enterv thev lower; por
tion of the chamber member l?-and- under such
pressure will be forced'out through, the pipes 29
and- nozzles [5,; so rthatyeliective, diffusing of the,
liquid in a mist or foe will.‘ be obtained, This.
diffusing of; themist'or fog will alsobe; further
facilitated by placing-,themember; I6; together
with theblade 2'8; iii-rotation; ,Allliquidthat-may
dropa orsravitate upon. the ‘ apron or skirt: 5, will,
than the distance between diametrically, oppo
sitely positionednozzlress a- ?uid receptacle sup
ported above the center of the basin, a?uid-con
ducting conduit leading ‘from the receptacle into
the chamberedbody-and‘closing the said open end
of the body, and‘ a control;valve within'the con-,
duit for controlling the, ?ow of, ?uid from the
receptacle into the chambered body.
2. A‘ structure of'the character statedin claiml,
I witha; platformv disposed; above the chambered
body andhav-ing an'opening through which said’
conduit passes, the receptacle being- supported
drain intothehasin v4 and down through the post
upon’ the platform, and radial arms forming a,
2;;intothe: holl0w;ba$e;member I’, whereby such 50 part of the platform and extending, outwardly
liquid: may-- be readily recovered. through the
andconnected at their outer ends with the apron
It is believed to be obvious ,thatwiththe appa
ratus; as; herein disclosed; the; mist, or. fog; is
thrown upwardly and- that such J upward; throw.
of the mistor fog‘will be. dependent upon‘the, air
compression, within -_ the container (3. Obviously
for supporting-the platform.andgreceptacle abovev
the motor and; chambered bo.dy,:said chambered.
body and nozzle carrying tubes being rotatable»
_ beneath the‘: arms andithe, apron,
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