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NOV. 19, 1946.
Filed July 5, 1945
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Av'dmr' G. Sherman,
Patented Nov. 19, 1946
Arthur G. Sherman, Detroit, Mich., assigner to p
Sherman Laboratories, Detroit, Mich., a part
nership of Michigan
Application July 5, 1943, Serial No. 493,611
4 Claims.
(Cl. 20G-42)
This invention relates to display packages for
tablets and the like and particularly packages
of such wrapper being adhesively or otherwise
secured to the member I. The top section of
designed for convenient withdrawal of one or a
the wrapper has a window opening 5or is other
wise apertured to register with all of the perfo
rations 2, the ends of said opening preferably
desired number of tablets.
An object of the-invention is to provide a sim
pler and less expensive package than has hereto
fore been available for receiving, displaying, and
having an inclination to the wrapper ends de
termined by the staggered relation of the perfo
rations. Between the member land the top
section of the wrapper is fitted a slide 6 formed
of any suitable thin transparent sheet material
having considerable stiffness, and said sheet may
individually dispensing tablets or similar` prod
Another object is to provide a package com
prising a sleeve-type wrapper of paper or the
like, enclosing a member of cardboard or the like
be withdrawn from the wrapper through either
open end of the latter. To facilitate such with
drawal, the slide may have lugs 'l at its ends pro
ing tablets or like products, and to mount atrans
parent slide between the cardboard member and 15 jecting beyond the wrapper when the slide is
therein. Actuation of the slide exposes the tab
one side of the wrapper to normally close a win
lets successively, due to staggered relation of the
dow opening in the wrapper and cover said per
two rows, and at the same time sufliciently un
`forations, actuation of the slide serving to pro
covers the opening 5 to permit withdrawal of any
gressively open said window and uncover said
perforations so that the tablets may be with» 20 exposed tablet. It is preferred to assure against
any accidental shifting of the slide prior to dis
drawn through said opening.
pensing use of same, by attaching stickers 8 to
A further object is to utilize said slide to shear
the ends of the wrapper so as to partially close
a sticker or the like which initially retains the
and having perforations for individually receiv
slide in proper position within the package.
A further object is to dispose two or more simi
lar tablet-receiving, perforated members within
the same wrapper, and to provide transparent
said ends, and the slide serves as a means for
f3 LA severing either of said stickers. In order that
lsuch Asevering may be progressive and. thus be
effected with slight effort, the ends 9 of the slide
have a slight divergency to the ends of the wrap
slides for successive use in withdrawing the con
tents of said members.
These and various other objects are attained
by the construction hereinafter described and il
lustrated in the accompanying drawing, wherein:
Fig. 1 is a top view of a tablet package illus
trating one embodiment of the invention.
Fig. 2 is a similar view showing the transpar
ent slide shifted to a position for permitting
withdrawal of a single tablet.
Fig. 3 is a cross sectional view of the same,
taken on the line 3--3 of Fig. 1.
Fig. 4 is a fragmentary section taken on the
line 4--4 of Fig. 1.
Fig. 5 is a longitudinal sectional view of a
modified form of the package.
Fig. 6 is a cross sectional view of such modified
form, taken on the line 6--6 of Fig. 5.
Describing now in greater detail the invention
as illustrated in Figs. 1_4, the reference charac
ter I designates an elongated rectangular mem
It is evident that the described construction is
quite inexpensive, due to its extreme simplicity
and the very common materials employed. Its
use is, of course, not limited to tablets, although
it is particularly adapted to such use.
It is important to note that the bottom section
of the wrapper serves as a closure for the bot
tom ends of the perforations 2 while the open
ing of the top member of the wrapper permits the
contents of the package to be seen and further
40 provides an outlet for such contents. Inserting
the slide between the member l and the top mem
ber of the wrapper provides for retaining and
guiding the slide with a maximum of simplicity.
Adaptability of the slide to be withdrawn from
4.5 either end of the package adds materially to con
venience of its use.
In the modiñcation shown by Figs. 5 and 6,
there are provided two elongated rectangular
ber formed preferably of heavy cardboard and
cardboard members l0 disposed one above the
with two rows of perforations 2, each propor 50 other, said members being each perforated at Il
tioned to freely receive a tablet 3.
