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NW- 19, 1946-
Filed Oct. 23, 1945
Patented Nov. 19, 1946
Antonio Bongiovanni, Philadelphia, Pa., assignor
of one-half to Antonio Geraci, Philadelphia,
' Application October 23, 1945, Serial No. 623,908
1 Claim.
This invention relates to an improved eyeglass
An object of the invention is to provide a
hanger adapted to be placed upona shelf, table,
((31. 248-—300)
be engaged behind the hook [5, when the ends
of the templets may be engaged with the ears
I 6 for connecting the eyeglasses with the rack,
and when so positioned thereon, the hanger will, ,
desk, or the like for conveniently supporting a 5 as will be appreciated, securely support the eye
pair of eyeglasses in a position out of the way
glasses in any convenient location out of the Way.
in safety so that the eyeglasses will not likely
In Figures 2 to 6 inclusive of the drawing I
become accidentally broken.
have shown a modi?cation of the invention
A further object of the invention is to provide
wherein the pedestal and rack are formed as sep
a hanger embodying a pedestal, and a rack up 10 arate, detachably connected parts. The pedes
standing from the pedestal and fashioned to de
tal is indicated at IS, the rack at I9, and the
tachably receive a pair of eyeglasses.
base of the rack at 20.
And a still further object of the invention is
In this variation, the pedestal I8 is formed at
to provide a hanger wherein, in one embodiment
its upper end with integral, parallel ?anges 2|,
of the invention, the pedestal and rack will con~ 15 and rising from the pedestal medially between
stitute a unitary structure while, in another em
said ?anges and forwardly rthereof is a stud 22
bodiment of the invention, the rack will be de
which is also integral with the pedestal. The
tachably connected to the pedestal, but wherein
the use of separate fastening devices for con
base 23 is formed with parallel side edges and
snugly but slidably ?ts beneath the ?anges 2i,
necting the parts will be eliminated.
20 and formed in the base is an aperture 23 from
Other and incidental objects of the invention
which extends rearwardly an inclined slot 24 in
will appear during the course of the following
description, and in the drawing:
Figure 1 is a perspective view of my improved
the lower side of the base. The stud 22 is some
what loosely received in the aperture 23 and the
slot 24 is of a width to receive the stud. Conse
25 quently, the base 20 may be ?exed upwardly at
Figure 2 is a side elevation of a modi?cation
the stud to clear the upper end thereof when, as
of the invention.
Figure 3 is a top plan view of the modi?ed
Figures 4 and 5 are sections through the ped
estal of the modi?ed structure.
Figure 6 is a section on the line 6-—6 of Fig
ure 2.
forward pull is exerted on the base, the stud will
enter the slot 24 so that the base may be with
drawn from between the ?anges 2i and the rack
30 .and pedestal thus separated.
As will be perceived, I have provided a very
simple construction whereby the pedestal l8 and
rack [9 are detachably connected with each. other
Referring now more particularly to Figure 1
so that the two may be manufactured and shipped
of the drawing, I employ a preferably frusto 35 as separate parts. Otherwise, the modi?cation
conical pedestal 10, and upstanding from the
is identical with the preferred embodiment of the
pedestal is a rack, indicated as a whole at ll.
invention and like reference characters have ac
Both of these parts are preferably of suitable
cordingly been applied to corresponding parts not
plastic, and in this embodiment of the invention,
otherwise designated of both forms.
the rack is integral with the pedestal. If so 40
Having thus described my invention, what I
desired, the pedestal may be weighted by a suit
claim is:
able core embedded therein, and preferably, the
An eyeglass hanger including a pedestal having
rack will be formed as a more or less thin sheet
a stud upstanding therefrom, a rack having a
of plastic material which is resilient. However,
base seating against the pedestal and provided
other suitable materials may be employed.
45 with an opening receiving said stud therethrough,
As shown, the rack H includes a circular base
said rack being adapted to receive a pair of eye
I2 from which rises a concavo-convex shank l3
glasses, and ?anges on the pedestal slidably ac
gradually widened toward its upper end, and car
commodating the base therebeneath and normally
ried by the shank is a more or less rectangular
holding the base engaged with said stud, the base
head [4 which is curved from end to end to con 60 being adapted to be ?exed upwardly to clear said
form to the curvature of the shank and overhangs
stud and being formed at its lower side with a
the shank at opposite edges thereof. Struck
slot extending rearwardly from said opening and
from the head I 4 medially thereof is an upwardly
adapted to accommodate the stud whereby the
curved hook l5, and curving forwardly and up
base may be shifted forwardly over the stud from
wardly from the lower edge of the head at op 55 beneath said ?anges and detached from the ped
posite sides of the shank are companion ears [6.
As-suggested in the drawing, the bridge of a pair
of eyeglasses, as conventionally shown at IT, may
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