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Nov. 26, 1946.
w. R. NEW
Filed Jan. 20, 1943
Wms'ro'r; R; Nzw.
BY mam“;
' 2,411,552
Patented Nov. 26, 1946
umfreo sTAres v'rl-irrilv'r,"mirror:
Winston R. New, Spring?eld, Pa., assignor to
Westinghouse Electric Corporation, East Pitts
burgh, Pa.,' a corporation of Pennsylvania
Application January 20, 1943, Serial'No. 472,955. -‘
2 Claims.
(or. 60—49)
bricating voil pumps and ignition apparatus may
This invention relates to power plants and par
ticularly to a gas turbine power plant which may
be supported, an axial flow compressor l5, com
bustion apparatus generally indicated 16, a tur
be used for effecting propulsion of aircraft.
In order to propel aircraft at high speeds, it
has been proposed to employ a power plant func
tioning on the nonregenerative Joule cycle. Such
bine l1 and a nozzle 18 de?ned by the casing l2 '
and a tailpiece I9 ‘mounted concentrically there
in, effective to provide a propulsion jet.
Air enters at the intake end H, ?ows through
the compressor l5 where it is compressed, and
into the combustion apparatus where it is heat
ed. The heated compressed air on leaving the
a power plant may include an air compressor,
a combustion apparatus, and a gas turbine com
arranged in series to keep the weight,
length and diameter of the unit at a min 10 combustion apparatus is directed by suitable
These parts are mounted centrally
guide vanes or nozzles 2| against the blades 22
and supported by an outer casing of
carried by the turbine disc 123 and then dis
streamline form which directs the flow of air
charged through the propulsion nozzle l8.
through the power plant.
The combustion apparatus l6 may be of any
The turbine is driven by the hot gases pro 15 suitable construction and is here shown as com
vided by the compressor and combustion appa
prising a plurality of ?ared tubes 24 arranged cir
ratus and extracts atleast suf?cient power from
cularly within the casing. These tubes may be
these gases to drive the compressor. The re
mainder of the available power may be utilized
to propel the aircraft by ejecting the air rear
wardly of the turbine.
Since the power plant relies on the power sup
"provided with openings (not shown) in the side .
‘walls thereof through which the compressed air
20 supplied by the compressor may enter and'mix
with fuel oil or the like supplied to theburners.
plied by the turbine to operate the air compressor
and fuel pumps, the power plant is not self
starting and some means must be provided for 25
Suitable ignition means (not shown) for igniting
the fuel and air mixture, may be provided for
each burner.
The present invention is not limited to the
details or arrangement of the structure thus far
It is accordingly an object of the invention to
described but is primarily concerned with means
provide an improved starting arrangement for
for starting the power plant.
a power plant of the character mentioned.
The rotor of the compressor l5 and the tur
These and other objects are effected by the 30 bine disc 23 are mounted on a shaft 25 journaled
invention as will be apparent from the following
in suitable bearings, generally indicated 25, sup
description and claims taken in connection with
ported by the outer casing structure 12.
the accompanying drawing, forming a part of
The downstream face 21 of the turbine disc 23
this application, in which:
is provided with a circular scrim of buckets 28
Fig. 1 is a side elevational view of a power 35
disposedadjacent the periphery thereof and into
plant in which the present invention is incorpo
which a high velocity gas is discharged for start
rated, with a portion of the outer casing struc
ing purposes. The buckets are formed in the rim
ture broken away;
portion of the disc and they are spaced circum
Fig. 2 is an enlarged view of the exposed por
ferentially to provide wall thickness between ad
40 jacent cavities or buckets adequate to withstand
tion of Fig. 1;
Fig. 3 is a sectional view taken substantially on
initially rotating the turbo-compressor shaft.
the line III-III of Fig. 2; and
suddenly applied high temperatures.
The buckets are preferably shaped as shown
in Figs. 2, 3, and 4, so that the hot
rotor showing the starting turbine buckets
through an angle somewhat less
formed therein.
than 180° and discharged rearwardly through the
The power plant shown in Fig. l and generally
nozzle is as indicated by the arrows in Fig. 2.
indicated I0 is adapted to be mounted in or on
To prevent the escape of starting gaseous prod
the fuselage or wings of an airplane with the left
from fouling or otherwise deteriorating the
or intake end I I, as viewed in this ‘figure, pointed
vcontiguous structure, the corner of the tailpiece
in the direction of ?ight.
may be cut back slightly, as indicated at 29.
