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Nov. 19, 1946.
Filed July 9, 1945
2 Sheets-Sheet 1
Q r
James ??ozzramQ/י,
did [\faZantZ
NOV. 19,
7z'7_ 5
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05277265 ייw?arzzp?'
?, ajifolan Z
Patented Nov. 19', 1946
James Howard, Jr., Fair?eld, and Albert C. ?
Noland, Pratt City, Ala.
Application July 9, 1945, Serial No. 603,847
3 Claims. (01. 160-?339)
open end thereof a pair of bifurcated arms I5 ter
This invention relates to curtain or drape sup
minating in outwardly directed feet I6 which are
porting means, and more particularly to an im
secured by fastening members I?! to the support
proved bracket structure by means of which
ing structures 12 and I3. The U-shaped member
heavy drapes or curtains may readily be mount
Hi has secured to the lower leg I8 thereof, a
ed in and removed from the supporting brackets.
resilient clip I S which is adapted to resiliently
An object of this invention is to provide an?
improved curtain or drape hanger which includes
clamp one end of a curtain rod 20 therein, A
curtain rod 2%, preferably has mounted on each
a pair of supporting brackets having rod clamp
ing clips which are directed downwardly and
end thereof, a sleeve 2 I, which has secured to its
which are adapted to normally yieldably hold 10 outer end a decorative knob 22. The clip I9 is
secured to the lower leg I8 of the U-shaped mem
a curtain or drape rod therein. The brackets
include elevating means which are connected to
ber I4 by means of a rivet or fastening member
23. The clip I9 opens downwardly and is formed
with outwardly ?ared lower arms 24, by means
of which the sleeve 22 may be readily moved up
wardly to engagement with the clip I9 and the
porting brackets without the use of a step ladder
sleeve 22 may be forcibly pulled straight down
or other means.
wardly to release the sleeve 2| and the rod 20
A further object of this invention is to provide?
from the clip.
a curtain or drape supporting means which is so
' constructed that the curtain or drape may be 20
In order to provide a means whereby the rod
lowered by merely releasing the elevating means
20 may be either elevated or lowered, we have
and pulling the curtain or shade downwardly to
provided a grooved pulley 24, mounted on a shaft
disengage the rod from the yieldable clips or
25. The shaft 25 is carried by a U-shaped clamp
member 26, which is formed with reverted ends
With the foregoing objects in view, and others 25 21. The U-shaped clamping member 26 engages
which may hereinafter more fully appear the
over the parallel sides of the U-shaped member
invention consists of the novel construction,
l4, and holds the arms or sides of the U-shaped
combination and arrangement of parts, as will
member IlI against spreading.
be more speci?cally described, and illustrated in
An elongated cord or flexible member 28 is
the accompanying drawings, wherein are shown _
trained about the pulley 24 and is secured to
embodiments of the invention, but it is to be
the head or decorative member 22 through a lug
understood that changes, variations and modi?
29, carried by a head or decorative member 22.
cations may be resorted to which fall Within
The opposite end of the ?exible member 23 may
the scope of the invention, as claimed.
be extended through one or more guide eyes 30
the curtain or drape rod by means of which the
rod may be raised to clamping position so that
the curtains or drapes may be secured in the sup
In the drawings:
Figure 1 is a front elevation of a curtain sup
porting means constructed according to an em
bodiment of this invention.
and may have a tassel 3I on the lower end
In? the use and operation of this hanger struc- '
ture the curtain C is looped or draped over a rod
Figure 2 is a fragmentary sectional view taken
20 between the ends 22 and between thesleeves
on the line 2?2' of Figure 1.
40 2|. The rod 29 is initially disposed in a lowered
Figure 3 is a fragmentary front elevation,
position and after the curtain C is mounted on
partly in section, on an enlarged scale, of one of
the rod 20, this rod is raised by pulling down
the brackets.
wardly on the two ?exible members 28 until the
Figure 4 is a sectional view taken on the line
opposite ends of the rod 20 are clamped in the
¢i--4 of Figure 2.
45 clips or clamping members I9. ?
Figure 5 is a fragmentary sectional view taken
When it is desired to lower the rod and the '
on the line 5-5 of Figure 2.
entire curtain the curtain may be bodily pulled
Referring to the drawings the numerals I0 and
downwardly to release the ends of the rod 20
II designate generally a pair of brackets which
from the clips I9. It will be understood that the
are adapted to be secured to supporting frame 50 guide members 30 may be formed as a limiting
members I2 and I3 respectively which may form
means to limit the lowered position of the rod
part of a window or door opening. The two
bracket members Ill and II are of like construc- ?
What we claim is:
tion, and each includes a substantially U-shaped
1. A curtain hanger comprising a pair of
member I4 which has extending from the rear 55 bracket members, a downwardly directed resili~
ent clip carried by each member, a curtain rod
vergent arms extending from the free legs of
engageable wlth said clips, and means carried
said outer part, a downwardly directed resilient
by said bracket members and connected to said
clip carried by the lower leg of each outer part,
rod for elevating or lowering said rod.
a rod engageable with said clips, a right angu
2. A curtain hanger comprising a pair of C1 larly disposed U-shaped member carried by the
bracket members, a downwardly directed resili
legs of said outer part, opposed ?anges carriedv
ent rod supporting and clamping clip carried
by the legs of said U-shaped members for hold
by each member, a rod engageable with said
ing the latter on the? legsof said outer part, a
clips, a pulley carried by each member, and
pulley, means engaging the bight of said U
?exible members respectively engaging said pul 10 shaped member rotatably supporting said pulley,
leys and connected to ends of said rod whereby
and a cord trained over said pulley and secured
the latter may be elevated or lowered.
to an end of said rod for elevating or lowering
3. A curtain hanger comprising? a pair? of
bracket members, each member being formed
of a U-shaped outer part and a? pair of?? di
said rod.
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