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NOV. 19, 1946.
Filed Oct. 25, 1943
Patented Nov. 19, 1946
Stanley D. Russell, Racine, Wis., assignor to J. I. ‘
Case Company, Racine, Wis., a corporation
Application October 23, 1943, Serial ‘No. 507,359
2 Claims.
(Cl. 100—23)
The present invention relates to balers and par
?led April 19, 1941, now Patent No. 2,362,861,
issued November 14, 1944, of which this applica
Member i3 carries an extension generally desig
nated as 24 and comprising a plate25 having
downwardly turned ledge ?anges 26 and 21 (in one
position of the extension), said plate being pro
vided with ears 28 and 29 pivotally connected by
bolts 30 and 3| with above mentioned angle irons,
tion is a continuation in part.
2| and'22 respectively. Extension 24 has two posi
ticularly to compressing devices for the "chambers
thereof and is' similar to the compressor shown
in theapplication of Russell, Serial No. 389,396, .
An object of the invention is to generally im
prove the construction and operation of machines
of this class.
tions, an elevated or inoperative position shown
in full lines in Figs. 1 and 2 and a lowered or
10 operative position shown in dot-dash lines in
A further object is to provide improved means
for compressing the outlet end of a ‘bale chamber.
Fig. 11. In the latter'position, extension 24 acts
Further objects and advantages of the inven
tion will be apparent from the following speci?
Owing to the smooth character of the upper sur
as a shelf over which bales may be discharged.
face of extension 24, in its lowered position, bales
cation and accompanying drawing in which a 15 may slide easily over the extension without con
satisfactory embodiment of the invention is
?nement and under certain conditions may be
discharged otherwise than straight back in line
shown, but it is to be understood that the inven
tion is not limited to the details disclosed but
with the baler.
includes all such variations and modi?cations as
An abutment 31a is provided on extension 24
fall within the spirit of the invention as herein 20 and contacts any convenient portion of the under
In the drawing,
side of member l3 to determine the position or
» attitude of- extension 24 in its lowered position.
Compressor unit l5 comprises upper and lower
Figure l is a left side elevation of so much of a
elements 32 and 33 respectively extending across
baler as necessary to illustrate the invention.
Fig. 2 is a plan view of the same.
25 the width of the baling ‘chamber in contact with
Fig. 3 is a vertical sectional view on the line
members l2 and [3. Members 32 and 33 are urged
3-3 of Fig. 1.
‘toward each other by tension rods 34 and 35.
Referring to Fig. 1, the baler to which the
Member 32 in the present instance comprises an
invention applies includes a chamber generally
angle iron having a vertical ?ange 33 and a hori
designated as it] of the type disclosed in appli 30 zontal ?ange 31 whereas member 33 comprises
cant’s above identi?ed application including side
an angle iron having a vertical ?ange 33 and a
' members or plates II and upper and lower mem
horizontal ?ange ‘39. Tension rods 34 and 35
bers l2 and I3 between which is reciprocable a
pass through suitable apertures in horizontal
compressing plunger l4. Fibrous material is fed
?anges 31 and 39 and have heads 40 and} 4| in
into the chamber in any suitable or well-known 35 the present instance engaging ?ange 39. Springs
manner not necessary to illustrate and is com
42 and 43 are positioned respectively on tension
pressed and forced backwardly between mem
' rods 34 and 35 above ?ange 31- and compressed
bers l2 and I3, material previously compressed
engaging frictionally the members i2 and I3 and
forming an abutment against which further mate
rial is compressed by plunger 14.
Under different conditions, it is desirable to
vary the intensity of this‘ frictional engagement
between it are hand nuts 44 and 45. The com
pression of springs 42 and 43 is thus transmitted
to members l2 and I3 thereby tending to com
press the end of bale chamber Ill. The degree of
compression may be determined by adjusting
nuts 44 and 45 to give the required pressure in
and for this purpose it is common to compress the
springs 42 and 43. _
rear or right end of the baling chamber. For 45
Owing to the differences in frictional char
this purpose a compressor unit generally desig
acteristics of different materials which may be
nated as»l5 is used and placed on chamber Ill.
baled in chamber Ill and for other reasons, it
Member l2 in the present instance comprises
becomes desirable to compress chamber In at
a plate l6 having angle irons l1 and I8 united
different points in its length for different mate
therewith by rivets or the like l9—l9. Angle 50 rials. In the present instance, above mentioned
irons i1 and 18 therefore provide down-tumed
?ange 31 is provided with apertures 43 of such
?anges at the edges of plate i6. In similar
size and disposition that they may ?t over rivet
manner member I3 comprises a plate 20 having
heads l9. Also, in like manner ?ange 35 is pro
angle irons 2| and 22 united therewith by rivets
vided with apertures 41 so positioned that they
or the like 23-23.
55 may fit over above mentioned rivet heads 23.
2,411,407 '
When in place on chamber l0, engagement of the
posed wall portions. at least one of which is com
?anges I‘! and ‘I9 with the rivets as aforesaid.
prevents displacement of compressor It on cham-‘
ber III, the rivets serving as detents for prevent.
ing accidental displacement oi’ compressor it, but
posed of a plurality oi.’ elements, rivets uniting '
>4 said elements at spaced points and providing a
' the latter may be readily shifted to various points
along chamber It by su?‘lciently loosening nuts
44 and '45. Under these conditions, members 32
and 33 may bereadily disengaged from rivets l9
plurality of spaced exposed headTportions, and
means applied to the baling chamber for com
pressing the same vand having openings engage
‘ able with said exposed head portions to be main
tained by said rivets in any one ‘of a plurality of
desired positions to exert a compressing pressure
thereon in dlil'erent places for di?erent conditions
and 23 and compressor l5 shifted to a‘ new loca
tion. Retightening oi.’ nuts 44 and 45 of course
of operation.
locks the compressor in the new position. Com
2. In a baler; a‘balin'g chamber including op-,
pressor ll may be engaged with members I: and
'_ posed wall portions adapted to be compressed
It at points between rivets l8—-,l9 and 23-23; . for retarding the passage oi’ baled material there
if desired, but without the advantage of the detent 15 through, means applied to the balingrchamber
effect of the rivets. I
In the present instance a tool box generally
designated as 48 and having a cover 48 is at
tached to ?ange 36 as by bolt 50.
for compressing it, said means engageable with
said chamberv at different places to exert com
pressing pressure thereon at a plurality of posi
tions for di?erent conditions of operation, and
The above being a complete description of an 20 interengaging detent means on said chamber
illustrative embodiment of the invention, what
and compressing means for maintaining the latter
in any one oi! said plurality of positions.
is claimed as new and desired to be secured by
Letters Patent 01 the United States is:
. 1. ‘In a baler', a baling chamber including op
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