The plant comprises an outer shell or casing
‘It is proposed to employ a cartridge 3! prefer
structure I! providing an air duct I3 extending
containing powder which will burn progres
fore and aft with respect to the aircraft. This
without detonation, thereby generating
casing has mounted therein, along its longitudi
rather slowly a large volume of gas at a relative
nal axis, a nose portion I4 in which fuel and lu
Fig. 4 is a _face view of a portion of the turbine‘ *
1y high temperature and pressure. In the em
bodiment of the invention illustrated, the car
tridge is shown as mounted in the tailpiece IQ of
the power plant, although it is to be understood
blades of axial-?ow blading and the stator in
cluding inner and outer structures providing an
axial-?ow annular passage for gases exhausting
from said blades, starting means for the plant
comprising an annular row of lateral buckets
lar location or orientation. As shown, the car
formed in said disc at the exhaust side thereof
tridge 3| is mounted in a suitable holder 32 built
and directed so as to be effective, when supplied
into the tailpiece l9 and it is held in place by
with motive ?uid, to turn the rotor in the same
means of a hinged cover 33 provided with a
clamping plate 34, access to the cover for car 10 direction as it is turned by said blading, a nozzle
for supplying motive ?uid to said buckets, a mo
tridge replacement being had through covered
tive ?uid generator for said nozzle including a
hand holes 35 provided in the outer casing
cartridge adapted to contain an explosive charge
structure l2,
means for ?ring the charge, and a‘ holder
The cartridge may be ?red in any desired man
providing a pocket within the con?nes of said
ner, as for example, by electrical means con
structures for retaining a cartridge in position
trolled by a switch 3 .
for supplying motive ?uid to the buckets, said
While a suitable nozzle may be provided in any
including part or parts which are movable
desired manner, it is preferred to employ a car
to open the pocket to the exterior of said outer
tridge comprising a strong jacket having a noz~
structure to provide for insertion and removal of
zle 31 formed in one end thereof.
20 a cartridge and means accessible from the exte
To start the power plant, the cartridge 3| ls
rior of the outer structure for detachably con
?red and the gases which are generated there
necting the part or parts to said structure or
in are directed by the nozzle 31 into the buckets
28 to rotate the turbine disc. The charge of the
cartridge should be adequate to operate the tur 25 2. In combination with a gas turbine power
plant comprising a stator and a rotor with the
bine until the heated and compressed motive
rotor including a disc carrying the last row of
?uid provided by apparatus driven thereby may
blades of axial-?ow blading and the‘ stator in
operate it.
cluding inner and outer structures providing an
While a single cartridge holder 32 has been
shown, requiring the cartridge 3| to be replaced 30 axial-?ow annular passage for gases exhausting
from said blades, said inner structure being ar
each time the power plant is to be started, it is
ranged in juxtaposed and radially overlapping
to be understood that a plurality of holders may
relation with respect to the disc at the exhaust
be provided, if desired, permitting one or more
that the invention is not limited to this particu
side thereof so that the annular passage consti
cartridges to be ?red simultaneously for starting.
Further, by providing a plurality of cartridge 35 tutes a continuation of the blading ?ow passage,
starting means for the plant comprising an an
holders, the turbine may be started several times
before replacing the cartridges.
While the invention has been shown in but
' one form,'it will be obvious to those skilled in the
nular row of lateral buckets formed in said disc
at the exhaust side thereof and directed so as to
be effective, when supplied with motive ?uid, to
art that it is not so limited, but is susceptible of 40. turn the rotor in the same direction as it is
turned by said blading, a nozzle carried by said
various changes and modi?cations without de
inner structure and disposed radially inward
, parting from the spirit thereof. and it is desired,
therefore, that only such limitations shall be - from the inner boundary surface of said annular
passage for supplying motive ?uid at high veloc
placed thereupon as are speci?cally set forth in
ity to said buckets, a container for an explosive
the appended claims.
- .
charge in‘ communication with the nozzle, and
What ‘is claimed is:
means for igniting the explosive charge in the
1. In combination with a gas turbine power
container to provide motive ?uid for the buckets.
plant comprising a stator and a rotor with the ro
tor including a disc carrying the last row of
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