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Nov. 19, 1946.
Original Filed April 8, 1945‘
ZShgets-Sheet 1
Nov. 19, 1946.
Original Filed April 8, 1945
2 Sheets-Sheet 2
A. R.MZZ61‘
Patented Nov. 19,‘ 1946
‘ i
. Albert Rllvliller, Hialeah, Fla." ,
‘Original :applicationll: April '8, 1943, Serial No.
1&82392. “Divided and this application May 9,
‘ ;.194'5,"Serial No. 592,894
‘1 Claim. (o1.124s_20)
This ‘invention relates to washing machines used
'for laundering clothes, and. more particularly. to
machines of this class (which are automatic‘ in
their operation, having for its'object to .provide
a construction which is sturdy andwelladapted
to withstand and/or absorb the considerable
amount of .vibrationand strains which are inher
ent insuch machines during their operation.
,, With these-and other objects in view, the inven
tion resides in the noveldetails .of construction
and combinations .of parts as will iber-disclosed
more fully hereinafter and particularly covered
by. the claim.
medium by which ‘the. drained Water may bejre
moved from the machine.
The receptacle 2 is supported inany convenient
manneryupon a suitable rigid framework including
legssuch as '9 contacting the floor.‘ ‘Horizontally
disposed and rigidly interconnected supporting
bars constitute a unitary auxiliary frame indie
cat'ed‘at Ill, which frame is yieldably carried'by
the receptacle-supporting framework,‘t_he yield-‘
‘ability achieved in a manner particularly shown
‘iri'Figs. 2 and 3 and comprising springs, the pur
pose being to mount the moving and/or Vibratory
mechanisms of the machine upon‘ the auxiliary
{This ‘application constitutes a division .of my
frame so as to damp and/or reduce to a minimum
applicationifor. patent. ?led April 8, .1943, under 15 the vibrations thereof reaching the ?oor or the
the. Serial‘No. 482,292 and entitledWashing ‘ma
outer "casing.
chine and method -.of washing.
To this end, each‘leg‘9 securelycarries ‘a bracket
Referring to the accompanying .drawings form
or angle iron near its bottom end, the horizontal
ing a .part of this speci?cation and“ in which
portions ll of said brackets being substantially
like numerals designate like parts-in -all the
in a common plane andperforated so ‘asto'receiye
fairly snugly therein a cup ‘l2 the outwardly
.Fig. .1 is a view, partly in section and partly
turned. or .formed upper .‘edge portion of which
in elevation, of the partsillustrated ‘in-Fig.‘ 4 as
cup. rests upon the upper surface of the horizontal
seen , substantially . on the. line .l~—‘l of that .?g-ure
bracket portion, as clearly shown in ‘Fig. '3. ‘.‘The
and-looking in the direction of. the arrows;
25 bottom, of each cup ‘is centrally .apertured, to
Fig.2 is a detail view in-elevation of one of
receive therethrough a bolt 13 .dependingfrom
the yieldable connections between the cylinder
but supported'by the horizontal?ange of a 'bar
support and the tub support of the machine;
It! constituting a portion of the auxiliary frame.
‘Fig. 3 is a vertical sectional view taken ‘as-{0n
A coil spring I4 is disposed around each ‘boltl‘iout
theline 3-.—3 of Fig. .2 andLlookingin the direction
of the ‘arrows; and
‘ .Fig. 4 is .a ‘front elevational view; partly in sec
tion, of the parts shown in Fig; 1. ~ 5
While it is obviously conceivable that this in,
vention is applicableto anyapparatuscomprising
a relatively static ..portion which supports~an~
other portion involving'jmoving parts and/or
‘vibratoryielements yet, .for the purpose of ‘exem
pli?cation only, the inventionisherein illustrated
con?ned for the most part within said cup,"‘the
upper‘ endof ‘the spring bearing against, the
under surface of the‘said lbar‘ ?ange, andthe
lower end of said spring bearing againstthébdt
tom of said cup.
