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NOV- 26, 1946V
R. G. zENlCkÍ
2,441 '1,609 l
Filed Jan. _19, 1945
f?. CS. ZEN/CK
Patented Nov. 26, 1946
Raymond G. Zeniclr, Burbank, Calif.
Application January 19, 1943, Serial No. 472,806
- 2 Claims.
(Cl. 51-219)
My invention relates to a drill-grinding at
tachment for grinding machines.
Fig. 4 is a fragmentary elevational view of the
attachment, showing the pivotal portion from the
' One of the principal objects of this invention
side opposite to that shown in Fig. 1; and .
is to provide a grinding-attachment for use in
Fig. 5 is a diagrammatic view of the side of
the grinding wheel showing different positions of
connection Ywith the conventional grinder, and
oneA whichi'is particularly simple and economical
of construction, easy to apply or install on the
‘ the lower lip during the process of grinding, said
positions corresponding, respectively, to various
grinder, and one which i-s easy to operate.
positions or" the attachment when adjusted pro
gressively outwardly' from the grinding wheel.
In the drawing, thegrinder >or grindingy ma
chine is designated I, and is shown as supported
Another important'object of this invention is
toprovide an attachment of this class which is
constructed so that it may be easily applied or
attached and also eiîectively operated from or
on either side of a revolving grinding wheel of
the grinder'.
An important object also of this invention is to
provide an attachment of this class which may
be readily adjusted to accommodate drills of
various lengths.
to provide an 'attachment of this class whichIv
may be readily adjustedtoward or from-the side
faces of the revolving grinding wheel for decreas
ing or increasing, respectively, the clearance-of
the" lips backwardly from the cutting edges of
My drill grinding attachment is supported on
the table 2 and is >shown positioned at the outer
side, which is the right side of the grinding Wheel'.
>As shown in the drawing, my'attaohment is
y supported on a pedestal II which has an elon-V
A further important object of this invention is
the drill.
on a suitable table 2. The grinder has an emery
wheel, or other suitable grinding member 3.
gated base. consisting of two longitudinally slot
zo: ted feet IIa. Through the slots of the feet ex
tend anchor bolts I2. The anchor ybolts have
wing nuts I3 for adjustably'securing the feet
IIa on the table 2.
The pedestal II has a ver- '
tical bore IIb into which extends a shank Illa. of
, the Vsupport 'I4 for swivelly supporting the sup
Still> another important object of this inven
tion is to provide JKa Avery simple attachment of
this class for easily and quickly adjusting the
port on the pedestal on a vertical axis. The drill
holder I5 is provided at its underside and inter
mediate' its ends with a downwardly extending
drill holder for varying the angles of the lips with
lug I53v which is swivelly mounted on a horizontal ~
respect to the axis of the drill, and to provide 30 axis on a support I d, the latter swivel connection
means in connection with the attachment for
being provided by a bolt I‘I which is also pro
readily determining the desired angle.
vided with an adjusting Wing nut I8. The drill
With these and other objects in view as will
holding portion of the member I5 is normally
appear hereinafter, I have devised a drill grind
inclined at la substantial angle to the horizontal.
ing attachment which will be hereinafter de 35 This member I5 is provided at its upper portion
scribed in detail and particularly set forth in the
With a longitudinal groove or channel I5b which
appended claims, reference being had to the ac
i-s V-shaped, the angle of the V being substan
companying drawing and to the characters of
tially 90°.
reference thereon, which form a part of this
The downwardly extending lug I5a has, at the
I application, in which:
40 side opposite the upwardly extending lug Illb of
Fig. 1 is a fragmentary front view of a conven
the swivel or rotating support I4, a plate I6 on
tional grinder showing my attachment mounted
which is a dial. This dial has degree divisions
thereon, the attachment holding a conventional
or graduations adjacent the periphery. The
drill in position for grinding, dotted lines show-graduations radiate from the axis of the bolt I1.
ing the attachment adjusted outwardly from the 45 On the swivel or rotatable support I4 is an index
grinding wheel;
Fig. 2 is a fragmentary top view of the grind- -
ing wheel showing the drill to be ground in its
initial grinding position, and showing by dotted
lines the same drill when rotated counter-clock
Wise with the drill holding portion of the attach
ment for grinding the clearance backwardly from
mark I fic, which as shown in the drawing, may
be seen through an arcuate slot in the dial mem
ber. There may also be provided an index mark
I Ic on the side of the pedestal, which may be usedl
50 when the drill holder lies in the plane of the feet.