For reasons
which will presently appear, it is preferred to rel
atively stagger the perforations in the two rows.
Enclosing said member is a paper wrapper 4,
preferably of a sleeve form, the bottom section 55
to receive tablets or the like as in the first
described package. A single paper Wrapper I2
encloses both members l0, the bottom section of
said wrapper being adhesively secured to the
lower member lll and the sides of the wrapper
4 '
being adhesively secured to the upper of said
sealing means for the open end of the wrapper
members. The top section of the Wrapper has a
window opening I3 such as previously described
and between said section and the top member is
inserted a transparent slide I4 functioning as in
3. A display package comprising a, plurality of
members formed of sheet material arranged side
the first-described package. Additionally there
byy side and having perforations, registered in the
adapted to be consecutively severed by the several
is provided va transparent slide I5 "between the
members '"lîi, both ‘slides being held in proper place
jseveral: members, for vreceiving products, a flex
ible wrapperextended around'said members and
prior to their dispensing use by stickers I6 at the
having at least one of its ends open, one side of
ends of the package. These stickers differ from V10 said Wrapper closing the perforations of the mem
those of the first-described construction in vthat
»ber adjacent such side, and the opposite side of
they are adhesively secured to the end faces >of ‘ thewrapper being apertured to afford display of
the members Ill as well as to the wrappers, being
the products in the perforations of the adjacent
thus adapted to hold the slide I5 in place, during
memberand to afford removal of the products
use of the slide I 4.
15 from all ofV sai'd‘members, a transparent slide
In use of this construction, the tablets carried
'ñ‘tted'l between 'the apertured side of the Wrapper
by the lower member- I0 are not disturbed `until
and the` adjacent perforated member to normally
the upper member I 0 has fully discharged its
retain the products in such adjacent member, a
contents. The lower slide may then be discarded,
slide interposed between each two adjacent
and the slide I4 is actuated when desired to reg
members to normally retain the products in one
vril-"ate discharge of tablets from the lower mem»
of such members, a sealing elementadhesively
beriß». _If a package Vof still greater capacity is
secured at the open end of the wrapper -to the
desired, it »is obvious that the number of perfo
ends of the perforated members, and adapted to
ratedmembers and of corresponding slides may
be severed by the several slides.
’ "
be still further increased, While still employing
4. A display package comprising Aa filler form
a single wrapper.
‘ing> a plurality of similar cells for‘receivin‘g prod'
~What I claimfis:
ucts, a flexible wrapper extended around »_s'aiî'd
l. A display package comprising a plurality of
members formed o-f sheet material varranged side
by side and having perforations, registered `in
VtheseVeral members, for receiving products, a
'filler andha‘vi-ng at least one of 'its' ends open,
one side of said wrapper closing said cells andt'li’e
?opposite side of they wrapper being apertured to
afford display and discharge of said products,` an
adhesive securing said' filler to and retainingv it
flexible wrapper extended around said members
and having at least one of its ends open, one side
the wrapper, a transparent slide ñttedfbetween
olf'sai-’d wrapper closing the perforations of the
the vfiller land apertured side .of the» wrapper'fto
member adjacent such side, and the opposite side 35 normally retain said products in said cells», and
ofthe wrapper being apertured to afford display
vadapted to-be withdrawn through said? open fend
of the products i-n the perforations of the ad
of the wrapper to progressively uncover the cells
'jacent‘member and to afford removal of the prod
and afford discharge of saidrproducts, and seal
ucts from all of said members, a transparent slide
ing means for the end of the wrapper through
ñtt‘ed between the apertured side of the wrapper 40 Vwhich the slide is to be withdrawn, the slidefhav
and the adjacent perforated member to normally
retain the products in such adjacent member,
anda slide interposed between each two adj-acent
ing an edge for severing -s-aid sealing means, 'such
vedge being so divergent to the sealed endïfof'A the
wrapper as to be progressively subjected tothe
members to normally retain the products in one
of suchl members.
2. ‘Iny a display package as set forth in claim l,
stress» incident to shearing of theseal.r
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