Each bolt [3 is of a length .to extend below-its
associated cup, l2, the lower end of the "boltpass
ing centrally through a saucer-like disk 15 and.
threaded to receive an adjusting .or spring-‘ten
sioning nutll6 and lock nut 11. A coil spring. ‘18
as applied ‘to ‘the automatic washing machine 40 ‘encompasses each cup I2, the .upper end .ofthe
forming the subject matter. of the applicationufor
patent of which this instant application is a divi
‘si‘on. Consequently the drawings and reference
numerals used herein have been copied from the
spring ‘bearing against the ‘horizontal under sur
‘face of ‘the bracket l l,.and‘the lower-endof said
spring‘bearing against the. upper surface offthe
parent application, wherefore all that washereto
‘fore ‘disclosed andydescribed thereinis equally
45 upwardly directed to formv a positive con?ning
‘applicable to, and true with respect of, the corre
sponding constructions illustratedherein.
disk'ilB, the, edgeeor rim portionof said disk being
seat forsaidlowerend of the spring.
. Thus it will be understood thatthe spring-[l4
'ffl‘hat is to say, the numeral .Zdesignates me
counteracts, damps and/or absorbs thekdown
'wardly directed forces imparted tothe. auxiliary
ceptacle which is divided transverselyby a sub. 50 frame bar 10, andthat the springlB counteracts,
stantially vertical partition to form two open ‘top
tanksontubsof equallor, different capacities, as
desiredlone tub serving as thesoak andlrinsetub,
and the other serving as the wash tub, thetu'o
5 ‘being particularly illustrated. Thebottomsof
these two tubs preferably are of circular forma
man‘ as shown in“ Fig. '1“ to facilitate drawing of
the water therefrom as through the respective
drain pipes 6 and 1 into a funnel-like ‘collector
‘clamps and/or absorbs the upwardly" directed
forces imparted to said barli). Thelrdimensions,
strengths, and other characteristics 10f said
springs will »be made ‘in accordance with :the
+55 ‘ forcesexertedqby and/or through ;the lmoving
mechanisms supported by’ the, auxiliary frame.
Associated with each of the tubsandsupporlted
thereby and/or by said framework, are duplicate
?oat-valve boxes indicated at H5 and H6 each
8 adapted to communicate with. any suitable 60 in open communication with its respective tub
‘" ~
, Themeans for rocking the cylindercomprises
as by apipe suchas indicated atv I ‘I8. Each box
the reversible electricmotor ‘H, carried by the
yieldable‘frame H], the driving belt 12, and suit
is connected to a source of water s'upplyas sug:
gested by the pipe I I9 associated with box I I5.
An ornamental housing generally identi?ed by‘ . I able geared connections including a pinion or
' worm enmeshed with the segmental gear 50
the numeral 25 is provided to encase the entire
whose various cams control the circuit to said
machine, and 29 indicates a latch operating de-.:
vice for controlling the release of the spring ten-TI 1' ‘ motor.
A rocker cam I30 is actuated by the cam 54
sioned cover 30 on top of said casing, said cover _
disposed over the opening 3| through" which ' 'of the'segmental gear, and through the link [32
clothes are admitted to and abstractedfrom the 10 operates‘ a crank I36 secured to a rock shaft
> machine; The cover carries- an arm'35 the lower?
rgada'pte'd to operate flap valves covering the dise
end of which is adapted to operate an electric
switch not illustrated in detail but generally
charge ends of the drain pipes 6 and 1 from the
tubs, whereby the tubs are drained automati
cally of'their liquid contents when the cylinder
identi?ed by the rectangle 31, and the numeral
39 indicates an electric conductor for supplying 15 66_ has been rocked to bring the cam 54 into
current for operating the machine.
operating engagement with the rocker cam I30.
‘A spring I54 serves normally to pull the'link I32
downwardly and thereby control a lever connec
tion with crank ‘I36 so that the said flap valves
On one side of the‘ ‘machine, the yieldable
frame‘ I0 is provided with a pair of inclined
A-legs such as 45 joined ‘by a gusset plate, and
on the other side of the machine the said frame 20 will normally be closed.
From the foregoing it will be understood‘ that
is provided with a duplicate pair of inclined
the stationary , elements of the machine 'are
A-legs as indicatedv at 4'! also joined and
mounted soas to be supported directly on the
strengthened by a similar gusset plate. The
floor, whereas the moving mechanisms are
two'pairs of A-legs are so disposed on thema
mounted upon a unitary frame. H) which is yield;
ably supported by the stationary framework of
chine that their upper extremities may provide
_ bearings for a rock shaft 49 extending across the
machine in substantially the vertical plane of the
partition separating the two tubs, said rock'shaft
passing through the side walls of the receptacle
the machine.