The upper edge of the dial plate I6 is shown, in
Figs. 3 and 4, as engaging the flat underside of a
laterally extending lug I5c at the outer side and
Fig. 3 is a sectional view thereof, taken through
vupper portion of the ear or lug I5a. The pivot
3-3 of Fig. 1;
55 bolt I1 secures the plate in position, and the
the cutting edge.
head ilEL of the pivot bolt is also shown as engag
ing this flat side of the lug l'äc. Thus, both the
plate and the bolt are held against rotation.
Against the upper end of the drill holder, that
support i4, this angle may be increased or de
creased as desired.
Though I have shown and described a par
ticular construction, combination, and arrange
ment of parts and portions, I do not wish to be
is, the end normally adjacent the grinding wheel, UI limited
to the same, but desire to include in the
is secured a drill guide i9, which is preferably
scope of my invention the construction, combi
made of tool steel, the same being shown best in
Fig. 3.
The drill D, to be sharpened and resting
in the ‘il-channel oi the drill holder, is adapted to
rest upon said guide, the portion of the drill rest
ing on the guide being the opposite edge por
tions of one of the ilutes of the drill.
From the other or lower end of the rdrill holder
extends a long screw 2li, this screw being posi
tioned below the V-groove or channel but parallel
with the vertex thereof. On the screw are screw
ably mounted a stop washer 2l and a lock wing
nut 22. The drill to be ground and positioned in
the V-channel is limited at its lower end by rest
ing against the stop washer or member 2l.
My drill grinding attachment is so constructed
that the axis of the pedestal is adjusted a fixed
position from the side face of the grinding wheel
as indicated by A, this dimension being, for one
form of my device, one and one-half inches.
When so positioned, the end of the drill will ex
nation and arrangement substantially as set forth
in the appended claims.
1. A drill grinding attachment for a grinding
machine having a plane grinding surface, com
prising a pedestal adapted to be mounted with
respect to the grinding machine at a spaced dis
tance from the grinding surface, a drill holder
having a downwardly extending portion swivelly
mounted on said pedestal, said drill holder having
a drill positioning groove inclined upwardly to
ward the grinding surface, a stationary screw
member secured to and extending from the lower
end of the drill holder and positioned below and
parallel to the groove therein, a drill stop screw
ably and rotatably mounted on the screw mem
ber, and a thumb nut on the screw member for
fixing the position of the stop on the screw mem
2. A drill grinding attachment for a grinding
machine having a plane grinding surface, com
prising a pedestal adapted to be mounted with
tool steel guide orlip IS, with one of the cutting
edges substantially vertical, as indicated by B 30 respect to the grinding machine at a spaced dis
tance from the grinding surface, a support swiv
in Fig. 5. When the grinding wheel is rotated
elly mounted on said pedestal and extending
and the drill is swung about the vertical axis
thereabcve, a drill holder having intermediate its
of the pedestal, a clearance of approximately 12°
ends a downwardly extending lug swivelly mount
will be provided on the lip of the drill. If the
ed on a horizontal axis on the upper portion of
dimension A is increased to A', the lip clearance
the support, said drill holder having a drill posi
of the drill is slightly increased.
tioning groove for holding therein a drill adapted
B, B', and B” represent three positions of the
to extend at an angle toward the grinding sur
lower lip of a drill in the process of grinding, and
tend approximately one-eighth of an inch beyond
the upper end of the V-channel or beyond the
correspond respectively to three positions of the '
face, a dial plate on the lug, said plate having
pedestal moved progressively outwardly or away 40 an edge engaging a flat portion on the lug, and a
bolt swivelly supporting the drill holder on the
from the grinding wheel.
support andsecuring the former in a pivotal posi
>In the position of the drill holder, as shown by
tion on the latter, the bolt also securing the plate
solid lines in Fig. l, the lip will be ground at about
59° with respect to the axis of the drill. By rea 45 to the lug, and the head of the bolt engaging said
flat portion to hold the bolt against rotation.
son of the pivotal mounting of the drill holder
about a horizontal axis of the swivel or rotating
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