Hence, all of the vibrations cre
2. An outer end of this rock shaft rigidly car
ries a segmental gear 50 carrying the cams 5|,
tween said frame and said framework.
ated by the moving mechanisms are damped
and/or absorbed by the yieldable connection be
Whereas, principally, in the foregoing speci?
cation the yieldable connection has been spe
52, 53sand 54. .The central portion of the rock
ci?cally ‘set forth _ asucomprising' ‘mechanical
shaft has a U-shaped off-set as indicated at 55
springs of the coil type, itvis to be understood
to accommodate the‘ sleeve 51 carrying a bevel
gear 58 in enmeshment with a bevel pinion 59 35 that the invention is not to be limited solely
thereto. Other types of ‘mechanical springs
carried by a shaft having a bearing in the hol
could readily be employed‘; and yieldable sub,
lowed section 5| of'said rock'shaft and extending
outwardly thereof to receive the pulley 62 driven
by thebelt 63 from the pulleym?é mounted on
stances and/O1‘ material other than such me- <
mounted upon the yieldable frame‘ 10.
rubber or Irublo‘erlike substances, dash-pots, ‘of
‘chanical'sprin‘gs could likewise be substituted, gas
the,‘ shaft ‘I ll’ actuated by the electric motor 65 40 for example blocks, cushions'or buffers made of
either pneumatic or hydraulic jlprinciple,‘ and
The sleeve 51 isrigidly secured tothe center
adaptations 'of‘well knownshockaabsorber con
ofthe bottom of ‘a cylinder, 66 whose circular
structions. Therefore, in ‘the claim’the‘ term
wall'iis provided‘ with perforations indicated at
6,1, the top of ‘said cylinder having a' central 45 spring is to be‘taken as inclusive of and synony
mous with any suitable meanswhich gwillpro
charging opening through which clothes may be
vide the yieldablel connection 1 between:v the 1 sta
placed in and abstracted from said cylinder.
tionary frameworkof themachine and ‘the .uni
Therefore it is to be understood that,-so long as
tary frame carrying the movable mechanisms; _ I,
the electric motor 55 is energized,‘ the cylinder 66
vwill be rotated ‘about the axis of said sleeve 51 50 ' 'It is obvious’that thoseskilled in the art. may
vary the ‘details of construction and .ar'rangei
merits of parts without departing from the spirit
of this invention, wherefore‘ it is'idesiredjnot ‘to be
by'virtue of the bevel gears Hand 58. ’ '7
>In_the drawings the cylinder, is shown in its
uppermost or raised position, 'but' it may bellow
ered into the two tubs previously mentioned
limited ‘to the exact foregoing disclosure except
through the instrumentality'of said rock shaft,
as may be required by theclaim.
?rstinto one tub for soaking the clothes,’ then
intojthe other tub for the washing‘operation,
then‘back into the ?rst tub for, the rinsing opera
' ’ ‘ I
an is-claimed
I , . relatively
V . _ ,_ static
~ elements and. movable elements, the combination
tion. In each instance-the, cylinder is given a ,
of a rigid framework for supporting the, static
certain rate of_ rotation‘with respect to the par
ticular tub occupied, is permitted a certain time
duration for its immersion in a tub, andfis'per
elements directly from I the: ?oor, ‘ said I framework
mitted "a pause in its orbital rocking path of
travel, which pause takes'place whenthecylin-
comprising a’ cup; ‘an ‘auxiliary yf'ramevnpon
which theymovable elements are supported, "said ’
frame having a portion ‘disposed over said‘ cup;
‘ and ‘ yieldable connections 1Isuppjorting: saidjaux
'der' is in" its uppermost or'iraised‘ position‘ias ' -
illustrated) and ‘during which pause therate _of
its rotation is greatly increased so, as toeffect
an'extraction'of most of the water’contain‘edin
the clothes, the water thus extracted by cen
iliary frame from 'said, frameworkfsaidfconnecé
:tions, comprising-a ‘pair, ofjtensioned springsfone
spring jnested‘jwithin saidfcup and exerting “its
force in {one direetion, and: ‘the joltlher ‘springiene '
.jcircling said cup‘and exerting itgsgforcelyin'the
trifugal force being thrown laterally and‘ collect- , 7'0 opposite ‘direction.
ed by the trough 25(lwhich isl‘conne'cted‘ tea
suitable .drain.
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